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Lets hope he can find enough of other peoples money to keep going!!
Jerry B
This should be interesting.
He's like the next Putin
+Rob Ahbeza Its alright the money barons don't have to lend France the 60% of GDP they need to refinance next year!!
and now comes the mass exodus of the rich as they leave a country set to impose a 75% tax
+Brian Denton great point. Yet another county that won't be able to afford the socialist programs of other EU countries.
+Robert Bilson Check your figures when you talk of Austerity - public spending still going up everywhere!! The problem is a lack of willing spenders as populations age - nothing can be done about that!
+Robert Bilson so is overspending which is what leads to austerity. I'm not sure you understand how money and taxes work.
Nothing makes me think someone is smarter than multiple exclamation points. Those are the mark of someone to pay attention to.
+Robert Bilson and the Clinton Administration that removed regulation on Wall Street so they could lend to those who couldn't afford it!! The road to hell is paved with good intentions!!
The fact is you can't answer it. While you scorn people who make money, theirs is what the government will take to give to others. Until it runs out. Then austerity begins.
Interesting vote in France. I'd compare the election to a childlike tempest after a child was forced to eat his vegetebles, which while he doesn't like, are good for him and help him grow.

The French election seemed to be a referendum on grown-ups. Le enfantes voted out their stern but loving father to have the more permissive nanny run the house.
Little toe rag gone, next one in place. Don't stand so close to me nicky... (finish the quote anyone?)
i used to live in france early '00 , i remember sarkozy then french minister of finance saying that the only way to pay the debt was to sell the country gold stock.
france (like many other wester countries) is down right broke , who ever has some money is hidding it away from scrutiny.
politicians and money is like junkies and heroin, never enough.
I never use state services, they are alway so poorly run and managed. I would rather be taxed less and spend the money on what I really need.
+William Grace
I have to agree. The same problems are happening back in Slovakia (although in a way smaller scale).It's rather sad, but I would gladly give off my right to be treated in a hospital or be part of the social system in our country in return for not pay SHI. The same back in France. With more of earnings to "spend" I would be way off better for the future than waiting for some social treatment when I'm aged.
+William Grace totally agree with you , this is why i left france , but my second country , canada , is going the same way , 18% of workers in quebec are civil servants , but yet impossible to see a doctor in my city largest pediatrician hospital when i show up with my daughter burning hot with fever.
+Mark Shuttleworth , you can opt out in france , i.e get completly private health services in france , not in Canada and not in Quebec. it's public "healthcare" or go south of the border. when my ex-wife was diagnosed with a cancer , we had to wait 6 months for a biopsy , just to see if it was malignant or not , we picked up the first flight to beijing and her tumor was removed in 48h , it turned out to be malignt.
Private companies can do everything the government does.
What am I going to need from the government? Police? Here they refuseto show up at most household break ins, so allow me a gun, I will protect myself. Health? I can pay a doctor. Welfare, I can work and will continue to do so.
In Canada you can have private helthcare. Canadian healthcare isn't that bad last time I was back home. In the UK the entire country is now a failure
I see your point and I'm not arguing that it's not true. But paying the SHI that we have here and seeing the beneficiaries who receive the most of it, is unfair at the least. There should be some solidarity in the system, but definitely not misusement (mainly for those not working by choice, not by objective circumstances). But this mainly concerns social insurance which can be solved by private savings in funds.
What makes what we believe about human rights better than what they believe? I am sure they can defend themselves in exactly the same way we would. So what makes us right and them wrong. Please provide a detailed answer.
and what do your human rights bring you ? when you use your right of speech to complain about something does your government listen ? how about freedom of cult to the muslims who wanted to open an islamic center in NY city ? how about the right to a peacefull association and demonstration (occupy *) ? how about the federal government using YOUR tax money to bail out wallstreet fatcats and dumping the bill on the national debt you are responsible for ? did you voted "yay" on that ? you dont live in a democracy neither so stop your bullshit human rights cold war propaganda.
I repeat, what make our idea of human right better than theirs?
They have less crime.
We are always pushing for less crime.
Problem, thier idea of crime control, shooting criminals, is bad.
We let them go free to commit more crime.
So you would rather be mugged by the same criminal multiple times than violate his human rights and stop him from commiting crimes?
hey in canada , a convicted (multi) murderer is getting more wife visits then i do , my crime ? loving a chinese national , and trying to unite my familly (my daughter is with me in canada) , funny because china never gave me any problem to go visit my wife. hell we even have serbian and african war criminals with permanent residency , last week we found an 80 yo concentration camp gard that got true too , so yeah , human rights , but you get deported back to a civil war for being a mexican
Sarkozy was below par as a president. But is Hollande a member of the New World Order? If so, the EU may be in for a bumpy ride.
Lets see what unfolds now im France.
+Stewart Alaniz "People in this world are treated like animals and the only ones ashamed of that are the ones who to have no power to change the way things are." You are an idiot. You can always change the way you act and treat others, change is always possible, saying what you do means you have given up, and are waiting for others to stand up for you to follow them! Try being a leader, not a sheep.
+Stewart Alaniz please do not take zeitgeist documentaries serious. They make shallow points without a ballanced view, trying to make everything look evil. There is no way that the world is run by a super illuminati and no way that bringing back the gold standard will improve our lives. Zeitgeist movies ARE propoganda, designed to be emotionally provocative rhetoric with a shallow factual basis.
congratulation president Hollande,now you have room to come up with the solution of economy and to think about democracy of Africa because even Europe nations must takes plasce on this
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