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Volunteers kick off a project to set up after school clubs that teach younger children how to programme computers
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Haha thanks +Jamie Hunt, would be a bit late to start now as I'm in the last year of my BSc. Success relies quite heavily on myself knowing how to program.
wow ! that's a great move
Funnily back in the day of BBC model B in schools before RM Nimbus they did . You couldnt do anything much without knowing some basic ;-)
Excellent idea... software development is becoming more sophisticated and integrated in all disciplines!
Jay Tee
Crap.....looks like we gonna get outdated even faster than our parent.....
Most of he schools I've worked in already have scratch 1.4 installed.. but generally, unless our specialist teachers are teaching them, it never gets used...
My school banned it after 5 months as all the students in the IT labs were just playing scratch games. Which was a shame because I was actually building a game. As others have said to actually get it used properly you need specialist teachers, and no school is going to use rare computer time making games.
ma tutti inglesi siete??? Ma qui in italia pochissimi conoscono la vostra lingua...__
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