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The largest solar storm in five years is due to hit Earth, amid fears it could disrupt power grids, satellite navigation and airline routes.
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Crap. Have I still got time to repent?
My solar senses are tingling...
The end of the world is nigh!! Put your head between your legs and kiss your ass goodbye. ;-)
if it trully happens............. i shall go on a world tour

... Just kidding ;)
+Ron Ellenbecker I hope I'm wrong Ron. I just tried to kiss my ass and failed miserably. No way I can bend that far.
Aha. I now put out a formal request for volunteers to kiss my ass. Hurry now. The world is ending.
EVERYBODY PANIC!! Oh, wait.... maybe we'll get a nice light show out of this anyway.
ur right glyn myers
this will create entertainment
we should not waste time by thinking about the end of the world
rather we should live everyday completely with full of joy n happiness n mixing with friends and family
ummmnnnn am i right.....
+Abraham Kurian while I appreciate your enthusiasm, I'm not quite sure we need to resort to that just yet ;-)
+Steve Pulfrey I find your fish intriguing, tell me more about how it can guarantee my eternal salvation.
Come on Steve, don't you believe in Cod?
+Jack Smith you need to get out of the halibut of making these puns, they are just not very finny
Dooms day is yet so thing is going to happen as such..
Do you really think the scienist are that predictible about this I dont think so how can you predict about the solar storm hitting us in what 5 years time lets see 2012 is now so thats 2018 I dont think so guys.
Currently scientists can only detect the starting of a sun spot at 60,000km below the suns surface, which gives us about 2 days notice of a sun spot before it reaches the surface
Hey +Jack Smith he better damn well believe in Cod for I exist!

(and no worries, I haven't scheduled the end of days for tonight)
we are at the mercy of changing universe!
Im thinking possible Y2K event all over again? Maybe,-- I hope anyway.
+Abraham Kurian - this is a science thread. You know, that stuff which requires evidence and not just switching off your brain and parroting nonsense from an ancient book of myths and stories. Maybe you should go pedal your ancient rubbish in a thread where anyone cares what you have to say?

Just sayin'
Eccl.3:11" Everything he has made pretty in it's time even time indefinite he has put in their heart, that mankind may never find out the work that the true God has mad from the start to the finish."
hope never happen this year or in future
+Jack Smith ... Priceless! ... Just covered my phone in breadcrumbs reading that comment whilst eating my lunch ... :-D
+Shagufta Bhuta they aren't saying it will hit us in five years time. They are saying it is the biggest solar storm for 5 years (since 2007).
Makes me wonder when it's going to hit and what happens when it does hit. Too bad we all can't rely on our sun for energy and power. Also makes me womder if it effects our health in any way. Being outside possible with that kind of storm if it in anyway will rise in skin cancers in later months. Things that I think of when these storms happen. Scientist are just beginning to learn from these storms but have they even checked how these will effect our health. Kind of scary seeing our sun doing this. I don't ever rememer being taught in school over this. Now we learned something new. Science also in the past two decades have really een busy studying things and new science being brought into the world!
aaaahhh....the English language at it's finest.
no issues were not of great extent.
Remember when it hits, to look straight into the sun!
Not really sure why everyone is getting worried about this. Solar Storms are not exactly a rarity. While not as large, there was one earlier this year. This one is not going to cause the world to end any more than the one in 2007 did.
everyone does realize that the sun will be at its peak right. when the sun is at its peak the earth gets warmer. so yes global warming is from the sun and that's the reason why it happened when dino's roamed the earth
I'll be lost. I can't get anywhere without my GPS.
facepalm at above comment

That's not what causes global warming.
its still only afternoon, we still have half a day left. Or maybe NASA scientists blew the storm away like every other meteor and asteroid which come our way like almost every year :D
Isn't this beginning of that movie 2012 ? Uh oh...!!! Damn the Mayans !!!!!
Your post proves....what +Patrick Zimmerman II? It certainly doesn't prove global warming is caused by the sun. Do you want to know why? Because it isn't.

