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A recent threat, purportedly from the hacker group Anonymous, stated boldly that its members would stop the internet on 31 March. Could they really do it?
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Hmmm... they said the same thing about facebook I guess, but nothing happened
In other news, 'man makes a pair of wings and flies'.
Wow,anarchy has come to such a level,shame on the hackers.
Bluffing. Those hackers act like women under "that time of the month"! They're always whining. Could someone please place a pacifier between their lips? 
Something to disrupt DNS would probably be effective, although it would probably be tracked down and resolved quickly.
and perhaps the guy will be arrested by FBI
false - why would anonymous even want to stop the internet? they attack greed, not the internet
why would geeks want to shut down the internet???
Well. every DNS pointing to root server. "Poisoning" the root server would in fact make the internet useless. Or you could attack the backbone router that does IPv6 to IPv4 translation, that also would make internet useless. Also you could attack the BGP router. Or you could attack the ICANN directly. The whole internet is controlled by them (And the stupid UN still couldn't agree on providing 'alternate" root-server that's controlled by UN instead of controlled by a US entity).

Though all require security using encryption keys. If you noticed several months before, many of CA (Certificate Authority) server were being "hacked". Even RSA (like it or not) had their CA server "compromised" (though RSA said it never jeopardizes the security of its encryption strength. But in the mean time, they asked their customers to replace the hardware 2-factor RSA-keys. Go figure it yourself).

If you're able to get master keys from CA-server, you could decrypt and make your own "auntenticated" keys, so other servers/routers/bgp think you are a legit entity. If those anonymous get those masters keys, well... yes, they can (at least) crippled parts of the internet.
Bunch of losers who are nothing but terrorists .. I hope someone finds them and thoroughly screws them publicly
+Joshua Lagina +mark harris - I think a better question is why wouldn't they want to do it? Think about this from a logical point of view for a minute. You're a hacker / activist group that wants to be in the news. You want your opinions and objectives to be seen by the masses, but most news agencies are not putting you on the front page. So, how do you get the drones and worker bees to understand you mean business? You shut down their ability to read email, stay in contact with their social media addictions, watch their automated stock programs, etc. Anonymous knows just as you should that taking down the DNS system won’t last long and everyone will have their beloved Internet back before they know it. One thing however will definitely be different. Everyone would know the name Anonymous and their views will be highly publicized and debated on threads such as this one for years to come. Which is great if you’re suffering from an extreme want to be the “known unknown”, not to mention street-cred like “I took down the Interwebs” is probably viewed as a good thing in the social circles they take part in...
Another "Bullshit Bullshit Crap News" bulletin...
Poison DNS in just the right way and the "internet" will be stopped. It won't take long to fix but it could happen.
They honestly probably could shut down a fair old chunk of it, but they probably wouldn't bother.

It's far more likely that Governments would (Attempt to) shutdown the internet and then blame it on Anonymous. They make great scapegoats.
If they would manage to do that I'd be pretty impressed:) I don't know how but if they did +Jayson Brown your idea sounded pretty good. If they can, why wouldn't they :)
When a government wants an excuse to further choke things with regulation, they invent boogey men to justify it. BBC+, I'd like to see the source of your threat please.
This oddly sounds familiar - haven't they already made threats like that before? Oh no - that was the Justice department website... they succeeded... But the entire Internet, now THAT'S something
Claiming to fight for internet freedom!
Planning to rob people of their freedom to use the entire internet!
Constantly preventing people from using sites for no real reason!
Fuck yeah!
well, their action is violating my benefit and ppl those pay for using the internet. In a way to defend ppl's right and freedom, but not the way to violate ppl's the right. There should be a better way for liberty.
Just putting it out there, whats described in this article isn't really that bad... there would be a short period of time where new domain registrations and IP address won't propagate around the world... big whoop, it won't be a biggie to general web browsing.
The internet is built on redundancy, even if they take down the "big 13" DNS servers, there are millions of DNS servers that are all copies of them, all over the world.
This is basically a bunch of true facts being misinterpreted into a logical fallacy and reported as a legitimate potential.

Good on anonymous for wanting to protest in a noticeable way, but really, even without DNSSEC fully implemented, the pure structure of the internet is gonna make their work very, very cut out for them.

Also remember, in your media-fueled consumption of the facts, "hackers" are the ones who BUILT the internet, and they are the ones who would be able to break it. What you see here, playing around with DDoSing, not hackers, they barely even amount to crackers...
Kids and their toys...
The thing I like the least about the BBC journalist's theorising is suggesting that ANON would spread a virus to turn people's PCs into 'bots' ANON have never spread viruses to carry out DDOS attacks. They had people volunteer control of their PCs for this purpose. I don't think it's beyond the realms of possibility, at least not on a country by country basis. I'd be awed if they pulled it off. And for people bashing this group, have they actually targeted YOU? Do your homework before you liken them to Al qaeda!
+Nick Hunter I don't liken them to Al Qaeda, that would be silly, they haven't hurt anyone. I liken them to kids, they found themselves a toy and are having fun using it to disrupt people they don't like.
it's all very "impressive" to take down a web site, even a server, but nothing they've done yet is all that impressive.

