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The world could get its first lab-grown burger this year, with scientists using stem cells to create strips of beef. But could vegetarians eat it?
Many vegetarians avoid meat only for ethical reasons, so would they be able to eat meat grown in a laboratory?
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Nick Soto
I like my burgers farm grown....guess I'm a bit of a purist
+Leanne Coady - I do like the taste of meat so I wouldn't be eating something like this. :)
I was considering the same question. Just the idea of eating meat - even if it was grown in a lab - doesn't sound that attractive to me, but I wonder if I would eat a product like this one day.

I stopped eating meat as a child, but I have on occasion unknowingly eaten food with meat in it, which normally ends in me having a very bad stomach. Other vegetarians and my doctor have said that it's quite common for vegetarians to have problems digesting meat, so I'm guessing that I wouldn't want to eat this "meat" anyway.
I am a vegetarian ... I will not be able to see it differently ... will not eat it
Vegetarians wouldn't eat it despite not being an animal product because it's not smug enough to rub your nose in.
In the wise words of Ramsey "Each time I see a paled vegetarian I want to help him and give him a big juicy steak". :)
i love how people stick to their dogmas
I know, vegetarians are missing out (commenting on post, not on comment)
I would like to grow Quorn, that would be nice.
I feel like throwing up just be reading this.
A lot of vegetarians don't eat meat for more than just the moral implications. Some simply don't like the taste or texture, while others can't eat it due to dietary reasons.
It's meat.... it's just grown in a test tube, if you don't eat meat you won't want this.
Forget the vegetarians. The bigger question is going to be will the meat-eating segment of the population eat this meat.

As someone who loves his burgers, I honestly hope this project works out. If they can produce hamburger in the lab, and if they can eventually do it at a reasonable price (I don't have $400,000 to spend on lunch, sorry), I'll be first in line for it.
i would eat this if it's done correctly. if it tastes the same and has the same texture.
There are a hundred reasons why vegetarians choose to eat the way they do. The comments here are extremely ignorant and insensitive. I guess you fear what you don't understand. The same conservative mentality which makes people yell "faggot" when they see a gay person or trick a hindu to eat meat our a jew into eating pork. Really hilarious. +Andrés Arrieta +Paul Johnson
I abstain from animal products not because I believe it's wrong to use animals for food but because I've decided to opt out of our corrupt system of lobbying, food subsidies, monopolist enterprises, unsanitary preparation and the unregulated use of antibiotics and other chemicals proven harmful by dozens of other countries. I am going to vet school and buying lan to grow my own livestock that I can enjoy REAL meat dairy an eggs. You guys enjoy your test tube meats and ask yourself why veggies costs more than a steak.
+Christopher Cooke Exactly. The issue here is not vegetarians, who are already either eating meat substitutes like Quorn or soy products or who don't eat anything meat-like. It is about reducing or eliminating the wasteful practice of animal husbandry which is caused by the demand of meat eaters, not vegetarians.

We raise cattle for two years, give them food and water, and then slaughter them to get a few meals. The amount of food that we put in to these animals is far greater than what we get out. I remember reading that it takes 100kg of hay and corn just to make 1kg of beef, and that each kilo of corn or hay took 1000 litres of water to grow. (correct me if I'm wrong... I can't remember where I read those figures)

The meat industry, as it exists today, isn't sustainable. If we can make meat in a lab or factory that looks and tastes good enough that even meat eaters start to consume it, then why not?
if you want to eat it, if you don't, don't ...pretty simple process really! :)
+Anthony Kelly what a retarded thing to say. So your average cow weighes 650kg. So the average cow consumes 650,000 kg of hay!? Hay??!!!? In 2 years thats 3561 kg of hay a day lmfao. Sorry, everyones entitled to eat what they want of coyrse, just don't try to talk crap with it. The meat industry is perfectly sustainable and always will be.
In fact average weight of all cattle is about 753. Making that even more ridiculous.
I avoid meat because I don't like to chew it and don't enjoy the flavor. I'm more of a texturtarian than a traditional vegetarian. So, for me, the lab burger would not be very interesting.
Kinda depends on where they harvest the stem cells from, doesn't it? You'd change the ethics, not remove the question.
I think I just threw up in my mouth. Oh well, it's better than that burger.
Heard about this a few days ago, in all honesty we knew this was going to come eventually I just thought the zombie "aporkalypse" stories would have impeded it
I'd suspect that if it does reach production, we'd end up eating it without knowing.
who cares what vegetarians think?
+Nick Hunter Dude - easy on the retarded comments.

Firstly... you don't eat the whole cow :) Good maths is bad when based on incorrect assumptions
Secondly... I found the source. I think it's peer-reviewed and everything :)
The wording is quite confusing though, in one source it looks like it only takes half that much grain and hay... but that's still a lot.

No hard feelings
I am a vegetarian, and I never eat burgers period.
Whats to say this will be us Veggies. Remember the 80's when UK Schools admitted "watering down" their school meals with Soya if the UK Food Agency allows this whats to stop the Golden Arches from Diluting their burgers the local donner shop or Curry house from slipping this in their cook books A VERY BIG NO THANKS FROM ME !
I like ordering a Veggie burger, add bacon.

