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Syria must give inspectors access to all chemical weapons ahead of their complete destruction, US and Russia have agreed.

US Secretary of State John Kerry outlined a six-point framework under which Syria must hand over a full list of its stockpile within a week. He said the deal could be enforced by a UN resolution backed by the threat of sanctions or force for non-compliance.

The US says the Syrian regime killed hundreds in a gas attack last month. The government of Bashar al-Assad denies the allegations and has accused the rebels of carrying out the attack.

In a joint news conference with Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov, Mr Kerry called on the Assad government to live up to its public commitments.
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I have never heard such a load of diplomatic BS in all my life. This is complete fantasy and will never work. Way too many working parts have to work in perfect harmony. Not to mention that anything involving the UN is doomed to failure. 
And I take it Israel will be handing over their chemical weapons?

Didn't think so.

One rule for american allies and another for everyone else 
I'm going to outline a six-point framework under which the US must stop trying to be world police.

Also, bit hypocritical considering the US;

•hasn't scrapped their battleships the way everyone else had to

•hasn't signed the agreement that bans the use of cluster munitions

•is the only nation to use WMDs
What is the real reason for our meddling in this civil war?
Who benefits from our toppling the Syrian government?
How long will the American public sit by and allow madness to be the rule of the land?
Al saad is a real threat not only to Syrian's but the region as a whole. We all recall he turned his attack on Turkey, Damascus and Israel are on highten alert.
He try to blame the rebels after almost two years of war, where would rebels obtain such weapons from, why would they use it on their fellow brothers.
Al saad is nothing other than a butcher.
+Roy Songer No silly we dont get rid of our chemical weapons, we are The U. S of A for crying out loud. We are the only ones sane enough to keep our burgeoning stock pile without going rogue with it. We are smarter and wiser than the rest of the world and thats that...go figure.
Forgive me +Nicholas Humes but I find it hard to pay attention to anyone that doesn't know that Damascus is in Syria. So of course Damascus is on heightened alert...
So when does the UN get to inspect the usa chemical weapons ? Surprise inspection for ALL usa military bases? If there is nothing to hide, it shouldn't be a problem, right? (devils advocate)
It'd only be fair +Jack Dubs . After all, if we (the public) have nothing to hide, we should be fine with MI5/6 and the NSA inspecting our stuff
+Steve Mistwalker Of course it is - the whole point is to soften up Russia to the point where it'll sign up to an unenforceable resolution, the aim being to have a flimsy excuse to engage in Shock And Awe II (after all, can't let all those US fighter pilots sit around for months on end with nothing to do...)

However, behind the scenes, there are probably tensions within the US government: the Procrastinator-in-Chief would probably like to continue his current strategy of talking tough (in the hope of appeasing the hawks) while making diplomatic overtures (in the hope of appeasing the doves) - after all, Obama's modus operandi with pretty much everything is to attempt to appeal to both sides of Congress (while winning over neither!) The doves would ideally like the US to have absolutely nothing whatsoever to do with Syria, while the hawks have been wanting to implement Shock and Awe II in Syria for months (years?)

Russia and Iran are already supplying the regime with weapons, Saudi Arabia, Qatar and (courtesy of leaks) the US are already supplying the rebels with weapons, while Britain's promised to stay out of any fighting but has (rather suspiciously) sent a bunch of fighter planes to a Cypriot airbase (perhaps with the aim of letting the US borrow them?) Israel's decided to act as the US' poodle by condemning Assad, when ordinarily they'd be expressing worry about the militant Jihadists in the rebel forces (given all the problems they've had with people with that mindset on the domestic front).

In reality, as with most wars, it's all about world powers wanting to secure (petrochemical) resources for their own use (as well as putting as many of their businesses in the territory as possible given its strategic geographic location), while the 22½ million Syrian people are left playing piggy in the middle, and nearly 9% of the population (2 million) already having fled to other countries.
+Ben Norwood allowing the US to borrow our Typhoons would be political suicide for the Tories, Parliament would have their heads.
Russia has agreed that Putin has already handed Obama the backing of the United States citizenry for a military strike in the event this falls through.

