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Amid lingering economic hardship, can Cuba's 50-year-old National Ballet School expect to last another five decades?
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انا عارف ان تعليقى ده ملهوش علاقه بالموضوع لاكن لازم انشر و اعلى و اقول
اكتب على حيط الزنزانه حكم العسكر عار وخيانه
اكتب على ضهر العربيه مجلس عسكر م الحراميه
اكتب على ايدك على وشك حكم مشير كداب بيغشك
اكتب ع البدله الظباطى ظباط جبنا وغاويه تطاطى
... اكتب على باب الجنرال يومك قرب وهاتتشال
wait till the old man dies and the americans take over.
As a former professional ballet dancer, I think this is marvelous that such opportunities are offered to aspiring ballet dancers. Alicia Alonso has done a tremendous job developing a fine and reputable school and company. It's important to maintain such excelence in a country's culture. I was given the opportunity to study in two wonderful schools; the Royal Ballet School in London, England, and Academie de Danse Classique in Monte Carlo, and realized how essential and helpful it is to have good training. I will always cherish those experiences and be always gratful for those who guided me along the way.
How much ..for these little girls...??? circa blues brothers
I can only wish the very best for them...
It is funny how such schools receive a financial lifeline at the very last minute.
And why can not not walk case
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