It's called a hypocrite burger.
If it can be scaled to reduce dependency on factory farming, why not? I'd try it.
+Anthony Kelly Sorry for saying retarded but offal and bones aside the figures are way way out. You don't need to be a biologist or a mathematician to figure that out. The figures you state would mean each cow is eating double or more of it's own weight in hay every day!? If farming livestock was inefficient or not cost-effective it wouldn't happen. Just don't turn this into an economics thing just because 'I think it's wrong to kill animals' doesn't make people not want to eat steak! ;-)
Indeed people will eat this because one day they won't longer be able to distinguish between artificially grown meat and the one from a farm.
What's the problem with a normal burger? Or with a normal meat?

Who'll eat a shit burger? Like that created by japanese?
why would a vegetarian prefer laboratory grown meats? clearly they are the type of people who are thoroughly concerned about the humane, natural background of their food. some might say overly concerned. i just can't think of a demographic that is less important than vegans... personally, cells are cells. if laboratory analysis shows this meat to be no different than any other, then i don't care that it is grown by science and not by nature. i don't see why anyone would care.
I'm a vegetarian - If lab meat becomes good quality meat, not stuffed with chemicals and hormones, I wouldn't have a problem with eating it.
I became vegetarian due to the cruelty and unsustainability of the meat business - A visit to a slaughter house made my final decision for me.
I hope that this is very very very expensive. So they won't use that thing in our meals.
does it taste like despair?
My brother in law worked at a large, large egg farm.

His stories about the chickens (that were later sold as food) would turn you white. He refuses to eat chicken because of what he saw.

The truth is that while there are so many good farmers out there, if you knew the truth about some of the meat you ate, where it came from, how it was stored, and the rest...the testtube option would sound welcoming by comparison.

I am not a vegetarian by any means, but if there was a way to get meat without some of the vile things that go on in the livestock and slaughter business? I would be very interested.
I'm vegetarian and I wouldn't eat it. Not only because it's made with stem cells (yuck), but because I have no desire to eat anything that tastes like meat.
So they can use stem cells to make burgers but not to cure cancer, or other diseases, or even disabilities.
Most chickens are already reduced to protein piles. I don't see how being vegetarian enters into the ethics of how the meat is sourced.

This is only ethical if you're a multinational corporation trying to control a single-line food chain.
ok that is not right!!! stem cell research is taking cells from a developing baby! whether animal or human, it kills the baby, and its not right!
yeah....why not...i'll give it a no animals have been harmed and ,i believe, i would be nutritious :)
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I'm vegan. I don't eat meat for ethical, environmental and health reasons. I don't think I would eat lab made meat though I have no problem with vegan "meats" like seitan, soy. I think it would be a psychological issue for me.
I don't want dead anything in my mouth.
+Kevin Penrose I absolutely did not say or mean that. Let's read again what I wrote: "The comments here are extremely ignorant and insensitive. I guess you fear what you don't understand. The same conservative mentality which makes people yell "faggot" when they see a gay person or trick a hindu to eat meat or a jew into eating pork." This was in reference to a few comments I spotted above my post. I should have said "some of the comments here are..." because some people here have been very civil.
So yeah, you spotted the word conservative, but rest assured I meant it strictly in its inherently xenophobic and culturally intolerant context :-)
I personally am a moderate centrist if you must know, and will eat meat if I know it was raised and slaughtered in a way I believe is appropriate.
Disgusting. I'll become a vegetarian if this becomes the norm.
+Nick Hunter Your figures are out, dude. Sorry to call you out, but here's your quote:

So your average cow weighes 650kg. So the average cow consumes 650,000 kg of hay!?

You carried an extra zero over. You should have written 65,000kg.

I'm going to call it - The 100kg number is wrong. As I said in my second comment, the source isn't that clear as it gives two conflicting figures. I'd say that it's probably about half that amount.

Cattle love their hay. I reckon they get through at least 15kg of the stuff a day. If said quadruped lives just two years she's going to munch over 10,000kg of the stuff before she meets her end. If she weighs in at 650kg, as you said, and if half of her is nice juicy beef, she's eating 10,000kg of hay per 325kg of beef produced, which is 30kg of hay in for every 1kg of beef out.

Now, two years old is a really conservative figure as cattle are slaughtered at maybe the age of two and a half, so the actual ballpark figure of this beermat calculation is about 40kg of hay in per kilo of beef out.

Is there anything wrong with my math here?
So its basically beef made from stem cells OF animals, so its still not vegetarian is it?
awww yeah... vegetarians FTW though they should give it a new name
What a nonsense question is this?

"Many vegetarians avoid meat only for ethical reasons, so would they be able to eat meat grown in a laboratory?"

Of course would they be able.

They made a sound decision, based on simple facts on health, ecological footprint, the world-wide hunger disaster caused by meat-eaters, and the simple fact that humans are primates and therefore vegetarians by nature.

Facts that meat eaters are not interested in.

There is a big difference between being unable and not wanting to eat something.

Seems like meat can cause mental damages too.
+Nick Hunter By the way, I never even mentioned the ethics of slaughtering animals here, but rather questioned the sustainability of the process of farming livestock in a world of seven billion humans.

