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Find it difficult to type fast on a flat screen?

Tactus, a company based in California, has developed the technology to turn a typical tablet screen into a keyboard with bumpy buttons... and back again
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I trained in my youth upon a ZX81; Though if I did have a problem I would purchase a bluetooth keyboard.
Typing on the screen you are using is always going to be a pain
Not impressive or progressive.
So... We got rid of the hardware keyboards in favour of touchscreens and now people want them back?
This technology is slowly getting there. I still think an electronic based solution would be better. Pretty sure I've seen a prototype where you get a slight buzz in your finger upon screen press. Akin to haptic feedback, only less shit.
Read about this tech prototyped years ago.  Glad it's finally coming around.
Who types anyway? Just dictate your message and leave your hands free to do other things
Dictation will never replace typing.  Imagine a whole room full of employees all dictating emails to their computers at once.  Or imagine trying to dictate the proper layout of a document.
I'm talking about a proper hardware keyboard +Alfonso Suárez even with these raised bumps, a touch interface will never provide the same tactile feedback as a hardware board.
Jordan. The black berry storm would vibrate when you pressed it. It worked for me just fine. 
I seem to remember a prototype touch screen in dash car DVD player from a few years ago that could do something like this. Although I'll be damned if I can remember who was working on it .
I love this idea! Great thinking I still have a phone with a keyboard and why? Because I can type much much faster with it. Also I don't even need to look while I am typing with it. But it does make my phone bulkier than it needs to be, so this is a great solution I think! Now let's get expand from tablet to phones please
lumpy buttons? sounds like a skin disease (lol)
pretty clever. I imagined something like this. I still don't think it'll have any advantages and probably be a bit cumbersome.
When will I be able to type with my mind? 
I've been waiting for years for this kind of Haptic Feedback... finally I'm seeing some light! :)
Seems like a great concept, I'm curious about durability. Obviously this will not work with Corning Gorilla Glass. Very cool stuff!
I'm waiting on this to hit a mainstream phone. Like a Nexus or something. That would make typing a lot faster. 
+Andres Santiago I miss the tectile response of the Bob storm.. love my gn2 but, that was the closest I felt a touch screen felt like a physical keyboard.
you are much faster with swift and not with this IMHO it's a step back and not forward
Neat.  Still waiting for a screen that can be deformed into whatever style buttons are needed.  I can't see pushing fluids around as being the ultimate answer, but it's cool tech.
No...I use a great feature on my galaxy note 2 ( 4.1.1 android) called continuous input. I simply slide my finger from letter to letter vs individually pressing each letter. 
No use. Unless we can mold 3d designs out of the screen. Maybe there is a better use.

I prefer a real board and talking. 
Top of XMAS 2013 want list already...
My Bumps, my bumps, my lovely tablet lumps.
I don't need it..I'll pass on it. I'm a swpyer..I can't stand pricking my fingers away..I'm cool now my fingers just glide through the screen..:p.
I need "real" keys! (Being an antiquated hunt-and-peck, hit-and-miss, pound-them-keys typist.)
Swype is definitely a lot easier to use for me.
Hmmm, I wonder if those bumps can be anywhere or if they're only in certain locations.
I'd love to have this as an option.  There are times when Swype works great for me, and others when it really doesn't.  For those times when my Swyping skills are more whinga than ninja, I'd love to be able to tap a control and have a somewhat tactile-ish keyboard inflate/pop-up so I can feel the keys before I press them.

It would also be useful for those times I don't want to or can't easily look at the screen.  Unlocking my Thunderbolt in full daylight doesn't go terribly well sometimes due to the dimness of the screen (though this is much more cheaply solved with better, brighter screen technology, but you get the idea).

It's also a lot of moving parts for a feature I hope I wouldn't use often, and probably wouldn't last very long before something broke.
Maybe not so great for a keyboard, but put this technology into a glove to manipulate 3d objects, you're a step closer to VR like they promised.
A new nail polish that turns different colors according to ur body temp....thats cool lol 
+Shawn Kammerzell VR tactile feedback.. now that's a fascinating possible application.  

It's guaranteed to be funded, because if there's one industry that really wants tactile feedback in virtual reality apps, it's the one industry on the Internet that has massive amounts of funding...  

