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An extra portion of unprocessed red meat to someone's daily diet could increase the risk of death by 13%, according to researchers
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Surely the "risk of death" is 100% - or does the Beeb have an insight that it hasn't shared.
Being from Texas, I hereby proclaim this study to be inherently flawed because I'm still alive.
What a rubbish article. 13% increase from what? Very poor hyped headline from the +BBC News. There is absolutely no detail to this study to show what the baselines were. What other foods were the people who died eating? What other lifestyle choices had they made? Complete rubbish.
Not to mention that it takes many Kilos of grain to create one of meat. A wasteful use of resources when so many are hungry.
it amazes me how the hell the human race ever made it this far ;-)
Ya, this will be true until the next scientific study that comes out next month that comes to the exact opposite conclusion. Regardless of these ever changing/opposing 'scientific' studies that get published, the best advice has always been 'everything in moderation'.
There will never be a study that says red meat is good for you, even in moderation. For years it has been said that red meat is bad for you, that animal protein can cause cancer among other ailments. Not to mention that eating meat is bad due to the inhumane treatment of animals and wasteful use of land to raise them for slaughter. The best advice is to adopt a macrobiotic, vegetarian, vegan, or raw diet for health and longevity.
Something is going to kill you in the end. Besides a 13% in a very low risk is still have very low risk.

Meat tastes good.
People who don't eat red meat in wealthy countries do so by conscious choice. Because they are making this choice it is reasonable to assume that they are conscious of everything they eat. The primary reason for this consciousness is for health reasons. Ergo, the real conclusion is that people who care about their health are more likely to live longer than people who are ambivalent about it. Not eating red meat is a symptom, not a cause, and there is no indication that people concerned about their health who do apply the "everything in moderation" rule are at any greater risk.
I believe if you conduct such study on meat acquired by an ISLAMIC way , the results will change dramatically , Because we let the blood leave the body before we eat it ,
And , Please proof me wrong , And please make sure a Muslim man does the Slaughtering (Otherwise it wont work) .
Regards ,,,
keep talking like that docs, it'll just drive down the prices of my red meat!! nom nom nom...
Human beings have canine teeth, means we were made to eat meat. We're all dying every single day, you'd might as well enjoy your life while you're living it. :P
+Skip Stein nooooooooooo....gimme my meat, cholesterol, stable blood sugars!
Scientists are slowly proving that low calorie, low fat, low protein, high carb diets are causing dementia, alzheimer's and other brain dysfunctions. Our brain is made of fatty tissue. We need it to keep our brains running right.
+Skip Stein I'd rather have a shorter, happier life eating delicious meat. Quality over quantity.
I don't eat red meat. I cook it.
+Kerry Jesberger Humans to NOT posses canine teeth, that is a real misnomer. Our teeth and intestines are designed more for processing vegetables, fruits, nuts and seeds. The long intestinal tract is designed for processing high fiber foods, not meat. A true carnivore's intestines are very short in comparison allowing for the meat to digest and be rapidly expelled. Not so much for humans.
Yay! People confusing carnivore and herbivore with what most primates (including humans) are - omnivores.
ok -My grandparents lived to be 102 and 99....They both eat RED meat...:)... kept thier mental health as well..Eat,Drink,and be Merry!!!!
+Skip Stein, cool story bro and all, but I still love meat. We all eat things that aren't "good" for us. Some people love cake, but if you eat too much you could get diabetes. Some people love french fries, but if you eat too much you could have high cholesterol.

Most things are bad for you if you have too much, even healthy things like oranges (vitamin c poisoning anyone?). I think the REAL moral here is "everything in moderation."
+Ritafay Browning There are many people who can live to a ripe old age while doing things that are generally unhealthy. Just because there are people who smoked into their 90s doesn't mean that smoking is good for you; just because there are people who have driven drunk without crashing doesn't mean drinking and driving is a safe practice.

I'm happy that your grandparents lived long and healthy lives, but that's a very poor basis for giving general health advice, especially publicly.
Hello????? 2012 and scientists are only realising this now? Why do you think America has the largest rate of colon cancer victims in the world. The government, medical industry and food industry have been fully aware of this for years!!! wake up people!
Sean Paul
You have to understand that correlation is NOT causation. How is it that those that ate "red" meat daily were 20% more likely to die from either CVD or Cancer? Well, the answer itself is in the conclusion of the study:

"Men and women with higher intake of red meat were less likely to be physically active and were more likely to be current smokers, to drink alcohol, and to have a higher body mass index"

