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Donations and tributes pour in to the fundraising webpage of collapsed marathon runner.
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You know? Red online keep. All days.
such a shame it happened, raised alot of money though
There seems to be similarities between the London marathon and the Grand National.
dont see why they need money and +Paul Kundu its nothing like the grand national as she chose to run and the horses dont. it is tragic tho and my thoughts are with her family
This title is a crash blossom if I ever saw one. Though it makes a lot more sense after going to the BBC site.
While it is a tragedy that the woman collapsed during the Marathon and unfortunately didn't survive, I don't see why they needed a pool of donations from the public. Madness.
how the hell did she manage to kill herself on a marathon without realising she didn't feel well? thats just weird
Life is so fragile and no one knows when it'll be their turn.!
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