As with high-resolution images and streaming video, if it's useful for porn, it'll get funded.
My best guess, +Nathaniel Chattoo, would be that this tech is geared towards those industries where tablets are being provided to the staff, despite members of that staff's desires. For instance, in a food service environment, adding tablets for servers to take orders on might not be desirable by older servers or those with less exposure to the tech beforehand. In that case, having raised keys on the tablet might be comfortable middle ground.
And I think that's the key; putting in tech to help people catch up with some of the advances we've seen in the last couple years. 
+Christian Orpinell I agree. The one thing I wish my current phone had is the slide out keyboard that my Motorola Milestone had, shame nobody bought it because the keyboard was perfect.
Do you imagine further usages like a joypad, or buttons for playing games!
Full 3D from this sort of technology would be awesome. For now though, I'm only seeing limited potential with just what is shown in the video. Good to see innovation like this, however. 
No. The simplest thing is on screen keyboards work really well although haptik feedback slows them down if anyone was intelligent to turn this off they would see the true potential.
And laptops are almost outdated as they aren't for hardcore gaming and for Facebook etc... Tablets (nexus 7 - iPad 4 ect...) Are way quicker and better especially as the new industry of torrents are actual programs now not controllers especially on android these "amazingly priced tablets" are so much better!
+Nathaniel Chattoo I think you missed the "and for Facebook, etc" portion of "tablets are quicker".  

For most forms of consumption, a reasonably-powered tablet is a more convenient device for many of us, and using an operating system (Android, iOS, etc) that is designed for instant-on operation and is optimized for consumption on-the-go, a tablet is the way to go.

But I don't like typing a lot into it, so for content CREATION, it's a whole different ballgame.  I want a large screen, a real keyboard, and lost of space to store my content.

I read Google+ on my phone and/or tablet more often than my computer.  I even type short posts on it.  When I want to type something like this post, I go to my computer.
Impressive! Tech's moving so quickly nowadays. 
yeah, the newest laptops have processors that are hundreds of times faster than any tablet
I type fine on a touch screen. Just waiting for the person to fix my dad's computer so my touch screen fully works again.
+Nate Hoy I was under the impression that +kizza highton was saying that laptops aren't for gaming or Facebook (etc) as they're not as powerful. May have misread though. 
Tablets are great but touch screens will never be as fast or precise as a controller or, even better, a mouse and keyboard.  At a minimum you will still have to carry those items to do any gaming on tablets.  Plus I don't see any BF3, GW2, or any other major game clients for Android or iOS.  But I would love it if they were developed.
+kizza highton Your opinions are accurate when one considers the fact that you aren't looking at things from a perspective different from your own.

Largest users of Laptops are business people.  Some of us need powerful, expensive, and portable systems to do our work on.

Tablets, currently, are only ok for use.  I can't do a custom install on my tablet of an Enterprise class application to show clients <insert anything relevant>.

I can't do app development and prototyping very well from a tablet.  Remoting into a dev box is often insufficient. 
i got the kindle fire 4 christmas it's awsome.
+Nathaniel Chattoo The wording was a little clumsy, so I see where you might have read that, and you're absolutely correct in your point - a reasonably-built laptop will beat a tablet in specs.

But tablets are "real-world" faster and more useful for some tasks where the processing power is simply unneeded, and the keyboard is simply extra weight and a clumsier form factor.  Plus the tablet is running a smaller, faster operating system.

Either tool can do either job, but the right tool can do a specific job faster and more efficiently.
I bought an Asus Transformer tablet for myself.  It has a keyboard that you can attach and detach as wanted.  It also helps save the battery power while the keyboard is attached.
You can do all sorts of things with that technology.

Standardize an API to control the screen and let people be creative with it.
+Jeremy Olachea Depends on the game.  Ingress runs GREAT on my Nexus 7 tethered to my phone for data, and would be even better if I had the 3G version and the data was built in.   

