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The man who invented the remote control has died. Where do you think it ranks in terms of the best inventions?
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James May
His contribution to obesity cannot be measured.
internet (video sites) is killing the TV...
Lee Tje
First step to taking over the world: Invent something that makes people too fat to stop me. I know! I'll mess with peoples TV!
Unlike the iPhone and Facebook, this guy was a true inventor and did change the music industry. RIP
When my grandfather got a computer for the first time he was pointing the mouse at the monitor to try and control it - makes perfect sense if you've been using a remote control for 10 years. In fact, until pretty recently the computer mouse still had a cable - how backwards is that compared to the good old remote control!?
very great man indeed. May his soul rest in peace.
without remote control, couch potato wouldn't be complete....
Don't worry guys turns out he's not dead, he just fell behind the couch!
+Derek Low not true, but this man was responsible for moving the TV back from the couch a few feet, thus allowing "English Couch Potato" his "Poof" for his feet and the ability to lay either horizontally or vertically in relation to the telly box.
(I am not sure how that will read in other country's who speak English)
He'll be buried in a private ceremony (down the back of the sofa).
RIP and thanks for inventing the remote control
Although still chuckling thanks to +Anthony Ashton's comment; in all seriousness, inventions like the TV remote paved the way for new thinking that has lead to the likes of +Google TV.
All the seemingly innocuous little steps we humans take (by accident or invention), add up to eventual giant leaps.
Any invention that helps people skip TV advertising is awesome.
Long may the "mute" button reign. Vale Eugene.
Just ahead of the light saber.
A TV Remote finder would trump it, then we could turn the thing off.
caused a generation of fat people, and another one or two on its way
Uh i'm old enough to remember the world before the remote and ppl just sat on their fat asses and made children change the channel through voice command. lol don't blame this guy cuz ppl are fat lazy pigs :P
the remote has made so many people lazy and fat
To be precise - It was Tesla who actually invented the remote control.
Quote: "At the Electrical Exhibition of 1898, Tesla demonstrated something beyond the limits of technology. His remote control, patent No. 613,809 (1898) was shown there. This invention was made in the US."
Following his death, Scientists have adopted and improved Tesla's original ideas and work .I do not want to diminish E.Polley's effort and opus, but lets make the facts straight: his credits are in the area of improvement and practicality.
So many funny moments, such as when I point it at my wife and press 'mute'
thanks Eugene,,we r lost with out it..RIP
great invention although he made a lot of people lazy and fat... RIP
May you rest in peace, and thanks for the remote.
Blaming him for laziness is like blaming Ronald McDonald for obesity. The clown does not push the burger into your mouth.
Everyone will leave here one day but some names will always live because of what they did for world , 
Was the one who gave us relief from pain of getting up and adjusting the volume, changing the channels, adjusting the picture quality... Will be remembered for along time... A big thanx for inventing the remote... May his soul rest in peace.. Amen
If there is a museum with collections of inventions by and for lazy men
Reminds me of my uncles ultrasonic remote controlled video recorder....way back when.
xi khan
if only he made a remote control for life... damn, you still have to get up yourself to change it!
I had a list of best inventions I could share here, but I can't seem to find them, must have lost them down the back of the sofa...
His family found him between the cushions of the couch.
May his soul rest in peace for saving us from discomfort.
One of many people that had a pure talent and had certainly changed the world.
With all due respect, isn't it Tesla who discovered the principle?
He was a man of his own kind no need to compare him with other--surely he made the world a better place
What a vile and evil man he was. Think of all those televisions all across the world that have suffered because of this man. All a television has ever wanted was a little human interaction once in awhile: a turn of the knob... a push of a button. But this Mr. Polley, in the name of so called "progress" , put an end to the physical purity between man and his set. No more midnight, lighted dial manipulations, hither and fro, between Letterman and Nightflight during commercial breaks: no more playful side-slapping to quiet restless, horizontal holds and color imbalances. No more tin foil wraps during the playoff season...(oh wait, that was about Cable). No more yelling at the young ones to get up and turn the volume down because the music to the My Little Pony cartoon on Saturday morning was just too damn high and daddy is hungover as hell! In short, no more fun. Thank you, sir.
I think he will go to paradise because he let the people say thank you x-man who discovered such technique especially when you come to home from your work and you are tired and catch the remote to change between channels, Imagine that you need to stay near from the TV to change between them.

I think all people saying Allah Bless this Man
Thanks for the greatest invention and making us lazier.
It's a sad day for all remote controls
fuck u mike griffin
he was and will be legend
if it wasnt for no remote controlin advancement whoud hv occured
Just checking. How many of us blaming Eugene Polley for Obesity and laziness have discarded remote control? At least for operations which can be performed by going to the TV.
lol, I'm still waiting for the remote that goes and gets your mobile phone when you've left it downstairs!
Made my life a whole lot better. When I was a kid I WAS the TV remote.

