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The power required to produce waves of that bandwidth should also be quite high, hence limiting its application in battery powered devices.
I expect governments to use it soon in intrusive ways without voters consent
Wow! Three comments and already somebody's imagining the worst.
+Steve Jaszczak Looks like it Steve. I have no doubt that someone at some point will use the technology for nefarious purposes but it's a bit early to be predicting gloom and doom.
I wouldnt mind havin such speeds indoors on my laptop.
There is an a lot of complementary (brilliant ) technology releaslied over teh last week or so . Remote controled potential robotic avatars , more effecient CPUS' now this ?? I want my flying car and jey hoverboard please !
And just think, if there is going to be an Earth polarity shift, all this electronics world will be knocked for six.
+John Townsend Oh Lord. First the governments will spy on us and now the earth's gonna go wonky on us. Whatever shall we do? :-)

If this technology somehow brings my ex wife back I'm catching the next damn bus to Mars!
What sort of radiation does this give off? Wouldn't it be bad for humans to be constantly around devices using this?
Wow another way for the FBI to keep a tab on me not lol
Pay attention to range - 10m. They must work hard to make this a usable technology.
Read up on red 666 chips and FEMA camps I'd bet all of you wouldn't even post on this shit no more 
"It is used principally for imaging in research contexts, as terahertz waves penetrate many materials as effectively as X-rays but deposit far less energy and therefore cause less damage."

Always nice to know they are less damaging than x-rays.
chips i like mine with salt and vinegar
+Andrew Ednie, since you posed the question most directly, this concerned me as well. Fortunately, terahertz radiation has a much lower photon energy than X-rays or other kinds of EM radiation (considering its placement on the spectrum), suggesting that its effects are most likely "...thermal in nature and, therefore, predictable by conventional thermal models (" But, that's obviously a prediction only. I suggest reading the rest of this Wikipedia page for more information; people have speculated that it might cause "bubbles" in DNA by providing the right kind and amount of energy to "unzip" DNA. This would be bad, but the article suggests that these ideas, developed through simulations, are likely implausible in realistic settings.

My first question whenever anyone talks about harnessing new parts of the EM spectrum is the same as yours: are people certain that it's safe to toss around a bunch of these waves? But I think the response to this question should also definitely be: let's find out, and exploit the heck out of it if possible! We'll see with time if this technology becomes feasible.
+justin hanck well, people would have to stop getting there news from sources like BBC.
Also, those who respond with comments like "spread doom, gloom, moan" are not subject to expand their narrow view of the world at large so it would be wise to not try to change ones view since it will probably be met with irrational confrontation and name calling because you have some how insulted their intelligence.
Expanding, The FBI thing was funny. I would have said DHS myself, $2 Billion dollar center being built in Utah to spy on Americans, but I see where you were going. Also it's pretty sad to try and get others to understand that any device with a camera or data connection is two-way accessible. For some reason some are under the impression that people connecting via your webcam/phone camera without you knowing/noticing can only be done in movies and only you have control of it's function via interaction.

On another note. Hell yeah for the future of tech. Just get informed XD.
This is probably 10 year old military tech....
The clue to the danger of these waves is in the name - Terror Hurts.... We clearly shouldn't be messing with this kind of scary tech people !
Splendid. Might get a signal on the top floor!
Nishant: then this is the tech's fault??
thats udaya.any how thnks for ur commemts
Apparently many doesn't know what Tera Hertz is all about. Learn first:

And do you think it doesn't have military usage? Think & Learn again:

And if you think it's safe. Learn again:

If you think this tech is years away from application, learn again:


It CAN see THROUGH solid walls, clothes, opaque structure. Every chemical ABSORB different wavelength in the Tera Hertz spectrum; meaning you can DIFFERENTIATE between human, weapon, chemicals composition. That also means you can TAILOR the emission of the Tera Hertz transmitter for specific compounds. In theory, that means it can tailor the transmitter to HEAT human tissue for example.

The above article dealing with MINIATURIZED the electronic device so it can work in the Tera Hertz frequency (w/o going more technical, it's very difficult to design electronics in the Tera Hertz frequency region).