In a lot of countries there are more farmed animals than people, and farmland is being used to grow feed for those animals instead of growing crops for us. If there's a better way to make meat then maybe we should consider it.
Time for a righteous debate. I'm hungry. Burger time!
What if they used human stem cells to produce a manburger? Would meat eaters find that unethical?
same here!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I don't understand why that's gross. Finding a way for humans to get their meat-based protein without harming a living creature is a wonderful thing.
Soylent green anyone? Really, animal protein is animal protein. If you're avoiding this protein for the health benefits, then this probably wouldn't be something a vegetarian would eat.
+Oliver F. Lehmann your statement that "humans are primates and therefore vegetarians by nature" is incorrect. A number of primates, including chimpanzees and baboons are known to eat meat. Omnivores is what we are...

Perhaps you might choose not to paint everyone with such a broad brush until you have your own facts correct.

But on the actual topic... I have concerns that are less about who will eat a test tube burger and more about whether we "should"
+Oliver F. Lehmann Well, non-human primates aren't really vegetarian. They do eat a lot of bugs and insects... something I don't see too many humans doing :)

But it would be rare for them to eat mammals, birds or fish as most humans do.
Maybe I'm off base, but test tube meat is somehow kind of creepy. I am not sure what I think about it, or whether I'd become a vegetarian before eating it. Killing animals may not be nice, but...this is kind of mad scientist/post-apocolyptic in nature somehow. I guess I'm not ready to board the Enterprise and eat from a replicator yet.
Sounds gross. Why bother when there are already so many great, natural, non-emotional things to eat in the world?
Vegetarians kill living beings that plants are!, i dont kill animals!
(i eat them alive)
I am not sure about if Vegetarians would eat, but I know I wouldn't. I think we have messed up our food enough that we don't need to creat even more fake food.
I'm a vegetarian and I wouldn't eat meat from a laboratory.
No! It would be like eating GMO crap.
not interested in "test-tube" food....
I wonder if the zombie remains of a Vegan will be munching on tree's? I'd pay to see a Vegan zombie in The Walking Dead!
this s**t could lead to some serious health problems and might be the next leading form for cancer in the U.S so no Im not ready to eat any type of meat grown in a test tube
Wow so many idiots are putting their two cents in.
Obviously vegetarians who are vegetarians for reasons other than or in addition to not wanting to kill animals would have no more reason to eat this than a real cow. From the comments here it would seem that many are grossed out at the idea anyway.

But... give it some years for people to get used to it.. I bet some of the vegetarians who are only meatless to avoid killing animals will go for this. If done right it should be more efficient and thus cheaper plus better for the environment too. As an omnivore I'd go for that!

However.. there is still the issue of the animal that the first samples come from. First... I think it will be slaughtered animals. Then.. I think there will be a marketing push for 'humane' meat lines which come from animals that only had samples taken, were made to suffer as little as possible and were cared for plus lived good lives afterward. The same animal will go to the butcher shop AND the petting zoo!

Still... some will not like the fact that those animals had no choice in the matter. We can't really sit down with a cow and explain the process plus ask for consent though. So... the humane meat of the future can only be one thing..... lab grown HUMAN meat!

Bon Apetit!
Yep, Soylent Greens.

Overall rating
This sounds tasty - where can I get one!?!
I eat meat, but there is no way I'm putting lab-grown franken-meat in my mouth. Sorry, science.
As a vegetarian, I can say that I would not eat this. I think if it is made from stem cells, it is still eating a form of meat. Meat is virtually impossible for a vegetarian to digest. The result is similar to the way individuals with lactose intolerance react to milk. Yuk.
Of course I’d eat it! I love meat but I dislike the pain it brings to the animals.
Someone mentioned to me that this may solve the hunger problem....I mentioned how many persons can actually "healthily" process this within our world...
This is created specifically for the North American consumer...who's body after years of abuse by certain types of processed foods can handle this...sad....
This will become the standard. There are too many people on the earth already for it to sustain us by natural means. I hear petri dishes are microwave safe!
Don’t forget – there is no »natural« in our modern world. Absolutely nowhere. No need to point at the north americans. We’re all embedded in a culture – not in something called »nature«.
Considering we are animals, there is nothing BUT "natural" in the world.
I eat organic 90% of the time! Processed and fake food is what causes all the chronic illnesses in The States! Now that other countries are following The States on the processed food bandwagon. They are getting higher rates of chronic illnesses as well! Crap food gives you a Crap body!
I'm not vegetarian and I find 'vegetarian meats' difficult to eat. I wonder whether I'd be able to stomach this stuff.
Will it be possible to avoid this stuff?
+catherine samuels, do you understand the difference between an exception and a rule?

Primates are vegetarians is the rule. Hunting chimps (in the presence of scientists with medicine to cure their food-induced diseases) is the exception.

