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"The sight of so many children waving bunches of daffodils was glorious. The Mall was a sea of yellow!" Throughout the Diamond Jubilee year we are featuring some of your memories of meeting and seeing Queen Elizabeth II.
Your memories of the Queen's encounters with children
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Proud to say when I was 16 in 77 we were the only house in the street WITHOUT flags and bunting... My dad was visited by the street "jubilee commity" and told because of his lack of patriotism "mark will not be invited to the street party" My dad (bless him) said "The lad's 16 and practically a communist... I really dont think he'll give a s**t"
I had a "Sod the Jubilee" badge
The royal family looked a lot different during the blitz.
I've just noticed that this year is landmark of the Queen's 60 years on the throne.
may God save the Queen hurrrayyyy
I loved the Royal family during the Silver Jubilee in 1977. But since Princess Diana's death, I don't like them any more. I once saw a lady resembling Kate Middleton in Fulham Post office. It could have been someone else.
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