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Countries across the Indian Ocean on tsunami alert after an earthquake of initial magnitude 8.9 strikes under the sea off Indonesia
An earthquake with an initial magnitude of 8.9 strikes under the sea off Indonesia's Aceh province, triggering a regional tsunami warning.
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I really hope it's not as severe as the one some years ago!
God protects all and people ask for forgiveness
Clue!!!!!!!!!of its natural disaster!!!!
Lets hope its not as bad as the Japan earthquake last year
it's safe but others to face it very bad in the history of 112 years. Humans really understand the anger of Nature, be careful and carbon free world. Love nature and save world.
Predictions are tht it will nt create TSUNAMI as it was horizontal movement not vertical movement. Tough taking precaution would be the best course.
i hope not become.... on indonesia... n be carefull
Should be fine - the earthquake appears to have caused a horizontal slippage, not a vertical one, and it's the vertical slippages that cause massive displacement of water, ie tsunamis.
i don't think Singapore and/or Malaysia need to be in this tsunami alert. dont mean to sound bad, but Sumatra has to go under the sea first before these two countries get hit by tsunami.
having said that, i hope it's not as bad as we fear it would be. let's pray the prediction is true
be careful and make sure all to be the shelter of time take care of you people!!!!
Cowabunga Dude! Surf's up!!!
god be with you and may the casualties be as less and minor as possible
Yikes! Good thing there is a warning system this time.
Inna-lilahi-wa-inna-ilaihirrajiun. insha ALLAH everything will be OK.
Thanks God that nothing happened.
May ALLAH keep every one in peace ... AMEEN
omg! may gob bless you all. be safe.
subhnallah may allah keep all the muslims and people safe ameen
What have these people got to do to get a break. :(
semoga di beri keselamatn yang ada di sana,,, Amin,, :-)
We want no tsunami. It's very dangerous.
theres really ground shaking, felt in Jakarta, 1800km from Aceh
END 12????????????????
mintax2 tidak berlaku lagy ya..
hope nothing will be happen .... Let's us pray for the safety and well being of our Muslim family in the tsunami threat ......
to those people who suffered with earthquake one thing come here let have some fun here
Almighty ALLAH help all those who in trouble and save all of us from all these
@ Schyler Molcer : Google translated it as : "Security may be given there that" What ever you make of that is you own....
only allah can safe them..let's stretch your hands in front of rahman
I am praying to Allah for your safety..Don't be afraid.
Let us pray for all man kind. No more tsunami and killer earthquake
wish tsunami doesn't strike penang
May God forgive us! Let's pray.
الله يرحمكم برحمته الواسعة فأنتم امة نحسبها على خير ... عشيرة الجنابيين في العراق
i hope my hometown port dickson save from tsunami
Fa Firru ilallah. We all should return to the path prescribed by ALLAH swt, sooner the better....This is for our own good, whether we live or die.
+BAT MAN Just stop helping then, maybe your charity should start at home, right there in the Big U S of A
Just pray for their safety from Japan. No more massive quake and tsunami.
subhana'allah may allah help them. insha'allah
you come in india because there is no massive quake
Wala houla wala quwath ilabilah, May Allah help them. :(
better 2 enjoy tsunami & die in own mother land ................)
May Allah save them!!!!!!!!!!
only God is the protecter but mey God protect them
soo sweeetttttttttt..............
i hav my fingers crosd 4 u's!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
and today noon I felt it. In kolkata there iare two houses falling one on another. :(
saya turut berduka cita atas kejadian ini ya saudara q
one just help, another quistioned helping is
and never give a hand
Warning tsunami ? How do u get a warning ? Only after the tsunami hits ? If it hits late when your asleep bad luck , TV and radio will warn you but if your not watching TV or listening to a radio bad luck , the only warning system that works and does it in 44 languages
is the Simptel system look at it on Google ,
i'm really scared because my uncles live in thailandia and now i don't know anything about they!!! i hope that they are well
I'm sorry to hear that another earthquake has hit the area. Hopefully any people at risk of a tsunami will have plenty of time to get to safety.
I was in Honolulu during the time of the Japanese quake and Tsunami and we were given ample warning to evacuate. The Tsunami hit the Islands some 12 hours later causing some damage. Although it was somewhat stressful it paled to insignificance compared to the destruction in Japan. I hope that we hear positive news on this recent one.
I ask Allah to protect them from all the bad things
Tsunami warning only comes after the wave ? Everybody tell you local government to show the disaster warning system in your region ? Bet you don't have a warning system that will get all land line and mobile numbers and ring speaking in 44 different languages. The Simptel disaster warning system is needed urgently search it on the net and tell your local political Rep
This Sucks. But we need to focus on our own shit in the United States. Every few years that goes by congress strips one more life liberty from us.
The Stop Online Privacy Act is just a bullshit excuse for the government to strip us of our freedom of speech.
Yeah they say its to stop online privacy, but at the cost of our free speech.
Internet is a Free Forum, unless we stand up against it. It will happen against us.
+Pooja Jain Even in though times people need to make a buck, you should rather in a time of Tsunami's try hit the market with Surf boards or Floatation devises....... LED Displays don't float
@Sam Jackson, Always give good marketing advice
God is needed!! Keep em n our prayers!!
