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The ripple effects of this legislation is interesting: when in one of these cars, what does the interpretation of drink driving laws become? How about texting while driving (or in any case while behind the wheel) as much as the good machine keeps going on. And oh, software glitch and insurance.

Can't wait to get into one of these things :-)
After computer hacking and phone hacking things; I'm worried if there will be such kind like "car hacking".
More than likely. Some ppl love to cause attention but like all other hackers they are balless when it comes to exposing their identities.
awesome. (to tha max)
+Henry James Ball - absolutely... it's weird when people [even software techies such as i] forget that this is how most major aircraft fly, and yet they'll still get on a plane :) [ plus, there's been enough "tech" in a car for a decade or so now to make them "hackable" in some way ] ... a robot doesn't drink and drive, as you say.
it ain't one mans code that works here, imho.
rather a group of people working, and another group of people testing it to near perfection.
if the same amount of effort is done in algorithm design as is done for life saving equipment, am all for it..
+Henry James Ball +Ingie Kerr: Agreed as well! I hate when people get worked up over things like this and fail to admit/realize that every time they get on a passenger jet, it's being flown by a computer the entire time. I'm all in for this.
I think this is cool, but also probably prone to issues, such as pot holes and kids cycling out of nowhere. maybe I won't have to learn to drive after all!
were going to have cars just like in iRobot.
who asked for this!? be aware of what you are given but you didn't ask for. We have real problems that need solving automatic cars isn't one of them.
Human errors may happen at Control rooms too.
drinking and driving just got awesome
Drinking and driving is never awesome
This is so Awesome, this is the future becoming reality.
+Joanna Aldhous i think in the first instance this sort of tech would be enabled for motorway driving in the main, where the emphasis is on ensuring that fatigue and/or driving beyond the limits of safe distance keeping are vital [and the main reasons for crashes in such situations] - so such things would be unlikely and the benefits would be far greater than the situation at present; but i agree with your thought, yet i think the reaction time of a finely tuned system such as this will be before it's commercially available, is probably better than my own [probably self-exaggerated] reaction time :)
the machines are taking over!
As a real estate broker, I think this car would be awesome for me! I can be writing notes while the car is driving itself. I wanted to have a car on auto-drive for a long time. Thumbs up Google!
seee its looking very nice n its rules of police
This is great, now I can send my car though the drive in window at Starbucks while I'm in the shower...
Just a plot to get us to spend more time online :-)
Josh S
Why does a self driving car need a license? its not lik it needs to prove that it knows how to drive. Feels like governments just cant let go.
Eric Au
For now on, long distance driving no longer a torture.
Hope it can find parking space itself.
+1 +Richard A. Sitek Jr. To play on that a bit further, imagine sending your car to the grocery store and it comes back with everything you ordered online. Might even create a few jobs for "shoppers" to go through the store and pick/bag the ordered items.
"My mission is to ensure the arrival of John Connor"
I hope we can enjoy pure technological benefits and not get boggled down by twisted lawsuits and insurance.
+Raghavendra Abhishek The guy who invented the shovel put millions of people scrabbling in the dirt with bare hands out of work..
3 words "permanent designated driver" drinks anyone.
Drive 60 mins to work, can't wait till I'm able to sleep instead.
+Bella Hope dear! it is driverless car !!!! then how can u drive it ???????????????????????????????????
yea i no rite i want one of those for my mom
This will change the world for ever.
This doesn't stand a snowball's chance in Hell. Legislation, insurance, infrastructure and human nature all say no.
Possible threat to the trucking industry? Such as that one Simpsons episode suggested all those years ago.
less acidents but less fun
unionized? wht is this term?means
Haven't Google drivers been pretending to drive these things around for a while? I swear I've read about this before. But its good to hear that progress is being made in the acceptance of this technology.
If I have to choose between
1. an automatic drinker that I have to drive around or
2. an automatic car that then drives me home ..
I take the second one anytime :-)
Driver anticipation takes on a new meaning. As long we know the car is driverless, no problem - kind of like sharing the road with motor cyclists.
Instead of automated cars, how about automated stop lights, so you don't waste time sitting at a red light while it gives a green to an empty lane? The amount of time, money and fuel that wastes is staggering.
have you guys seen the vw video of the EM car? I'm calling it now, google and vw are going to collaboarate on autonomous floating cars.
Wonder if it will be legal to ride drunk in Vegas?
But, but... now what's going to distract me from texting while I'm on the road?!
hi muligan how r u tell me where r u frommmmmm
Leo T
They will just cut this car loose in Area 51. Run over a few aliens in beta, who cares?!
hi hun ill be home at 6, please pic up 2 chicken curry on your way home
That car will probably drive better then the people there.
Love the headline. I'd like to get a "driverless" license for myself.
soon enough we're gonna have cars like christine driving around trying to kill everyone. :( why cant we just go back to muscle cars and hot rods?
