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Once an everyday essential, now a luxury item... Find out how the fountain pen came back into fashion.
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Because nothing beats old fashioned pen and paper!
Once worn in, I feel fountain pens write way smoother than ball points.
A Romanian named Petrache Poenaru invented the fountain pen while studying in Paris, the French Government patented in May 1827.
^Austin: To be honest, it's stood the test of time.
Let's bring back papyrus! Who's with me? :)
+Austin Deely papyrus! pah! modernfangled stuff... if it's not chiselled into rock, it's not worth reading.
I don't have a fountain pen anymore, it's so yesterday, it's been more than 15 years, in my native Europe they still use it, not so much in the US. I think the sales are rising and it's becoming more expensive, it's rare.
has anyone tried to photocopy a letter (or signature if it is an official document) that has been written in ink for fountain pens? give it a try and you will find some don't even leave a trace some will leave markings that cannot be read.
i actually use rotring pens [as mentioned above] but normally i just use a propelling pencil... i just find it nicer...
I doubt that ink stained pockets from leaky fountain pens will ever become fashionable again.
It's a ton cheaper if you make them yourself which I have done before
That's if your making them out of wood and have the necessary tools
Sean S
As a student in Thailand 17 years ago, we had to use fountain pens. Starting in the 5th grade you moved from pencil to pens and fountain pens.
I have about 8 of them, I love those things! I have a parker with gold plated nibs from like 1948... works like a charm!
I've used a fountain pen regularly for four years now, and I just love the way it writes. I find my handwriting changes between a fountain and ballpoint pen. All my handwritten pieces leave a very distinct - and usually very good - impression.
I've used a fountain pen since 1960 and love them. Much nicer than ball points. They're cheaper too, since once you have the pen a bottle of ink lasts almost forever.
I got my first fountain pen 22 years ago in Paris while in college. Still have it, still love it.
Dan Box
I bought one a few weeks back, love them! Haven't had one for years!
This is making me want to buy a new fountain pen. After ears of computer keyboards, my hand writing with a ballpoint is almost unreadable. I seem to remember nice, neat handwriting with a Parker fountain. and BBC News on TV does a pretty good job trying to get the news out there that we need to know about. What are you doing? Are you the distraction on Google Plus?

This is the last time I will view your reports of information that is irrelevant on my feed. I am removing you from my circles. You will be considered an incredulous source of information until you report on the real news.
I prefer fountains but only 2 brands sells barely affordable fountains now. Don't expect to find cheap alternatives in the supermarket. Sad.
I love my fountain pen. Although, it's not very often that I need to write something more than an occasional signature nowadays. 
I remember when I was in India, it was awesome to have a fountain pen. But now in U.S., no one has it :(
I could never change the cartridges properly at school.
Wow! I forgot about this these and this period in life when I was obsessed with Calligraphy and handwriting. The cartridges…the spillages…the nibs of different sizes…(had a fun childhood). Now my handwriting is a selection of letters I admired from a mixture of different people when I was young - a complete mess.
They're no good for left handers. You just end up with smudged writing and ink all over your hand.
Hah. Still remember fighting for ballpens while looking askance at my leaky fountain pen.

What an idiot I was.
We grew up with Fred Eager's "The Italic Way to Beautiful Handwriting" from the minute we took pen in hand through 8th grade. Originally our pens were nib and stem dipped into the well in each desk. We did move to fountain pens with bladders finally. The principal took up Italics because no one could read his handwriting while he was growing up and he believed the script to be most legible when taking notes! We took lots of notes in school! Schaeffer still offers calligraphy fountain pens suitable for daily use.
^_^ I could use cartridges, but a bottle of ink is wildly cheaper.
I have (and regularly use) a matched pair. I was amused when a friend (upper 40's) borrowed one and couldn't figure out how to make it work. <G> You can keep your modern gel pens.
I will have to get myself one now, all I have is a look alike fountain pen for calligraphy
I've used fountain pens for years. Gives my sheet music a nice quality to it.
I haven't used anything other than a fountain pen in many years..
I use a bottle too, +Jack Smith. I do cheat and use converters, though. Wish I could afford a good lever. :)
One of the primary signs of a jackass. The other being the pocket watch.
I have several but I only use them when writing letters to my wife. I find that using a fountain pen improves my handwriting vastly.
I love the idea that you, +Graeme Smyth want to have the best penmanship for your wife. Commendable.
More and more you are NOT having to make 3 or 6 copies so you don't have to PRESS DOWN, you can once again write and the copy machine or now it is scanned.
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