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He has a new jaw, teeth and tongue as a result of what US doctors are calling the most extensive face transplant ever performed. Hear the lead surgeon explain how he gave Richard Norris a new face and a new lease of life.
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Looks like Meg Ryan after her last surgery, so it is hard to call it "success"
well, in comparison to what there was before, it might be called a success!
Excellent job.. I wonder if those acid attack victims could get a face transplant too....
Sam Hay
thank god for surgeons
Well done! I hope that this guy gets better life now.
inga sh
well done to doctor
Totally different person. Wonderful!
John Ryan
I've never seen such passive aggressive quotation marks.
What an amazing feat of surgery, hope that Richards progress and recovery goes well
welldone people gave a new life
I learned a new acronym today. vascularized composite allograft (VCA)
Thank u Surgeon and his team.Congrats Richard.
hope youe recovery goes well and good luck with your new life
If i were him I'll never go out of my house.. This medical team is amazing
It,s amaging what human are able to accomplish to help better, follow man . Now that is true aryan race
they have to start somewhere. It will be great when they are able to restore people who have been badly disfigured, like women who have had acid tossed on them by abusive men, a practice that seems to go unpunished in some woman-hating cultures.
I don't want to see the final bill from Doctors..
wow, awesome work from the surgeons and all of the team involve.
It is real I'm from connecticut where the lady got mauled by the chimp where she lost her face and hands. The transformation is truly incredible she looks wonderful
Dana R
Feel much empathy for him. God bless
wow..the doctors perhaps gave a new life to the man!!
Mik M
Its nice to see science advances helping someone - amazing transformation!
America isn't all that bad.........they do help out once in a while. :)
that must cost alot of amazing what doctors can do 4 u nowa days..........amazing what technology can do 4 you
+Ronesia Malone They developed the procedure in France and a complete transplant was carried out in Spain first.
Are those mug shots?? Looks like a criminal. lol!
i wish everyone that need a face transplant should get one
This tells you how far medical field come. This is like winning the lotto. 
good job for the doctors, and a new life for Richard.
+Siphiwe Patrick Mhlophe I think you'll find that in this case its the surgeons that did a wonderful thing, as well as the person who sadly died but donated their body/organs so other people could live. It had nothing to do with god. What is amazing is that medicine has come so far that this kind of surgery is now becoming more and more available for everyone. 
If it was possible to -1 a comment, I would for this one... The guy has gone through MAJOR surgery for this, and all you can come up with is a 'lol'... Hilarious (not....)
Good stuff. Keep up the good work
great .... new life to him
thanks to all support
what the heck????????
thats just weird
Makes me want to count my blessings.
Lisa Mendie will spend eternity in Hell
No mention of Arseface from Preacher yet? Internet, I am disappointed in you.
i think i'm gonna have nightmares tonight....... wierd
oh god.I can't believe it.great.heartly wishes to the people who work for this.
+john Juarez Article says using organs from one donor . That's why it's called an allograft and not an autograft which is getting parts from yourself for the surgery.

It's an awesome lifesaving feat, so you shouldn't have nightmares, +Isabella Bianchi!
thats amazing. i dunno how id feel though just the thought off all that being removed and replaced....
luc li
吴宇森还挺有名的- -
It must be strange to not see yourself in the mirror and have some one else staring back. I wish for his recovery.
Gives me the hibby jibbys. lol
It's a lesson in relativity. If you saw the picture on the right by itself you'd say, "Damn! What happened to that guy?" Beside the one on the left, though, you say, "Wow! He looks great! That's amazing!" Context and relativity at work.
Awesome. I'm sure he feels he got a new lease on life, good for him....!!
Amazing.. God helps him by the doctor,so he must Praise the Lord by living in love to anyone..
that is absolutely amazing that he got his life back after something like that happened to him.
its sooo not the same person!!!!!!!!
Incredible. I wonder how this impacts his sense of 'self' and 'identity'?
