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Watch comedian Russell Brand's appearance in front of the Home Affairs Select Committee:
Addiction should be treated as a health problem rather than a criminal matter, comedian Russell Brand has told a committee of MPs.
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I love it. Treating career politicians with the contempt they deserve. More of this, I say.
He makes some extremely valid points there

I'm sure the tabloids will focus on his witticisms, but what he said makes a lot of sense
I don't think so
Credit is due for the innovative advert though :op
Wretched unwashed reprobate... Why was he allowed to appear in a bloody vest and unkempt appearance ..
I think your CAPS LOCK might be stuck there, Liam. Don, why should appearance be a restriction to engaging with politics?
Lol. Russell brand advising those who run the country. chuckle brothers up next on fiscal policy perhaps?
Naturally 90% of people will not actually hear what he has to say before shooting their mouths off with their ill informed opinions.

Brand is a highly intelligent, articulate guy, certainly more so than a lot of the people disparaging him here.
Addiction is a symptom of a problem....fix the problem and the symptom will disappear
Sadly, crime follows the drive to feed many addictions, especially when the substance to which one is addicted is, in fact, illegal.
We have been taking a "tough on crime" approach to drugs for several decades now, and what do we have to show for it? Ideological commitment is all well and good (not really, but you know what I mean), but at some point we have to be willing to look at answers that are staring us in the face.
A lot of big business (prisons, the DEA, etc) are fed by their addictions. It's not like prisons are made for rehabilitation. Please.
NOTHING except millions of incarcerated people with a terrible problem. If they would spend more money on treatment and prevention, people wouldn't have to go to jail....Also sending someone to jail for YEARS because they take drugs is NOT an answer, not at all. America especially has been treating it's citizens like shit when it comes to arresting and incarceration. I read where an old man and his wife (like 70) were arrested for growing their own marijuana plants. They were both really sick and in a lot of pain, the wife maybe cancer, but they were poor and couldn't afford a lot of treatment and medicine and it helped their pain. The judge said he could go on probation if he promised to NEVER SMOKE it again AND go to DRUG ADDICTION REHABILITATION, which marijuana is NOT physically addictive anyway... That old man said hell no I won't do that, and that SOB judge sentenced him to a year in prison - DRUNK DRIVERS get off with fines, then a weekend in jail, even though they are putting lives at risk when they drive drunk. IT'S WRONG.
A very interesting proposition. But an illness or condition does not automatically shield from legal obligations and repercussions. Only conditions that impair judgement have this kind of protection. But if we see addiction as such a condition then those who use it to protect themselves from legal responsibility should also lose the benefits of majority until the condition is resolved.
That is beside the point.

If you are high on anything and shoot someone in the face, or steal from them, or... there are laws to protect people from those behaviors. You are STILL culpable and "i was high" is not an excuse.
But if you are smoking pot in your house, the only harm you are doing is created by the criminal infrastructure created by illegality in the first place. It's about money, not safety. Always has been.
really quite a good and sound take on the matter
+Grace Otomo Kishirow He was actually famous before that - he's highly intelligent and articulate, why dismiss his opinions so trivially.
Oh hang on, you're nobody, I'll just ignore you.
+Stefan Isendahl - People tend to dismiss him because of his working class mannerisms and flamboyance. This does suggest a range of unconscious prejudices at work, from class hatred to misogyny/homophobia.
+Liam carberry - Perhaps you can ask God to guide your hand to the caps lock key, and through his grace, turn it off.
Mike D
It troubles me that people have yet to realize the failure of the War on Drugs along with criminalizing addicts rather than focusing our efforts on rehabilitation for the willing, and encouraging rehabilitation for the unwilling.

