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Dear Tea Party People. By omission or inaction, you are currently supporting President Obama and playing right into the hands of the Democratic leadership. If Obama wins another term, it won't be you telling us "I told you so", it will be us telling you "I told you so". #teaparty #teapartyidiocy
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I'm a Tea Party person, and you can check out the comment threads on Romney's posts to see that I'm acting.

However, I will say this: a lot of Tea Party people are focusing on making sure that the house stays in the hands of economically sensible Republicans. That may be even more important a goal than the presidency.
+Warren Dew I see it and I'm glad that you are. However, there are a bunch of other morons still trying to get Santorum the nomination and pretending like they will have any success. Santorum hasn't done the party any favors by not endorsing Romney, his legion of followers that think he is infallible are still trying to white knight him and it is going to backfire in their faces.

I have no specific qualm with the Tea Party itself other than that many of the people who claim to be Tea Partiers, including its leadership, are the people posting and reposting illegible, non-fact-checked, BS articles all over the place about everyone they don't like. Somewhere along the line they stopped being the party of "anybody but Obama" and became the party of "anybody but Romney, even if it's Obama". You and I know that is a bad outcome, but they don't seem to care.
Santorum was not a Tea Party candidate. He was a religious right candidate. In the last primaries before Santorum dropped out, such as Wisconsin, Tea Party supporters went for Romney; only those "strongly opposed" to the Tea Party supported Santorum:

I think the illegible BS is coming from Obama apparatchiks. It's not generally coming from the Tea Party.
Well I'm at least glad to hear that they aren't as insane everywhere as Florida and Utah.
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