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Your calls, emails and texts could soon be monitored by the government under new laws. Is this an acceptable move to protect the UK public against crime and terrorism, as the Home Office suggests. Or do you agree with Big Brother Watch campaign group which calls the move "an absolute attack on privacy online"?
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Honestly?..... I believe they are already doing it at CGHQ!
How could they possibly be able to monitor every email sent everyday in the UK? If these new measures are implemented they must need some kind of warrant to say they have a reason to search your emails. Although in reality they probably already do it and have been doing so for a long time.
April 1st, Fools Day? But the picture is hilarious!!!
I can't tell if this is supposed to be some sick kind of April Fool's joke or not...
Everyone has something to hide. Some people want to hide their Star Trek habit from their macho co-workers. huge numbers of people don't want their pornography habits exposed to public scrutiny. But the vast majority of the things that people do online are both somewhat secretive (secret love of fanfiction) and utterly legal.

More to the point, people who knowingly engage in illegal activities online are very often fluent in those security measures required to get around surveillance.

So for the sake of catching a few amateur criminals, total internet surveillance is utter overkill, and damaging an awful lot of people for the sake of preventing an incredibly small amount of actual crime.
It's a sad state of affairs that it's impossible to tell whether this is a joke or not.
The Beeb already did their April Fool's article. It was one that said 'News simply isn't news' or something similar.
Do you know what today is....
it wouldn't be every single mail read, obviously, but something similar to what happens when you get through customs at the airport.. ie, mostly intelligence led, and a few random hits thrown in for good measure
The same story was in the Guardian, so I doubt it's an April Fool.

+Nathan Edwards If you actually read the story, you'd see they don't want to monitor every single email; they want to be able to request a warrant to monitor emails and internet activity of individuals, just like they can currently request a warrant to tap people's phones if they have good enough suspicion of them being naughty criminals.
If this is an April Fools' joke, it isn't a very good one.
Of course this is not a fair 'state of affairs'/ Just let the, try it though. `if they thought the poll tax was bad they haven't seen anything like what would happen if this went through. We must not allow this to happen, or what was all that bloody strife over the centuries for!!!

UK is a big enough Police State as it is without this and the BBC should be doing a lot more to expose what's happening n this county. Were now up to nearly 6 million CCTV cameras. More than Europe and the US combined
Pi li P
I'm scared and disappointed !!! #bigbrotheriswatchingyou
A part of me says, if you're not a bad person, what've you got to hide? I've got nothing to hide, so...
Goverments are Terrorist organizations.Stop these acts before they go to far.
John Woo
In China we have long been adapted to it.You guys should be grateful that you still have rights to protest,but in China the only thing we are able to do is keep silent.Maybe someday in the future you will be mysteriously disappeared just due to the words you posted on the Internet.
not every email, but filtered for keywords, phrases, context searches and patterns of choice. already in the pipe. old news.
Under any circumstances , the government shall not do that
I do hope this is an April Fool's day joke...
You think our email is not regularly skimmed for key words? Our government had that capability years ago.
Austrian government started doing this today...
and who will monitor the ones who will monitor...what this will lead to?
NO I DO NOT WANT TO BE MONITERED! theres a little something I like to call PRIVACY!
I took one look a this and saw April Fool's day. It was originally posted at 1am this morning
What freedoms? What's next rewrite the Constitution? I don't want to be spied on. But what about traffic cameras? Who are watching them, and why are they there? So many questions.
nowhere near enough ppl realise this is an April Fools...
You should probably take this down before the government finds it and you disappear in the night.
Big Brother needs to stay out of our live's, try taking care of the government's problems first!
+Neven Salom It's got nothing to do with whether or not you have anything to hide. It's about the gradual decline of our civil liberties and personal freedom. Each small step takes us one step closer to what +John Woo rightly refers to. That's how these laws are passed - people ignorantly look no further than the end of their noses and don't look at the bigger picture, i.e. where it will lead next. You might not care about your emails and web traffic being monitored, but when your movements are being tracked and your right to protest vanishes further down the line don't look to blame anyone else.
Yep, the joke is, they already do!

