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Sounds like she could have been a little more diplomatic in places.
Being too diplomatic is a good way to go unnoticed.
Don't see how getting rid of the monarchy would do much good. Seems like the princess, herself a member of the royal family however unimportant her position, has progressive ideas. If it were a democracy, the majority would likely elect a religious fundamentalist, who they then couldn't get rid of anyway because he'd fake the votes every election (probably the first one too), and would only loot the country from the inside. A monarchy at least has a greater sense of responsibility and patriotism, no need to loot anything because they don't have humble beginnings, and are overall less likely to act against their country. Its main flaw is corruption, and a democracy would certainly not solve that.
It isn't an assumption. It's an observation of politics in modern history.
No, this is about the belief that people anywhere should not trust democracy at face value.
You do know that Hitler was elected, right? :P
My point was that elected leaders tend to be more flawed than monarchs. Populations are easily manipulated, like Hitler and Stalin and Bush showed. And once someone is in office, they can modify the constitution to lengthen their stay, or just ignore it - example: Putin, though lots of others have done what he did. Monarchies, in particular constitutional monarchies - which isn't quite the case for Saudi Arabia, but still - function differently. Parliament is overseen by the monarchy, and the monarchy is more likely to be incorruptible. Monarchs are raised in luxury, so it's harder to tempt them with money, and they are more likely to be well educated, and raised with a love of country. Also, they are in their position for life. If a president is at his last mandate and doesn't want to rule any more, he can do whatever he likes with the country, knowing he won't see a re-election anyway. This is happening now where I live, with the president and his cronies acting like they have nothing to lose (which is true).
This is why people are happier and have a higher standard of living under constitutional monarchies, like in Scandinavian countries, as opposed to people living under democracies.
+Matt Mullin, you asked what my point had been, I just told you. I'm not going to tell other people how to rule themselves. I just explained to you why one system is better than another.
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