Incarceration and prohibition cost us more in terms of economics and humanity.
أنه محق الأدمان مرض وهوه السبب فى وقوع الجريمه ولذا يجب معالجته برحمه
incarceration is BIG BUSINESS. And things like Marijuana should not be placed on the controlled substance list next to HEROIN and CRACK. That's bullshit, it's not even physically addictive. They also want it illegal, because discoveries are coming through that substances in marijuana can stop degeneration in patients with M.S. and another substance rubbed on the skin of even AIDS patients has eliminated their cancer lesions. BIG PHARMACY wants to be able to manufacture outrageously expensive drugs from it, so YOU can't have any.
If doesn t do harm to anyone,i think it should b dealt with that perspective
While the mental health field has a lot of strengthening to do on several fronts, to my knowledge (at least in the USA) the addiction isn't a crime. Addicts often possess illegal substances, and that's what they are arrested for. Admittedly, it's not easy to recover from an addiction, so the services to help people do so needs to improve, but they're not actually being arrested for the addiction.
Addicts are weak and obviously cannot handle living like a normal competent person and should be put down. The human race needs some culling.
With 7 billion people on this planet and resources running low/out someone needs to go! I saw we start with those whoa are obviously incapable of taking care of themselves and being a true and proper, functioning member of society. It's just reality.
+grahm whitley In my experience, those that suggest a move to an anarchistic society would be the first ones to fall. But by all, means, please continue. It would be a great source of pleasure to watch the psuedo-BAMFs of the Internet fail and falter when reality hits them square in the jaw.

+T.S. Van Arsdale I very much hope your day jobs isn't that of a psychoanalyst! Because attempting to draw conclusions about what kind of person I am, based off of a few comments posted on the internet is very ignorant. Also insulting me based on my profile picture, is not only childish but petty, and a poor tactic to use when attempting to sound logical and intelligent. Anyone can come up with those types of insults, hell my 8 year old could probably do better than you.

I do not blame the problems of this world upon addicts, I do not see how you came to that conclusion. I do not know what world you live in, but the world I've seen, while yes it has beauty, there are some AMAZING people out there! (I am not one of these) But I am capable of recognizing them when I see them. Conversely there are, from my personal experiences, more shitty, horrible, hate filled people out there, (I do not see myself as one of these but I can see how you as a shortsighted individual could come to the conclusion that I am) that do horrible, hate filled things. I feel the ugly has begun to out pace the beautiful, and that we has a giant world wide collective of people have become complacent and too willing to accept weakness in our race. Take this as you will I really don't care, although I do know that your experiences vary from my own and therefore you have a different perspective.
+grahm whitley: It also seems to me that, even if a utopian society were feasible, it would require people to be compassionate to one another, even when they fail (because humans will fail at some point in their lives).

Additionally, based on your attitude towards addiction, I'm going to guess that you've never had to deal with a serious one (which, admittedly is only an assumption and is possibly incorrect). However, if this is the case, I would like to ask that you do not make judgment calls on addictions as a whole because not all of them are conscious efforts of the addict. My friend's father-in-law became addicted to painkillers after a surgery. Is that his fault? No, of course not. It just happened. And even with illicit substances, people do not often realize the consequences of using the drugs. Should we really condemn young people (since most drug users started when they were young) for making an uninformed decision? Perhaps instead of doing so, we could focus on rehabilitating them so that they can become functional members of society.
Addict can provide the crime-by giving the addict-in-question more heroin,cocain etc,'cos both drugs are highly addictive!
+Stacey Turner Utopia will only breed more complacency, humans need strife in their lives to continue to thrive and grow. When I say thrive and grow I do not mean breading like rabbits, and continuing to over populate the planet, I mean grow as a society of intelligent thinking, independent people. These are things I feel are greatly lacking in our increasingly dependent way of life. Every time I turn around I find another story of people(or see it first hand with people I know) who do not want to, or are just incapable of taking care of themselves, people who want others to take the blame for their incompetence, and ineptitude. People who want others to provide for them, instead of providing for themselves.
+grahm whitley: It seems to me that an addict wanting to be given medical help instead of just being thrown into the clink isn't wanting others to take care of them, or wanting to pass the blame. Also, it seems to me, that taking a stand for wanting the correct type of help is the opposite of incompetence. These people often need the help the same way that people with a serious infection need help.
+Remi Battaglia I suppose you missed the "trolface.jpg" I posted earlier. If you want something more intelligent, something that is probably more feasible than culling.

