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BBC News was in a video call with 6 people. <a class='ot-hashtag' href=''>#hangoutsonair</a>Owain Rich, Alice Gregory, Philip Gosney, Zakia Bifergaane, Paul Miller, and Mike Kaloki
BBC News answered questions from audience
BBC Hangout: Is Modern Life Killing Us?
BBC News and 6 others participated
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Hi! I'm supposed to be in the Hangout but the folks at the BBC have trouble adding me.... :S Pls. help!
yes i also think the same thatmodern life is killing us
the modern life created by us,too
When we say 'modern life' don't we really mean 'capitalism'? What makes us mostly busy is work, or juggling life around work. 
Right, because nobody died before modern times. 
Of course people died, +Adam Koncz, from but not as a direct result of modern lifestyles: pollution; diabetes; stress; cancer; heart disease...
We all have been trained into wanting the latest things and wanting them now. We have become self-centred and only out for what we can get. We know what is right and wrong, yet we continue to allow our lives to be dictated by old ways, bureaucracy and institution.
I imagine it will shorten my life. I am a single full time working mum with a degree and right now i could not feel more stressed
Everyone dies of something. No one gets out alive.
Caused by modern lifestyles. Look at the rates that deaths by those few causes have risen since the mid-90s.
It could be great idea to being a part of that hangout
Stupid tech is killing me too as this link is leading me to YouTube only
I think it comes down to choice and being aware that you have a choice. Often we assume other countries and cultures are just the same as us. The reality is, they are not. Some cultures do put family, faith or wellbeing above career success and in my view, that is great. I wish the UK lifestyle was more balanced between work, family, faith, leisure etc. In reality, work / life balance in the UK often means, how can you balance the other aspects of your life, so that you can work as much as possible. 
I liked the comparison between New York & Boston; being shocked when somebody you're meeting in Boston for a drink, orders food, because they assume there's time! :)
Yes, I do think modern life is killing us., specifically modern life in the UK and the UK.
Len B
Interesting life is going to kill us all anyway unless we discover a way to to stop the aging process and then that would create yet another problem.......
Life appears to be a pre-requisite for death. The ONLY pre-requisite. Death appears to be the natural outcome of life. The ONLY outcome.
Life spans are the longest in history
it will be if we dont care about that
One person can make a difference, But a thousand people together can start a war! Join up to whatever group you are interested in and affirm belief ! and you will sow seeds go fourth and multiply! But do it for the good of man, for what goes around comes around! xxxLove the world u make believers!                                                                           NAM-YOHO-RENGE-KYO
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