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Prince Philip leaves hospital in central London after a five-night stay for the treatment of a bladder infection, on the eve of his 91st birthday.
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Ken S
Happy birthday, you old fart!
H.Birthday Duke...we have many who doesnt even survive 91 mins after the birth n you have lived 91 Years ...May you live longer man
Guess he was unlucky and lucky ... 
And he looks so strong and energetic. I just love him, many more years your majesty and be in good health
Why are some people just simply and plainly an utter complete 'dick'!
One man with a UTI get so much news coverage while thousands die of starvation in Africa.. Perhaps an African life is not that important... News has to become more prioritized...   (no ill feelings towards the man i hope his condition improves)
اتمنى له الصحة الجيدة والعمر المديد.
Tj John
Lets hope the Duke of Edinburgh is well enough to enjoy his birthday.

Many Happy Returns to you.
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