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Watch the moment a young US student steered a school bus to safety after the driver apparently had a heart attack while driving
Two pupils from a school in Milton, Washington State, have been praised for steering their bus to safety when the driver suffered an apparent heart attack.
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Kids today are better than the kids of my day.
my congratulations to the boys ,their parents and teachers! such incidents boost one's confidence in the future generations.
great story!! and kudos to the boys for preventing a horrific tragedy!! this happened 30 miles from my house!
Swift action from the students saved everyone on the bus and quite possibly the driver.
this is just amazing, good news that no one got hurt!! thank god! :)
Hope all is good for the driver and his family!!
this is a geat example of heroic bravery...GOOD JOB GUYS!!!!1
This is kind of news i like to watch and hear daily
I cant help but think that in some quarters, there'll be silly questions asked about 'Health & Safety' procedures that were not followed by the kids.
wow heroes there so hard to find
Hahaha so appearently the video games helped this time? :D
Good for them!They've set the trend,for good common sense!
Wow! notice none of the kids panicked. That is amazing.
This happened in a book called gone do we now what the kids name was? If it's sam then thats a very scary coincidence read gone it's kind sad but good
Thank God every ones okay
Wow!!!! This kid is AWESOME!!!! The first time I saw this video on the news this morning, my husband and I were totally in awe. This kid is only 11 yrs. old. I couldn't believe how quickly he jumped up and without hesitation grabbed the wheel, steered the bus to safety, and if that wasn't enough, he started C.P.R. on the driver. His parents must be so proud of him. This kid deserves the "I'm the most awesome kid in the world" award. ps. I'm sure your dad isn't mad about the moving the car to be washed thing..LOL. Sincerely, Laura Johnson
Shut up! no one asked you
Watch the kids mouth he says "Holy Shit" kinda funny but scary at the same time.
thank God for His providential control over everything! Bravo kids! They are true heros by God's grace alone.
+Schuyler Molcer What's your problem with the word 'awesome'? How is this not awesome? I think you're misunderstanding what that word means. It's not saying that it's a good that that it happened. It's saying that the kid that came to the rescue did a very brave and amazing thing.
Agreed, Just commenting on how I would react and what I would say in the same situation.
The kid did good and yes Thank God
+Michael Edwards All I'm saying is that God is in control no matter what may happen. And whatever happens is in His hand alone. Thats what I'm saying.
Brilliant ! I don't think I could have , same age .
+Kevin Vincent Ah, so God was the one that caused the bus driver to have the heart attack, and God made sure that this child was there to help out. So, God created a dangerous and stressful situation... for what purpose?
And then, when a situation like this occurs, but there's no rescue or intervention, then God also created that situation... for what purpose?

I must be missing something here. God intentionally makes these bad things happen?
+Kevin Vincent
“Is God willing to prevent evil, but not able?
Then he is not omnipotent.
Is he able, but not willing?
Then he is malevolent.
Is he both able and willing?
Then whence cometh evil?
Is he neither able nor willing?
Then why call him God?”

- Epicurus
Wow. Quick thinking, most adults would probably just freak out and shout stupid things instead of actually doing something. Kudos young lad.
I could have done that while I was in middle school!!!
The kid were AWESOME hat off to him!!! and he just SAVED many lives.
Frank M
I praise the kid for playing enough racing video games to know how to drive a school bus, GTA style. Also the other kid who knew first aid probably got the idea from video games. These kids are WIN in my book. Play more video games.
Wow. Cool story. Hope the driver is okay.
I am a school bus driver and this is amazing!!! The kids stayed calm and took control of the situation. This school should be praised as well for having such smart kids that didn't just scream uncontrollably and let the bus run off the road. This is something that should be taught in all schools because anything could happen at any time. I hope that driver pulls through his health ordeal!
Someone raised this boy right :) beautiful
I admire the boy's courage!Bravo!
Well done those boys for your bravery and quick thinking!!
Proof positive that all those hours playing driving games are never wasted.
may god bless these braves to serve the humanity!
Love to see this!!!! Great share. Thanks.
Stories like this give up for the future.
God bless them for saving many Lifes
This is a great advert for "the kids of today" and how we have brought them up to be more self-confident and bold. In my day I am sure I would have just frozen and not dared to move.
Great job, boys, and great job kids saying "call 911." Awesome, fast-thinking/doing teamwork! That's the way to save lives, and you did it!
wow, those boys did the right thing, i wonder if they have a email.?
GOOD OMG i hope their parents let them have some free time
Brilliant. I was like that as a child. But adulthood screwed me up.
Who saids kids are bad now days. This boys got it together.
They must be proud of themselves,how brave
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wish i could drive that good
Drivers should take a health examine regularly, especially school bus drivers. This is a close call.
How 'bout Obama gives this kid a medal?
School bus drivers, and truck drivers, in California, and I'm pretty sure in most other states, are required to have an up-to-date medical certificate with them whenever driving. The cert for truck drivers used to be good for two years, unless you had a condition that threw up flags.
Those children are heros,thanks god.

