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Meet Yuka, a two and a half year old woolly mammoth found in Siberia after being buried in ice for more than 10,000 years. Scientists have been studying the frozen mammoth to determine how it was killed and whether humans were responsible.
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10 000 years - that is a long time
How did they determine the date?
Freezer burnt, probably. That's what the few people who have tried mammoth meat say. I don't think this one would be in any way edible though.
Zach H
I'm willing to bet it tastes an awful lot like beef jerky right now
I'm really looking forward to watching the bbc2 programme about it this evening.
Human hunters all over history,wtf!!!!!!
Pretty much most of the recent extinction events (last 10,000 years) have been human made. Much of the evidence will be buried under the sea too, because sea levels during the ice age were considerably lower. I heard they are forever pulling tusks out of the North Sea whenever they dredge.
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Did this mammoth is killed by "Homo sapiens"?
Stand up Yuka ....Onesagain......
Oh my. Frozen Wooly Mammoth DNA, RNA, Proteins ...

Please clone it. I want to stand downwind &experience how it smells. 8-)
It had a dog collar on it with a tag that read "Yuka", but there was no phone number.
they CAN clone it they can also clone dogs
i didn't do it i swere
awww... That's bizarre.
Rumour has it that the Russian scientists have created a mammoth from just a single cell. Scary.
definately us. killing anything that move.
poor thing very interesting be gross
omg yalll getting on my nerves ust be quiet..
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