He's about to have his life back. A whole new life at that. How great is this?! Thank goodness for modern medicine!
i hope he is happy with the work they've done on him. A very job well done to the doctors who operated on him.
all they had to do was get chuck norris to punch him in the face and its back to normal :D
i agree with this doctor austin
Sometimes we forget what it can mean to live in these times, in a positive way. Tthere is so much to worry about these days.
in the first picture it looks like he walked in on ur mom naked XD
This is staggering... this is what science and technology is about - adding value to people's lives!
well you got to say this is funny like if you were born like that wouldnt you want to fix your face........ by shooting it with a 22!
I wonder if the invention of the face transplant is Nobel Prize worthy.
yes it won the nabel prize for sucking d**k
Great job ! new life, congt!!!
wow he looks amazing i tip my hat to my doctorz who did thiz man a favor
Whao!! Am hapi for Mr Richard,lyfe just startin! U had beta get nu passport!
ahh theis guy is just like me! i wear other peoples faces all the time naked around my house with a jar of peanut butter in one hand and my 9 in the other and the sit on the couch and stare in the mirror, then after 6 hours of that i cook the face medium rare and eat it under a candle light dinner
congratulations man, respect to the surgeons, this guy is probably now the happiest guy in the world!
I wonder what he'll look like in 6 months, because right now, he looks pretty punched up.
i think the same thing with Austin and greg
I know he is very thankful. I don't think he would mine looking like the donor as long as the donor had no one looking for him.
Just imagine, what will be possible in the future. There will be more incredible things than just flying cars ... :)
ya your right his face looks too uncooked, uncooked face are just not pleaseing to my stomach
Praise God! Thank you to the doctors for giving this man his life back.
God is where? One of the surgeons? At his medical insurance company? One of the researchers? Maybe you should give credit where credit is due
Holy crap thats amazing. what happened to him was it a birth defect?
wonderful technology, great job by american doctors heads off i bow my to the doctors
What, they couldn't give the poor guy some lipo on that transplanted double-chin?
what a pice of ugly and now they call me ugly wow thats some arsome chin cant wait for it on the news soz fanz i think its u g l y ugly
not long from now people will be able to get a face transplant that looks perfectly normal like nothing happened ^.^
It says gunshot wound....The article is more informative than the pic. It is a miracle and amazing.
+Don Madlung God was there in the hands of the surgeon and the operating room team. God was there when this man suffered through his initial accident, keeping him alive. The question isn't whether or not God was or wasn't there. The question is, what are you doing to edify the lives of your fellow man? What are you doing that gives ANYONE a modicum of hope? Before you voice any criticism of God, you had better be sure you are in a position of strength and be able to provide evidence that you are qualified to criticize God... Oh, wait... You're just another flawed human being whose wages of sin is death.... Romans 3:23, Romans 6:23... But you too can have hope if you're not too proud to be a little humble: Romans 10:9-10 & Romans 10:13.
that fuckin austin guy or should i say kid needs to get fucking real grow up realy or get the fuck off this sight go back to pre k fucking basterd and happy for this guy
After reading the post, people can be so ignorant and soulless. The doctors did a remarkable job on this man. Not everyone was born perfect in every way nor will anyone be perfect. There is a flaw in every single human being alive. Be thankful you are alive and dont judge ppl by their looks. Some of you ppl need some serious therapy and a good ass whooping if you ask me.... Sorry your parents or whom ever raised you didn't not teach you manners or respect for others.
What a wonderful thing to be able to give someone an entire new outlook on life every day! Pretty amazing work!
This man is more beautiful than many of you will ever be.
First thing I woulda said; "I'm Fuckin BEAUTIFUL! Look at the first girl I see....Wanna do this or not?"
D Dukes
Truly amazing. Wishing that man the best of luck!!!
Great , but are you sure he isn't wanted anywhere ? Check the mug shots ?