A lot of simple facts must be ignored to interpret hunting primates as the rule.
Besides whether or not you like the thought of it (assuming you actually think about it), once the technology is mature I imagine it being better than other means of mass producing meat in pretty much every way. More ethical, healthier (at least compared to factory farming), way more energy efficient i.e. less environmentally abusive, and possibly cheaper. Not to mention the possibility to having greater control over the range of flavours etc.
1. this is meat, made of real meat tissues, 2. it is grown almost "a plant way", no sentient life was born and killed/injured to produce it. So I think this can be a salvation for those, who choose to be vegetarians for ethical reasons.
I am an omnivore that would eat this and happily be a vegetarian if it works out. Sure, it's not a vegetable, but my concern with meat is the ethical grey area that it represents (to me). It's scary, don't get me wrong. But to be able to get the protein and taste of meat without having to injure or kill anything... my only reservation would come if it does not become cheap or if it has other significant ecological consequences.
Very interesting, especially to a food-catering-party planning person like me, that's for sure.
Clint H
Thats some scary shit. Not that I think killing millions of animals if right but think of what they do now to animals to get them to grow faster, leaner, bigger. Now imagine what they will do when they can add X to Y and make this lab meat do its thing 10x fast. Faster is $$$$ so while this may be a step forward for a less violent world I am more concerned with humans being humans and screwing everyone else in the world for some green. Sorry for the rant.
Yeah, this is definitely a step forward. (:
I'd quite happily eat it if it tastes and feels like meat. I don't understand why there is so much worry and dislike against GM....
Eating something grown in a lab, not if I can help it, they can not get medicines to a point on no side effects, I can not think MEAT grown in a lab will be safe, regardless of the precautions.
Go vegan. It's better for your health too.
For those Vegetarians and Vegans who treat it like some sort of religious experience, then that is a good question. For those who do it for the health benefits, I would venture to say they wouldn't go for this meat either.
Only thing that matters is - "How does it taste?"
Is it McDonalds quality or does it taste like beef?
If it becomes impossible to determine the difference scientifically between synthetic and animal meat why should they be labeled differently?

Until then I want them labeled too.

I expect hold outs just like with diamonds.
"Shining" or "Paranormal Activity" are kids movies compared with this creepy piece of news. Stop this nonsense before it's too late.
i want a burger lol anyone deliver 2 boston?
I might try it but I wouldn't want to know beforehand. It's rather they told me after I'd finished it.
Sure. I would eat it. Why not?
as a vegetarian,I wouldn't!!! their GMO is also lab-made. NO thank you
We don't have a cure for cancer but we can grow a burger in a lab. I'm glad we've got our priorities right as a species. <sigh>
+Oliver F. Lehmann In case you hadn't noticed humans aren't quite your average primate.

Judging us by the actions of other primates is rather silly.

Yet if you must please remember the Chimpanzee is our closest cousin. Don't ignore it's evidence just because it doesn't suit your argument.
Meat is meat no matter where it comes from i love meat and will eat these too. But i am a modern person and i don't want to know where it comes from as long as it tastes good.
Would that make eating test tube babies legal? Come on now...
they are tricking your brains if the food could be called meat TASTE. That means a lot of chemicals that could maybe harm us. I am not vegetarian but i would never eat that. Think twice.
When they come out with meat made from vegetarians, I'm in.
The chinese have already grown a steak from human feces.. apparently tastes just like the real thing.. does that mean you should eat it? You can, i probably wont..
This is a ridiculous idea, probably an idea of the meat corporations!
I am a vegetarian. I see no problems with eating lab-grown meat (as long as it is at least as safe to eat as regular meat). I think that if this product was shown to be safe and nutritious to eat, and relatively inexpensive to make, then a product like this could be revolutionary. I have no problems with people who eat meat and I have no problems with the taste. I might try this out because from an ethical and environmental perspective this seems to jibe with my personal ethic.
My closest cousin lives 200 mile away.shes not a chimpanzee
There is no possible way this is not going to cause the apocalypse.
even before I wasn't a vegetarian I wouldn't have wanted one either! I didn't like burgers before, and even less a labmade one eww! I see +Kevin Lucas point, where are our priorities?! ..what's the purpose of this burger just food consumption or is this for world hunger?!
+Christian Watts "Vegitarians are dumb enough to buy any line of Liberal BS as long as it "feels good" to thier mindless selves.... for them 2+2 feels pink" (quoted from comment above)

Can someone please explain why some people feel the need to be hostile to vegetarians? I don't really understand it.

Nobody ever made hostile comments to me about refusing to eat celery, but somehow refusing to eat animals attracts criticism.
+Russell Brown, I have no idea what you mean with "average primate".

"Primates" is a description of an order in zoology, and we are among them, like chimps and many others.

I recommend to study a good book on them and their nutrition.

I respect any evidence, that has not been tainted by human interference. There is no evidence that chimps were hunting before scientists came and changed the rules of natural selection for them by giving them medication when they caught diseases from "prey".

There is good evidence that this interference has happened. I refer to the documentary "Hunting with Chimps" by Zoologist Charlotte Uhlenbroek, BBC, 2000.

Primates do not have the biological setup for a predatory life. I further recommend reading Charles Darwin on the mechanics of natural selection.

May I further recommend to get up to sound scientific standards and reserve the term "evidence" only to copper bottom scientific work?
I think Ill just let other chew on them for a few years and see what the side effects are.
Doesn't the meat grow from or with stem cells? Which is or was part of a cow? It is an interesting question though, no breathing animal is harmed.

Like the vegetarians and vegans needed another dimension to consider... what will we call those that don't eat any meat, but will consume lab-burgers?
I am a vegetarian and I can't eat this new product. My body doesn't tolerate animal proteins in this form so I'll stick to dairy. Animal protein intolerance isn't that uncommon, actually.
+Christian Watts, may I recommend that when you insult people, you do these with proper spelling?