I suggest you check out any of the hundreds of available resources on the subjects, which were not written by crackpots or backed up by a compete lack of evidence, or use twisted evidence. Hmm,maybe you're a Fox News viewer...
According to NASA, this storm doesn't affect living things but this one affects the mobile connections and other techno related things...
haha at the talk of separating Science and Religion. What was it Sir Newton said?
HELP ME.........................
this may have nothing to do with the above comments but....yesterday in biology i learned that pollen is TREE SPERM

thank you that is all
Pray to your GOD...
alas!!!!! i wanna see sachin playing da world cup 2019!!!!!!!!!
So find a way to harness the electricity being pulsed through the magnetic field?
Didn't they prognosticate one a couple of weeks ago?
It's A good reason to understand climate change
I foresee a lot of first world problems in the near future
some people will get what they asked for- the disruption of technology!
Amen to computer disruption!!
Will we all have a good tan by morning??
This is a propitious time to launch into orbit some organic matter that could surf along such solar winds to someday populate other worlds with life as we know it. The best way to establish the viability of the theory of panspermia is to intentionally cast some seeds into the interstellar winds.
We got a nice dust storm down here in the desert yesterday.

Thanks, Sun!
The solar storm hits earth every 11 years. What's the big deal. We are still here and talk on our cell phones. Am I Right?
There seems to have been a lot of these lately, with a lot of people preaching doom and gloom. I have yet to see even a minor disruption of anything doing with electricity or electronics.
Do not Scare any one for any thing... Nothing will happen unless God's Decision. If he plans something then none of the human can stop it... ! So, What ever going on let it be going on...! Be Kindful to everyone. Pray always God. Because sure one day the world will blasted as a dust. HE told in Qur'aan. It will happen at that time no one help to you. So do the good deeds and pray me always. Even a single need, you should remember me and pray with me I will give you everything to you and I am always near and hear you whenever and wherever call ME...!
Activity peaks every 11 years...not just single event. Read the article again (:
I love this thread even more than the idea of a solar flare and people not getting a hold of me on my phone. I get to hear about technology, global warming <wuh?>, the mayans <um, wuh again?>, God <oh boy, here we go> and Cod, which has turned into my favorite fish in the past 10 minutes. Such a great day already!
A 'doom and gloom' lady said the same to me at my older son's school when we were talking about the tornadoes that devastated the many states last weekend.
Ok! Changes are constant in History and Geography! This is also a philosophy!
I just hope it's a clear night.. and.. the next 11 years? They say it peaks in 2013.. Usually that means you are half to 3/4 way through the cycle
Just want to see the Northern Lights - I can manage without Facebook or SatNav for a few hours.
No serious effects felt in Philippines: power, electronics, internet were normal.
think its affecting my boomtown as its dead, nothing happening
Just wanted to point out: The Mayan calendar didn't include leap year. If we didn't include leap year in our calendars it would be July 2013 right now. And the world would have already ended.
Al Gore warned us this would happen. I hope it doesn't set my Chevy Dolt on fire

whenever der is solar storm it will disrupt power grids ,communication sy,disrupt power grids, satellite navigation and airline routess.......though it never happens:>
Add me
To ur circle in new to this
Haha fail....we went from science to humor to science to horribly annoying religious ppl to humor to science....gotta love us haha btw i am now hungry for cod -_-
The world is not ending, the bible says we won't what day or time, when jesus comes back we'll unaware
Haha fail....we went from science to humor to science to horribly annoying religious ppl to humor to science....gotta love us haha btw i am now hungry for cod -_-
10:23 AM
+Holly Maschari The Mayan calendar isn't based on solar days, it is based on seasons. The need for leap years (and leap days, etc.) comes from our day-centric (Julian, Gregorian) calendars. It's not that the Maya weren't advanced enough to figure out leap years (known flaw in day-centric calendars since ~25 BCE), it's that leap years have no meaning in their calendar...they are non sequitur.