the US student is so cool.TOT. it could never happen in our CHINESE mainland.
+Michael Edwards - Michael, We aren't wishing that calamities come upon people at all. God ordains all things, which means no matter what happens He's in control. Yes, He did ordain that that bus driver would have a heart attack, not because he is a cruel God, but because He gets glorified no matter what. Now I know what your thinking, "How could God be so mean as to get glory from someone having a heart attack?" See, it's like this: He could use this to cause people to trust in Him and turn to Him and be saved. He doesn't do it to be malicious, He does it because He uses difficult and sad things to bring us closer to Him. I know it's hard to understand, but if you read your Bible maybe you'll understand a little better. :) and that's NOT an insult, just a suggestion. I'll pray for you, man.
+Kevin Vincent I've read the Christian bible over a dozen times, including different translations. And it's a great story. Lots of interesting passages.
But it's a story. It's not meant to be taken literally. God didn't cause the bus driver to have a heart attack, and he didn't cause that boy to intervene.
Here's the irony; Christians will on one hand claim that God's Plan is a mystery, and then on the other hand claim that he was a direct influence in a certain situation. You can't have it both ways. Either you know and understand God's plan, or you don't. Christianity is all about making assumptions from a limited pool of evidence. It's propoganda.
It is your opinion that God was involved in this situation. But that's all it is; your opinion. And you've got that right to have that belief, for yourself.
But past that? Sorry, but I'll go with a belief system that uses logic and reason.
Don't spoil it for Bible pushers. They don't need to know the truth because the only truth is the Bible. The reason it doesn't make sense now is because the last time it was edited was about 1500 years ago. Vote for Bible 6.0 Beta. The sixth gold edition, directors cut with Judas Gospel and other unseen material.
+Michael Edwards - The Bible is more than just a story. It is the Truth and it's not just my opinion. his plan is a mystery but at the same time we trust in him by faith. The thing that makes Christians different from other people and religions is that we don't necessarily need logic, we believe in God by faith alone. I know it seems to look like a myth to you , but it's more than just a story. And I'm not having this conversation with you so i can get the better of you and win, i'm doing it because i want you to see the Truth.
This is the Truth: God sent His Son into the world to die on the cross for the sins of His Elect. But Christ rose from the dead on the Third Day. And if you believe in Him by faith through the work of the Holy Spirit, you will be saved. That is the good news to the world... :)
God's plan is a mystery, and he doesn't have to reveal anything to us if He doesn't want to, because he is God. If we knew everything and everything about His Plan than we would be God or gods.

But Michael, I know how you feel. -and i know your probably thinking: "No you don't!" But honestly, before i was a Christian, I thought the Bible was just a nice little story. The Bible is Truth. It was written by men whom God appointed to write it. It is the Truth and will remain the Truth no matter how much men will try to mock, change, or compromise it. And that is not my opinion, it IS the Truth.
1)First Council of Nicaea (325) 2) First Council of Constantinople (381) 3)Council of Ephesus (431) 4)Council of Chalcedon (451) 5)Second Council of Constantinople (553) 6)Third Council of Constantinople (680) 7)Second Council of Nicaea (787). If word of god is true and universal why do you need 7 councils to edit it? Plus how many more pope had after the schism. Why include some gospels and exclude some others? Which gospels are true and which fiction? Bit too much of editing and too many separations in church to the point to let eastern orthodox church fall into hands of Ottomans. If you all believe into the same god why do you hate each other to the point that you let your fellow Christians die by barbarian sword. Nothing has changed since then. List of christian faiths is endless and you all hate each other because each sect believes that they are right, to the point that we even have Mormons today. Don't even get me started on crusades. If there is a god somewhere he long abandoned you all. Kill in the name of god is still a murder. If god loves us all and we are all brothers and sisters, why you still murder each other and justify your actions in his name?
Wah, Those boys are the best of the best. They saved a life. Should be given a credite by the community.
they are brave i admir this syubend
In India the pupils would have bagged an Award for Bravery. Why not ?
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Oh my great God thank u Jesus.
that was the most awsome thing ive ever seen, the driver is very lucky to have had school children that helped him. Wow
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