People who insult others look dumb anyway. One shouldn't enforce that impression with poor language skills.
hmmm i don't know, im a vegetarian.... prob not?
Vegetarians are stupid, animals die every with it!
+Christian Watts Still don't get it :(

Firstly, the sweeping generalisations. All vegetarians are militant about pushing this? Maybe the ones that you've met are, but the world is an awfully big place. You might as well make sweeping generalisations about black people - because they all listen to hiphop and live in the ghetto, right? Generalisations like that just don't make sense.

There's a lot of vegetarians in the world who live that way for very different reasons. Here in Hong Kong, it's mainly a religious thing. In other places it could be for other reasons. I'm not sure why you're lumping them all together.

Secondly, why is refusing to eat meat a mental disorder, as you so eloquently put it? Does everyone need to eat the same diet as you to be considered normal? Most people refuse to eat insects too, even though we are perfectly capable of digesting them and they're quite nutritional. It's just people choosing not to eat what you choose to eat. What's the big deal?
To me, if one satisfy with veg, if he relish it then what's problem? If they are not they should eat non veg. there is no suitable bridge between them, it is my personal opinion.
that looks nice i mite have one of does for my tea 2moro man
I am a vegetarian that hates the taste of meat.
+Oliver F. Lehmann You claim humans are vegetarian by nature, and then suggest I read Charles Darwin's works?!

Humans have evolved teeth for ripping and chewing, and have a digestive system more than capable of digesting meat.

We are a product of our own evolution. I respect your choice to be a vegetarian, its a perfectly healthy life choice but eating meat is in our DNA, and as perfectly natural for humans as speech, walking on two feet and having opposable thumbs.
I'm a vegetarian, and I'd consider eating this product. I agree with some of the other comments, though, if it's ridiculously unsound from an environmental perspective, I'd stay away from it.
These days, I'm almost scared to eat anything. Animals being fed crap. Soil being full of crap. Meat and Veg are both targets here. Not sure which is the lesser of the evils..

Given nobody makes it out of this alive, enjoy yourself, eat what you want and don't forget to laugh.
Will this move work towards addressing work hunger? That's the lingering question.
No, I wouldn't eat it if I knew that's what I was being served.
If the steak is not bleeding then its not a steak, or cooked to much. I'd try it, but I doubt it will ever replace tender juicy red deliciousness.
+Christian Watts, very impressive. You must be a strong and intelligent man.

I guess you carry your weapons open, so that anyone can see how bright you are.
not "could", the question is "would?" it is still meat derived so, no, I would not, it's not an ethical dilemma, I just don't see the need to eat animals, they're my friends
I'm not a vegetarian and I wouldn't eat it. I want nothing grown in a lab or is cloned.
give me a traditional old fashioned test tube steak rather than burger....second thoughts gross!
+Christian Watts I don't think the whole world is neatly divided into Liberals and Conservatives... maybe just the US

In Hong Kong we don't even use terms like liberal - certainly not in the sense that you do. We do still have vegetarians, but I don't think that automatically makes them Liberals in your sense of the word, as here they are generally the more religious and [longshot] possibly therefore more conservative members of society.
+Christian Watts, holding the red lantern at the back-end of the food chain, you get accumulated concentrations of chemistry, antibiotics and hormones.

I guess, the latter ones explain your manners. They can change male behavior dramatically.
I wouldn't eat it. Vegetarian according to me is someone who eats a vegetable (plant) source of food. Since this does not grown on plants, it is not acceptable to me. When you have so many wonderful plant foods, I wouldn't be trying mock foods.
+Paul Johnson I do try to opt out of these subsidized crops. Remember, type 2 corn is the one that is subsidized. That's basically cow feed and HFCS. Regular sweet corn, for now, doesn't receive these subsidies. But I'm sure you aren't just trolling and actually are interested in food politics.
Besides, the article states "These strips will be mixed with blood and artificially grown fat to produce a hamburger by the autumn." So the burger is not ethically vegetarian.
Has anyone asked if a vegetarian COULD eat it? Not if they WOULD.... I thought after omitting meat from your diet for such a long period of time, you have to actually "wean" yourself back onto meat. Someone correct me if I'm wrong, but I have heard this from friends of mine who have told me "they couldnt eat meat even if they wanted to".
I heard the headline of this story on 1010WINS the other day and, as a vegetarian, I was mortified and disgusted to the point that I had to change the station before the whole story came on..I have a feeling that all vegetarians out there feel the same way and would never consider eating this test tube concoction. My question was- why or how would meat-eaters want to consume test tube meat when they could just have the real thing?
Has anyone read Arthur C. Clarke's Food of the Gods? :-)
+Anthony Kelly, "Liberals" is rather meant as an insult, not as a political direction.

Most parts of the world would rather use "illiberal" as an insult, but there are exceptions: Cuba, North Korea, Iran, The Chinese Communist party and some Americans (hi +Christian Watts) consider freedom as a threat.

People generally turn to insults when they run out of facts.
+Oliver F. Lehmann is that seriously your argument? Funny indeed.

I never said humans were carnivore (or feline for that matter). Using your logic you'd expect human teeth to look like those of a horse or cow if we're naturally herbivores: perhaps you have a handy comparison photo I can look at?

Humans are omnivores by nature. That's why we have evolved to abilities/skills to both rip/chew/digest meat and tear/chomp/digest veg.

