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The BBC's Lyse Doucet has travelled with UN observers to the devastated city of Homs, which has been at the centre of the heaviest fighting since the uprising began in Syria 14 months ago.
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Children worldwide have been desensitized to scenes like this through video games. It looks like a scene from MW3.
I watched Lyse's report in the early hours. An amazing piece of journalism, and she also speaks the native tongue. Nice 1 Lyse. A brave woman. Keep up the great journalism.
Ive been following the Syrian conflict. Please keep updating.
Sure. I am just surprised by the extreme nature of the comments. I don't see what he is trying to do. Sounds like a good way to end up in trouble if his credentials are anything to go by.
Yeah +Lee Daugherty for someone who is a VP and trained in the military, your grammar is dreadful. You really should open your eyes. Even the Syrian government admits it has killed thousands of "terrorists". So quit calling the man a liar. You really are a fool, and you keep going on about being American, you are making your compatriots look stupid also. Shame on you. You are clearly one of "the blind Sheeple". I'm seriously thinking about notifying your superiors about your activity on here.
Yep been doing my homework also, and no KD International in Ohio. He is in charge of hospitality. Hmmm. I smell I rat. All the KD Internationals I can find are in Florida or California. None in Ohio. I am doing more homework as we speak. I think we have a corrupt liar on these posts. He should be ashamed of his support for the internationally recognised inhumane crimes carried out by the Assad regime. But some (not all) Americans have the gun-ho attitude he has, because it is not happening in his back yard, or because "interference" poses a threat to business. That's capitalism.
I'm amazed you have not been thrown out of the US for supporting the stance of Russia and China. If this was 20 / 30 years ago, there would have been a witch-hunt, and you would have been hunted by your neighbours. Your statement above, is nothing short of trolling. My hands are not covered in blood, unlike yours it seems. I really would expect a little more maturity from a VP. You must hate living in America, seeing how they support the "terrorists". !
Shame you support a regime which doesn't allow freedom of speech isn't it? Kind of Ironic, considering your above statement. Look at Lyses' report, and go and ask yourself some serious questions.
So you still have not watched Lyse's report. That is afterall why we are commenting on here. Watch the report an then take a long hard look at yourself, instead of babbling conspiracy theory crap.
So you refuse to watch it. Yep, we know, the truth hurts. Remember, Homs is Syria's ghost town. Do you know why? No, you don't, or rather you believe it not to be true. It aint a Hollywood movie Lee, it's real. Wake up man.
You still have not seen Lyse's report, or the latest report on UN observers staying with the rebels because they were being attacked by Assads troops. Instead you continue to troll on these comments. I never mentioned Chavez. You are so small minded you bring other events into the equation, because your argument is fatally flawed. Weak. I would love to find out who your president is, and inded any board members of KD International, as I will be bringing to their attention your actions on here. I am all for free speech, but it seems you don't wish for the citizens of Homs and other Syrian cities to have that freedom. You should be ashamed of yourself. Complete fake VP.
Cloud cuckoo land.
At least he admits what Assad is doing (and the rebels) is wrong. Oh and I got a quote for you.

"Assad: We don't kill our people. Nobody kill, no government in the world, kill it's people unless it's led by crazy person. Before as president, I became president because of the public support."
Yawn. So you still have not looked at any of the BBC reports? Why are you even commenting on this post. Oh wait, free speech. Nah man, you're just a troll. I sleep at night with a clear conscience, I hope you do to.
So Lyse's report was filmed in the heart of Ohio then? C'mon. You really are a wind-up merchant. Quite comical. You should get your own show on comedy central, or the Syrian equivalent.
So you are the world authority on Syria because you worked in an illegal unlicensed Casino there. Lining your pockets and corrupt officials. I think I will take what the BBC say as the truth, an what you have to say with a pinch of salt.
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