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Scientists say the notoriously dry continent of Africa is sitting on a vast reservoir of groundwater.
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Is that news? We have always known this fact I think from teen years for me personally. Doesn't have to take scientists to say that!!!!

Logical thing to do is help distribute this Water to the masses who are lacking it for domestic and industrial use.
Then surely that is where all the relief donations should be going to, drilling into that vast reservoir, not into back pockets of thieves as in Nigeria.
Good news for Africans? I imagine 1st-world countries will soon be syphoning it into their own countries....
Gaddafi was the last bloke who tried to get the groundwater to the surface to do some good, and look what happened to him.
Thank goodness it isnt oil....
i think God made sure that when every1 in the world is has destroy everything about their continents, Africa will remain behind and live on!
+Dafydd Young , I suspect Gaddafi wasn't removed for his great plans for the ground water, more his molestation of his own people. Did you really suspect it was the water all along ??
i stil doubt that its water..!it is oil,they dnt wanna tell us
Can't wait for 1st world to start invading us for water,
No good saying it ! Scientists should post photos of the vast reservoir of ground water in Africa . Seeing or viewing is believing .
so the africans would have an opportunity to spend a lot less money turning their desert into oasis. good news.
Wouldn't it be slightly ironic if some of the nations who may have contributed the most to climate change had to start buying water from Africa. If there was any justice in the world surely this will be the case.
Why for some people does this have to be an us vs them story .. why can't it just be a good story for Africa for a change.
Just because it exists, and I think would not necessarily ready for use.
Africa have a great future ahead.just they had to maintain balance and make resources managed to make there future generations happy.
Francis. I agree with you but Africa does have a history of being exploited by european countries such as my own. i.e. going into countries and stripping them of their natural resources with little return for the people. I just thought it would be ironic if Africa ends up with a surplus of the most precious resource on the planet which other countries are willing to pay for.
Very simple example. Few years ago New Zealand's Prime Minister Helen Clark pompously opened a water well contracted on NZ aid money in Efate Island of Vanuatu. To cover the construction costs people wanted to charge locals for this water.
Result - local people still taking water from local swamp.
+John Plumridge All nations have a history of being exploited in some way or form. The Romans exploited mine many centuries ago, we exploited many, and we'll be exploited again .. it's the story of humanity. Sadly the amount of water these guys are talking about wouldn't represent an interesting target for anybody, especially considering if the map was global, you'd see Africa isn't alone in having this resource.
lets invade their, forget the mountains of Afghanistan
it is typing error is oil and not water
+John Plumridge Then people will just kill each other for that resource as well. The richness of resources is one of Africas many curses.
Good news for Africa, I LOVE African people.
The WW3 will definitely be about water, the pain of these people may never ends.
How convenient! First it was humans, then animals, then raw materials, such as diamonds, copper, tin, etc., now it's time to rob Africa of its last and Earth's most precious - yet undiscovered - resource as it is becoming more and more scarce for the rest of the world???
we have that reservoir of water but still there are places even in Cairo itself don't have a good water supply..let it remains their may be one day we can find a way to use it i hope #Egypt
Don't worry - exploitation of water is now well under way. Big corporations are making they big dollars on it - and will continue to do.
+Murat Feyzifar As if that "democracy" is already working... Don't be so naive... It is quite likely the most corrupt form of government in place.
+Barend Stapelberg That is quite likely the most callous, most hurtful and most ignorant thing I have heard for quite some time. Shame on u!
John E
+Bolbol Sima Nonsense. I'd rather live in a US-Style democracy with all its corruption and unfairness than the Congo, which is like living in the dark ages.
+John E It seems, then, u enjoy being taken for a fool, told what to think/how to feel while at the same time being given the impression that u actually have some say in how ur country is run... Good times, eh?
Well, Coca Cola/Pepsico...are you hearing??