Also your computers are transparent, governments have always been the same...
I'm right in thinking they need a warrant to do this? If that is the case then it's justified in my eyes. I also don't believe for one moment that this isn't already happening at some government department somewhere.
Yes it is April Fool's Day ,but this is no joke . We are being watched ,spied on and before to long we will probably be told what we are to do or not to do .
+Ben Norris
Yeah, I agree (partially, anyway), and I understand. I was going to say, it's not like you can't protest or won't be able to in the future, or else we'd rebel, but it's happening across the world, including UK and US right now anyway, so... You're right.
Must say i agree with Abe. They could exploit the public privacy in a bad way, n good can come out of someone/some-company knowing your every move. The next thing you know SA will try and adopt this *****
they already do this regardless. and the will do wtf they want. the only way we can thwart their plans is to encrypt everything we do.
I read somewhere that they've already done this since some years ago.
if this happens in Canada i'm gonna be pissed, unless they do what Abe said.still, that would be a little restricting, and would make people watch what they say, so terrorists would likely find another way of communicating, don't you think?
ng Bin
woah, the violation of the Bill of Rights
fuck the government......fuck david cameron..........Read that Assholes(The Government)
Frankly, if it could stop terrorism, I don't see much of an issue. It's not as if the government cares that Mark fancies Lucy or that Andy said something at a party.
this is news (you probably think ya got rights too( suckers)
+John Woo your rights are not respected because the Chinese public has kept silent. Nobody has ever suggested that fighting for citizens' rights is an easy process. It has taken courage and a lot of spilled blood in both Europe and North America, although big gov't is now attempting to encroach on those hard-won rights. Citizens' silence is the cause of lost rights throughout history.
To be honest I thought it was already like that today!
This is so they can monitor the imminent revolution which was sparked off by the people getting fed up with big brother monitoring.
WAH......... KYUA SPEED HAI,,,,,,,,,,,,,
It's a complete invasion of privacy, but sometimes it's a necessary one; just like phone tapping. And this would be used in exactly the same way.
If you didnt know almost all social networking and tele con companies have changed their tos and priv policy to monitor our every move...just read Google new terms of service etc...
do not make it like our chinese. T.T
not in UK ,in other countries also they are doing same things,
If you think any government doesn't monitor the web then you live under a rock. Now, this isn't to say there aren't ways to hide stuff on the web from being read.
Come on guys...goverment is watching emails and other stuff from 10 years ago!!
Seems that we should start using PGP (an way to encrypt emails such that even governments can't read them) on a large scale...
They can monitor my calls my emails my Facebook posts and all they want! I have nothing to hide.
What may seem innocent to you could be misconstrued as subversive and dangerous by others. Be careful how much freedom you cede to any government.
It is an absolute attack on our privacy. How can they think this is acceptable?
We already have this in the US already. If you think that any information is private anymore you're sadly mistaken.
I have enough tools to make my transmission encrypted. It will just hit on normal peeps. Criminals will stay out of reach usually. Clearly I may say retarded idea or just fools day. Lol
All those kicking off about this story, check the date. The amount of data they're talking about is insurmountable, even with regular expressions. (am a software developer who works with massive amounts of data on a daily basis)
Whether or not this is a joke in the uk, the us has been doing this for over a decade. Not specifically with every single email, but with web crawlers.
LoL. It may be an April Fool's joke in the UK, but here in the U.S. it's all but reality. Govt. is already doing it, and now they're going to try and push modified SOPA & PIPA bills through to the President. The Democratic Controlled Senate and Republican Controlled House both LIKE the bill so yeah. You guys in the UK are actually lucky when you consider it. May be a joke for you guys, it's reality for us.
George Orwell : 1984 is coming be reality
There arent enough civil servants in the empire to monitor every email in the UK not even all the muslims emails could be monitored it will be web crawlers looking for keywords.
agreed,even for non Muslims in america we merely have the illusion of freedom
People have a right to privacy but sometimes emails should be monitered
The problem here is that if you have something to hide, you will just encrypt your data. That then just leaves the innocent public being spied on by govenment agencies.
This is too much, it's very creepy. I'm sure that they do it already anyway though.
Like this is something new...the governments of many nations have been reading ordinary citizens emails for over a decade. What a non-story!
Monitor Rupert Murdoch's owned businesses, and the PM's office. There's a place to start
this is a joke supposed to be a democracy and they want to monitor everything in the name of anti-terrorism i wouldn't be surprised if they brought in new laws to monitor VoIP Calls next
Absolument! This kind of nonsense has been going on for years. I think that there was a lawsuit against AT&T about this around 8 years ago for all the data it mined for the government.
A law in this case just means they can publicly spend your tax dollars doing what they've been doing in secret until now. Your freedoms are already gone, you just don't know it yet.
More people start spending more time on the internet than they do in the real world. This is where we find new friends and new life for some of us. The internet is a whole new world. Now we have cybercrimes which is at times hard to detect. Unfortunately the innocent are always caught up in this senseless activities.
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For one, prob an April fool. And two, what kind if idiot really thinks that ANYTHING done via the internet is 100% private now? Got a secret to hide? Keep in to your self, don't email/text/call someone about it. Der!
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That is just invading our privacy
+Samuel Baker What is privacy again seem to have forgotten. This is not a new thing at all. we are just finally getting to the point where it's all coming out of the closet ..
Well coming from 9/11 nation, it could have a good intent, or it could just be a double-edged sword.
To those who think that's it's acceptable to check emails and internet usage, and phone calls (and entry without a warrant, and unlimited detention, and stop and search) if it's related to terrorism, ask yourself who judges that. Is it you, or me? No! Who decides what's potential terrorism or what's just "preventative" data collection.