Do something now this tsunami is a warning ,worst is to come ,
So glad this did not develop into a sad senerio.
Thank God.
hope it`s not happen for the second time... GBU all..
I send a prayer, of hope and reasurance..
Subbu M
the fear in the eyes of the garil behind expressing the fury of nature
yes wat they said but their face looks funny
hope it skips them this time
strange news. there was an eartquake but we dont know what magnitude. gg BBC, u suck
God bless you all our brothers and sisters !
we just can pray.hope everything's gonna be fine
In my geology class we was just talking about the difference between a strike-slip earthquake and a thrust-slip. Glad it was a strike-slip, so there is little danger of a tsunami. Hope no one was hurt in the earthquake though.
oh........ i expected it to be a massive tsunami my hopes are all crashed to earth .............
People all you should know that, only God is the answer to all these things happening, if you are wondering please read the book of Revelation, than you will know what the Bible says of all the things happening in this world, we are at the end of the coming of Christ, you better believe it.
warnings are raised from our area...thanks god>>>
Why then terrible things happens too often in places where are so many innocent? Why so often these so called "third world"? Japan seems the only one of this so called "first world" who suffers. And all the others cause crimes against nature and all life without "paying"
this is because the world is yet to see the worst but God so kindly doesn't want the innocent to suffer any of those terrible things that are yet to come... Praise God!
my pray for all countries and people.god please save us.
Is it not that the same region as it was when the terrible tsunami affected it, various other islands and Thailand ? The latter mentioned but unfortunately a lot more in the media because, unfortunately, only ever seem to get parts of "our" attention when there are tourists (mainly peasants) among the victims. In Sumatra, it was the largest number of casualties, but apparently the smallest number of non-indigenous victims ...
Im 98% sure there will be a tsunami! Wow! That sucks for the Indonesian people who live there. :(
And what about New Zealand? Pretty sure nature does not care, it just does it's thing and people unfortunately like to live in these places for what ever reason.
I was at the top of my building for 2 and a half hours in Phuket So scared but we're good hopefully nothing happens and I also felt the earthquake scary stuff!! U just dont joke about these things!!
No tsunami, and do you really think god would pick and choose who gets killed in the tsunami? Oh, could I pray for the tooth fairy to drop me a benjamin too?
Felt the aftershock this evening several minutes of the initial trigger. Went back home rightaway from my work.
why is this showing in my G+ wall?
Mrb ben ali olanlar tam olarak anlamis degilim selmlar...

I read it was a strike-slip earthquake or something like that so there wasnt much vertical displacement and thus no tsunami. I dont have the time until later to read the whole story though so can someone verify this please?
I was only out there 3 weeks ago
May the. Peace of God abundantly comfort all affected. By. The changing. Conditions of. Our. World!
We felt the slight tremors in Kolkata, West Bengal.
We felt the tremors in Kochi, Kerala. Then another weak one by 4.20 PM
We felt twice in the AN in chennai
may god fix up d things soon...................
the tsunami alert has been lifted for the east african more need to worry
Will V
The land is vomiting us up because of our many sins. We are evil and wicked and as a result the very land we walk upon is regurgitating us out. This was forewarned by GOD in the bible. May GOD have mercy on us. We need to pray repent and seek HIS face, help one another and be merciful and kind to our neighbors.
Sins have nothing to do with it. Speak for yourself, I'm not evil and I know plenty of others also. Where do you people get off telling people what Gods doing, how dare you be so presumptuous. Now I agree with helping one another and being Kind, there fine.I don't think GOD needs you to tell us what he's doing though. There are actually very good reasons why we are experiencing upheavals on our planet and i can tell you it has nothing to do with SIN.
+Will V And here I thought it was just a result of the ground moving about. I must be a nutter for buying into that.
God gives us the gift of freedom even to the point of going against him and his "wife", Mother Nature. God helps those who help themselves and those who help others. Mother Nature has a set of rules that are in place. Play by the rules; live by the rules. Good is "God" with one less "o"! Let's add that "o" to our interaction with others and protect it when we can.
Will V thats a bit of a generalisation. There are organisation like wwf, unesco and un are trying to save the planet. On a national scale there are companies that are doing some good work. And some major companies are doing some work eg NDTV (an indian new channel) runs and greenathon every year. And please stop on the sin. Each person should be judged on there own mistakes and achievment not what other people sins.
I'm not quite sure if it is due to human failure in caring for the environment, overpopulation or because the grapes of wrath are sown, but after 4,600,000,000 years of existence, logically anything would cave in to creaking and moaning :/ my heart goes out to the countries across the Indian Ocean
I am so sorry! these earthquakes just keep on coming now don'e they! I will be praying for safety for all those in Indonesia.
The Earth is going through the Galactic central plane and that's why all this is know Gravity sucks.
Based on the solar system's current position (27 +/- 4 pc, or 75 to 101 light years)6 above the galactic plane and the fact that we are currently moving away from it7, with an estimated passage through it about 3 million years ago, we are not due to re-encounter the galactic plane for quite some time. We won’t be back through the disk for another 30 million years!
i am pray to god all is well.....
Sad very sad thanks of God this time it cause not so much damage like lst time .....
hi to all member of gmail@ com. i wish mabuhay kayong lahat. thanks and god bless!
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