There's no way the people would have supported a strike before, and there's no way they'd reject one now.
All is well, that ends well. Reason has triumphed over unreasonable stubbornness.
The cold war may have ended but the moves stay the same. The US want to topple a pro Russian dictator to bolster their allies position. Russia wants Assad in power as a friend in the Middle East and on general principles wouldn't mind tweaking the Americans noses. Who knows what the Chinese want but it's the opposite of American policy. The Brits would like to feel important and still part of the Big Boys Club. Except the PM sounds like Hugh Grant. The French might actually give a stuff about the poor people who were exterminated by one of the factions. 
+Ben Norwood you are missing a very important part of this whole song-and-dance.  If the Chemical Weapons get loose they'll be used in the Caucasus and Southern Russia long before they make it to the States.

The whole game has been for the U.S. and Russia to get control of the chemical weapons without either getting sucked into the rats nest which is the Mideast Civil War.  Both nations know there is no way to win in there, and both wanted to get the chemicals out.
Can we get back to important matters, like the NSA spying, now?
+Jim Williams Good point. Assad might be a totalitarian who runs Syria as a police state but he is Russia's man at least. 
I bet it really annoys people who use the term "procrastinator-in-chief" when someone mentions Osama bin Laden.
"We should totally replace Assad with someone we want, like we did in Panama. Oh, and we should give the rebels weapons like we did in Afghanistan. Those things totally worked"
+Gareth Wells Russia will hold onto Assad as long as possible, but everyone knows the whole region is going down in flames.  The only question is what color flames.

The area is overpopulated, and has been in extreme drought for years.  The 1000 year war between the Sunni and Shi'a is no help either.

Let's just hope there's no Defenestration of Prague to turn the fire into an explosion.  I'd rather WWIII continue without the "Great Powers."
+Nathaniel Chattoo unless the UK government plan a second vote on military action and fortuitously we happen to have a strike force nearby should the vote go the other way this time.

As for your other foreign policy initiatives, are you in fact William Hague's special adviser? They sound like grand ideas. Get the choppers ready...oh, we've cut back on fuel. OK launch the Ark Royal...oh, its being scrapped. Um... send a strongly worded letter... We still own the Royal Mail, right?
That should go for the rebels too.If USA and Russia would stop providing weapons to these meatheads ,it wouldn't be no damn war ,they could go back to throwing rocks . Super Powers need to mind their own affairs in their own Country and start taking care of their own Citizens .
+Gareth Wells the jets were moved because Akrotiri is an RAF base and we (for some stupid reason) only had ground attack aircraft there. Tornados are great and everything but they're no good in an interceptor/air superiority role.
+Jim Williams agreed, depressingly. Other than the US, Russia and China, I don't think any other power really has the resources to expend in a new middle eastern war.
Pretty much the Tory manifesto +Gareth Wells
Scrap the carriers and their aircraft whilst replacement ships are being built. Bleat on about how they'll be ready by 2014, fail to mention that the aircraft won't be ready till 2016 at the earliest
Wendy W
+Nathaniel Chattoo the US is not the only nation to use WMDs.
The US is the only nation to use nuclear bombs in warfare though.
Gordon Brown would probably make a better PM :D

