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With London 2012 around the corner, we take a look at who pays for the Olympics – and how much they cost
How much does it really cost to be the Olympics' host and where does the money come from?
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I'd have been more behind the Olympics if they'd been held in another city - maybe Birmingham.

If the Westminster bubble thinks that the east end of London needs redevelopment then maybe they should venture out of the M25 more often.
The for profit status and self-aggrandizing nature of the olympic organization has completely turned me off to the events. It is a sad, pathetic organization using the hard work of athletes to push its own commoditized agenda.
brazil are hosting 2016 just 2 years after the world cup 2014..... wow!
Nice video, but it needs to cite sources or it's pretty meaningless.
It was a plan@the beginning 5bn.when Beijing landed an Olympic,generation after generation can remember then budget went far cost is now currently 14bn.may be I m wrong.but BBC never always speak truth.
I m not feeling any thrill about ur own version of comments as u said BBC
never lied.or never biased.its funny to listen if someone trying to defend
BBC with no clue.what they said not everything is lie.but they lie.u
beleive it or not.its fact.I don't beleive any news channels covering
everything with 100% truth.they just keep their own interest safe first.
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