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As tech allows people to "beam" into remote robots and avatars, what if they commit crimes?
Avatars and robots can now be used to help people "visit" remote locations via the internet - but this raises a host of moral and legal questions.
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Cue the government regulation
It looks like we are getting into some kind of #BladeRunner
#bladerunner was robots becoming self aware. Not robots being controlled by humans.
But it does bring up questions.
Cool, so we finally reached a Ghost in the Shell state of cloud computing and robotics?

I need a cyber-brain and data-jack sub-dermal implant, then.
I'd just need a robot to replace me at work o_O
And when said avatar on Mars or Venus picks up a diamond who owns it ?
I really do think people forget you can quite easirly destroy someone elses online presence . You wouldnt be as defenseless as people seem to believe.
Hilarious. Encrypted connections to robots and the inevitability of affordable robots for everyone will make for some pretty alarming scenarios. Drug dealers, thieves, anyone would be able to use robots to commit crimes in a risk-free fashion.
I am NOT getting a robot in the future. I am gonna get off of my fat butt and do things myself.
Hans ?? How make your front porch a faraday cage for a start ;-) . The expensise involved would be ridiculious based on any return ;-)
Clearly, the robot avatar needs to be sent to prison for any crimes committed.
I ran a museum exhibit on robotics once that included a plotter programmed to make drawings. They wanted to raise the question of who was the artist, the programmer or the plotter.
What a vacuous article.

"And imagine what erotic movies could do with that."

Hurr hurr.
Crime?All you have to do is short circuit 'em,or run for the hills!
Watching the film Surrogates can give you a pretty good idea of where this technology could lead us.
Lee Tje
If that would be available for regular people at an affordable price I am sure they'd have to be personalized or something similar. There would be log-in traces at the very least.
Assuming that these robots could then walk around they'd wear some kind of licence plate for theft reasons.
So... just follow the paper trail. It's just as easy or hard as committing crime the old fashioned way.
Neat-o. I'll comission Mutoid Waste Company to build me a really cool looking post-apocalyptic dragon avatar. :D
If the IBM super computer was compacted into a fully functional robot it would be an exceptional feat of engineering, but although it sounds silly I don't very much like the idea of a "human-like" robot.
We are a species that improves from mistakes (at least I should hope so). Technologically it's always going to be a trial and error procedure. Not everything mankind creates is going to be perfect, there'll be flaws but that's the risk we take to advance.

So, eventually a robot or a creation of ours will likely commit a crime. It'll just come down to us correcting that issue and taking the fall for what occurs.
i love that song but i agree i belive it could be a bad idea would need to be more secure
I'm actually embarrassed for the person who wrote this article and the editor that said "Yup, this looks legit. Post it!" Come on, people "beaming" their "essence" into a robot sounds as backwards and stupid as believing that a camera will steal your soul or witches can steal your penis. It seems people knee jerk every time the word computer or robot is involved and assume evil is afoot.
yea and also what if it glitched and someone got into a coma or worse
When I see the tightening of this article, I have remembered an anecdote of the doppelganger.
+Chadwick Jones When I fly a RC plane or copter, I don't beam my essence anywhere. I simply control a device. If that device hurts someone through my own negligence, I'm fully responsible. This does not change if I use a tablet or computer to facilitate the control. I can't say "Whelp, wasn't me. I was never there. I'm over here fiddling with this box"
+Chadwick Jones We do not have that technology. I believe I am aware of the study you are referring to and it was a low resolution video reconstruction of what awake people are looking at. If I am wrong, please direct me to the study.
+Chadwick Jones Controlling an avatar isn't far fetched because it isn't new. Autopilots, puppets, and games are all examples of where people control the actions of an external agent. The article claims that there would be some strange thorny legal landscape of "robot crimes" and tele-dildonic rape. In the end, however, its all the same. The robot, knife, hammer, rock, gun is not and can not be responsible for a crime. The human hand that guides (or should be guiding) the tool is responsible.
Is the Terminator becoming fact?
Dont be silly we at least five or six years away from that paul lol but drones and robots are here now ,,,all we need is AI and bazinga
could be just like IG droid series from star wars. but much more violent! someone call the clone shock troops!!!
fantastic technology Microsoft at the cutting edge again loved the rap and the idea of beaming people and using less bandwidth awesome Apollofm loves eye candy and medic tech worry about the legal stuff later basically if you have this product you have to have a license like a car and every Avatar will have be registered thats the only way to do it take illicit use of the equation btw hackers will hack anything so its not an issue ur average person will use it for fun business or family interactions
watch out for blue screen is that more enuff lol
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