I really do suggest you refresh yourself on Darwin.... or even high school biology if you consider that picture as a serious evidence for humans being naturally vegetarian.
Technically if they're just vegetarian ya they could but i'm sure a fair amount of vegetarians would also have a problem with artificial life. But the beef wouldn't have ever been alive in this case so who knows. Interesting topic!
Omnivore here, Will give this a try if it would save me $$ on my grocery bill. But, i don't see this as being a cheap alternative to a regular Hamburger, not when Lab grown of any kind is expensive by the time it hit the local market. Just my opinion...
+Oliver F. Lehmann The big cat uses it's teeth for the actual act of killing and tearing carcasses apart. Humans use weapons to kill their prey and cut them up, so don't need big nasty teeth. The baboon on the other hand...

Also, you might want to think about the whole pot calling the kettle black thing in regards to covering a lack of argument with insults. Your not hiding your insults nearly as cleverly as you would like to think and just come across as a pretentious A-hole.
+Russell Brown, a horse or a cow chews grass. That's different again. Why should we have their teeth?

The problem is when people try to get prove for their expectations instead of simply observing facts.

Humans are first of all primates. That's the only certain copper-based statement that you can make.

But if you like: Just give me the reference in Darwin's books where he explained that and why humans are "omnivores", whatever that means.

What I know are the references where he explained that humans and gorillas (vegetarians) are closely related, while the relation of both with dogs (carnivores) is far more distant.

If you think that old Charles was on error with that, I hope you have good evidence to contradict him.
If it tastes nice who cares how they grow it in test tubes or barns humans the most omnivourus of species will eat it.
+Jonathan Freedman So you're saying the paramount thing is taste and taste alone? Ethics, environment, sustainability don't come into it? Should everyone eat endangered species just cos they taste nice ?
This is not new, what do you think McDonalds has been using for years....
Not only no, but Oh HELL NO! Eating test tube food, whether meat or other processed crap serves no nutritive purpose. There are so many natural, cheap, complete proteins available out there, why are we wasting time and money on this research when we could be putting that energy into something more positive and productive?
+Paul Rockwell, I am answering to insults above, if you simply check. Confronted with true a-holes, yes, I can be one too.

I prefer to talk facts, but facts are pearls...

Talking about facts: Baboons are primates, and they are vegetarians, which is the rule for primates in general. No idea what point you want to make.

Humans are primates too, and I do not understand why this simple biological fact gets disregarded so much.
I think it's mean to rip a plant from the ground, and kill an animal... We need to survive, so if you choose to have meat with your veg, or just veg, that's YOUR choice. We have been consuming meat as far back as rock carvings provide. I love how some are so determined to shove their ideology down everyone elses throats. Can anyone tell me when the works of Darwin was considered fact? I'm still trying to figure that out.
In a related development, a group of Scientists have discovered how to make burgers out of excreta (also known as: POOP BURGER). And yes, for human consumption. Those who have tried it confirm it tastes extremely good. 
It's funny that so many meat-eaters here are saying they won't eat this...then they happily eat KFC or some other heavily crap-ridden burger! Seriously, if you only eat organic free-range meat then fair enough (I salute you), but for the vast majority of meat eaters who really don't give a hoot about provenance or artificial/chemical additives , saying 'Yeeeuw!' to this lab-grown meat is simply hypocritical!
For the sake of trying it and not being close-minded over it I'd at least try it and see what the big deal is all about.
Talking about Stem Cells.
Combine a stem cell each from the Seed of the Avocado,Flowerette and stem of Broccoli have a Cure for ...
Breast, Lung ,Colon and other Cancers.

A Cure for Cancer
Interesting dilemma ... I just don't like the taste of meat which is why I am a vegetarian. If it still tasted the same (or was close to the taste) I still wouldn't eat it.
I have absolutely no need, and definitely no desire to eat meat.
I don't think I'd eat that even if I wasn't a vegetarian. Personally, I'm not a supporter of stem cell use.
+Oliver F. Lehmann

"Baboons are terrestrial (ground dwelling) and are found in open savannah, open woodland and hills across Africa. Their diet is omnivorous, but mostly herbivorous; yet they eat insects and occasionally prey on fish, shellfish, hares, birds, vervet monkeys, and small antelopes.[6] They are foragers and are active at irregular times throughout the day and night. They can raid human dwellings and in South Africa they have been known to prey on sheep and goats."

You might want to check your 'facts' before you go spouting them. Mostly herbivorous in not vegetarian. Throw a steak in front of a hungry Baboon and it's not going to think twice about using those crazy teeth to mow down on it. Humans are the only primates with ethics, who actually make choices about what to eat based on them. The reason most primates are mostly herbivorous probably has a lot more to do with availability of food than any feeling of ickyness they get when they think about eating meat. But if it makes you feel better to go on thinking all the other primates are brothers in arms with you in your vegetarianism, power to you.

THat is just nasty i dont trust that with all them chemicals in stuff oh know you not touchin my stuff if youve nbeen dealin wit chemcals
+Paul Rockwell, that's exactly my point:

"Throw a steak in front of a hungry Baboon and it's not going to think twice about using those crazy teeth to mow down on it. "

Remove the normal mechanics of natural selection, and you can make a vegetarian primate a meat eater and anything else. Even a chimp. Or a human.