fell sorry for people in africa
Have you ever lived in the Congo? The US doesn't have good democracy too!!! Remember Al Gore? People Read Widely.
That means next time [after 20 yrs] USA and Europe will attack for water as now for oil.
what a pic......................
hmmm..some people could be really annoying but my mum told me something i would never forget...'understanding one's personality is a step towards knowing them better and trusting them is another but that which really matters most is learning to overlook their mistakes'.If u agree wit dat statement,pls let me know cos my younger sis is one of the most annoying persons on earth.thanks!!
War & invasion over water? Yep. I mean the West have pillaged Africa for everything else so far. To believe they'll come after the groundwater isn't far-fetched at all.
John E
+Bolbol Sima No, not at all, I just feel that living in a democracy is less bad than living in a dictatorship.
It would be considerably more awesome to harvest water from the Kuiper belt (or passing comets). To avoid ecological impact planet-side, you could add a orbital water treatment facility with a space elevator. A modern wonder of the world and a long-term solution to the coming problems. But I suspect we'll just plunder Africa instead (yet again).
they did not dig wells so far to check if there is water underground?
I am curious if this has something to do with the us military involvement there.......
That can be a resource for them, but why they don't use it?
this is part of the Langrabs that is taking place in Africa, something we working hard on stopping
It's deep underground and would require enormous development to extract.
Peoples went into Space/Moon, sure they CAN dig deep enough to extract that precious WATER for this peoples.
Bottle it up, sell it. Welcome to free market
Another reason to invade Africa???
OK, let's send the Americans and Europeans to abuse the continent further and take over that resource! 
Does it mean in the near future the conflicts in middle east will be moved to Africa?
It’s all about access. We need to help Africa access this resource and to keep outside forces at bay.
Authorities must spend some money to explore the underground water and give better life conditions to population...
Good news. but there is oil as well
If you have a really close look at that picture of Africa, you'll notice a big white section around the outside... that's water too btw
sage s
Another reason for the warlords to decimate their people. It's sad, but it'll happen.
So, our American concept of Africa remains correct after 30 years: Droughtful and Doubtful.
Let's get some God and a little man power to fix it. I can't wait to move to the United States of Africa.
While we're on that topic, I assume these scientific bodies and charities will be releasing this information to the African nations that so desperately need it. That would be the right thing to do.
The amazing thing for me is the fact that "Very High" amount of the water resource is right where the Sahara Desert is
that or get a company to get it, and then sell it to an different country as mineral water
good for the people of africa, just don't let corporate interests f*ck it up by buying it off and using it in a way that deprives them of it.
this is good news for Africa - the only thing now is to insure that the water is not mined/harvested and exploited by some large multi billion dollar corporation such as Coke. This water must be used in a sustainable fashion not pillaged like the water resources in North America are currently
pump it dry (african evian)
The average person uses .005 liters of water per second. I wonder how that looks in relation to the populations of the different regions. And if the areas of high aquifer productivity are inhabitable (take into account animal patterns. The animals in Africa are no pushovers)
+Matt Haldeman ha ha ha ha ....couldnt stop laughing....'dont be so gulllible and naive' and 'just as the bible says when the earth was created'...OMG :)
+Dafydd Young common fallacy of coincidence vs. causation. You don't really think that's why he was removed from power do you?
Kaddafy tried to use that water... you all know what was after that
Think about it Richard Boase, Why go to Africa and drill a well when you can grab an ice cube near the poles and float it home for free?
From the map, it looks like much of this "reservoir" is close to middle east. This is good news for America. After the oil are completely drained, we will have a really nice excuse to bomb the shit out of middle east again. Sustainable warfare. Woot.
hey York Cho, by then the US no longer the greatest military power, but China ^_^
Awesome. We'll need something to fight over when the oil runs out.
Even in the US the Sunbelt took the Great Lakes economy and population, now they want Great Lakes water.