I doubt Syria would target Cyprus anyway +Gareth Wells . As broke as Greece is, I doubt they'd think twice about an attack on their territory, Turkey neither.
To be fair +Wendy W chemical weapons don't really cause much destruction so don't really fill the WMD role. They are indiscriminate like nuclear weapons but not as destructive.
Wendy W
+Nathaniel Chattoo Mass in Weapons of Mass Destruction is murdering a large number of people at the same time or in a relatively short time.
Nuclear weapons is only one such weapon.
There are 4 types of wmds. Nuclear, chemical, biological and radiological.
I don't know why automatic and semi automatic guns are not considered wmds. 
Cluster Bombs and antipersonnel mines can & do kill large numbers of people at the same time years after they were deployed Guess who still uses them in conflict...
Syria its the way it is thanks to saudi jordan israel and the west they funded the war on syria so they could divide syria into two state and israel could take the other half syrian should fight to have syria only for syrian people and no zionist allowed if not they will take you for fools
Wendy W
I don't agree with any means of murder or war, by anyone, no matter what country.
Wendy W
What tyrant will fill in if Assad is taken out?
Wendy W
+Nathaniel Chattoo hypocrite. You don't want the US to be the world police but you seem quite content on policing the US.
Plus you had some facts wrong.
So thinking that "do as I say, not as I do" can't work on a geopolitical scale is hypocrisy? Interesting.
So what's the bottom line here? We're getting involved in another country's civil war which is none of Our business. We're in trusting Our Intel to the United Nations who misinformed Us about Iraq. Brilliant! Mr Obama is doing nothing different then Mr Bush did and what is the prize? Probably Oil that We don't need because We have a massive stock pile of Our own. Oh yeah! Forgot the Oil We buy from the Middle East is brought here to refine so We in turn can turn around and sell it to Our Allies for a mark up. Much better to keep Our stock pile for a rainy day because if We used it the American People would pay less and Big Oil couldn't have that. 
We all know that Syria is only going to let them have and find what they want to be taken. If it was me I wouldn't give up my whole stash. The U.S. should be smarter than this, but they will allow themselves to be fooled, and watch Russia , Syria, and the Middle East rise against the U.S. in a war we cant and won't win.
+Wendy W so u think the us has only just started shipping arms to these rebels. I personally think the us has been shipping arms to Syria for a long time. U don't go from throwing stones at Syrian soldiers soldiers to starting a cival war overnight without some major outside influences
No doubt that the American government have made some mistakes in the past and i believe they will continue to make them till thy kingdom come. But i do believe that the world is better safe with them been the bullies. At least they have saved some lives in the future cuz any country or criminal organization twice before using wmd on innocent people
So true Tom! We remember Saddam received some weapons from the U.S. And can't and will never forget we funded Osama bin Laden's regime to turn against us in the greatest tragedy on U.S. soil!
cant believe syrians ' lives depend on how these two think about the situation , what a world we live in !!
The residents of Hiroshima & Nagasaki were "innocent" if the definition of innocent is "not involved in the fighting", yet the US WMD'd them into dust. They're not better placed to dictate arms legislation anymore than Hitler was well placed to dictate race relations.
USA has overtaken the whole process from Russia. The world beware. When would US submit her own.
Not fair Nathaniel, REMEBER that country invaded Pearl Harbor with kamikaze attacks, and we were young in our attempt of nuclear weapons back then. And we have never used them since. But we have sat back and watched other countries use chemical weapons on their own civilians. Im just stating facts and we need to find a peaceful solution to this. 
World greatest comedians. .....foolish n silly leaders be let in jungles with their ancestors. .
The fact remains that you can't tell someone to do something when you've done it. Either everyone has WMDs or nobody has them, there can't be any middle ground because those without will forever feel threatened by those with.