What does that sentence mean? It means that if you are less physically active, drink alcohol and smoke cigarettes then you're more likely to die early. What part of that is a surprise to anyone?
+Richard Cooley closely followed by the warning that not getting enough fresh air by being outdoors makes you 7% more likely to die.
+Christopher Cooke not poor advise..FACTS!!!!!...Not only my grandparents,my uncles and other family members all lived long healthy lives and this true for me and take it as you want,we all have voices,I believe in portion control with variety~for long life..I still say Eat your Red Meat!!!!!!!~Don't forget your wine!!!!!!!
Live life to the fullest, so you don't have to give a damn on when you die.So have as many steaks as you want! They iz yummy :)
can some one tell me what is this
it that was true, nobody in my country (Argentina) could reech 30 years old!
How are these researchers paid? Is it with Government grants to Harvard or something like? Please educate me...
Remember Obama is a Harvard product!
The preponderance of denial in the commentary to this link is telling, I think. I like a well-prepared steak as well as anyone, but if forgoing that pleasure extends my life and diminishes my culpability in the suffering of animals raised to be food, that's a pretty easy choice, in my opinion...
<sarcasm> Wow, I had no idea. I'm so glad we finally figured this out </sarcasm>
And on that note, were is my steak?
These studies are admittedly inaccurrate and prone to error, because all the researchers can do is follow meat eaters around for a time (usually several years), and ask them how much red meat they ate, then see what diseases or ailments they develop. Not something I'd put a whole lot of stock in
I had Chill last night with Beef Mince... and Tonight I have some Gammon...hmmmm as they are cheaper than eating Fish every night or Turkey...
The Telegraph carries a very similar story... guess they are just following the press release without giving it much thought (just for change). The inclusion of processed meat with red meat blatently makes the headline about red meat junk.
Thats crazy! I mean 13% jeez... Is there a food out there that WONT KILL ME?
Andrew, what about white meat?
Wait, wait, wait... It took a multi-million dollar study at Harvard to convince people that this was a bad idea? >_<;
Something else that is not being taken into account in this study is the TYPE of red meat these people are eating. Is it hormone and anti-biotic filled feedlot beef? Or is it grass fed beef? I am lucky enough to be able to buy beef right from the farm, and there is SUCH a difference!! Also, is this beef only fried, or is it cooked with some other methods?
According to a recent study conducted in my office, 7 out of 7 people are men. The end is near, because mankind has a 0% chance to reproduce.
Increase the risk of death to what? 113% chance?
I sincerely believe that this has something to do with it too: Men and women with higher intake of red meat were less likely to be physically active and were more likely to be current smokers, to drink alcohol, and to have a higher body mass index
Eh, humans can easily live without meat should they choose to, it's not really a problem, I'm pretty sure everyone is aware it isn't particularly healthy to consume.
This is the biggest load of rubbish ever. Beyond words.
And people who did not eat red meat were more likely to be pretentious assholes.
Forget singing the meat song, it's time for steak!
@Larry Paschke You must be running in the wrong circles or that is a gross generalization...
Agreed with +Larry McElhiney, people seem to have this stereotype for vegetarians, and there's barely any that fit it, I mean I'm still to meet someone who does fit it myself.
BTW, in the Alberta beef growing prairies, grain fed to cattle is of a grade that is not preferable for baking or cooking, so humans don't eat it anyway. And the prairie land that is used to raise cattle is not suitable for crops, but it is perfect for grass and cattle. So where I live, at least, raising beef is not taking food out of human mouths, but is making good use of available resources.
+Larry McElhiney Gross generalizations are what this thread is all about though. Anything studied involving death will always find higher than normal incidents of certain causes of death, because in most cases when someone dies, no autopsy is ordered, so they simply list "natural causes"
check your numbers....way back when that is all people ate...Red Meat...and they lived longer without health complications.
yuk I dont eat meat row I eat mines wall done thats how I lik mines.
I think that if I limit red meat to every other day that is probably a good thing--and that's about all I'm taking from this study. And yeah, that might be different if I was Inuit. I expect some people are better able to process meat & saturated fat than others and an isolated group with a high-fat diet would logically develop that ability since the ones most vulnerable to heart disease, etc from their diet would die off leaving only the heart-disease resistant people.
Why is it that all the people I have known eat red meat all kinds of junk food live well in their 90's I say when its your time to go you go I eat fish & chicken but I don't try to tell others not to eat "red meat"...
Kristin M. Naples - There will never be a study that says red meat is good for you, even in moderation. For years it has been said that red meat is bad for you, that animal protein can cause cancer among other ailments. Not to mention that eating meat is bad due to the inhumane treatment of animals and wasteful use of land to raise them for slaughter. The best advice is to adopt a macrobiotic, vegetarian, vegan, or raw diet for health and longevity.

