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Film director James Cameron returns to the surface after becoming the first person in 50 years to reach the deepest point in the ocean, the Mariana Trench.
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Hope he'll now make a film about it all.
Can't wait for that documentary to be broadcasted... :-)
This is so fascinating but i am not sure that i would like to do that far down.
Fitting for director of Titanic - next movie Atlantis?
congrats man!!! u r very lucky to go tat close to mother nature
why are we going back to places we've been before? aren't we supposed to boldly go where no man has gone before? Neil deGrasse Tyson is right. We've stopped dreaming.
The ABYSS for REAL, he got BIG balls.Hat off.
Pioneer. People with the heavy crotches willing to do things like this are an inspiration to so many people
Now, this is exciting - hope it spurs a movie!!
I watched a science program that said that this trench reaches as far under the earth's surface as a Jet flys, about 40,000 feet or so?
+Nicolas André Places we've been before? Once? Get a grip, man! Exploring our own planet seems to be a better use of resources than visiting another one, at least to me!
Amazing man and a great film maker
Yeah, Hollywood's always been there first at the new frontiers
Anne F
and so, the first shots of Avatar 2 were recorded ... will Cameron play one of the characters himself, you think?
hey!!!!!!!!!!!! i really admire ur moovies
He really puts in the extra mile for his movies, that has to be credited.
mind blowing........................
Avatar 2 plans to capture scenes from Pandora's oceans and beneath them, he's stated that they will film down there. James of course planning for the upcoming sequel, can't wait to see it because what's down there will make an appearance on the movie :)
This is so amazon. Glad to have u back, the world would have suffered if one of the greatest directors didn't return...
congratulation...... u are reallly brave and amzing
That's two Camerons who have sunk to new depths this week.....
Isn't Avatar 2 set to be underwater? I read it somewhere... Maybe Cameron went down there to get some inspiration???
I respect Cameron for doing this, not that it's brave or stupid, but because he had a goal and reached it. I would have done it myself, but alas, I couldn't afford to build the submarine or finance the operation. If enough of you want to chip in and finance it, I'll go.
'Fearless' is a word that comes to mind when describing James Cameron.
Go Cameron! Can't wait for yaa new movie!
that must ve been quite a journey ,yet he s so brave.
he is a genius i am sure his next movie will have this research on script.
Always been interested in 'The Sea'. This is one more success story. Hopefully a lot of others will follow. Great going, Cameron!
+Rod Heydon I'm not saying what Cameron did is not worthy or that exploring the oceans is not worthy, because it is. It's baffling we know more about the surface of Mars than we do about the bottom of the oceans. What I mean is that we should aim "higher"! like you'd think by now we could do serious exploring and not just go from 20 minutes to 4 hours, or we'd have a fleet of SeaQuest DSVs exploring the ocean's floor like we have probes on Mars and beyond.
Thanks James for igniting our collective imaginations. Inner space, not outer, is where are dreams should be.
So...his next amazing movie would be about the fancy world under water? 
Dats great, he achieved what seems to be an unachievable feat.
is this going on the Guinness world book of records or?
this guy never tires out...hats off..
PLEASE PLEASE tell us how deep is that point that he reached, can you tell
Another Hollywood creep throwing vast amounts of money away for personal gratification. This is the same guy who supports convicted child rapist Roman Polanski.
I would have wished he sponsored a scientist with interest in deep ocean research some thing good might have come out.let's hope the money is well spent, of course congratulations!
cool how far dow is dat u could have died ...
hr syed
the person deserves this
I guess that answer the question "What would you do if you could do anything?"
Wats next in Cameron's mind?
Building a toilet for the astronauts so that they don't litter the space.. :P
Jus brilliant :)
oh god its reallly most daring one.....! great job cameron
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