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The BBC has learned that the British government approved the rendition, in 2004, of a terrorism suspect to Libya, where he says he was tortured by Colonel Gaddafi's henchmen. This was despite denials from UK ministers that they were involved in the rendition of Abdel Hakim Belhaj, now a military commander for the new Libyan government. Full details in 'Modern Spies' on BBC 2 at 9pm, Monday, 9 April.
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"The BBC has learned that..." = "The Guardian reported this morning that..."

"Where he says he was tortured" is there any proof that he was. The fact that he is now a military leader in the new government shows that he was infact a terrorist. I'm not saying that gadaffi and his regime were right or infact good and the world is probably better off without him but in all fairness the Libyan people however many years ago actually let Gadaffi take power and then got all pissy about it when he wouldn't give it back. I for one would just let these people in there third world backwards countries get on with it! BRING OUR TROOPS BACK HOME!!!
The BBC prefer to fact check first I guess.
Not that I've noticed, they're almost as bad as the Grauniad.
The sad thing is that the US and British Governments denied rendition at the same time. I have possibly lost trust in what Governments say.
I lost trust in what gov. say years ago. When they tell you there's no way they'd do this or that, know for a fact their doing it or going to. People have got to wake up to the fact that this is how it is until we change these things. It's up to people to demand some truth.
+John Hyde the problem is that there are countries whose governments or judiciaries are not to be trusted. It's not right to automatically extradite someone just because someone claims they are a criminal, you have to have evidence.
You miss the point: a dictator saying "Y is guilty, give him to me" does not equal "Y is guilty".
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