It just gets coverage.
I really hope they succeed.

At this rate, I will really need the downtime by Saturday.

Go Anonymous, go. .
+Nick Hunter Let's not drink the cool-aid just yet. History has shown us that the Anon/Lulz LOIC application has been infected in the past. Of course it's up for debate on how that came to be infected. Some claim Anonymous did it, while other claim the U.S Government did it. The only idea you can safely back or bet on during situations such as this is - trust no one.
A combination of things and self inflicted sabatoge can affect the systems to varying degrees, but the impact should have no concequences. Everything (infrastructure) is designed to withstand every imaginable threat, there should be no vulnerabilities. At worse, we may see a little hiccup.
I hate centralized systems.. every country or group of countries should have their own domain registration system and its also should shared to all........
Stop the tyranny with the internet, that's what BBC left out. <3 Anonymous woot.
luckily I will be at a beer festival so their timing is perfect!
The Facebook thing was a group pretending to be anonymous. This is probably another fake.
thinking about the sheer logistics alone of how many server systems and their designed failsafe and backup resources. If they do knock out anything it will probably only be for a short while.

It might be enough to hurt a number of companies and governments with heavy financial investments into the infrstructure. Downtime can cost heaps to net-dependent companies - the more time offline means less profit being made and more likely losing money in the process.

Even if critical DNS top end systems go offline - some resources will still remain up and accessible depending on what your ISP is managing to route to.
+Dylan Cassilly I agree with ur point dude.... but you know Forex Trade, Share Market is also depend son Internet and market goes up and down with this type of threats or news
+Abdul Wahab Speaking about that, these "NEWS" are probably inside trading acts... Sell stocks before the news comes out, buy it back once the news has a negative effect.
+Dylan Cassilly they do not ruin the economy.. do you know how many people are really rich in whole world? hundreds? thousands? not even lacs.... maximum some thousand business persons run the major economy and they treat it like this.......
Be back on the next day, we could all do with a break : )
+Nkansah Rexford I think that's what they are proposing - shutting down the internet does not mean turning off your computer - it means finding a way to shutdown key backbone internet connections owned by corporations by some means... without the primary backbone servers - large chunks of the internet cannot be accessed by most people.
I watched a video where they said that this is made up. They said they would not take down the tool they use to accomplish what they do and that the government made this up to cast them in a bad light.
Yeah. you r right +pegatha gaile at least me and my industry related colleagues will get a real leave from work :-)
Great idea Anon give the American Government more reasons to control the internet :D:D:D
Why on a Saturday? Most Business is done Monday ~ Friday
That's OK. I don't use the internet anyway.
There is something to be learned with every "bad idea"...
oh and by the way the 31st of March was a bad day for me anyway..I married my ex....:)
Anonymous will not attack the medium they operate from, internet is the weapon they use to expose corruption. If someone really wants to shut down internet i think that will be the politician who dont like it and wants to control it, and blame anonymous so the people think they are terrorist. Makes me sad to see that this bullshit news are in the "hot" stream on google+.
Anonymous are the people who know the best that Internet can't be "stopped". This is retarded and BBC should feel ashamed for believing this
Matt C
If they can't bring down Facebook, I seriously doubt they can stop the whole internet.
The group of Anonymous that hacks websites didn't try to take down Facebook, it was a random guy and everyone believed him.
I can stop the Internet myself. It's called turning off the computer. Anonymous, like those it claims to fight against aren't out to help anyone but themselves. This mental war is absurdly childish and tiresome.

There are really real things going on in this world and this constant bickering about whose to blame for all of life's problems is setting us all back from achieving our true potential.
+Matt C, you aren't comparing "like" concepts. The idea of bringing down facebook involves a completely different security hack. I hope they can do it.
Anyways, in the case the threat is real it won't "stop" the Internet; it will just make you type full IP addresses to go to a website, nothing more.
Not a chance in hell. If they couldn't stop Facebook, they sure as hell can't stop the entire internet.
Ohh Anonymous, please fuck off. Please stop getting your ass kicked again and again. You cannot bring a website down, so how the hell can you bring the millions and millions of servers down at once. Bitch Please !.
Haha. Stop the Internet? Come on... It doesn't work like that.
lol, it reminds me of South Park
Oh my mom will be quite happy coz my internet addication irritated her
I think it is doubtful that this is actually from Anonymous, or if it is that they would actually carry out such a thing. I think it is more likely to be either a false-flag operation, or a warning about the architecture and operation of the internet that generates and maintains it in a vulnerable state.