I'd like to be able to leave my house in complete privacy - but I can't - CCTV prevents that. I'd like to be able to travel the country in complete privacy - but I can't - toll roads, traffic cameras and ANPR does away with that. I'd like to correspond with my friends, relatives and colleagues without fear of being listened in on - but I can't. You might not find it physically intrusive now, but It's a slippery slope and it won't lead anywhere good.

Putting it another way. The total amount of people in the UK killed by acts of terrorism in the last decade is around 50, out of a population of around 65,000,000 - that's about 0.0000008% of the population. In power, I'd wager that sacrificing 50 people each year to protect the civil liberties and freedom of the other 64,999,950 people I was supposed to be representing was a pretty fair deal. We live in a horrible world - but terrorism wins when you destroy the very freedom you claim to be fighting to protect.
I agree with you 100% Sam, this is invation of of privacy.
No jobs, no benefits, Increase tax in fags, alcohol n fuel...n now invading in our personal life. Its 'Ventriloquism' rather than 'Democracy' where they manipulate puppets....
Mik M
They will then sell this they did with NHS data and DVLA the commercial companies....this is profiteering at gov level......all under disguise of anti terror security. Get them outta power now!
Don't their completely expected attack on public welfare.
It will be naive to believe that Govts are not doing it or they doesn't have the capacity to do. The real question is how will you prevent the misuse of it? The best way out is, the information gathered by such dubious means should not be accepted as evidence in the court of law.
Don't put anything on your computer that you wouldn't want your children, spouse or the "Government" to see.
i hope the intention is this only and cannot be twisted, back to the dark age i guest?
If you use internet, you already lost your privacy...