Poor old Darwin. He did a great job to help people understand, but they ignore him.
yum I am hungry right now but I am having chicken yummmmm
Yeah why would you eat test tube meat when there is perfectly good genetically created veggies in every store you go to... The FDA considers created vegetables as Organic and Vegitarians and Vegans eat it everyday without even knowing. The only good vegetables are grown on your own land from archival seeds.
"I'll have the Test Tube Combo with a Coke and large fries."
can u be my friend ,send answer before 6:30=)
Growing stuff is living stuff; If you're growing beef, you have created cattle light. no bones, hide, and they're easy to find.
Now lets make some test tube endangered meats to eat.
+Oliver F. Lehmann you're wrong, I can make plenty of copper-based statements (well at least I think I can, can't say I'm too familiar with that expression):

1) Humans aren't gorillas. We're closely related because we share a common ancestor fairly recently in evolutionary terms. Yet if we'd evolved in the same way as them since that point we'd be gorillas not humans. We have evolved differently to gorillas as our increased intelligence, bipedal walking style, and (comparative) lack of hair testify. To judge what is natural for humans by what is natural for gorillas (or any other primates) is inaccurate at best.

2) Humans have been eating meat throughout human history: Sod what the gorillas and other primates do, our own actions are a better indication of what is natural for humans. Humans have the capacity, and overwhelmingly - both throughout history and around the world today - the predilection to eat a diet of both meat and vegetables (i.e. an omnivorous diet). Even the 'caveman' hunted animals for food!

Additionally there's also a strong argument to suggest that our change in diet compared to other primates (few of which are exclusively vegetarian anyway) was one of the key drivers in our recent evolutionary development (increased increased intelligence, civilisation, etc).

But I'm obviously not going to change your mind.: There is nothing wrong with being vegetarian and there's certainly a good argument that it's healthier for you as well as being more eco friendly. So good luck to you.

However I don't know why you feel the need too additionally claim it as natural (and as such heavily imply eating meat is unnatural). To me that is foolish and logically absurd ....but if you do have success in converting people to vegetarianism with such a naive argument then I'm not overly concerned. There are far worse life choices people can make.
From stem cells...knowing how those are harvested....that's thoroughly disturbing!
Oh yeah, "test tube burgers" sound so great! NOT! That's weird! Who the heck thought of this dumb idea? Vegetarian means NO MEAT. Vegetarians would get sick from eating this I think... :0
Poultry and fish are meat... Meat is defined as the flesh of a living creature.

"I want a place where a bunch of people sit around a fire stuffing themselves with fresh cooked meat and if one of them dies, throw them on the fire... More meat for the meat eaters!" - Dennis Leary
"If you don't eat your test tube meat, your can't have any genetically modified pudding. How can you have your genetically modified pudding if you don't eat your test tube meat?" (Apologies to Pink Floyd fans)
Oh and stem cells can be taken from a living host, researchers are right now developing ways to hesl people using there own stem cells. Don't believe the hype the propagandists feed you... Stem cells do not have to come from a fetus.
poultry and fish are meat
+Chris Read I am not a Pink Floyd fan (Ruined by lazy good for nothing friends that thought it was the only thing you could listen to... All the time) but I thought that comment was funny as hell and well worth it. Cheers!
Jimmy S
With more people eating meat, its got to be the future.Can,t cut all the trees down to grow cows: Still sounds nasty:)
most people become vegetarieans because they feel the need to keep animals alive. Wether if its made in a laboratory or not, its still killing an animal to eat it
Lille S
GROSS!!!! That is discusting who would buy it? I'm a vegiterian!
if you can eat a slimy veggyburger you can eat anything
I'm vegan and I'll refuse to eat any of such disgusting things.
Burgers rarely have carrots, so I never touch them.
If everyone became a vegitarian the world would quickly be over run by cows, pigs and chickens. The amount of vegitarion would decrease drastically, oxygen levels would plummet and methane gas would destroy our atmosphere in a decade or two. We meat eaters are doing you a favor.
Tony Ng
I'm not really vegetarian, but I seldom eat meat. Burger still a BURGER. There are so many other choices of Green food to take.
I'm a level 5 vegan and that looks exquisite. I guarantee that all my vegetarian friends will be thrilled to finally have a meat substitute that's actually meat (well sort of). We also like to eat test tube babies, since they're not really meat :) New York steak please...
The only true omnivores (= everything-eaters) in the world are Americans. A majority of Americans (there are exceptions, of course).

You can give them any shit you like, and they will digest it (sorry, my friends).

They eat that including all the chemistry, including antibiotics, brominated flame retardents, hormones and so on.

Maybe, some Chinese are similar.

Americans state that they are "at the top of a food chain", feel there like paper-crowned burger kings, and don't understand that they are rather at the lose end of the chain, the place where all this scrappy chemistry accumulates.

And they will even tell people that they have ripping teeth.

