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Emergency services in the UK have rescued more than 100 people from floods in Wales which have swamped holiday parks and forced residents to evacuate their homes. RAF helicopter teams have joined lifeboat crews and firefighters in a major operation across the Aberystwyth area. Victims of the floods spoke to BBC News:
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And we still have a hosepipe ban. Glad no one was seriously hurt in this. 
Sadly the UK's flood defenses are almost nil, have been for decades and this is a story that keeps repeating, time and time again. Costs have since spiraled off the wall, and what was will never be. This is June, not winter or autumn, be prepared for a lot more flooding.
Well yes if they keep allowing caravan parks to be built next to rivers.....  what would you expect.
Flooding is a pattern in land as well. The Riverways Authority have not kept pace with the appalling state of many rivers, small wonder they burst their banks.
Yes, that's exactly how I remember camping in Wales.
Alternatively we could just accept that sometimes bad stuff happens and that's the price for living in such a wonderful world.

The countless millions of hours of joy gained from riversides far outweighs these occasional disasters. Imagine how dour our world would be if everything that anyone wanted to do had to be approved in triplicate and guaranteed not to ever inconvenience anyone, ever.
As +Tony Carroll says - this is the price you pay for living where we do.
The automatic reaction to events like this is to fight it. This is arrogant and wasteful but most of all, futile. In a battle between humans and nature, my money's on nature every time.
Whenever there is flooding in Ghana, we all blame the government for allowing people to build their houses along water ways. We also blame the government for bad drainage system. would one then say it is same in UK. I pray that all people living there are rescued
We're blessed that we don't get any serious natural disasters in the UK to be honest
do you live in the UK i live in the USA
My sentiments exactly +David Robertson

Yes it is bad luck to lose your mobile home, or your car,... carpet or sofa.., but it is hardly the 'disaster' people are  making out. 

Thankfully it appears nobody has been hurt. 

Our landslides here which will close the roads for a couple of days are nothing compared to the body filled rivers of mud that other countries see. 

We have no trains and buses running at the moment, and you have to pick your driving line carefully along the roads that are open, but we will get over it.
It is so terrible that this has happened respect to all those people in the caravans :) 💗💜💚💙
After the recent hot spell, it was destined to rain incessantly.
It was destined, predicted, it had rained for 48 hours straight, it was on the news, TV, radio, front pages of the newspapers, yet these people chose to park their caravans there and remain despite the clear warnings... 

My cousin went on Tuesday, supposedly for a week, but came back Thursday night due to the weather warnings. Just as well as he had only just bought a brand new caravan. :)
It's just stuff ! Possessions can be replaced. Keep calm put your swim suit on and enjoy.
Compared with the floods in Asia, this flood is nothing. But if an area is lack of flood defences, any flood can cause huge damage.
If the authorities warn you and you don't evacuate then you should not only have to buy new stuff you should pay to be rescued. We call that paying the stupid tax here in the USA.
If you buy a house on a floodplain, I don't want to see you whining about it when it's inevitably flooded.
As my geography teacher always says 'you can try to fight against nature and and protect yourself, but nature always wins'. Humans just need to stop building on ridiculous hazard zones.
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