What the Arab Spring has shown, is that electronic communication is very effective at allowing people to bypass their governments when their governments are not following the will of the people. Virtually every individual person thinks that is a good thing. Virtually every government thinks that is a bad thing and is seeking to prevent it from happening in their country.

Even the US Government wants a “kill switch” for the internet.

An important reason the internet is vulnerable to attack is because it was designed to be vulnerable to attack. When the internet has a “kill switch”, then anyone who finds that kill switch or can simulate it, or can activate what ever it activates can also kill the internet.

The best way to prevent the internet from being killed is to design it so that no one can kill it. I appreciate that this is anathema to governments who all want top-down control of everything. Top-down control of the internet is incompatible with the internet being immune from attack.

Maybe this is a scheme to give more power to those who want to make the internet more resistant to attack and to take power away from those who want to watch and monitor everything that everyone does on the internet and be able to shut it down. If you leave a back door, then you have left a vulnerability that someone else can exploit.
My mom would be so upset because she is addicted to the internet...
nothing is impossible... but stop the internet....haah....
+Jayson Brown I'm in the UK so don't "drink cool aid!" (and I thought it was kool aid?) I just go berserk. If ANON infect anything or take anything down they claim credit, end of. I've downloaded and used their tools before, they are exactly what they claim to be. I'd place more trust in ANON than I would the banks, the US/UK government and the press. I guess that's more a sad fact about the world's state of affairs than it is my faith in ANON! lol
If I can't get to my Minecraft Server I'm going to have a seizure.
B Lloyd
They would have to kill all of the TLDS. If they can do that it can stop the net. Not so sure they are that good, it has never been done.
sounds like an April Fool's Day joke
31st it's too early..... Why not 21st Dec????
Wow finally somebody said it. It's an April Fools joke.
These are cowardice filled comments because if they would,they would not ever want anybody to know it.This is just a mere threat just to get the attention of the Internet users and the entire fraternity.
These are people fighting for YOUR rights. They are not anarchists. Muslims are just that. They are simply doing little harm and causing a big number of eyes to be affixed to a certain situation.
Good for them.
i beleive this hackers are supported by US Govt. maybe to find out whther its possible ?
Please listen to me very carefully, if your thinking about that's your problem if your waiting til March 31st to do this so be it but Do you hear that? I think I hear KLUCKN'!!! Please stop WHAT. KLUCKN' DO IT I TRIPLE DOG DARE YOU!! GROW UP..
Well, BBC got you to click and comment. Old Moneyed Media wins again.
I thought that they claimed they would not do such a thing when the FBI accused them of trying to shut power plants down... ??
destroy anonymous now (don't screw with the net) it's a wonderful thing
No, they can't stop the interwebz. They aren't acting like women during "that time of the month", but actually acting like men who need that "Men At Work" sign to show they matter . ☺
While individuals acting under the Anonymous label have made numerous grandiose claims that have not come to reality, the mere threat does help force folks to take a critical look at the systems in place. 'Why would you want to?' People are never going to take the threat seriously unless someone acts on it.

SOPA brought to light how dependent and dangerous the existing setup can be. Flip the conversation around and think about the fact that technically, there are 13 points on the internet that largely dictate what you do or don't see on the Web.

I personally must say that I doubt that they are going to be able to muster the level of cooperation that it would take to pull this off. That being said, I would not take the threat itself lightly.
If you type Google 3 times into Google, it breaks the internet. Try it ...
A shamefull way to try to make me read 133+ comments
day after my bday? could you save it a day maybe
That is the problem of raising children without limits,
when that group of "ANONYMUS" were children and teenagers, no one gave them discipline and taught to respect, now they want to continue doing his will, are nothing but adult tantrums to prove they can do something and make his life meaningful. I'd recommend you seek a life ... and leave us vivr ours.
If they do they are twats
Then they would be out of a job!
I total support anonymous, but i don't think they'll be able to.
wtf? Then Anonymous will no longer exist. A good example of cutting off your nose to spite your face...lmao
Why wait til then do it at 5:00 CST.TODAY WAIT? KLUCKN'
Are you threatening me? Cornholyo
Can it be done? Yes, it can. The real question is not so much can it be done but does Anonymous have the talent pool to achieve it. That's as good as anyone's guess. If they have the means, will they? We'll find out in four days.
What would be the point, other then to piss off the people who actually think they're doing good things?
I personally guarantee you that the internet will not be stopped come the 31st.
I don't think it could be easy as they say so lets hope its not true.
i realise its contentious, and would cause an almighty outbreak of chaos, but so long as lives were not at risk, can you imagine how wonderful it would be to have no internet at all for a few days.

no teenage trantrums re facebook limits, no distractions from social media, no hashtag storms, no eyeball tempatations.

i have dreams of life before the internet, and they are warm and fuzzy.
- Well if they do succeed we'll all be the losers. Because after that what next?
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