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After dealing with random out of memory problems, terrible bluetooth, and general battery issues with the Moto X, I just submitted my order for the oneplus 3.

I bought:

- OnePlus 3
- Case/Screen protector combo
- Extra Dash Charger
- Extra Case
- Dash car charger
- Power brick

Here is the crazy part, all of that cost less than the starting price of the new Google Pixel.


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Hey Hangouts team. I'm using the chrome app... I'm just gonna leave this here:


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I've connected and played Pokémon Go many times now, but every time I take my son out this happens. 

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A couple of photos I got while in Vegas recently.

The interesting thing about that Popeye statue is that it is work ~$28 million.

I also saw a toddler, and family, get detained because he crossed the barrier, and the guard had to "call his boss."
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I go to watch a Youtube video about a Roomba, and get an ad for Dyson... well played Dyson.

In much the same way that Google Maps now shows if a store will be closed when you look for direction, I really would like to see map integration to know the weather you will be driving through and potentially what time.

I uploaded my music library to Google Play Music a long time ago, and now that I have All Access, I have a lot of albums that show up twice and even have the songs mixed together so they show double songs on 1 album. Anyone know how to fix this?

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If you use Pushbullet, enable this jazz: End-To-End Encryption | +Pushbullet Blog
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