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Have you tried Cooking with Poo? The Thai cookbook has won the Diagram Prize for oddest book title of the year. Other titles in the running included The Great Singapore Penis Panic and the Future of American Mass Hysteria.
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For a flip of a second there, I thought you were referring to "POOP"!
I was like: WTF?
Americans poop, Brits poo, I believe...
Along similar lines, I was recently given a book for my birthday. Entitled "A Natural Harvest" it contains lots of recipes for dishes whose main ingredient is semen. Lovely. :-/
Every dish ends up as POO whether you like it or not!
Speaking of which, I gotta GO!
why is there a 'penis-panic' in Singapore- to much gin/raffles?
This post definitely makes my day.
love cooking with poo some times put wee in it to just for a kick....yum yum...
Poo is a common name in Thailand. Refers to mountains which a lot of Thai people love, thus they nickname their children Poo.
i could not would not sam i am
Chocolate brownies will never taste the same again :-(
»Chocolate brownies will never taste the same again«
The consequences will never be the same!
I'm happy for some of you who have tried cooking with poo, but I WOULDN'T DREAM OF IT!
However, if you need the main ingredient, give me a call!
poo? What the fuck is this shit? #punny
I have heard about this book before and only because of the name! It does get a lot of attention! Good to see someone has humour!!
Can't be any less healthy than Paula Dean 's recipes
poo is thai for crab! aha lol, they may want to let people know that. At least those of us who dont speak Thai
WTF This is wrong on sooo many levels
FYI, in Thai poo= crab, moo= pork, koong= prawn, pla= fish, kai= chicken are the most popular nicknames beside app= apple, ree= cherry, som= orange.
I'm not even going to click the link. What is wrong with some people?
+Steve Wilde it's nothing wrong with her, her name is Poo which is Thai for crab, had you clicked the link you would've read that...
A great Christmas gift gag. No food preparation or cooking necessary. Just give and laugh.
Why America is still facinated with old poo and butt jokes? Like little kids, Time to grow up maybe or is that a limit of the sense of humor?
+Krystel Rivera, I just read the entire set of comments, and it looks like you are the only one who actually clicked the link. I admire your bravery! :) Personally, I would have just used my other name (assuming she has two).
James C
Look at her, standing there with that shit eating grin on her face.
i dont like cooking with poo srry
Sounds tasty..... for my dog maybe.
Hmm.... I'll have to think about that one
don't think i'll be cooking anytime soon
Am sure I have eaten that have tasted like it.
Use some cow chips for a fire ever once in a while ,almost as good as C4.
Okay! I have used cow dung to start a five . But as far the C4 .Thats just a little too much guel. Boy, that would be one Hell a fire. You counld up alot poo or poop. Would you like to super size?? Ha Ha!!!
Hmmm i hate poo idk why? and alex? WHY??
James C
one thai one cup
Well so sorry about the post. I hit the wrong ley . What I was saying is do I .need to bring a man or a penis????
So sorry it is 5pm somewhere in the world.
This is a pretty crappy title for a cookbook.....
+Gabriel Khristov You live in San Francisco? That's cool! I was born in San Jose, and I now live in Colorado! It's cool to see how everything is connected... Through Poo!
I live in Colorado now, +Will Stuart so we, too, are connected through Poo. As the Buddha once said, "Poo is the bond that holds all living things together".
Think my wife uses this cook book, well it tastes like sometimes.
cooking with poo sounds like nasty food. no offence poo but i bet it's true...
This is a new Breakthrough in waste recycling.
Well...Poo anyone? I know that's what I'm serving next Dinner party I have. lol too funny
Frankly I wanna hear more about "The Great Singapore Penis Panic" Please dont tell me its also a cook book yikes!
+Steve Wilde haha well, I'm very into the Asian culture so I figured it wasn't actually about doo doo they just have a lot of words that sound odd to us but mean something totally different to them (:
Would seriously think of changing the title!!!
Cooking with poo???? I would change the ttitle!
And Tiffany Gardner ,
Yhu Turn Me On(;
Damn Sexy Choice Of Words.
Yo Ill Shit In Your Mouth Them Top It With Coo Hwip(:
Fuck Yeah ,
I Know That Be Yummy(:
That Stupid Shitty Lookin Japenese Women Likes It In Her Mouth(;
And Alex You Love Eatin It Cuz You Eat Your Dads Shit Erryday. 
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