More to the point, a lot of noise has been made about how the Assad regime has handled the uprising ani have to ask; what would the US government do in their place? Given that they're openly violating the sacred Constitution is the name of combating terrorism, I doubt there'd be restraint shown to an armed civil uprising. 
was this story already have any proved ? All the reason to do invansion in most of moslem country is suspected of chemical weapons which been afraid of ..though never found any proof of it existence..
Better sense prevails over war sense!
Stop sending weapons and support terrorists, and there you will have your WMDs given up, together with Israel. Otherwise, no deal! It's not to be used, but not a single president on the earth got the RIGHT to step back to foreigners with double measures!
Bigger issue all the children that were killed
Yes let the syria prove that they have no WMD so that US men attack it with full liberty and without any fear.
So why a those pple talking about war insted of economic development. "we naija we no go put mouth for dis matter
USA and Russia work to kill the all Syrian they give bashar al asad all the time to continue his criminals.
Thanks all to kill us 
OK, Obama is officially a badass. He took out Saddam, helped with Gaddafi, and now disarmed Syria and crippled Assad. Nice one Pres !
Media are lying in your face all day long, fortunately people aren't that gullible anymore and see the big picture. USA, stop supporting terrorists and hand over your chemical weapons (the one and only country that used them many, many times, with no repercussion).
I praised assad stop the lies he no better than those that hate him dont listen to the media and israel lies
up yours kerry nobody cares what you have to say youre word means nothing , youre credibility sucks
+Kris Stone So the great and wonderful U.S. is going across the globe to stop the bad guys and liberate the people for the sake of justice and righteousness? Do you honestly believe that? You honestly believe your country is itching to interfere out of selfless loving kindness?
Well I do know that if we dont do something that no one else will so u can say what u want. Reguardless innocent children and women died
+Kris Stone No, if I recall correctly, France was also itching to have a go at them. Arming and training  rebels also didn't improve the situation. Only a person with great delusions of grandeur thinks, "If I don't do something, no one will". I don't think that is the U.S. policy makers' thought process. There is bound to be ulterior motives at play and whenever the U.S. gets involved, the suffering only amplifies.
Say what u will . I think the hole middle east should get bombed so they can just start over because that's where all the extremism comes from
+Kris Stone Statements like that coming from U.S. citizens is why I personally fear the U.S. more than I'll ever fear North Korea or Iran. Because, whereas the latter two don't have the means or the reach to act on such (and in fact I've never heard of citizens from those countries holding such sentiments), the U.S. is perfectly capable of perpetrating such acts of genocide and have already done so in the past. Add to the fact that I've read countless comments like yours wishing that your country would just "wipe them out" and I'm thoroughly convinced that you Americans are a bloodthirsty lot. There is one nation that all other nations should regard with widespread fear and suspicion...and it's the country that's currently calling all the shots.
+Vincent O'Neil you want hear the citizens from those countries because those countries are ran by a dictator! A la Syria! The citizens dont have a voice! Remember its not America. Don't have means? These countries have billions! They can just buy! And they already have nuclear technology! Which they are not supposed to have! Man please ditch the hate for the US, and remember those citizens in those countries are helpless to that dictator and his regime. If are Russian and speak out against Putin you will die! And has been done! Look at how many "GAY" Russians who will not live openly! Why, because Putin hates gays! And he has said this. This is FACT! If your gay in Russia it is a death sentence! But America is blood thirsty! Look around before you judge, my friend!
yo +Adrian McCoy and since when did you and Hussein Obama become the defenders of lost causes in the world? Cause i have seen the middle east in blood since 40 years surprisingly never heard you sound your indignation. 
seriously liberals.....
Sorry a little upset thinking faster than a could type.
+Adrian McCoy Calm down, mate. I didn't say I hate the U.S. Only that I fear the U.S. I fear Russia as well. I was simply pointing out the fact that I've read a lot of comments from Americans expressing their desire for the deaths of millions in the Middle East and the fact that the U.S. is in a well-placed position to make that desire a reality with a military presence around the globe and advanced weaponry and intelligence networks that would make the rest of us experience sleepless nights if we even knew a portion of what's hidden.
+Antoine Najm they have been FIGHTING in the Middle East since Jesus was gone, where the Hell have you been! Women cant vote go to school or drive there! And you want to stick up for them, grow some BALLS! Remember you were birthed from a woman first sir!
Those countries are unstable and full of hate because of what religion they believe in. Its goes on here in the us but its not extreme. All those people over there want to do is kill and rape and just all sorts of crazy shit man.
"woman cant vote or go to school or drive there" +Adrian McCoy .
HEre we have a live sample of the people wanting to bring the middle east democracy. 
the guy can't name a middle eastern country on a map, yet has learned all the "the arabs are retards" clichés. 
I come from lebanon you prick, woman have voting rights before the french got theirs you retard. 
and if people like you vote then western democracy has a huge overwhelming stupidity issue. 
+Kris Stone Not because of their religion but because of their extremism. Extremism in any system can give rise to groups of people who are willing to do inhumane things in the name of their beliefs and values. It has happened in religions as well as politics and sometimes a synthesis of the two. We are not in a position to judge whose country should be destroyed or which should remain. Such a belief is also a form of extremism and one that seems to proliferate itself in countries that believe that their military prowess justifies their actions.
No its because of different beliefs in religion is what causes extremism. Our western country don't have that crazy shit going on over here. Why cant they believe in what they want and live there lives in peace without wanting to kill each other. They rather live in poverty and blow half there city up and live in fear of there family's lives
Good to hear all parties are finally in agreement, may the world see and
experience less chaos with more agreements for all

