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What "apps" would you develop to help Nasa's space exploration?
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Tell the truth about what you find there, stop airbrushing out whats there, how the hell can scientists behave correctly if they have to lie.
Nasa already knows about the alien base on the moon. Who are they kidding?
Why would I want to develop an app, while I know most of the information of universe without having the knowledge of Science. Our priest taught us all you could for no value and he learnt from his grandfather. Who was born 250 years ago. This knowledge is with us since centuries. Science came up with it like a while ago.
The app NASA is going to need is the one that tells them when the next private launch date is and who is sending people up so they can purchase a ride.
I would love it if there were apps developed for NASA that allowed the public to see what workers on spacecrafts can see if they just look out the window. Just a simple camera feed of what's outside there window any day of the week would be incredible.
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