But, yeah, a sit-at-a-desk FPS that's designed to use hardware controllers rather than real-life movements is going to work a lot better on the components it was built to use.
By 2014 I'll be getting a better smartphone. Oh I overheard that the Samsung in phones wasn't the best but I got a Toshiba tablet.
Agreed +Alex Bynum tablets are useless when it comes to something as trivial as audio conversion, never mind something demanding like 3D graphic design. The closest I can get to doing that is by slaving my PC display to my phone.
I can see this being used to make 3d images of who you are talking to come out of your phone. 
+Nate Hoy For me a tablet/phablet is more of an addition to a desktop/laptop than a direct replacement. For instance, I use my Note as a second screen for my PC which gives me more real estate when I'm doing something that requires multiple windows at the same time. I do hear a lot of people say that they're selling their laptop on favour of an iPad and then a week later they regret it.
It inflates with air underneath a foil screen protector. 
Always thought this would be amazing technology for Braille 
This would be amazing for blind people imagine ebooks using this technology as brail
Unless this technology allows for pressures sensitive touch detection, the bumps won't help typers in the slightest.

The reasons you can't type on a phone are three fold, one they're freegin small, two there's no reference for where your fingers are, and three a certain pressure from the fingers is required to engage a specific key; this is how you can touch type because you have physical feedback, but dragging your fingers across the keyboard won't trigger the letters unless a certain pressure is enough.

This technology solves ONE of those problems, if the other two aren't addressed it has zero commercial practicality.

If the technology can be adapted to detect the pressure inside each bubble the WHOLE situation changes. Physical durability though will probably sink such products, you need the precision of a capacitive touch screen which can't be had unless your finger is allowed close to the display and aging and the tactile layer increase distance (which might acts as an add hock pressure sensing method, but would probably be poor in practice.

I just don't really see this technology going anywhere in the short to medium term (next 2-10 years)

Or you could just Swype?

To be honest, I've found that I truly type faster and better on a flat screen then I do on a keyboard. The thing is, I needed a really good keyboard that has great auto-correct (in my case, I use Swiftkey X both on my tablet and my phone). As auto correct touch keyboards improve, I feel more people will use them and feel that they are better and then wonder how did they ever use a normal keyboard that allowed for them to make mistakes.

Having said this, they are terrible for advanced learning and coding. Most technological words are not a part of auto correct so this will have to be addressed (maybe a very quick to activate setting, because people want to do things now and not in 5-10 steps. Maybe like swipe the Spacebar to chose a setting like Swiftkey X does with multiple languages). So things like difference medicines will be auto-corrected wrongly and this will really cause issues with learning (like dopamine had the option of being corrected to "do pain"). And things like coding will need another special case because a lot of code looks like very bad grammar when looked at as an English sentence.
It'd be more awesome if the keys were made of bubble-wrap.
that's great for the blind
SwiftKey works brilliantly for quick entry 
Swipe Android 4.2 keyboard is fast and simple. I don't think lumpiness will add anything.
+Xatolos Wired 4.2keyboard has already found a way to address this. Swipe and it will Auto correct but type individual letters (without swiping) and it will not Auto correct and you can add new words too quickly. And you can swipe dopamine too.
Wow just watched the video. It looks amazing but ladies better watch those nails :)
\]¥¿¡¿¡¡|[©¡\] v{₩ 1 O]]«.«\]
for the Blind user.
u r so weard and what does that mean any way???????
How in the world did Blackberry not invest this first. It would have saved their company
This would make me slower because I use voice input along with a glide keyboard named SlideIT
I can swype nearly as fast on my phone add I can for on a keyboard. I don't see a need for anything other than touch input on a mobile device.
+Nathaniel Chattoo It's just for tactile feel. It is just easier to type on a keyboard than it is a touch screen because of the feedback the keybord gives you. So they are tryign to give you the best of both worlds 
+Dave knaus never played a game on a mobile device and really, really wished you had some buttons on screen for tactile feedback? No? Well this is for those people. Not always about typing. And you have to admit this is pretty cool just as an invention. 
Fluid filled keyboard. Kudos to the engineers. Shame on the marketers.