How weird would it be the first time you looked in the mirror after the surgery!? Like looking at a stranger, but it's you! God Bless.
He's got a face only someone else's mother would like
great.................i wish him speedy recovery...........
Nata m
great doctor
i wonder how long under the knife ?
I am stunned and hope that he uses his new looks for Good and not Evil. ;) He was saved by Science !
+Ben Brady "you cant reason with religious people otherwise there would be no religious people" - Dr. House .. i cant quote from a fictional character when you can quote from something fictional
Not sure why people think this is disgusting, the guy can't help how he looks before and after the procedure...The surgeons did what they could for his face, and I think they did very well.
Its our obsession with horror that I don't like, do we have to report every train wreck, baby killing, etc.Yes the world is a horrible place but do we have to roll in the muck ? I'm not saying a face transplant is not a great idea, but lets look at the bigger picture
wow, this is amazing and wow his face looks completely restored! Thats awesome
Half of these comments make me despair for humanity. This isn't "gross" or "ugly" or "disgusting." It's a triumph of modern medicine and a new lease on life for a man who experienced a tragic accident. So, congrats to Richard Norris and his surgical team!
This is a fine example of why I have "organ donor" on my license.
what a wonderful change to this mans life .amazing.
Sudhar gya re face
ßohot dalran($) lage hoge !
Its amazing on how far we have come and can offer this to people who no longer have what was taken away from them. I praise all these doctors who go to their limits and beyond to make miracles happen!
hahahahahaha funny comment by rahool r.
what sucks is he's still not good looking think they would fix that
May GOD ,Bless him & the Drs. :)
aimee C
I've seen a lot of miracle in modern medicine, the impossible becomes possible...Big thumbs up to the teams who always brings hope n new life beginning to the ppl that suffers from years of disfigurement.To the ppl who will have or had ag neg feedback...Bless u all with ur good faces hopefully u won't need one someday...
Awesome. Looks very good. Hope you enjoy your new life.
The courage to go on has be rewarded with such an amazing gift.
Too bad he had to lose his hair
i cant believe it....i would like to know more
The real and only reason people should get plastic surgery. I'm tired of all these rich women with a hump on their nose running straight to the surgeon with their wallets wide open.
What does something like this do to one's identity? It would be hard to keep a concrete hold on one's own constructed reality. This man has had a very hard life and has had challenges most of us will never know. Thank God for the surgeons that did this work, the science that allowed it to take place, and for the people and organizations who funded the procedure. Be praying for you brother.
Hope he has a better life. Now on the lighter side, I get a transplant if I looked like Daryll Sutter too.
Doctor Good Job, Well done.
great job but it is not good when you r not proud of ur face if it was nt an accident..\
omg that is great good for that guy!!!!
its really unbelievable that something like this can be done . what a wonderful world we are living in {man criticising God's image}
Very much disturbing..."Face-Off"
That was one ugly mother fucker
Amazing how with a little time and effort you can do anything!
god damn, bra fucked hella up, fuck he do ate sum
Why would aliens be able to tell us how to get beyond caring bout wat we look like? Lmao wtf haha.
that's some change like. Amazin wat can be done these days. Just a shame they used a character designer for grand theft auto for the surgeon.
big diffrence u can make a diffrence in your life it just takes time.
good advancement in the medicine world... :)
applauds and congrats !
I'm so happy for this guy! It's great to see someone's life changed. <3
Wish everyone would stop thanking god, otherwise this fantastic op would have been possible 200 years ago.
It's a blessing that these procedures R available bwcause there r people in dire neez of help
anyone else think that that is creepy?
It is geat achievement to make such a good surgery may god bless to the doctor I always wish Doctor in his future
I still don't exactly understand how these surgeons did this, but this is most definitely a revolution in science and medicine! If we can replace someones FACE, then thats just one more step up the evolutionary ladder that is science. Hopefully, one day, far in the future, of course, we as humans may be able to fix anything. There are so many problems that exist that, given the right technology and science, could be worth our time to fix.
