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First lesson on the flying trapeze

"I'm not really a big fan of heights... This is really quite frightening!"

#Circus #FlyingTrapeze
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Non, Je Ne Regrette Rien

This year is the centenary of the birth of Edith Piaf, the French singer, famous for her tiny stature and extraordinary voice. Find out about her amazing life story.

#EdithPiaf #Singer #Centenary
A new exhibition in Paris features photos and notes - some never seen before in public
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399 + No Regrets.
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Choosing childlessness

The US author Meghan Daum is proud to be childless but she’s puzzled why she’s criticised for her choice. She’s commissioned a collection of essays by 16 fellow childless writers to create a thoughtful conversation on why some people choose not to have children.

#Children #Childless #Parents
Author Meghan Daum has commissioned essays by childless authors to explore their choice
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+Bill DeWitt Bye then Bill.
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Looking for Alice

Sian Davey photographs her daughter, Alice, who was born with Down’s syndrome. They show just how alike she is to other children even if - for now at least - she faces a society still struggling with her difference:

#SianDavey #DownsSyndrome
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Keep smilin' Alice 😀👼
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Infection protection

How effective are face masks at preventing infection?

#Health #Infection #Pandemic
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Joe Orton

In 1965 the young working class playwright burst onto the British theatre scene. But within 2 years he was dead - killed by his lover.

#JoeOrton #Theatre #Playwright
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Have them in circles
136,226 people
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Rescue in the rubble of Oklahoma City

One of the surgeon heroes from the Oklahoma City bombing recalls the horrors 20 years on.
Twenty years ago a bomb ripped apart a federal building in Oklahoma. Dr David Tuggle saved the life of a trapped woman by helping to amputate her leg.
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Since 9/11 right wing terrorists have killed more Americans in the US than Islamic terrorists.
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Anzac Centenary

One hundred years ago, troops from the fledgling Australian nation set sail for their first foreign conflict. Hear our discussion on why Australia's experience of WW1 was like no other country's.

#Anzac100 #WW1Centenary #Australia
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Perhaps the bbc should take this opertunaty to put the record straght, as to how many Brttish Soldiers died as well as anzacs!!!
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A selfie stick history

The selfie stick was actually first seen more than 30 years ago – the result of a trip to Europe and a holiday mishap.

#Selfie #Japan
Hiroshi Ueda invented a kind of selfie stick after his camera was stolen on holiday.
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+Mari maria ok she have a long neck 😂
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UN moved to tears

Doctors have been giving eyewitness accounts of treating victims of suspected chlorine gas attacks in Syria to the UN Security Council. The testimony brought some members of the Council to tears.

#Syria #Chlorine #UN
Members of the UN Security Council were moved to tears by account of gas attacks
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Is it even effective to barrel bomb with chlorine gas?
Wouldn't explosive be more effective? or perhaps Assad is running low on munition?
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Oklahoma City bomb

Twenty years ago a truck carrying a homemade bomb ripped apart the Alfred P Murrah federal building in Oklahoma City, in what remains the worst act of home-grown terror on American soil. A paediatric surgeon tells the story of an amputation among the ruins, to save a woman's life.

#OklahomaCity #Bomb #Amputation
Twenty years ago a bomb ripped apart a federal building in Oklahoma. Dr David Tuggle saved the life of a trapped woman by helping to amputate her leg.
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Obviously a terrible decision to have to make.
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The teenager with her own nanny agency

Noa Mintz was so fed up with the quality of the baby sitters her parents hired that she started her own nanny agency. Today her business is booming.

#Babysitter #Nanny #Childcare
Noa Mintz disliked the baby sitters hired to look after her, so started her own agency.
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all the very best of Luck for futcher we need young enterperners like you. with support and help with your parents your prodject

will go from strenth to strenth with young teens starting young they can get support from their parents
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