My husband would love this, he can keep working while the car drives him around. Perfect!
And my son and husband both would love this kinda car ... !!!!
Ahhh, civilized 'Vegas - Humans drink while Car drives... A very proper and satisfying distribution of labour...
+Laura Tomaja there are plenty of computer programming genii working on this automobile.and I am sure that they would not release it with bugs that could kill.
+Laura Tomaja if you ever fly in a plane or drive a modern car you already do - those are full of safety critical software systems. Pilot error - yours or someone elses is almost always the cause of plane and car crashes.
First fuel itself and take me home...
+Bob Harbison They have these, but they are activated by either weight sensors by the line, or a visual camera. The issue arise when a vehicle is too light, or doesn't stop in the correct place.
by the line as in near the line.
There is no enough road... Where we goin we don't need road... Autopilot take us March 7 1984 5:30am... So I can see myself getting out of my mother :D
J Ruiz
Ren Zen
I am going to miss the fun of driving in 20 years when human driver is banned....
+Darnell Jackson +Laura Tomaja I fully expect this car to be in the top 25 %ile of safest drivers on the road. I welcome such technology as soon as it is better than the average driver rather than wait for it to be 100% bulletproof. In terms of solving "real problems", the world average for commute times is 40min each way. If 1 million of these cars are sold, that amounts to about 1.6 million man-hours of work that are potentially saved. EVERY DAY! It may not be obvious, but advances like this dwarf the more fashionable 'save the 3 eyed poorly evolved tasty mammal' type causes. And it makes the world a more awesome place!
Now I can study robotics AND work at Google. Hell yeah.
I will be too old to drive in 20 years anyway!
I hope they choose an Electric car (Nissan leaf) to be enviromentally conscientious
are you guys a girl
I think your dashboard, windshield, console and windows will show google ads. Also when you start your engine you first get an add for few seconds and then starts the engine. Many innovative ideas are on the way... :)
Nothing is perfect, and so far this software seems "perfect"... I'm kinda worried if the software does fail... It doesn't say they tested it in various weather conditions either, or thick fog...
Occupants may text at will.
Holy crap! Can I program it to drive crazy like I do so I get to my destination sooner?
Can I use it to send my car to the shop to get repaired? Can I send it into town for some good takeout, while I stay home and watch a movie? :D
the above mentioned vehicle without driver set to hit the roads of Nevada as google is granted an autonomous US vehicle, ok
People, you are celebrating the birth of Skynet ... :)
Somebody guard the time machine so they dont kill john connor
The sheep can have it. It is pretty cool though. I'm sure law enforcement will have a remote kill more OJ getaways.
I know this is me being pessimistic, but I feel like this has to be addressed. What happens when the system fails?
Another link in the chain of technology leading us to the eventual robot uprising.
No thank you. As 1984 ( or I, Robot/Minority Report if you prefer movie analogues) I am not liking the potential for a remote disconnect. On top of that, the computers driving this thing are complex enough that their reliability is questionable at best.

However, I have to say the possibility of an airliner like autopilot is neat.
If law enforcement determines the vehicle to be a threat to the public, due to a malfunction, can the vehicle be remotely 'deactivated' by on scene officers?
Err... Think I'll take the bus... Thank You..
Who going to be responsible if there's an accident? Would this mean we no longer need vehicle insurance, since people won't be at the wheel anymore? Will we get more leg room in the backseats? ;)
We-e-e-e-ell, I bet it can't make me coffee in the morning, though.
Ryan T
would like to see it turn onto one of those imaginary roads, on google maps, or something such as a gas station that was demolitioned to build a water park 10 years ago.
driverless cars. What? Did the core of engineers or some rich cat decide there's not enough people on the roads these days so now we need empty cars to take up space? psh.
munju s
like in Horror Movies...
As many people use this as use Google+
nice car!
I can't wait for the day that none of us drive
It is about time. I heard the idea is to teach the car route you take on a daily basis. And it learns its path using google maps. Also manual overide is always available...just in case
Seems cool ... But if Google can test it in India and survive , then this can work anywhere in the world !
Stats say that every 13 minutes someone dies in a car crash. This is the best idea I've seen to reduce that since the invention of the seat belt. Nicely done Google.
Great lets cut some more jobs!!!
Yes so if it catches on fire and melts the "brain ". My luck it'd lock me inside
Ok, anyone else look at this and start thinking "Skynet" is coming. LOL
These driverless cars have already been driving on US and I've yet to hear of them being at fault for traffic violations or accidents. Does anyone have a source that says otherwise?
These cars may save millions of lives and save us billions of millions of hours of labour. We may not need professional drivers to drive trucks, taxis, or buses, much as we no longer need stage coach drivers or horse carers for our stage coaches. Also accidents may drop so much that the emergency workers may be far less busy responding to traffic incidents. Not only that but perhaps the driver could nap, eat, study or write documents when traveling in the car.
