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See Sacha Baron Cohen, creator of Ali G, Borat and The Dictator, as you've never seen him before - himself (and he admits it's probably a mistake). A BBC exclusive:
Sacha Baron Cohen steps out of character to give a rare interview as himself, but admits it is 'probably a mistake'.
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Who is this guy? He looks kinda like Ali G. :)
I think the guy is a genius, he'll be remembered for a long time after he's gone. Half of Monty pythons TV show was absolute nonsense but brilliant somehow. He's an intelligent, observant and brave individual IMO
Din't even know he sounded like that.
The Dictator funny ass movie... 
Not seen it yet, I loved and hated both of his previous movies. Anything that makes you squirm in your seat is well executed if you ask me. I don't think either were supposed to be an easy ride. Look at the original office series. 90% of the time it was pain with the odd lol. The closing scene of Bruno... ffs. There's not many people with the balls to pull that off (so to speak!)
how can this be a mistake? shows the viewers that he's real. and yeah, what an amazing actor.
All this time I thought he was just a character. A real live character. Didnt even know he was BRITISH
In our day and age, Sacha makes us take a hard look at things we maybe are not so fond of about ourselves and our lives. This tends to upset many. I find it irresistibly hilarious and eye opening, that he will go to those corners in our societal norms that most comedians avoid. Bravo! Long live the Admiral General!
Great interview. Oh, and the volume setting goes up to 11?! Fantastic!
Really didn't expect him to sound so well spoken!
I like how people are getting so offended by this movie, but I think it is making a statement on how Americans view people who look Middle Eastern. That and making fun of ridiculous dictators.
He was on Howard Stern last week as himself and it was one of the best interviews I've heard him do. You can listen here:

sacha baron cohen 5 8 12 p1

It's about an hour - great stuff!
He's an incredibly smart man, I'm glad to see him out of character.
I wouldn't watch anything he does 'in character', but I admire him nevertheless and so would listen to him as himself.
Howard Stern interviewed him out of character last week...
Interesting. Seeing him out of character is very surreal.
I wouldn't say never. He's appeared on various US talk shows as himself in the past.
Well the guy seems like he's well prepare, I've seen his movies and kind of funny. To the negatives comment I can say much cause life turns out into generation, new generation would love this kind of movies, like past generation we did not grew up with this kind of comedy, but I find his movies very funny. His last movie the (Dictator) is not a movie for children's or pass generation but if you want to see it It's a lot fun and hillarious.
he's terrible. i watched the first 2 minutes of borat and had to take it out
I have to admit I watched Borat and not much care for it but I kinda like the guy out of costume.
He is simply a genius ! His style of comedy might not find favor in some corners but , you can't take life too seriously ... Gotta poke fun at yourselves once in a while :)
Never liked him and his characters, actually.
I'd actually watch his stuff now. Previously, the character-only bit turned me off and I actively avoided him.
I often wonder if he's got an agenda; but again, I'm naturally bias. His characters all have a common theme. If he was to expand a bit, I think it would allow me to see him and his work beyond that doubt. I'm just not there yet.

Of course, I understand that his looks/physical-characteristics aid in playing those "common themes" but they should also help him in playing an Israeli character just the same; one would think. I wonder if he would ever consider doing a serious satire, or dark comedy, about an Israeli leader, for example. Something truthful as viewed/considered by the rest of the World (outside of Israel). Something very controversial. Being Jewish would allow him (like no other) the opportunity to do that perfectly; and get away with things most could not. He has an advantage.

In my opinion, this would break him out of being this one-dimensional character I've come used to seeing. But again, I'm not sure an Israeli is that different from what he's been doing (I have to think a bit about that one ... it's more about the message I want him to send ... about himself, his characters, etc.). And ... After all, you have to be able to laugh at yourself to be a true Comedian; right? Then let him take on Jews, but not as a religious group; rather, as a people that have grown to have influence over Washington D.C., have their own country, be at odds with the UN for several violations, control a region beyond their borders, are a target of their neighbors, have military prowess with extensions ... and receive more aid than the rest of the World combined.

Tackling things like that, under a character, can only be pulled off by him. Add a little control of much of the World's banks, Hollywood, and a few other things and he's got a movie. The fact that he has not done something like that when it's right there, is at the heart of why I think he may have a hidden agenda, and contributes to my lack of trust in his work.

All that said, I think he's funny; but that's about it. Nothing more than "funny." But again, I didn't think much of Seinfeld either. I liked the show; just not him personally. I thought he was the weakest one on the show. Now, Jack Black ... I think is good to watch.
yes +Rodney Longoria lets not have comedy and instead dwell on lifes unfairness and hardship, let us all be miserable forever.
+Crash Override nice, thanks for that link. oh, and I'm giving you a personal +1 for the Hackers reference. Classy.
What? No one remember or recognize him in HUGO?
this sacha baren cohen is stepping beyond his boundaries does he remember sept. 11, 2001
@Robin Hayes - what does any of this have to do with 'remembering sept 11, 2001'?
He talks about killing americans, this should not be accepted in any comedy movie
+Robin Hayes , wow you Americans are so all important. Maybe your comment should be he shouldn't talk of killing anybody, not just Americans.
@ Robin Hayes (again) - how does it differ from 'buddy-cop' or war-based comedies? Bill Murray was killing Russians in 'Stripes', though not many Americans have an issue calling this movie a comedy. Should Russians be offended?

I don't mean to come off as being on the attack - but I'm afraid that evoking the memory of 9/11 doesn't actually qualify as commentary.
I don't like him because he is a Jew. And he's black. And he's gay.
Eugh, Chinese? That means he hates Google. Son of a bitch.
I thought he supported Palestine?
....Seinfeld, Larry David, Jack Black, most of those guys tend to be jewish. No shit?
How did he pull an Australian Sheila?
Genius! Love - hate Sacha's characters but over all humor is subjective & satisfying!
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