Where is the whistle to find your remote in the recesses of the couch?
Seriously ..

Mike .. I like you comment very much
I think he fall somewhere behind the guy who invented the stuffing for Oreo cookies who just passed.
Lost, down the back of the cosmic couch.
i respect his spirit of innovation but is it really required to have such invention... these are invention which makes your life more comfortable and add obesity to you
Hahahaaa!!!!! Amanda if this could be true work would be easier, just click and this are happening.
hiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii howwwwwwwwwwwwwwww arrrrrrrrrreeeeeeeee uuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu
u can really save your eye by not going near to tv oopps. lets welcome all new things rather sitting at home
work hard and party hard
This was our first giant step towards laziness... And then we never looked back!
hes gone to the other side...
Oh here is the man who made me lazy !!
Definitely good invention.....But this dude must have been a little lazy!
Without remote, we would have been bored to death by now,
may be he is included in one of the causes of fat increase
Handy, but not important.
He is the reason why some people in this world are known as "couch potatoes"..."It was one of the greatest inventions ever - courtsey LAZY PEOPLE COMMUNITY"
He was a great man all over the world, can you rest in peace your work will be remembered.
R.I.P thanks for making it that much easier for making changing the channel easier. 
Everyone uses it on something. Its great. R. I. P.
Before the invention of the remote control, I was my father's remote. Thanks for putting me out of a job, Eugene!
Mr Polly has unknowingly caused more inter-marital arguments than he could ever have guessed his super invention could have! Cap off to him for his innovative brilliance! It also seems, as he exits, the next innovation is about to explode on us, meaning gestures not remotes are the way ahead.
What have you Learn from him? RIP Great Achiever
Have we become lazier and more channel-skimmers since.
He might rank high but you must agree that the remote is one of the things you lose all the the and feel dumb looking for because it was right in your face two minutes before!!
The remote is the most powerful thing in your entertainment system, nothing more awarding then being able to flip channels during those long commercial breaks. I wouldn't even watch TV if it wasn't for the remote. RIP Eugene.
I cannot live without my remotes!!!
I believe Tesla may be the rightful owner of the title "Inventor of the Remote Control"...
i think he makes us feel convenient while watching tv or movies of his invention..may his soul rest in peace.
at the top....
without it people wont imagine the world now
There are those who are not "fatties" who've gained a great deal from this invention - disabled people, for instance. Also, this invention led to other remote technology. Thank you for your contribution and rest in peace.

"Remotes don't become lost, people lose remotes"

without the remote control there would be more kids in the world, dad had remote control for everything because he had 6 kids to do the channel changing, open the garage door and change the radio station. lol
It is bad to put someone in badlight AFTER HE DEPARTED, whatever be. We are happy to get our remote. I f he did not what then. It matters the least who should be credited with this. We are the people who enjoy it. We can shed a few tears on his death, without making this controversial, my request to you all.
Top 30. Alan, what makes u think he shouldn't make d news? 
Can you imagine trying to view programs on a hundred different channels without a remote?
It a chaos in the house when the remote was lot :)
The TV remote control is one of those things that don't wait too long to be invented.
NO!!! He created one of the most helpful inventions ever! In a way he sped obesity rates.
What's ironic is that there is a little button on my DVR that I actually have to physically push... (Shocking, I know) so that my remote control beeps when I lose it. RIP blessed man who made it possible for all of us to put our feet up and relax while clicking through 200 channels of whatever's changed the world.
RIP Mr Eugene Polley, an ingenious inventor.
God Bless him! He's sure left a lot of Couch potatoes behind!
Do not blame him for obesity or laziness. That's a conscience choice.
A true visionary. The application of the remote cannot be measured in a day. It's reach covers all modes of human endeavor. I grieve for him.
min min
Hello I live in Myanmar
I like bbc news
He left the world better than he met it; a great heart has ceased to beat! RIP.
He remotely connected with everybody.
+RIP +EugenePolley +96 +ChicagoHospital
I don't think humanity went in the right direction after this invention.
In the early 1970s my father had a long stick near his sofa to change TV channels. A great invention.
On the wake of his passing the best i can do is give my condolences
to the family!
God rest him in peace.
But! although he used IR for TV.. Tesla, discovered it first , just like radio,,alternating ele and more,,others made money on Tesla, who was a humanist and wanted his discoveries to be free for the common good...Tesla dies alone with no fans,,.broke
+johnny sparks Yes you are certainly right. Nikola Telsa invented the remote control. He and Thomas Edison were rivals. Edison believed in direct currents and Telsa believed in alternate currents. Stacy Keach protrayed him in a movie. I forget the title. Telsa should be recognized more. Thanks for the reminder.
Not that far up considering i allways loose it
the invention from a lazy mind for making us lazy
To those who say its helped us get lazy; but I say look at all the disabled who remote controls have made thier life so much better.
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