Saw the x-rays, helluva reconstruction job. Kudos to the surgeons.
omg gonna loose ur reputation!
because his face is swollen.....
+David John First of all, the Bible is not 'fictional'. The Bible IS the inspired word of God. Secondly, I'll pose the very same question to you that I asked previously... What are YOU doing to edify your fellow man and what are you doing, if anything at all, to provide ANYONE with even one sliver of hope? You see, my wife and I are not just 'religious people'. We are Christians and we live our Christianity. Right at this moment we have a woman living with us that as of 3 days ago was homeless and virtually without hope. Why? Because she epileptic and has very severe seizures if she's not able to take her medication. More than 30 hours without it and she's in real trouble. She's been living on the street all winter and we just found out about her this weekend. We IMMEDIATELY gave her a safe place to live IN OUR HOME because we have a spare bedroom that isn't being used for anything. I'm on social security disability and my wife has just been diagnosed with a benign brain tumor and syringomyelia (look it up, it's not much fun). She's had to give up her job as a school bus driver because of it. So even though we don't have much, we're willing to share with someone who needs what we CAN share. How about you? Are you willing to go out of your way to make a difference?
Yup.... that's him alright... recognized him from his ear...:-)
How'd he become that way in the first place?
I bet he is very happy its amazing what doctors can do now!
damn he still looks like a pedivial
Was just listening about him on world have your say. They did a great job considering
This is just wonderful kudos to the surgeon and the team.
Whoever did the surgery has magical hands. You cant even tell its the same person.
+1 for this guy. He must be on top of the world right now.
The second one looks like me when I touch a cat
EEEWWW why would you put that thats's just nasty!!!!!!!!!!!!
You people ought to be ashamed of yourselves. The poor guy didnt choose the face he was given. No he isnt handsome but you cant judge anyone by how they look. He could be the sweetest guy on earth for all you know. This is why the world is such a hateful place, because of people like you.
It hurts to imagine the hell this man must have been through. The surgery is remarkable!
I strongly agree with you katie klassen
The only thing i can say is Wow!!!,Fantastic!!!!.A, Zillion thank's to these special Doctors,and all hospital staff that make people feel very comfortable,from start to the very end.
I've seen so many posts in these comments that call this man "ugly"... Those of you who are so shallow and consider yourselves to be 'experts' on what is beautiful or even 'acceptable' should be ashamed of yourselves. You should consider yourself lucky the next time you are in a situation that could be potentially catastrophic to your 'good looks' and thank God that YOU don't have to go through life as this poor man did. He's been the receipient of a miracle, and you can bet that HE doesn't think he's 'ugly' any longer.
It's posted cuz it's an achievement. He looks "weird" simply because of inflammation. Once it goes down after a while he'll look different.
his cousin chuck Norris payed for the surgery 
wow. tht is scary... dude got one jacked up face either way!!! no ofence to him or any thing but it's tru
Medical science is so cool! And hats off to all the surgeons, nurses, doctors even the cleaners.
The wonders of modern science.
There are some fantastic things about our ability to discover and this is certainly one of them. What a Gift!
Wow.... imagine looking in the mirror after that... i couldnt imagine the change those doctors had on his life- one of the few good points of plastic surgery. congratulations you made this guys life a whole lot better!
oh my god! i will say the same moonberry cat!
That's just great; I am continually shocked by the developments in the medical profession.
this is the consummate use of a plastic surgeon's skill , not just beautifying spoilt rich bimbos with too much cash.
Its sad that appearances really matter too much in our world.He might be a very beatiful person inside and that can outshun the appearance.Surely if i loved the person inside him,one would have remind me what flaws he has on the face.All the same,he now has a chance of people liking him before getting to actually knowing him,so good work.
+Rosemarie Rabor Calling him a  'cosmetic surgeon' is trivialising it, though... 'Reconstructive' surgery is a better term....
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