rubbish, that shouldn't be happening
UK citizens need to write to their MP and start kicking up a fuss rather than moaning about this abysmal legislation
A bit shocked about this. Is it really necessary? Will it be successful?
Who is going to control the government staff in charge of this? Will day be under huge scrutiny and by who?
Those were the times of liberty...sad.
Yeah! We are so proud that Chinese government did the same thing long long long ... time ago. Sorry, people, you have such a low efficient government! Consider to live in China? LOL.
you brits are on security cams everywhere you go so why does this surprise you? 
If someone wants to hear me ramble on about how the Dreamcast was a massively underrated console or how its a crime against television that Firefly got cancelled then crack on, I have nothing to hide..
I see a lot of people putting that it's "not every e-mail" as if that is what will make it ok. Don't any of you know that is how it starts. Don't let them get the "foot" in the door. It seems that ALL nations are taking measures to get closer to what China has. Do we all want to be like China? I don't. I want freedom and capitalism. I want to be able to tell an intruder to "Get Off My Land". I want to be able to defend myself and my family from enemies that are foreign and DOMESTIC. (including the government!) If we all keep allowing the government to go this path. (ANY GOVERNMENT) We will all become China before long. Remember that what happens around the world in other governments eventually will find itself in yours. I am in the US, but hearing this happening in the UK is scary because if it does, the US is sure to follow. Not that both governments aren't already monitoring us illegally. Just that they are getting bold enough to come out in the open with it.
Chan Li
Why is every country learning from China ? F***
If terrorists want to kill someone they can use a carrier pigeon for that matter. Bigger the government gets less liberties we will have. What we do not realise is that there are more of us than them. Even the soldiers and the police are made of simple folk like us. They know that so to stay on top and support status quo meaning rich getting richer and all that. It is just a game. What do you do when you get all the money? Well you gonna want power. It is a logical progression not a stinking conspiracy. I mean who is even hiding, it is all open. They just playing Sid Meiers civilization game. In the end there will be one superpower. Just note without poor there will not be any rich. Back to slavery, the mistake they are correcting
this has all been foretold already, you are aware if you have read Revelations. This is the setup for the fall of man-kind.
I think that this is a bad thing, its like the government taking away all our rights that the Declaration of Independence (yes, it says INDEPENDENCE for a reason) and the Constitution of the United States gave us then the President saying to Britian "here you go guys! There all yours and you can make them do what you want" Is that what we want? Do we really want to shed blood to fight like we did in the 1700's? I know "history repeats itself" but is this the type of history to repeat? I don't think so. I think the government is trying to take our rights away and make itself a Dictator or a Monarchy so that they have all the control and can tell us what to do, when to do it and how, unless of course we want to die. WE ARE NOT LIKE OTHER NATIONS WHITE HOUSE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! God gave us this land and helped the young nation grow, but were falling apart at the seams, we need help!! We need to stand up for what we want! If the governmenr really thinks there getting away with that, then there wrong. I will stand for our liberty and what the Statue of Liberty stands for. This nation must not die from stupid people in the White House! I am super sorry if i offended anyone and also for going a bit crazy. Have a great day guys!
First of all, the Internet is not designed to be concealed the privacy of your own from scratch. when I send my own messages to the Internet, it is assumed that my own message could be seen by the people on the Internet at all times. Therefore,I think I have no problem even if the government knows my exchange on the Internet.
I just sent an email to myself inviting all members of government to gather at the London Zoo in the hall of the great apes, and engage in proclivities that would offend Berlesconi and Dominique Strauss-Kahn.

Would the right honorable gentlemen care to read that.
You should always assume as I do. Nothing is private online already :(
They've always is just being disclosed know. It kind of feels the same way. To give you an example...If your parents bought a generic cereal brand and tricked you into believing that was the original/authentic one by using that box instead. (they never threw it away that One time they bought it)

...And then because of a crisis. They sit you in a table to give you some Bad News, something along the line of Joe we will have to start buying the generic kind of cereal (moment of silent here, then some sobs)
-I mean we cannot afford it Joe! -You got to understand!!