Some of the "concern" that's being "voiced" in the above comments actually has its merits. Again, learn it first...
It is quite straight forward E = hv Energy is directly proportional to frequency H is the Planck Constant. Anything above ultra-violet frequencies has enough energy to damage your cells, this includes X-Rays and Gamma rays. THz are all in the IR part of the spectrum so the only effect would be a macroscopic warming effect based on power of the emmission not the energy associated with the frequency.
Set your tachyon receivers now :)
As the T ray part of the spectrum is relatively uncharted it would be interesting to know if any living organisms are already using it. We now know that birds fish and snakes use regions beyond the human visible light spectrum so perhaps some organisms take advantage of t-rays.
+Sean Laguna thanks, I just thought it strange that this article didn't even mention safety concerns - especially after years of people questioning the safety of using the Ghz range.
And those who complain about the government the most, are usually those who are living off of it.
Visible light would give better bandwidth and nobody would question it's saftey - although it won't pass through walls. Now that led light bulbs are becoming quite common it would be easy to incorporate the dual use of lighting and data. ( not my idea, i would post the link to the ted talk if i could find it)
this is boring stop talking about this my head is gonna explode!
I agree +Andrew Ednie , there was a tv clip on a city where everything was wireless and people were filing complaints because of headaches.
Nishant Mehta: Your complain is strange, whilst you are using a device what was invented almost 100 years ago and it has never been as cheap as today.
omg bruce lee is awesome i love him and he gae me all good advice
10m Range seems to be a problem though.
How soon we forget the days of baseband and vampire taps...
I discussed this post with 1 person in a hangout.
I discussed this post with 2 people in a hangout.
That's incredible. It probably has a ton of stability issues to work out, but this is an incredible feat in the technology world!!
OH Thank GOD I will be able to check the news even faster!
f f
Just as we were beginning to feel the spectrum crunch too. This type of impressive innovation is sorely needed.
Will it get noticed by them aliens from outer space?
joe luk
"cause less damage" thats the only bit that worries me!
wow ... i'd love to have one like that
This is why putting restrictions on the internet is a joke someone will always find a way to go beyond them.
"...terahertz waves penetrate many materials as effectively as X-rays but deposit far less energy and therefore cause less damage."
Wow that moved the bar up big time 
Can I get it in home wireless for this Xmas? Booya!

Only 10 meter range. Don't get too excited.
Too bad for the limited range....

Hope to see improvement for the range given....
Waiting for the day of city wide free wifi networks.
This is great for all wireless freaks
limited range is a bummer, oh that and the damaging radiation!
real informative reading help in the life.
Uh, it's charted. It's right there between microwaves and infrared on my chart.
question is that who will be decided which information is real,correct and sound.
The full body scanners the TSA abuses our rights with use "T-Rays"
If they can expand the range over 10m, it will be the standard in the next few years 
The wireless carriers will undoubtibly rebrand this and call it 6G!
This is truly innovative. It may lead to ubiquitous, cheap or even free wi-fi. I don't know what ever happened to that Google project, but this could make it easier to roll out.

But all that aside, when will I finally get my flying car?! ;)
after some days this spectrum also get crowded
Wow - while it is early, it is an impressive accomplishment. 10m covers most homes, small businesses, etc. It is likely that over time distance will improve like it did with 10Gig and 100Gig. It all starts with one break-through.
Short range wireless transmissions are indeed useful (anyone here ever used Bluetooth?), but I would imagine that there are still years of testing and research before a WiFi standard in the THz range emerges. THz is still very new overall. There are still health questions surrounding long term exposure, and a better understanding of it's limitations is needed. For example, THz is easily absorbed by water vapour, how does that affect range and reliability of transmissions on a humid day? These questions have to be sorted out more before it's consumerized. In short, this is a research project, don't expect to buy THz WiFi equipment any time soon.
This would be great, just think of antenna efficiency, stacking fractal antennas for super omani directional gain, less transmit power, better battery life.....OPPA !
But would it travel through walls? That seems to be an issue for higher frequencies...
+Rod MacPherson definitely unlikely to see THz range broadband for widerange wifi, but it seems very feasible for home use in the not-too-distant future (maybe 5-10 years).
JT Vega
Well that would be handy playing Computer games.
and yet until the internet catches up, it will only be of use in-home or work. Should make printing things a bit quicker though :)
Does that mean quicker downloads?
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