Future of these cars looks promising. Maybe the could automatically go get them selves refilled/recharged and get maintenance done with out us having to drive them to do these things.
Perhaps hacking and viruses won't be a significant issue if the systems could be largely application specific integrated circuits and not being truly being general purpose machines. Other safety precautions could be taken that would be too restrictive for general PC OSs, but would he acceptable for the driverless cars. Think something like the controls automated piloting we currently have, or other mission critical technologies already in use.
LOL +Yuniam Santana ... only problem will be then is that every time you go to get in the car, it will have to download updates... plus, from my experience with norton... the car will run much slower. :)... maybe a few times a week the car will have to pull over to restart after an update.
We will still need police to enforce the law. Cool and all... I have seen those google cars driving around the bay area every now and then. Great for the handicapped who are not able to drive conventional vehicles. It will be great to remove rash drivers and human error from the roadways, and I see great use for automating surface mass transit. However, I am not looking forward to a future where it becomes impractical to drive your own vehicle and perhaps one devoid of driver engagements found in the simple sports car (not technology laden but simplified with amenities like light weight, a manual transmissions, steering with road feel, etc.)
i know isnt that wierd, a car pulling over to restart, but the car is like a computer
google get interior department contract over microsoft and get rich and switch to driverless yes or no
So what happens when the car gets a flat tire or runs out of gas?
+Philip Snyman well i think the car will already have sensors monitoring that, it will make sure it is never out of fuel, it will mostly plan the journey ahead, or if its running low on gas find the nearest gas station. If it gets a flat tire i can park it self next to the road and call the repair service.
Well. The back seat seems useless. Make it big gas tank.
Also keep in mine there is a live person in the car at all times. They can always change the tire or filler up!...
Now who am I gonna yell at when this car is following every law. And what about school zones?
This is great for blind people ! 
+Victoria Deveau Autonomous vehicles would actually use less gas because the way people drive is inefficient.
A fleet of these operating as a taxi/carpool service would be AWESOME! Especially if electric cars were used.
Go Google!
As a technologist, I find this interesting... but as a human being, I find this irritating. As a Google stockholder, I find this a waste of time. And as a person who drives to Ithaca, NY everyday, I say let it happen, because these idiots don't know how to drive.
+Jall Kennedy You mean to tell me that this sucker is NUCLEAR?
what is the point in that cars are made to quickely move PEOPLE from place to place
that is so stupid
Jessica, they said driverless, not passengerless.
+Jessica McCarthy the point is computers driving are much more precise and if they all sync together over a network you eliminate accidents and increase travel speed. Computer programs can navigate an intersection with all the cars going 50mph both ways with no red lights or turn signals.
Also no drunk drivers.
Bet it still wont be able get a parking space tho...
If Google can modify my Prius, I'll sleep while travelling.
That's a nice car bingo haha
Google put me in your list . I will defiantly buy your car
Yes so if it catches on fire and melts the "brain ". My luck it'd lock me inside
+Steven Wright did you change your mind about the stability of technology? I thought you were for the driver-less car and I was the one who is paranoid lol. :-)
Its going to be neat to see what the car of the future will look like without a wheel or a console, if it proves to be incredibly safe you could say goodbye to seat belts. I'd love this, program the car to drive to the school and pick up the kids while i'm at work. Driving for long distances (relatively) you could do it overnight and sleep. You would see rush hour diminished because cars would automatically re route around traffic jams and jackasses wouldn't be able to block intersections running yellow light causing gridlock.

It has a ton of practical applications. Way to go +Google !
It ha to be tried and tested, it's going to happen it will have it problems or niggles at the start but the technology will get there, and it's us that will benefit from it as it gets better and if they hack them then it will drive to improve security, negatives drive positives
The good thing with a google driverless car is that your hands are free to do a google search on chrome for your android phone!
(am I writing that on google+?)
Amazing! The future now. bye bye to Mr. Cabdriver???
Quite possibly. A central dispatcher and a card reader in the cabs to take your money (in advance) would be all you'd need. OK, a closed circuit TV to watch the passengers too.
This looks like to prototype to a Jonny Cab from Arnie's film, Total Recall??
Wonders shall never end! I'm not surprise any way,
suuhweeet! Now just to work on the say have the cameras and other sensors nicely tucked out of sight (at least during normal operation) and only pop out when in use (aka, leaving the bar at 2am). Hello Designated Robot Driver.
awesome google ty fantastic project saw somthing like this many years ago on program called beyond 2000 and its application for disabled is magic magnificent there is a video if anyones interested ... and thats why i love google :P Apollofm
Will never be able to afford anything like that
i could also be used to drive drunks home ...most accidents are from people under the influence :)
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