It appears that I have been censored by the BBC again

So much for Free Speech eh? -_-
+Mohamad Ibrahim Masri you Sir are a liar. Read the Carla del ponte's report, the turkish prosecutors indictment, and prince bandar recommendations. You are a liar and a Saudi paid freedom fighter. Cheers




BACK OFF,US.Why doea it have to involve in everything. US talks about human right everyday. But it acts like other people besides the States are not people at all.
We don't believed that rebel responsible of chemical just because the sarin gas was developed of Nazi regiment and followed US N RUSSIA now who's responsible,
As a Proud US Citizen who has served this Great Nation the last Legitimate War We were in was World War 2. Do I honestly think that chemical weapons that were used in Syria are the same that the UN reported in Iraq? Probably. Am I tired of all the He said, She said? You bet! I have a plan to fix the whole thing. Pull Our Military out of the Middle East. You all want Your Chicken Shit Fueding between Your different flavors of Muslims? Have at! Please be Our Guest and kill each other off. Our Politicians in turn need to quit hugging Trees and ramp up Our Oil production so We don't rely on any Middle Eastern Oil. This One World Government Crap is just that, CRAP!!! Strengthen Our Military and quit dumbing it down! By the People and for the People the way it should be. Charity begins at Home. Borders should be fortified. Trespassers will be shot on sight! Any Politicians caught shutting down Farmland for an endangered Fish, Bird or Roach will be fired for making US Citizens an Endangered Species. Execution isn't out of the question! I'm sorry for any mistakes Our Stupid Politicians have made but These Idiots don't speak for all of Us. Get over it because I'm not the One!! Isolationism is the way the United States should go. We don't mess with You and You don't mess with Us. If You do Your Sand Pile will be turned to glass, PERIOD!! 
A step in the right direction, for the world
I find all the media attention on Syria to be extremely one sided. I have never in 2 years seen video footage of the Syrian Arab Army on the mainstream media. When I go to Russia Today I finally get to see footage of the other side of the war that isn't being broadcasted in the west. The footage of the SAA seems to portray a disciplined well organized Army. Which seems to be counter intuitive to the stories we hear about them from the mainstream media. Is this the reason that we never see any footage of the SAA. The western governments don't want us to see footage of a well disciplined military fighting a rag tag bunch of rebels because it doesn't go with the image of Assad's butchers that they want is to believe in. I personally believe that the Syrian people are behind Assad and these so called rebels are not Syrian at all. This is a proxy war supported by foreign nations. The only thing I can't for see is what the end game will be. If America gets its way we will have a Syria full of islamists right on Israels doorstep. How is this better than the current regime. Why would Israel send airstikes into Syria to help the rebels when in a couple of years these rebels could be firing rockets into Israel itself. There's more to this conflict than we know and agendas being made behind closed doors for unknown goals. What's the likely outcome of this other than a more unstable middle east. You would almost think this was the US agenda in the middle East.
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