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Cedella Marley: I had the coolest father at school
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We all have that special feelings of our parents, nothing new:-\
That would be the best 'Bring a Parent to School Day'!
this picture takes us back to seventies of twentieth centuries
it was good period
1980 Rufaro Stadium. I was there. Natty dread it in-a...........
it's things like this we never hear about :( 
"Hey Cedella, what does your Dad do for a living?" Oh yeah, that is pretty cool!
No woman, no cry. That is too true.
The great bob marley whos music is still relevant a msg of hope n better society n community in which we all want to live tht is his legacy. I cant wait to see +Bob Marley film.
I love +Bob Marley music and I always had I can't wait to see the film. Every time I listen to his music it brings me beautiful memories
like or dislike pop marly,s music but we all agree he was good man
School first, always the Caribbean way, then you sky-larke! 
Simply the Greatest - The Legend. Love ON,,,
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