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A cruise marking the 100th anniversary of the sinking of Titanic will leave Southampton later with 1,309 passengers - the same number that were on Titanic. They include relatives of those who died in the tragedy.
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Don't dwell too much on the past look forward to the future
Fortunately for them, icebergs have almost all disappeared now...
I'm sure this ship WONT sink ,because of global warming most icebergs have melted.
At least a modern cruise-liner should have enough lifeboats/rafts. Just sayin'.
sounds great bon voyage and have a great service....
I hope the service is a great one and don't forget kids the TNT okz.... ^-^
I wonder if James Cameron is thinking "sequel?".
One of many ships that sank from the same ship yard. Is this an achevement to be celebrated?
I bow my head in honour of those on that fateful ship.
Has anyone checked if 15,000 years ago a snowflake formed an ice sheet in Greenland which became an iceberg which is currently somewhere off Canada on it's way to the shipping lanes ???

Actually my first thought was how much profit are the company making?
Your article said that over 1500 died but that there were only 1309 passengers.

Soooo, no survivors and over 200 stowaways?

Or are you applying the normal BBC rigorous fact checking?

Did the middle east desk write this article?
By the many arms of Vishnu, I swear it is a lie!
+Antony Jackson no, you just didn't read carefully enough. Yes, there were "only" 1,309 passengers. But also about 900 crew. That makes a total of well over 2,000 people on board, of which over 1,500 died. You might want to practice what you preach before complaining.....
Tempting ironic fate aren't they?
How embarrassing to publish unchecked facts! Leave it to the AMERICAN to publish the corrections...
There were 2,223 people on the RMS Titanic. Out of that number 1,517 people died.
To further explain these numbers "130 first class passengers died, 166 second class passengers died, and 536 third class passengers died. The [Titanic] sinking took the lives of 1,347 men and only 103 women. Most of the crew also died during the sinking of the Titanic. There were 899 crew members and 685 of them died during the tragedy. Children also had a high fatality rate, although there weren’t as many on board. 53 Children died which was about half the number of children on board."
To Rachel Anders, Wake up! and read again, the BBC News said 1309 Passengers, add 914 Crew and you get the 2223 persons omboard the Titanic
Do not know what is the reality
Povi: I did...but the BBC quoted only 1900 and 300...grow up and read the side bar...get over yourself...just ticked that the AMERICAN JOURNALIST posted correct NUMBERS and actual FACTS...
+Rachel Anders The sidebar says "Approximately 1,300 passengers, ranging from millionaires to poor emigrants and about 900 crew were on board" and has so since this morning about five hours ago. So what exactly is your point?
To be honest that's pretty F'd up, this whole obsession with one tragedy at sea.
Will there be special flights in September 2101 over New York with the exact same number of people who died?!
Just hope this cruise/passengers won't meet the same fate as TITANIC.
This just sounds like putting all of your eggs in one basket, and then throwing that basket at an iceberg.
heart breacking rude commect that is not funny it is sad
Sorry but a "cruise" full of drinking, parities, all you can eat buffets, and shows seems like a poor way to commemorate the loss of so many lives due to human error and greed.
That's a great idea,
How about a memorial "fly a plane into a building memorial of, Well you can geuss"
:-) heheehe well i Agree that its a poor way to commemorate the loss of so many lives due to human error and greed.
I hope they have sonar and betternavagational tools this time.
So sad That This happened on April 14-15th 1912
dun dundundun dun dun dundun dundundandan
Frencis Chow, thank for the info dude... But I'm guessing a God that sends his son for death, is not the best bet.
shall we repeat scenario from that very day?
If some government agency or some private entity pulled the Titanic out of its undersea grave and restored it to its original state and made it some type of museum....I would actually give a hoot but the movie gets two thumbs and four fingers down.
This time, the ship will have radar, so no worries about icebergs.
When they order a drink do they get ssked "do you want ice ?"
ah ! +Stephen Ritger but what if in a 1 in a n million chance an iceburg ( the top one tenth ) was shaped like a stealth bomber on it's way into the shipping lanes; or the radar failed or ...
Cool! This cruise ship hopefully won't sink like the Titanic... #fingerscrossed
is tht exactly a good idea to send another "titanic" out with the exact same number of people, with relatives of those who died in the tragedy?
Hope it's not deja vu for them...
Are they going to sink the ship?
The class system has been strictly maintained for this voyage - if you were 3rd class then you are 3rd class now - No nouveaux riches !!!
They better hope this one doesn't sink as well.
well, I just hope they don't write in the hull the same inscripture of the past
will our world rest like this
One last chance to drown Leanardo De Caprio.
yesterday i seen this movie and dwell in that pleasent memories .thanks to james cameroon
Matt V
Tired of the titanic. Let's find another ship already. 
I wonder how many idiots will go to the bow of the ship and proclaim..."I'm the King of the world!"
Mike Wu
lol 's it safe? bet it aint
If only the memory of the Titanic wasn't betrayed by a horrible Cameron piece of crap.
A small independent travel agent, Miles Morgan Travel in the South West of England chartered it. It was a massive risk and Miles put up a lot of his own money to do so. It sold really well initially. Then I left the Travel industry so have no idea if it's full or not but I hope it is as he's a lovely bloke and dedicated to providing great service. Just hope it's not ill fated like the Titanic!
This was so predictable...
They couldn't miss this money-oportunity ...
I’m watching the movie today!!! scared
Didnt JP Morgan miss the Titanic? What a stroke of luck!
Is smarty pants Cameron the Capt. of this ship? I bet it has a dive feature.
PSST, that's a really brave act. Aren't they afraid of the same tragedy?
saw the film in 3d would highly recomend it
well you just never kno what will happen with a big ocean liner like that right.
Lightening never strikes twice, lol.
Has someone set the iceberg in motion, following the same route as in 1912?
Why press your luck? There are still icebergs out there...
Titanic memorial cruise sets sail, and sinks of the coast of new york causing the worst oil spill in the region ..
new & improved bergs 2 (people die for reasons)
Sick of hearing about the Titanic,it was a disaster and is now a grave let the souls rest in peace please.
Camille Parker Bowls is a disgrace to the Royal Family. why give her the highest acalade ever given.
They should have given it to Princess Diana who did more good than any of the Royals. they are just Parasites on the backside of England.
what if this one sinks 2??
Titanic 2 Return of DiCaprio, Titanic 3 The iceberg strikes back. They don't have to sink the ship to make the sequels
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