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Microsoft is dropping the Hotmail brand it has used since 1998, and adopting the name

The revamped service promises "less cluttered" inboxes and will allow users to make Skype calls. Microsoft says Hotmail has become a "chore" for users, many of whom have switched to rival Gmail.

Will tempt you back to Microsoft?
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Nope. I have gmail for a reason. I haven't used hotmail since...well, probably 1998.
Microsoft - the best follower on the planet....
I don't know if I go back to hotmail, but It's true that it needs a change.
If they did something about spam that manages to hijack your email box even when you haven't used the damn thing in over a year and block you so you can't get in.... over and over and over again. Maybe I would think about it. I don't even use it for signing up on sites because Gmail manages my spam really well and I NEVER have problems with it sending virus emails to everyone in my address book.
Never it's not gone happen I don't see the point I do everything else with google
Its all looks like a face lift ( metro style) and a name change, nothing else new except skype integration
Now I'm well established with Gmail, I don't see the appeal of switching, but it will be nice for existing Hotmail customers.
nope it won't, whilst it may look like gmail now and provide similar functionality it doesn't seamlessly integrate with my phone so bye bye outlook, I will only use you for my xbox live account.
I logged in to my hotmail yesterday and found out that out of thousands of mails I received the last 12 months, there's less than five mails which are not spams
Not a chance will I change. Google makes everything easier.

I'm seriously technologically challenged and I managed to get both private and work emails on my Android phone without any help.

Ok. You can stop laughing now.
Win over Gmail? Not gonna happen :\
I use outlook for work and find it very agreeable the fact that it is on your computer and not web based is fab it gives you a control over your storage and availability to information even in an internet crash. However if they are going to make it web based then it will t have the same appeal and i would stay with google, especially as so many of my products and services are now google.

This is as +Mawdo Jawo says appears to be a facelift in an attempt to retain custom
Nope, no desire. I have Google now. G+, GTalk, GMail, GMaps, and Android. Why bother with Microsoft as they will do like they always do, have it work best with MS products.
I guess based on the blogger and other media reactions - must be a giant leap forward from the hotmail but when I look at the outlook preview - I don't see anything exciting compared to gmail. I have been trying it in Chrome on Lion so not sure if it looks different/better in IE9 on Win8.
i always thought they should have really pushed "msn" and changed hotmail addresses to msn addresses
The Hotmail was my first webmail. When I visited Azarbizan in 2000(I don't remember the exact year) I found a internet service vendor that only provide Email sending by Hotmail. They had only one PC and there no other internet cafe in that town. 
First thoughts are: Doesn't bode well for a Skype Web App in the Chrome Store. To me it does make sense for Microsoft to consolidate their many flavours of webmail under the Outllook brand, which is so common place in the (local) enterprise environment.
The only reason I keep a Hotmail account is so that my fundamentalist relatives have an account to forward their vitriol to... haven't checked it in ages :)
So what happens to my existing Hotmail account? 
I am more comfortable with Hotmail.
But in case Microsoft finally decides to go off with Hotmail, what will happen to my hotmail account and the mails therein !!
I've moved my Hotmail account over. Very simple. I still use Gmail as my main service but use Hotmail as one for stuff that may spam or become clutter. The new service allows you to keep your old address but can filter it for you.
+David Murray Nothing, the article says at the bottom users will keep there e-mail accounts and can add an @outlook if they wish.
No, I am not tempted to go back to using Microsoft instead of Gmail, Outlook is even worse.
Anyone know if current Hotmail accounts will be migrated to  Just logged into my rarely used hotmail account and didn't see any difference or notification of changes coming.
+Ryan Luehrs me and my wife's hotmail accounts change to outlook yesterday, but we still have the @hotmail
Outlook looks great. I love the new design series Microsoft is going for.
and here I am reading about this on Google+   LOL
+Mawdo Jawo You have to create new accounts at and link your Hotmail accounts to it. You can't change it from Hotmail to Outlook emails directly.
Surprise surprise, users of Google+ say no to Microsoft email service.... Not likely to be an impartial place to debate the topic is it!
I use GMail and Google+ and have Hotmail (although this is the address that goes on sites so is my SPAM email) and Outlook email addresses.
Why limit yourself by brand when others have something to offer too?
Fanboys, they are a mystical thing
I misread it as…looks like i need to wear glasses
Business is all about competition and staying on top. Let Microsoft do what it feels is good for its business!
All hotmail is forwarded to your new outlook account, and placed in a separate folder.  Contacts are also transferred.
To be honest I think Gmail is still a lot better 
I only use hotmail when a visit a website on a one off and it requires a email log on.  Hotmail is to prone to spam
Ken S
Will tempt you back to Microsoft?

No. I don't use any of their products unless I absolutely have to.
My question is only one about this. Whether "" is usable or not.
I switched from hotmail to gmail years ago due to spams and ease of use. still like gmail better than outlook. Outlook is trying to be like Gmail, i guessed. But outlook has better design than hotmail.. :)
Actually, Outlook is trying to be like Metro which is coming in Windows 8 (used on Windows 7 Mobile and Xbox 360) which it does a good job of doing.
The name appears to have been selected by committee with zero creativity. I see why it was chosen - name recognition. But is it positive recognition? Most people who use Outlook associate it with work.  IMHO, that is not a good thing.
For me, Outlook not only associates with work – it associates with unusability.
If you had checked with Outlook it would have highlighted "unusability" as a word that doesn't exist :)
OK they have given the e-mail and contacts a spit and polish but its still the same old calendar and useless Messenger. They will have to innovate faster than Google are even to keep up.
Stop all the junk mail first not a spot on Gmail.
Ms Heck
Will be a big win as the aging hotmail platform still has many users by necessity... in 2001 the internet visionaries of the time were advising e-mail users to identify one "forever" e-mail address to ensure you have one always-active e-mail account to ensure people can find you years later. Many folks selected their hotmail accounts for their 'forever' addresses. So though it's now junk-laden and slow, many smart folks still use hotmail.
Good riddance to hotmail. Hello outlook
I must admit I impressed with it, though the feature is not rich as gmail. I still go with it, and now have two primary email in gmail and outlook. 
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