In Europe, we have mirrors, that prevent us from such self.deception.
Not me I am an AMERICAN and I don`t eat everything
This will be the cause of the zombie apocalypse.
I am not a vegetarian, just for the fact we have carnivorous teeth for a reason, but I am sure going to be a genetically modified-tarian that is disgusting.
That is pretty disgusting it is like eating mystery meat... because it IS.
Rather not live at all then to be slaughtered inhumanely
Lily A
I'm trying to be a vegetarian, but i just can't give up McDonald's Big Macs!!!
hard 2 believe what this world is coming to.
@.@ <------- horrified! Meat 'grown' in a lab
Haters will always hate.....I'm vegetarian and I would eat it....No animals died for it....lot more grain for the people of the world....lot more fresh water for the people of the world...enough said.
Jess B
still having to get stem cells from cows...getting them HUMANELY from them would be a possibilty. Now if only they could do that with milk
I eat meat, but I'd rather eat veg than this lab stuff.
I'm sure they'll be no side effects from this. I'll stick to grass fed, not test tube beef.
that disgusting i dont want a hamburger that was grown in a lab
Well since leather jackets didn't go down in price when we had to kill 1000's of cattle - I don't expect any common sense on this matter, either. Someone will eff this up.
Really meat grown in a lab, that sounds horrifing and i am Vegan. That still is "raising" meat for consumption.
we should use this technology to help starving nations and feed hungry 3rd world countries ! :) or use it for space missions to feed astronauts ! :)
It is not a good idea, why not just stick to research in the areas where it could really help; like curing stupidity!
Why am I getting this in my feed?
I was wondering the same thing Joe but I am new to using google+ so wasnt sure if this was normal or not!! =/
I am Vegan and would never touch it..Gross!
Pussy @VeganLotus! Then your whole testament to Veganism is a farce! Test tube Beef FTW!
Rationally ethical vegetarians can, but may not due to taste reasons. Irrational vegetarians (yes, they do exist) will not.
no way I'm eating that :S
Forget the burger, I will hold out for tenderloin!
A pate de foie gras flavored for me please.
why cant they, i mean its not like the burger is from actual animal meat.
+Cheshire Kat, you're almost spot-on. However, one of the biggest problems with cattle-raising is the environmental impact. We're running out of arable and ranchable land. We either need to get world population levels under control or come up with some creative solutions.
Humans are always against the Nature. It doesn't stop until we loose control on everything.
Food should be made with the combination of natural ingredients, and not with the combination of hcl or h2so4 or zn and stuff.
What does it taste like? It tastes like despair
Perhaps, but vegans won't. They seem a bit too... Extreme to even give it a try, to say the least.
Feeling nameless sick. Maybe it tastes like paper. No juice, no... Under this circumstance we maybe to accept the food which made from these scientist. After all that's a new way to ease the press of decreasing resource .
+Angel Feet As a new vegan, I've discovered meat is repulsive. I started for health suspicions and enjoyed the moral/ethical arguments, but when it comes to it, meat and dairy have just become disgusting to me. I gag on the smell of meat and cheese. So, it's not that we'd be ethically/morally opposed to it so much as we just wouldn't want to eat it. I'm not opposed to you eating it, though. In fact, I'd prefer it.
Yeah I'm not a vegetarian and I wouldn't eat that, I want my beef from an actual living breathing bovine. 
I'm pescatarian and I wouldn't touch that!!! Beef, poultry, and ESPECIALLY pork repulse me HIGHLY!! 
Get with the program people. With the rate the population is rising, it will be either this or soylent green
Don't worry it's 100% cancer free once they hit it with some radiation
Jay Tee
.......That'd be the end of burger dining.
I wont be able to eat another burger. Better enjoy it for now while I can.
I feel like many people reject the idea of in-vitro meat because they don't really understand it. It is the same as "real" meat but it doesn't require killing innocent animals :) this video explains it well Meat The Future
possible to abuse this. just like fast food and pop. slight mod to enzymes to make it more tasty but also addictive. just like high fructose corn syrup and sodium nitrate. both are cheap and used to make tasty and preserve but by product is you remain hungry. like the no cruelty to animals part but if you go kosher you get that too.
I think they are NOT eating it.

In 15 years we will see this being said likely to cause cancer.
Yes 421 .... this is going to be on the four basic food groups... but seriously? Ok, now I don't want to hear any bitching about world hunger!
avoiding meat for ethical reasons is silly. you don't think animals are harmed growing fruit and veg? one word....pesticide.
Nathan Daniels: Red meat already causes cancers, and a whole host of degenerative diseases. Xeno-autoantibodies from mammals degenerate our healthy cells. Fish and fowl do not, however.
+Nick Hunter Hi. Your posts threw me into some arithmetic. Thus it went -
> Cow's weight - 700Kg
> Wt of edible meat - 250Kg
> Total Consumption of hay - 25000Kg for 15Yrs
So, average consumption per day = 4.7Kg
.... sounds reasonable isn't it? +Anthony Kelly agreeing?
The likelihood is that this will be like organic food, everyone will be selling it and will cost more than it normally costs and there will always be doubt about what they are eating really is organic or in this case from a test tube
some might but i have a feeling that they might consider the entire process of creating meat in a lab in the first place to be unethical but as i am not a vegetarian i would not know this is an intresting dilema you have shared
No i wouldn't eat a test tub cow
Yea franken-freak burgers. No thanks. I would rather go with something that is proven safe to eat over the millennia. Nice real grass-fed beef. This GMO stuff is scary. Nobody has really tested its effect long term on humans.
It's not gmo, its natural bovine cells that have not been changed. Big misconception
Surely.. In fact I would prefer lab meet.. Its also more green.
I guess they would not eat as they will psychologically perceive it as red meat
The stem cells are from an organ of living being.development of any product cannot in anyway become a food for the vegetarians.
Is it the way to show respect for ethical groups even they don't eat meat but using human-made one to instead?
i'd eat it if there is nothing to eat in this world.......
I'd eat people first.
i know that i would not not but they could
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