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The faces of fraudsters.

Will publishing the pictures of UK tax fugitives help members of the public to contribute to the effort to catch them?  
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Paul Wooding
Will they be releasing a similar list of the top 20 tax evading companies or individuals?
Looks like a collection of social networking profile pictures. If they're lucky, maybe some of these people will reply to this thread.
Erik Arya
How about the photos of the people who done LIBOR level fixing? or how about the people who authorize and people who done the buy/selling of "complicated market derivatives" that resulted in chaos on the economies that resulted in your country had to bail them out with public money & resulted in the austerity plan that normal people felt the effect now?

Where's their photos BBC? That 765 Million pounds is SMALL, compared to the HUNDREDS of BILLIONS pounds the above peoples cost your country BBC. So, where's their photos, BBC?
+Paul Wooding Unfortunately not you see those companies are just avoiding tax which is completely legal, and even if you are found to be abusing the system you can just get a slap on the wrist and allowed to continue as usual.
Any of those Bankers...................think not
The real fraudsters already have their pictures in the paper. But that doesn't seem to be stopping them fuck all. Maybe if these people's pictures get in the paper for fraud they'll get a job at a bank.
I don't see any corporations on that list..
There must be some really busy plumbers on that list!
+Benjamin Allen The companies are using the infrastructure paid by everyone of us. They also benefit from education and healthcare paid again by all of us. Why is it wrong to demand they put something back?
When will they be listing pictures of the bankers that have swindled millions from us!
Steve W
Where's the Scottish fatboy Fred Goodwin?
+Benjamin Allen I think he just means morally they should pay tax, without trying to avoid paying it. That crowning principle gets my vote every time. Tax cheats are no better than benefit cheats, yet the benefit cheat (often poor) is reviled whilst the tax dodger gets a pat on the back for beating the tax man. Messed up IMHO.
There's 20 people there owing £735m between them. I just wonder if that amount would equate to one or two large companies additional tax liability without any shrewd, questionable tax avoidance scheme?
Good on you guys! If I could avoid paying my tax's I would.
I see Lord Green's photo isn't there (Top Shop etc). Neither are any Vodafone managers.
£735 million is a fraction of the £4 billion written off by the IR for Vodafone after a cosy lunch.
+Rhian Owens ...Ok deal, but in return you don't get to use my police, fire, ambulance, nhs, military defence, education system...actually that last one probably owes you some money clearly. 
Ok Wayne Copeland that's fine.  I live in Wales and we barely get any of that anyway. Plus I pay for my own dentist as there isn't an NHS one available, I also was refused an ambulance when I called for one, I don't agree with having a military so you can have that back and with regards to the education system? I have a very well paid and satisfying job despite never finishing school, unlike most of the other people who went on to college who now work in the local supermarket....I can really see the benefit now!  You keep paying your taxes so that the MP's YOU vote for can install moats, pay for porn, buy themselves furniture for their second homes, and the police YOU pay for can keep fining you, and then you can pay some more tax on top of EVERYTHING else because you're a mindless drone who just does as he's, sir, are a fool.
+Rhian Owens Why are you not living in an island or in a cave? I mean you clearly are auto sufficient. Why suffer surrounded by fools?
+Rhian Owens and when you get back from you trip to Never Never land you're more than welcome to take part in civilised society again. There are plenty of shit holes around the world that will take all sorts of people. I hear Ecuador have an opening for someone of your calibre.
+Wayne Copeland actually +Rhian Owens could start a company in Mexico. I was working there for a company owned by an American and British. Every month they would keep our taxes that they should pay to the government. One day I got told that the next week the company was closing, turns out they only paid the taxes of 2 employees whilst they had 36. Now they have other companies and AFAIK they have no legal issues. hohum
What exactly is your problem? Why are you so "pro tax"? And the education system obviously worked for you didn't it as you don't even know Britain is an island. You f*cking idiot.
A civilised society? The same society that had all those riots? The same society that has a "dole" culture? The same society that gives all the power to the wealthy and opresses the poor? The same society that still thinks that gay people aren't as good as hetrosexual people? ....and I'm in Never Never Land?! Look out your window you moron.
I'm convinced, you make a compelling case, burn it all down, i'll have my taxes back now please. 
yes we should all pay our taxes so our helpful governments can continue wars nobody wants.
+Wayne Copeland Difference is, falsely claiming benefits is breaking the law, tax efficiency is legal. I have no problem with HMRC chasing the 20 people pictured, even if it is a bizarre tactic, as they have broken the law. I do have a problem with companies being vilified for avoiding the massive burden placed on them by a hopelessly inefficient and broken system of taxation.
+Ben Truman As per my point above, fine, you think that's morally wrong, well personally I think it's morally wrong for any person (or company ) to hand over half their money to the state. Wayne argues that this is used to provide public services; I would counter that the level of service we're given is worth a fraction of what we pay.
0 Corporate Tax.  0 Income Tax.  Libertarian Party platform.
0 taxes; 0 government; 0 social contract--unacceptable.
Should add Mitt Romney to this lot if we could review his actual taxes. 
+Benjamin Allen You're right, I believe I was referring to those that go beyond treating tax correctly and am more referring to those that seek to cheat. There are no end of loophole schemes that have had to be shut down by HMRC, each one of those schemes I suppose could technically have been seen as efficient tax management... until those loop holes were closed in a game of never ending legal cat and mouse. It goes back to where do you start from morally, in order to find a loop hole you are trying to avoid paying tax. That's morally wrong in my opinion. I think there's a tax revolution coming, where companies can no longer operate in tax havens that funnel profits and pay no tax. If you take revenue from the UK population, you will pay tax to the UK populations government. Otherwise you're nothing but a parasite on our fair nation. It's just not cricket, and we should not stand for it any more.
the government worried about not getting there tax from killer sticks. i don't see any bankers or big corporations which would bring in 10's of billions a year not millions of tax. 
I don't really understand how some people can be so narrow minded. It's their view or nothing.

To think that all of our taxes are spent on MP's second home and then to have the audacity to call someone else an idiot... Unbelievable! That road you drive on, that bus your getting, the tv your watching, the lollipop lady helping children cross the road, the park you walk through, those bins you expect to get collected... How do you think its all paid for, managed, enjoyed? Tax is the backbone of our society, of any society. The reason it fails is because people are selfish, governments are selfish - unfortunately that's the way it is. It's not d question of morality, its simply the only way to manage a country for millions of people. Get over it, hate to tell you this... But your not the only one paying
this poeple are tired and jobless.
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