END of story....Now the question...Will the cereal taste any different?
Wew! what's next to this.. all activities should be logged?
You guys are lucky. US did this to us years ago and called it "the Patriot Act".
Jim A
Those that are willing to give up freedom for safety soon have neither.
they cant do that my friends and me talk in private
it is an out-rage against our privacy.I for one am not into crime so they have NO business even looking into my stuff. thats just Obama freaking out--who the hell cares about him any way. it is written he is the antichrist and satan his buddy is going to take over his body and try to rule this world with an iron fist but Yeshua is going to show satan who RULES!! Obama and satan will be together forever in Hell.
mmmm i have a feeling this is todo with 1 April
This will threat the movement of business ideas and confidential data....
me 2 but of course it could also be true cause ppl r ploting negetivly all over
Alan D
No joke peeps. It's happening everywhere
Yes this is OK because Obama would know just what real people would think of him. Besides if a person has nothing to hide....let the goverment look all they want to. They probably find it boreing. They can't monitor all the emails and net use anyway...this is not possable to do.
that is a crepy move by the goverment!!!
Whoever the jerk is claiming to speak for 'real' people needs to have his head examined. The real people are more, not less, likely to be Obama supporters. U call Romney and the wealthy Wall Streeters real? Get real!
+Jerry McCauley , +Kirk Burleson , +Amber Smith :- you guys are American. This is a British law. You do understand that all this talk of Obama is completely redundant, and is only serving to hijack this thread, don't you? IT WON'T AFFECT YOU. facepalms
That's how we keep you morons safe, just remember if you have a web cam point it at the wall when viewing pornography.
When injustice becomes law rebellion becomes duty
If thats the case here is a txt for the government, stick it up your arse.
If they want to nick your business ideas data anything they will .and probably can allready
yeh some one went on my hotmail acounnt
I'll tell you what, +Frencis Chow, if Jesus stands for election in my constituency at the next General Election I'll vote for him and HE can quash this potential invasion of privacy in Parliament. Deal? I can only assume this is what you're suggesting, since otherwise, you're literally just spamming.
Maybe they could station someone at the postal sorting office to open and digitally copy my mail so they can send it to send to GCHQ as well. That is what this equates to, and from a government that opposed similar measures while in opposition.
Err. NSA has been doing this in America for more than 2 decades. Get used to it the loss of civil liberties is minimal compared to the potential loss of life in coordinated attacks. Also criminal evasion of these measures is unlikely as they are going to be well versed in encryption and .onion methodology. Every contact leaves a trace even in cyberspace and now the government want to use this as a preventative tool
There is no such thing as anonymity. It's all about balancing privacy with "acceptable use". As in all things there is always good and evil intentions on both sides on matters like these. On one hand, marketing and solicitation companies want more information about you to drive more personalization and be more targeted in their marketing efforts which means the solicitations you get are more tailored to your likes and needs (which opens up an entirely different can of issues relative to whether we want such entities to make those inferences on our behalf or not) and on the other hand the more information that is accessible, the greater the risk is about misuse of this information. As for the government's use; same holds true. You don't always know or identify a terrorist or someone about to commit a violent act unless you have sufficient data to spot patterns and sometimes it not the immediate act that tells you if there are others affiliated with the person of interest unless you can mine this data for those patterns. That said, its more of an issue of what trust we place in those that have access to this intelligence and whether we can entrust our privacy and freedoms to such entities whether it be Internet-based data brokers or for that matter our Public Sector entities tasked with protecting us. So unless you are going off-grid, which is about the only way to truly minimize your information exposure and not a very realistic one at that, I do think we as citizens should become much more vocal about what is "permissible" and less "accepting" of business and privacy figureheads that are operatives of the same industry.
+Matt McAleavy "the loss of civil liberties is minimal compared to the potential loss of life in coordinated attacks" --> I guess that all depends on how much value you place on your civil liberties, and that's the whole point. Maybe you don't place much value in them. I most certainly do. I'll have my freedom over "protection" any day of the week.
Jay Tee
Looks like politicians just can't stop wanting to intrude people's privacy.....such a shame.
what I would hate for my calls and texts to be monitered by the government i hope they really dont go through with this thing i like my privacy
This is out of order. What is happening to our freedom!? You store all that data various governments will want that data and will get it eventually.
I think they can't see all of the email ,etc . But when they want to investegate for suspicius people
Nice April fool's joke... to bad the NSA already has that capability (according to an NSA Whistleblower who was interviewed by WIRED).
I am stating a fact we the people of this great vast world are not as FREE as we think we are , we are being watched very careful One day in the not so far off we will be fighting for something to eat . I am a Christian , so I rely on the God that created me to take care of me . I know some of you my scoff at this ,but I am living proof . All the things that is happening in this world is not an accident . It's been planned long ago , so when things get tough LOOK UP , keep your focus on the Lord and He will show some things that will blow you away . Read Matthew 24 , then tellme I am foolish . All the ones that have sent me replys on my first comment ,I am saying ,Blessed Be To you all.
Read the article people. It says they can't do it without a warrant. A bit like they can't search your house without a warrant, remember that one? And why would they want a warrant if you aren't up to something ? So no, they won't be monitoring everyone..... oh and don't panic buy petrol either ok?
its aceptable under some conditions,
I think it should be left the way it is. Privacy is already undermined.
+Theresa Newman you really think they have the money to sit there and get a warrant to intercept your emails if you aren't involved in anything illegal?
Haha yea good one -April fools and all that... Oh wait.. This isn't true right !?
You keep saying they need a warrant . It is gonna get where THEY won't need a warrant ,because They will change the laws ,and then when someone says or does something that in THEIR law is not being followed woops you are caught.
yes it is under certain things happening with terrorist and dangerous threats any way if you not doing anything wrong why worry on the other hand if you are doing stuff you not suppose to then dont do it and be safe
We're getting closer to having barcode tattoos. Sad. Just sad.
They already do this so this is merely an attempt to legalise it
I think a lot of people are going to be learning about using encrypted VPNs.
ah well just have to encode ,encrypt and proteect out privacy
So, lets say I write stuff like terrorist, semtex, ricin, remote control, training camp, dirty bomb. Would that get picked up and get me in to trouble?

