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Icy cold, pitch black and with crushing pressures - the deepest part of the ocean is one of the most hostile places on the planet. Only two explorers have made the epic journey there: 11km (seven miles) down to the bottom of the Pacific Ocean's Mariana Trench. As a new wave of explorers is gearing up to repeat this remarkable dive, take a look at the mysterious world they will be plunging into.
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Is likely they're gonna find out something new at the deepest.
yeah human being know space more than the bottom of the ocean.
This is the fish that you see in the movie Finding Nemo when Dori and Marlin lose the mask!! :)
James Cameron should produce a documentary in 3D!
Love the oceans and its amazing creatures!
aah!!!!!! a monster fish?
This is great- the designer should get a pat on the back. Very enlightening.
thats gross that u have a son but that thing is wicked awsum!!!
well then don't look at it and read it Honey Badger!
Wow. Makes you wonder, "What's in those deepest trenches.?"
creepy yes, but fasinating that we share our world with some really interesting creatures!!!
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I hope fish is ok after photo was taken.. Dark and dark all the time and than FLASH from some fancy camera.. :)
just keep swimming. just keep swimming. just keep swimming swimming swimming. what do we? do we swim swim swim.
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I am really loving the See the Deep page design and functionality! Kudos! Oh, the actual content is great, too :)
hey..frank, why did u say that fish is swe8? It lukz like a dEvil..
Frank meant sweet inside.
that is the work of my scientist let explore
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That fish may not have to many friends cuz he probably ate them 
what was that men... big piranha.
Fascinating! I think many people would agree that the idea of going that deep is scary. We can go thousands of miles into space and not bat an eye but go 7 miles underwater and that is freaky! :)
Maybe they'll glimpse Leap Day William..
I've always found the underwater world to be mysterious. We haven't reached had many discoveries that can be found yet
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On to my actual comment... I don't get how there can be anything living down at those dive levels. It's not like low or high temperatures, where a creature can get used to it. It's massively high atmospheric pressure. How can any living organism that is made up of organs and bones survive in that pressure?
this is what worries me about Fukashima. They have detected radiation 400 miles off the coast of Japan. Just read that article yesterday. We are absolutely destroying our earth :(
I think that there is a lot more to discover at the bottom of the oceans than there is in space where all the money is being spend.
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اصلا خوشگل نیست
wonderful world,we need to do more researches.
@ charles .... to swallow some one like....
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looks like someone woke up on the wrong side of the ocean floor! LOL!
Actually looks like an ex of mine
Wow! I think if god really created all that with a purpose, he has way more time on his hands to figure out strange purposes than anyone I know.
And if there is no sleeping or eating up there, then man, think of the free time! Where is up there?
Lon M
Like sleeping and eating...
I think that my get science teacher will like this post. We just finished learning about this trench. I will show him this post because it really connects to what we have learned. Thanks for this post. 
i want to see what they find. did you know that we know more abot the moon than we know about the ocean!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Better them than me, I'll watch the video's though :)))
If Satan had a pet fish that would be it!
new type of sushi ! Yum
I am quite sure that other ugly chops like this one think that this fish is extreemly hansom. Judge not others unless you be judged yourself. I post this as an ugly person judged so in the pitch dark. I wonder what ugly chops would think of me in the dark? I am sure he looks like that for a reason! Laugh! hansom are you people ...and what purpose do you serve?
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I too hope that the light that the BBC take down to the depths does not harm these creatures too much. I even hope that for the explorers down there that they do not harm themselves invading such space and encountering the 'eternal' pressure, darkness, H2O, and the undiscovered.
The ocean is so fascinating. I wish we could know more.

I have a fear of deep water, even if I'm sitting at the surface - I never know what's right below me!

I like seeing newly discovered deep sea animals though. Moooaaaaarrr!!!!
Cool:Are tourits allowed to tag along? I would love to take part...So cool...
As I went deeper and deeper, the sea creatures get weirder and the place is darker as if it is the mouth to hell. I started to think that only alien-like creatures could live down here, then it caught me by surprise, a human being at the deepest part of the ocean!
environmental protection? from what? The depth and pressure there is all the protection that part of the ocean needs...
The only thing I didn't enjoy about this was having to watch an ad for every video piece.
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