Addicts are weak and quite possibly incapable of taking care of themselves. These people need to be held accountable for their actions, if they cannot come clean and learn to support themselves, if they are unable to stop being a burden on the system, a system supported by functioning members of society like myself, and most likely you and the rest of people posting in here. Then something should be done with them, yes I propose putting them down, I don't keep a lame animal around I put it out of it's misery. Humans are still just animals, but animals sometimes capable of higher thought. If a person is incapable of higher thought are they really human? I say no.
Interesting, but only got 4 minutes in till I realized it was 2.24 HOURS. Sheesh
Under-achieving politicians' ways of dealing with problems: Write laws instead of implement solutions, Quarantine within prisons anyone who poses a social challenge, rather than re-engineer and improve social systems.
Russell Brand shot the tires out of a vehicle carrying paparazzi who wanted to give him free press by publishing his in-jungle wedding to that big-breasted woman. While in this jungle, he shot their tires out, endangering their lives. This is NOT someone whose opinion I value.
Is he really going to be taken seriously...
Brand has been masquerading as a 'comedian' for many years now, so I don't know if he is to believed in this new role
+Michael Edwards How exactly is this ironic? Are you sure you are using the correct word? When I was referring to people as being childish I was talking about their attempts to insult and attack me. Not their views on the matter. Context: I think you missed it. Viewing some of the population as being subhuman isn't childish, it is just an extreme stance on the subject. When in a debate you undermine yourself and your stance on a topic when you resort to using petty and childish insults against the person who holds a view that does not agree with your own. If you show that you cannot respect my opinion then do not expect me to respect you or your opinion.
Don't respond to +grahm whitley , he's a troll and doesn't believe a word of what he's saying.

I can tell by the pixels, and having seen many trolls in my time.
+Peter Bensley
i didnt realise it at first

i obviously haven't seen as many trolls as you in my time

Not all of what I have said is made up for the sake of drawing out the flamers. If you're good enough you can pick the truth out.

"The best lies, are lies that contain some truth" Jack the Ripper
Sorry, but I'll never respect an opinion or position that involves culling undesirables from our society. The entire idea of eliminating undesirables is childish, and that's being as forgiving as possible. Would you rather be viewed as childish, or a genocidal bigot?
Your either a troll, or a very sad & pathetic little man. Neither is very impressive, to be honest.
Brand's historical antics and behaviours do not (nor should they) invalidate his current positions on the matter of treating addicts from a spiritual, mental and physical health perspective as opposed to treating them from a punative criminal perspective. Yes, addicts tend to engage in criminal activity, largely in support of their addictions, yet the criminal justice system fails to recognize or take into consideration the notion that the addict often does not "choose" his addiction, nor does he or she "choose" the criminal behavior that is, as Brand puts it, necessarily a part of the addiction itself. The criminal justice system is simply not designed or equipped to treat anything other than the criminal symptom of the underlying root problem of addiction.
+snow BunnyInfidel
you really put your heart out here. I really like your comment and really appreciate what you wrote. I love to read it.... we got the same thought here.
+grace Otomo Kishirow
We are not talking about whether a person is famous or not. We are talking about something how a human being should treat one another with respect. No matter if the person may be a beggar or most famous superstar in the world.
+March Plotington-Blyte With all due respect, you are not "addicted" to science. Addictions are not passions. In a strict sense addictions are physiological dependencies. They work on the level of neurotransmitters and once in effect are rather immune to "choice". After all they directly undermine our faculties of ratioanlity and choice. So just like AIDS can't be defeated by the immune system it has infiltrated, intense addictions usually can't be overcome by the mind they hold sway on.
Cuz he's and unwashed reprobate and at least should be of smart appearance if everyone else has made the effort
Listening to Russell Brand is an illness. I thought we'd palmed him off on the colonnials, who left the door open?
I fully agree that drug addiction should be treated as a health issue -- period. However, let's not bullshit here. This is not an illness, but rather an addiction syndrome that can spawn illnesses. I feel it is important to accurately describe things as they are and not let political terms cloud the issue.

Note that the use of the word "syndrome" denotes the multi-cause nature of addiction and that addiction can be caused by the direct drug, but also the associated behaviours and consequent experiences.

This is a good scientific article on the nature of addiction syndrome:
i think sentiment clouds your proposition.let's get illness and hazards to society in the right balance
Before the Afghan war, opium growth under the Taliban was minimal. Now it is provides 95% of the world's supply. I blame you, Mr Cameron.
Being an addict is your problem, and the drugs and the dealer is the crime.... - help the Addicts, and stop the dealers!
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