It's interesting how the current government, when in opposition, vehemently opposed this type of monitoring when it was proposed by the Labour government.

Hang on, I can hear someone knocking at the door.
Grand profits shall be waiting to be made for anyone offering Pirate Internet Service now! Pay a little extra for full encryption broadband service provided by freedom-loving entrepreneurs who offer surveillance-free Internet access...
If they can read anything into the banal rubbish that I put out they are welcome to it.
Those who are claiming this is an April Fool's joke are ill-informed and very, very naive.

October 2008: "Proposals for a central database of all mobile phone and internet traffic have been condemned as "Orwellian"."

October 2010: "The coalition looks likely to forge ahead with the previous government's plans to intercept web communications, despite pre-election pledges from the Conservatives and the Liberal Democrats to reduce surveillance of citizens."


"UK government to store all internet traffic data"

Furthermore, the Open Rights Group ( wasn't invented TODAY for a prank: "The first sign of the proposal being revived appears to have been in October 2010 in the Strategic Defence and Security Review:

"We will... introduce a programme to preserve the ability of the security, intelligence and law enforcement agencies to obtain communication data and to intercept communications within the appropriate legal framework... We will put in place the necessary regulations and safeguards to ensure that our response to this technology challenge is compatible with the government's approach to information storage and civil liberties.""

And so on.

If you're still so utterly ignorant as to believe this is a prank, I urge you to read up on the "Communications Capabilities Development Programme". It's real, people! HELLOOOOO!.

+Paul Field I think you've misunderstood me or possibly haven't read my earlier posts in the thread. It's not that THIS step is the worst it will be, it's that each and every step is almost insignificant in itself - but every little concession we make eventually takes us to a place where we have no civil liberties at all.