Water will only get more precious worldwide as time goes on.
Water would be the next commodity to fight for. Forget oil.
It's only a good "discovery" if it is used to benefit the "300 million people who have no access to safe drinking water".
This is good news for Africa. People who are against exploiting this very life giving /preserving resource have no understanding of how important fresh water is for that continent. Africans will best decide how to ensure that this resource development be done to benefit the locals and not big international AgriFarms.
Is it great for the people that live there? Or is it great for the people who already have power there? Call me a cynic, but I think the latter is more likely.
Scientists gaining more money from the media, sigh.
Now there just gotta stop anybody contaminating it, like Fracking for instance. Having viable water resources should come before anything else.
Another reason for England, Belgium, Italy ,Germany and Co. to colonize Africa in 21st century :)
When I was little, we lived on the south side of the Sahara. We had Artesian water.

Drill a very deep hole and it comes out under pressure. Hot and smelly. I can't remember but I suspect it was sulphur it smelled of.

The problem is that this is not something most people are able to do. This is not well depth. You need a drill a bit like a mini oil well.
Africa has always been a country whose people readily exploit each other. Its a no wonder we all came from there. I hope they [Africans] use their resources for the betterment of its posterity... fat chance though.
Africa has been plagued with ignorant selfish leaders who lack vision.
What is wrong with you people (must of you)? Is the world just full of pessimistic assholes? Every western church has sent help to africa. Americans spend more on aid to africa than our own people. We don't need africa's water we have plenty, but we will probably put ourselves in more debt digging it up for them.
Im not surprised all the c...s are pissing anywhere there are no toilets
This is good news for Africa. I am from South Africa, and i admit I don't know exactly how bad the situations central and North Africa are, because i have never experienced it. And nobody can say anything unless they have experienced the pain when people die from thirst alone.

The people of Africa need HELP. Not iPads or fancy shoes. The people need simple sustainable development towards the water source. And a stable future.

This is good news, it makes the people of Africa valuable, and hopefully they can make this work to their advantage.
No wonder theres a f.....g shortage in the uk. The f.....g government is selling it to the third world nation who don't have a pot to piss in let alone buy one where animals are scared of people.what for you want them to do?quench their thirst after a monkey roast dinner
Woow what a nice way to describe yourself, Human Being! Bravo!
Perhaps the water can be released by fracking.
Now that water has been found, hopefully Bob Geldof can shut his cakehole.
All that water's great ...if it can be both affordably and sustainably extracted and distributed. Otherwise, it's of little more value than as trivia.
Groundwater can be considered a non-renewable resource. If it it used faster than it is replaced, then it will be used up.
Uh where do y'all think our water comes from, here in the US? Do you think there are water factories? Nope it's ground water and it's renewed by rain, other words precipitation. So why wouldn't it "renew" in Africa? Yes ground water needs some sort of pump to bring it up but those of us that live in the middle of nowhere have wells. Occasionally they dry up when there's a drought but that's least here it's rare. And...if Africa needs that water why not use it even if it does not renew. Better to have a healthy population than none.
Ah, always knew how precious Africa was!!! I may be disappointed if it's of no use to Africans themselves.
Great news in these days of scarcity of potable water. Someone had predicted that future wars would be fought for grabbing water resources. I pray that Africa may not turn into a battle field because of this discovery.
Semoga bisa bermanfaat untuk kebaikan dan dimanfaatkan dengan baik.
This is very nice,but how deep is this water and whether it is economically viable extraction at existing conditions now?
Good news 4 remote bush afrricans u c...s they haven't got a paper to wipe their arses let alone read watch tv n no electric yet these fuckers r telling them theres water when they are surrounded by the a f.....g thing an Ocean
Re-s.bassinder try getting Aids n cholera. Would. Dat. Water wash dat away
You can switch the caps lock off you know.
What scientists say about the Hollow Earth! This hides the world. Because no trespassing starting 30 km from the North Pole??
I would venture with a group of people to investigate, what the government hides after 30 km from the North Pole! I live in Japan, I am a master of Ninjutsu.
My email contact is English,Portuguese and Japanese.
ya it's good news i hope it's use for people no one never bother abt food
creo que son muy acertadoa al asegurar esto, bien por el continente
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