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What a fantastic vision. Go K2!
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The ‘Best Practice Guide to Conservative Management of Patellofemoral Pain’: incorporating level 1 evidence with expert clinical reasoning
 Next Section Abstract Importance Patellofemoral pain (PFP) is both chronic and prevalent; it has complex aetiology and many conservative treatment options. Objective Develop a comprehensive contemporary guide to conservative management of PFP outlining key considerations for clinicians to follow. Design Mixed methods. Methods We synthesised the findings from six high-quality systematic reviews to September 2013 with the opinions of 17 ...
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Have them in circles
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In case you missed this popular 9-minute explanation of core stability and the fact that it's not the panacea for back pain.
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Live from the MuscleTechNetwork (+MuscleTech Network) Conference at Camp Nou, Barcelona FC
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The foot core system: a new paradigm for understanding intrinsic foot muscle function

The foot is a complex structure with many articulations and multiple degrees of freedom that play an important role in static posture and dynamic activities. The evolutionary development of the arch of the foot was coincident with the greater demands placed on the foot as humans began to run. The movement and stability of the arch is controlled by intrinsic and extrinsic muscles. However, the intrinsic muscles are largely ignored by clinicians and researchers. As such, these muscles are seldom addressed in rehabilitation programmes. Interventions for foot-related problems are more often directed at externally supporting the foot rather than training these muscles to function as they are designed. In this paper, we propose a novel paradigm for understanding the function of the foot.
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Appreciate your comment. We are  using the G+ 'Community' as the main site Angie - as you probably know. Hope you are going well - thanks for all the social media support.
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Turning up the heat: Julien Périard on heat illness, acclimatisation and cooling strategies

Many athletic events, such as the current Wimbledon Tennis Championships, are staged in hot to very hot environmental conditions. Clinicians should be aware of the risks posed to athletes competing under heat stress and how to mitigate them.

Dr. Julien Périard is a former successful triathlete and now works at Aspetar, Qatar, as a senior research scientist investigating athletic performance under heat stress conditions. BJSM’s Liam West (@Liam_West) poses questions about what heat illness encompasses, what signs and symptoms to look for and how to take care of athletes.
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Turning up the heat: Julien Périard on heat illness, acclimatisation and cooling strategies
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International authoritative sport and exercise medicine / sports physiotherapy channel
British Journal of Sports Medicine (BJSM) is a multimedia channel in the multidisciplinary field of sport and exercise medicine (SEM). Major disciplines include physiotherapy/physical therapy, physicians, sports therapists, rehabilitators and trainers.

Content includes debate, clinical education and implementation success stories as well as original research.BJSM’s web, print, video and audio material serves the international sport and exercise medicine community. We currently serve 18 member societies - such as national sports physiotherapy group or multidisciplinary sports medicine societies.

BJSM, a recognised leader in Sports and Exercise Medicine social media. See below for links to all our platforms!

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