Yes, they'll need a warrant - for now - but the next step will be that in exceptional circumstances they won't need one, and those circumstances will become more frequent and eventually a law will be passed that doesn't require a warrant. If you think that's ridiculous, think about police powers to stop and search, to detain indefinitely and without trial (if suspected (not convicted!) of "terrorism"). We have the highest number of CCTV cameras per capita and already our movements in cars are recorded by ANPR.

Remember plans to introduce compulsory ID cards to be taken with you, everywhere (...your papers are not in order!!), and what about the planned DNA database of everyone, innocent or otherwise?

NONE of these just arrived overnight. They were brought in, over time, gradually, playing on the fears of the (clearly uneducated) masses. If you look at the liberties we've conceded since the 80s, frankly, it's horrifying. Anyone who doesn't see that needs to open their eyes and perhaps read a little more.
Ike Ike
Whosoever thinks the government needs your permission to read your e-mail, must be living in a fantasy world because they have been doing it and they will still be doing it. The good news is this: "You have nothing to worry if you are a good guy" :-)
That's not fair. The internet is pretty public, why destroy the small amount of privacy we get?
+Ike Ike So, because they're already breaking the law we should allow them to pass a law that legitimises it, and that makes it all ok?

It has nothing to do with being the good guy, or the bad guy. The good guys are the ones with the most to lose. Your complacency sickens me.
Eli A
Do you think is safe to have an opinion???
WOW the government needs to keep track of itself first.
Totally agree with leonor
Warrant-less searches, wire-taps and message interception are unconstitutional, violating Amendment 4 banning "unreasonable search and seizure - simple as that.
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The State panicking, why because we do better posts and say it better.
No government will ever have the resources to monitor all communications. If they want to spend time monitoring mine, I could't care less.
our tv and other appilances could be listening and watching us soon if they dont already how do we know for sure what they are up to they will tell us they arent but ?
Very interesting...

I think that I'm more surprised at the number of amazed people commenting on this article than the story itself. Why are people so incredulous about this?

BTW-Ken Huebert, I don't know about Canada, but in the U.S. there has already been a case where the laptops with cameras supplied by a public school had been turned on remotely by the schools in student's homes.

Quelle surprise?
and yet here in the USA we act as if there is nothing that can be done about it. We have forgotten that the government answers to us and has ZERO business in our lives.
Occupy and Anonymous are just the beginning of what's coming if this continues. Taking away privacy from only the people who are not in power will only angry a hive of people and beliefs against it. We have forgotten we have the right to revolt, but the voices still ring out. Right now #awareness is one of the strongest enemies against this. The human race needs to realize that our money and objects are superfluous if the planet dies, or we over-populate it. We really should be focused on preserving our species over who has what power, money, lifestyle, or epic role in a box office hit. War maybe the human way of general population control, but most religions agree that murder is not a 'good' choice.
Terrorism, unfortunately, may always exist, but at some point people will realize that our differences mean nothing if we're dead.
All people who have died to protect our freedoms have to be turning in their graves like gravitrons over this.
I don't agree we as a sociaty should be privrate its hoe lives. instead of snooting around good people check out the bad..
When is someone from the government going to post their "April Fools" statement? no? damn!
This is definitely a clear breach of privacy
Are they borrowing Chinese policy? Please don't!!!
You may not believe it +-Reinhard -Neuner , but with today's technology it is possible to tract every movement of everyone on earth and to listen to every conversation, written (emails, chat messages etc) and verbal (voice or phone lines). There are already many writings about that all over the internet. I have just posted on of them in my profile.
Governments already monitoring our calls, emails, mails, everything :-)
there is no such thing as true privacy. The illusion of privacy is something that comes from the courtesy of other people.

That said, to live happily without privacy you must always express yourself in a way which is not compromising. That doesn't mean you should conform to societal standards and never say anything which will get you into trouble. But when you say something which will get you into trouble do it purposefully and be aware of the consequences of such.
*The terrorist have won already!*

An old democracy choosing to forfeit their long held moral high ground and become has bad as any fascist regime of the past.