Their timing is just fine. Of course, at the end of their calendar, you should do as you do when any calendar ends...pick up a new one.
jesus already came back and told us to clean up our acts we just didnt listen
OMG! One thing. Apparently from the endless post about this all around the traps this it the BIGGEST we have seen for 5 years!!
So just assuming that 5 years ago there was a bigger one, and nothing happend then. Why would there actually be expectations that something would come of this one?

Bring it on Sun you fat hot b*stard.
I love reading the lunacy in these sorts of posts...
More and more things depend on electronics each year so having gotten through solar storms without major problems is no absolute guarantee that we won't have any next time. My computer is nicely protected against surges and outages, but if power goes out for any length of time my house is going to get a bit chilly. Yes, I expect stacks of blankets and extra clothing would get me through it (just like the last time we had an outage in winter) but it would be annoying.
If it only takes light 8 minutes to get to the earth from the sun, then where's all the death and destruction from the solar flares?
+Chris Lichowicz the effects on Earth of the solar flare are from charged particles (not light) that are ejected. Those particles, because they have mass, move much slower than light.
Solar flares are particles, not light and take longer to reach us. In fact, we can see them leaving the Sun and have a good idea how long it will take them to get here. They also affect things differently than light does, causing electrical surges in conductive materials. Those include computer chips and power lines. Computer chips are particularly susceptible to power surges. Generally, most of these particles are kept away from the Earth by the Earth's magnetic field (which causes the associated auroras) but not all. Particularly vulnerable are computer chips in satellites. Obviously, people have known about the danger to chips and power lines for a long time and have attempted to shield them but nothing is perfect and it's possible something will be messed up.
Oh no does that mean i might not be able to go on G+
*during the low prices of stalites
We all know what this means... HUGE NORTHERN LIGHT DISPLAYS!!!!
looks AWESOME, look at all of the FIRE!!!!! Well a ball of burning gas, but same thing!
who cares? we're all gonna die, AWESOME!!
I think it affected my AT&T cellular phone. I lost reception and dropped some calls earlier. Then again, it does that without the solar storms.
tinfoil hats help. but shiny side out, or they just amplify the rayz.

btw, internetz are not down.
sam doe
nooo were all gona die
The last thing we need is solar storms affecting sat navs.
We're not going to die -.- I think this just broke one of my chargers then again blackberry made it so...
It will just cause the Northern lights to hit places like Montana
Will all the people in this thread saying I don't exist, saying I'm a fish, claiming they want to eat me, saying they are hungry for me etc please stop? I do exist, I don't want you to worship me, I'm not a fish (if you want proof - fish can't type) and you're not getting to eat me. Sheesh!
One- its just a temporary solar storm! :O
And two- Cod how does that have to do with a solar storm? :(
I mean seriosly my sister can with without electricity so, so can you
Bull Crap! The world is not going to end you weirdo!
I'm ready 4 the end... I'll be more then happy to leave earth.. This is hell...
Jeff H
I look forward to my imminent solar-induced superpowers!
I thought the solar storm was suppose to happen this year, you know 2012, the worlds end?
wow thats wierd because they said the world was going end in may of 2011 and its all most been a year and im still walking talking and lovin life so would not beleive them
I see too many people watched the movie 2012, I go hope you know that a solar storm ending the world is impossible...
The sun ant going to blow up for another billion years there just crazy and stupid
The Tsunami backwash is on it's way to the USA... WTF r ppl going to do about that???
so will that take out the power station or burn us up
the worst was over yestarday at 6:00 eastern. you wouldnt have even known what was happening by the time it happened
ooh , what is the hell that .. ?
we will burn on the earth and convert into ash loool
I love a good end of the world prediction
This is a regular forecast. It's not BIG news. It's like rain in California... Well even then we can calm the crazies.
So i told evrey one in my class about this and thay all freaked out
No power disrupt over here... Have a massive headache tho...
+Walter-Levi Wawra Ouch! That apple f*©& hurt!
OK everyone all the above remarks are awesome... and nice going through.. some godliness, kidiness, assholes, funny etc but nothing is helping here....
Me hubiera gustado tener en mi mano la Biblia para mostrarle lo que vendrá antes del fin... y al final será de ira de Dios.
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