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A toddler in China has a lucky escape after peddling his toy scooter across a busy intersection
A three-year-old is captured on CCTV driving his toy scooter though a busy intersection in China.
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So, Grampa was in the bathroom...can't take your eyes off of 'em for a minute.
Yeah +Robert Bilson the lad's got some balls! Lol
Brad S.
Better outcome then the video of a little chinese girl that was killed by crossing a busy street a few weeks ago,

Hope she sues the SatNav company that sent her there...
OMG where are his parents my mom would whoop my butt if i did that
*pedaling. FTFY. I get that it's a simple mistake but isn't a news agency supposed to be more diligent and accurate than this? Huge pet peeve.
Pedaling = gross negligence. Peddling = gross negligence and child labour.
Glad the kid is safe, but who else was humming the Frogger theme in their head while watching this?
This kid was not hit 4 a reason. He will do something important one day
isn't the kid stupid, is the parent, they left him alone ,
Happy kid is alive. I am sure that kid will be a very alert and skilful rider/motorist in future.
I wish this little peice of shit would have gotten ran over. it would have taught him a lesson not to fuck around in traffic. maybe his parents will be better parents after this. maybe next time hell get his just desserts.!
You'd think even a toddler would be scared to peddal right through an intersection. Common sense!!
What an angry person Dennis is. I hope he finds peace.
When I was 3 i knew better than to run out in the middle of my neighborhood street where 20 cars pass per day, not per second
Well said Vivek! This guys not well! He needs help!
Damn The Kid Has Balls Of A Giant To Pull That Shit Off....
my son did exactly the same about 25 years ago... same age... as I packed him under the arm and rushed him home, I was undoing the belt buckle getting ready to serve him his dues, he pleaded: "Daddy... discussing only...". He was a negotiator.
Am also wondering, if something happens in the US it no news but else where, its all around every media house. Why ?
just another commuter .only running on green power.
This toddler must have had one hell of a driving experience probably the youngest human to hit the road.
Hes my hero!!! you go little guy!!!
what?attitude during french and indian war?what do u mean?
y.l. ke
This seems like something more likely to appear on Dumbest Stuff On Wheels than the BBC.
'cause it's a cute kid on a trike in peril... ah duh
I think that's how you spell it in Britain
I see only awesome-ness in the kid's future.
What a way to not give a f***!
Many people have tried and died not giving a...
It was scary to watch but he somehow avoided getting hit. He just wanted to see his mama so much!
Maybe way to go kid, but definitely NOT way to go to the adult watching the toddler.
Having crossed roads in China as a pedestrian, there is an almost zero chance of him being hit. It is very spooky how traffic seem to just flow around obstacles . Parenting fail though!
this happens all the time in chinaland no big deal really prease.
& Debbie's kopka. What a moron you are! Thing like this happen out of expect. That's why it called incident. Have you watch the video with your eyes or your dick to get such Comment? I don't use such language but have to with you! 
how can people be so careless
Looks like he has been given a toy that isn't appropriate for him. I don't think a 3 year old kid needs that much (unsupervised) mobility.
Well it looks like takes off sunglasses we've got a daredevil here.
i know who's going to be tom cruze daredevil.
I think he's wearing a pirated pair of Google glasses...probably thinks he's in a meadow:)
Why didn't anybody stop to help the poor little fella.
Sadly if he had been hit he would likely have just been left in the road for a while over there.
+Dennis Kopka
The kid would not have learned a lesson. How would he retrain the info if he's dead? Desserts...hmmm... do you have children in you're basement right now?
Maybe he's angling for a job in the Obama administration as the Green Car Czar.
I think d lad is a future hero! How about that, ppl?
Thats crazy!!!! Hold up where the fucken parents if that was my kid ill whoop that
Esperanza Olvera, did you watch the report video before you made that comment or not? Unbelievable! How can some people keep asking questions when the answers are already there? Think before you talk!!!
the way he crossed the street is how you cross the road in China every day. Nothing to be afraid of if you move slowly and steadily the drivers expect it and move around you.
Wat his parents have to say about this
Think before u start leaving me comments and talking shit and putting my name in ur face
If he had any sort of talent he'd pop a wheelie while navigating through traffic.
Was it his lunch break? Get back to work! :-o
That is the way to lean how to be driver in China.
Why do some people have to act so immature? The toddler made a mistake like that because he didn't know any better unless somebody teach him. But as adult with all the nonsense comments, with attitude & no manner is nothing better than a child! I realised that: NEVER ARGUE WITH IDIOTS. THEY DRAG YOU DOWN TO THEIR LEVEL, THEN BEAT YOU WITH EXPERIENCE. I surely would never able to low myself down to such airheads level. You are OTT girl. lolzzzzzzzzzz
If you don't have something nice to say, Shut the Hell UP,
better than cable. luckily he didn't get hurt. it was like he was controlling traffic & moving cars & buses out the way. "Look out here i come". lol.
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