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Video: a truck driver manages to jump to safety seconds before a lorry he is towing up a snow-covered road falls down a cliff, taking the truck with it.
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Oh wow how did that happen?
Man, that is a lucky brother trucker!
I can't believe that a truck is towed with no 2nd driver in it. So there must have been another man in the towed truck.
No, typically there are no persons allowed in a towed vehicle.
There was a man in the second truck. He is in the hospital with severe fractions to several bones.
There needs to be a driver in the towed vehicle to use brakes, if it is towed with a line. The linked article says: "The driver of the lorry also managed to survive his vehicle's fall and is in a stable condition."
wow that was amazing how did he do it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! it just makes me terrifide because my dad is a truck driver. they also need to swich sides so the car drivers will be by the side and the truck drivers in the inside!
According to Norwegian media, the lorry being towed was from Eastern Europe and equipped with what in Norway is called "Summer tires" and no snow chains. Driving with such tires under these conditions is not only inadequate, but grossly irresponsible, and the consequences can be dramatic as shown in this video. I am glad that the driver survived and is reportedly in a "stable" condition, but the situation may not have arisen if the lorry had been adequately equipped for the conditions - and snow in Norway at this time of year is entirely predictable. Unfortunately, this is an altogether too common problem in Norway in winter - a hugely disproportionate number of lorries getting stuck or involved in accidents are foreign and not properly equipped for the severe conditions.
Dear BBC, please add a +1 button to your site! Thanks!
This looks frightening and dangerous.
What's Norwegian for, "Hey ya'll, watch this!"
Good thinking and reaction. If he was in Greece he would be sacked for damaging his employers lorry. Sad but true.
That is why I left my home. I've got 2 uncles who are lorry drivers, well, were lorry drivers. They can tell you stories
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