It is a sad day indeed when you realize there is not one decent political party out there because whatever their political affiliation they all aspire to become big-brother.

We do really need a revolution, we need a government from the people and for the people... these power-grabbing public-school fascists really have to get away from public office!

And for those here saying that you should not fear if you have done nothing wrong let me remind you that the same could have been said by the Jews on their way to the "labour camps".

*There is no massive terrorist threat!* All of you here are more in danger of dying for a car accident on your way home than of a terrorist attack in the UK. This is just another nail in the coffin of our civil liberties.
I think I'll just start encrypting my emails with pgp just to make them have to go through the effort of trying to decrypt it to find out the content is just about lolcats.
I am training carrier pigeons to use for my terrorist messages. I would like to see how they are going to monitor those. We should get a thought chip implanted into us so they can monitor our thoughts directly(it looked cool in Stargate). Saves time torturing people. Also we need to be issued with shackles which we may only take off when we are at work because that is where we needed. Also cctv in our houses is a good idea(for our own protection obviously), so they can know when we are having our bowel movement, playing with ourselves and other terrorist activities that we usually do when nobody is watching. It is purely coincidence that terrorists appeared when communists disappeared. Bin Laden waited until USSR collapsed to make his move. Before that he was just another CIA agent. Well, Freedom is overrated anyway. At least as a slave you have a secure job, plate of food and some sort of shelter
Scary times ahead for the UK, we're moving towards a Police State and most don't even realise it. Those who question are labelled extremists or sympathisers and ridiculed by the popular "free" press.
Nothing to hide, nothing to fear - your guilty until proven innocent!!

“We stand for organized terror - this should be frankly admitted. Terror is an absolute necessity during times of revolution. Our aim is to fight against the enemies of the Soviet Government and of the new order of life. We judge quickly. In most cases only a day passes between the apprehension of the criminal and his sentence. When confronted with evidence criminals in almost every case confess; and what argument can have greater weight than a criminal's own confession?”
― Felix Dzerzhinsky
I don't find this acceptable - a lot can be done in the name of the good of the majority -but there is a fine line between that and oppression of freedom of speech - and the right to alternative views. If this makes policing of our safety harder - I'm sorry - but some things should be left well alone.
The question here is: would you rather die as a free human being or live your life as a slave? Rigas Ferraios in his poem Thourion said: ''Better have an hour of free life rather than 40 years of slavery and imprisonment''. Now how many people think that life is so precious that it is worth living even as a slave. That is where every topcat is banking on. Without slaves there won't be masters. That is where we should be banking on. Somebody who never lived your life cannot know and tell you what you need. It goes both for Government and Church. And there I thought that Governments were created to serve the needs of people(They are classed as civil servants not as civil rulers, right?). Silly me believing in unicorns and elves
Exactly right Morris. Once we start giving up freedoms, no matter how small; They will never stop taking more and more and more.
How about we wait to destroy peoples basic civil rights until there's actually a REAL threat? Why don't governments spend money on security instead surveillance and monitoring of law abiding citizens?
   Rome tried to be a republic. That didn't last long. It is always the case, some buttholes think that they know better what we need. They keep forgetting or probably do not even understand the concept of morality.
       Couple hundred years it was ok to own a slave. Shall I try to guess who owned slaves? Now we consider it immoral (which is). So, what they think is good for us, is it actually good? Reality says?
           In the end what is the difference between us and Roman paid slaves? Minimal I think. Soon it will be the same. The question is, since they were able to earn their freedom at some point, will we be able to do the same or die hoping? In 2000 years what changed? 
   There are more of us than them. But they've got the weapons and prisons. What can we do? Basically we are screwed. So bend over and take it, I guess. And hope that they will be kind enough to use some lube, or spit at least. Fingers crossed.
It's an attack on our civil liberties.
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