To heck with typing. Thx to jelly bean I now swipe. Liquid filled buttons would get in the way of my flow.
Mobile devices are not made for home row typing this is retarded in a world dominated by gesture keyboards and slide-out physicals.
I really don't understand some people, its funny how, just because this product won't apply to them it automatically means its not good enough for anyone else either.
+Alex Watts totally agree. I'm just amazed they can get it to actually dissapear without a lot of residue.. which they seem to be able to do.
Herpes for my flat screen ? No thx
+Willem Reyners Tay it takes some time but it does seem to disappear completely. It absolutely baffles in that people just automatically dismiss a product because they themselves wouldn't use it, I mean its an practical invention and if you think otherwise I feel very sad for you living in such a small world
When the buttons popped out of the screen I was like WOW! Mind = BLOWN!
:l ok? im a girl so um yeah this makes no sense to me and im lucky i found out how to make a email on gmail because i hate technology but i hope im not offending anyone and if i did here:
+Bibi Baki small pouches all over the screen are inflated with a fluid that can travel all over the screen from special reservoirs.
The tablet is nice divish .but we can chages in it .
wow a digital texture!! I wonder how technology like this will be applied in video-games, etc
Wow they invented a keyboard! 
Jon S
how weird does that sound "makes itself lumpy"
That's pretty impressive, although doesn't look like it'll be incorporated into devices anytime soon. 
Letting the Google vs Apple bashing rutine aside. I'm impress on how fast we are evolving in technology. I mean we were stock in monitor, keyboard and mouse for 30+ years and now we carry mini computers on our pockets and work with multitouch devices while driving an electric car that tells you where to go with a GPS device. What happened?
Yup, I often find it difficult trying to type on a flat screen without making some typos
what if you "pop" one of the "bumpy buttons"?
Neat, but doesn't address the real estate issue. Ever tried to work on a "real" document using on screen kb? 
The coolest thing that came outta CES. I 
Pretty cool but I really like my swype. 
Where did slide-out keyboard phones go? 
I prefer gesture typing over physical keyboards now. Can type much faster this way.
it is amazing what they can do now
This would have been an insanely good idea for the BlackBerry 10. Let's hope rim is reading this before they disappear completely.
Blake B
I'd rather not feel those lumps.
What would happen if I poke it with a sharp needle? 
Shut up and take my money 
I also find difficulty in attempting to produce on a laptop.  I have a full-size Zenith keyboard with a mechanical click on each key, circa 1985, cost  >$150.  A true typist can hammer on this contraption.
Wow galing!!!
Iba na talaga ngayon!!!
Imagination will mean nothing Pretty soon :) ... 
I like the idea. Not everyone loves the touchscreen but were forced into it. 
I'm waiting for a tech to type for me as I'm thinking. That should be the coolest of the cool.
re. coolest of the cool.

GET READY FOR: oh that makes me sound like I'm begging for sympathy / that'll never make it outta the hopper / wait a second...

REWRITE: @(w/o) drinking dos equis & muttering 'valueless'
I went to get this tablet but not follow my money
This is a very helpful idea for lovers of the buttons ;) and while driving. I'm interested about it.
The neural implant isn't far behind. We'll be able to 'think' our actions and keystrokes. Prototypes are already in action to many degrees. Saving up.
Hi it's so nise that we can enjoy tuch with great apearence
Good news for Blackberry users. Maybe now they can finally move to a different platform and I don't have to see their wrongly orientated photos on facebook anymore or their persistent BBM pin sharing when they have lost their phone contacts.... Hallelujah
I agree it sucks.
That's backwards thinking.
Think finger/stylus control, had writing recognition, voice to text, how about a fusion of the simplicity of Pen and paper experience meets the flexibility of word processing and don't forget to insert drawings
I really think it would be horrible typing on.
Seems interesting. I think the typing speed isn't dependent on, physical buttons, but rather how familiar a person is with the button layout on their mobile devices.
Great innovation, keep It more and we are joining you. 
Sam Bam
great idea, but how much will it cost?
surely we are coming into an age where we talk to our devices like in start trek rather than type?.. this seems like 2 steps back to me.
I couldn't agree with you more although doodling or writing and drawing dose help me develop an idea, I vote for a pen and paper like experience with talking as well.  When are we going to implement something as simple as drag and drop instead of copy & paste on a touch tablet. They are not even thinking touch. they are all keyboard minded?.

Move along Next idea.
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