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See how the London Olympics site is shaping up, including the opening ceremony set, with these stunning aerial shots by photographer Jason Hawkes.
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This is fabulous! I have been interested in what the view might be from a surface to air missile at the Games.
Hmm... I also wondered if it is still allowed to make photos in London. I heard that tourists are being harassed by policemen when they take photos.
My neices are in the opening ceremony 
I can't wait for London 2012 got tickets to 4 events!!! 
I am concentrating on Euro 2012 at present.
+Lana norman i'm in the opening and closing ceremonies too they're going to be amazing!
From those pictures, I think we should have spent some money putting the railway and road in a tunnel. The orbit would look better if it was taller. The stadium let down the site as well, may be it will look better once the wrap is added. 

I got a  friend who is doing something with BMXs, I presume it BMX anyway, he will not tell me what exactly he doing. 
I can't wait for all this to be over.  This corporate sponsored event.  CocaCola, McDonalds & Atos Healthcare.  If you made it up no one would believe you.  Would love to know how much the BBC are paying and how much this has really cost us.  The British Army going to be used on British people.  Its sick.
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