shoot me now then
yup as Josiah said, we already have a 100% chance of death, so all this research can bite me. :P
I wholeheartedly support a raw diet => sushi! Mmmm. And getting my filet mignon rare/medium supports it too. So what happened to the study that showed drinking a glass of wine a day led to good health? It sort of faded when it was discovered that the people drinking a glass a day happened to average out as upper middle class and were able to afford good health care. Correlative studies, bahh!
"unprocessed red meat" what does that mean? Then the article talks about processed meat is bad because of all the salt. good grief.
IKR! it looks so over expired and rotten!!
you're gonna die either way, how old do you really want to be?
The way I see it, you can die at 90, or you can live to be 70-75.
a 13% increase in risk of death so from 100% to 113%?
It's all so subjective. My grandma lived to 100 on hotdogs, bacon and cigars...all things which people cry will kill you early. And my friend's step father who has been a vegetarian forever, died at 55 of a heart attack. So, whatever. If we're reasonable with our food, we'll be OK.
And are you adding to the years where you will be invalided in any case? I dunno I am willing to give up an occasional roast beef sammie so my kids can pay for an extra year of the nursing home...
So glad bacon is actually not "red meat" ;) seriously... it's like everything else... just have to balance it, eat more fish and greens, a good steak on BBQ... delicious. Specially with red wine!!
Red mit rizes bad(LDL) cholesterole-- related 2 HTN&CVD
Now I will eat even more meat just to piss people off.
Really? Well then, I have to reduce eating meats after this
Raises cholesterol? Guess its time to eat more cheerios. Lol
Honestly who care i mean everyone loves a big juicy steak XD
Everything supposedly puts us at risk these days; even the air we breathe. No one is going to live forever so enjoy the time you have here, eat loads of red meat and butter.
A total of 4,000 cans are opened around the world every second. Ten babies are conceived around the world every second. Each time you open a can, you stand a 1 in 400 chance of falling pregnant. Go figure!
New study: meat eaters 100% more likely to rely on supposition, unsupported evolutionary notions, anecdotal data, and meat/dairy industry propaganda for their dietary choices than large-scale controlled scientific data.
Companion study: meat eaters similarly likely to believe they will live and die happier compared to vegetarians, despite obesity, diabetes, coronary disease, stroke, cancer, and decreased longevity associated with their diet.
This is senseless to people who actually lives naturally.
Newer Study: Idiots likely to generalize meat eaters as obese, diabetic, cancer sufferers.
who wants to live forever anyway? most people in their 90s are sad and do nothing but sit there and wait to die, I think I will pass, and enjoy the food I was meant to enjoy and not have to watch all my friends and family pass.
How do you increase your risk of death by 13%. Thanks to BBC News I now have a 113% "chance" of Death.
Regardless of your opinion on the wording of this article, the CDC has been publishing articles for years on the dangers of eating and producing meat - not just to individuals but to society as a whole. If you get some disease from eating a cow, pig, or chicken that lived it's whole life in the feces and entrails of some other cows, pigs, or chickens, it puts thousands of other people at risk. This isn't just speculation: remember the bird flu, swine flu, mad cow disease, and the yearly outbreaks of virulent e. coli? It may shock you to find that, even when these diseases get on vegetables, they come from dead animals we intend to eat.

Sure, you can say all the people you know who are over 100 eat meat - well for the first third of their life it's likely they ate less than half of the amount of meat you do now - we have increased the amount of meat we eat from 15% of our diet in the US to more than 30%, approaching 50% in some areas. The meat they ate early in life was very likely grass fed and GMO free. Go figure that these people live longer, happier lives.

Then you argue that it's natural to consume meat. Great - you have 4 teeth for eating meat, the rest go for eating vegetables. Historically, meat was something that could get people through the winter, but even then people ate mainly preserved fruits and winter vegetables. I know several life-long vegetarians who are perfectly healthy - more healthy, according to research that, yes, accounts for label reading and health consciousness, than their meat eating counterparts. Certainly they are more healthy than people who eat meat more than a few times a week. And while vegans have to be reasonably open and thoughtful in order to make sure they eat sufficient amounts of certain nutrients, every single nutrient available in meat is available in vegetables as well.

So, in addition to raising my insurance costs (because you eat mostly meat and now have such a poor quality of life that you require constant treatment and can't be as productive a member of society) and spending my tax dollars supervising an industry unwilling to police itself (or even let the media see what it's doing), you increase my risk of disease because you support an industry that doesn't care about anything but money.

Then you tell me that it's your right because it tastes good. Not only does that sound totally lame (no, really, listen to yourself), it's not, in my experience, true. The best meat based meal I've EVER had doesn't even come close to the best vegan meals (sorry mom, thanks for cooking some great vegan food though). Frankly, I sort of feel like using meat is a cop-out for the untalented, and if you really believe that the entrails of 10 types of animals can provide the flavor and variety of thousands of fruit, vegetable and herb choices, then I feel sorry for you.

So keep eating meat, and keep getting my grudging sympathy, but don't tell me this is just about you and your personal choices.
Most farmers around here live well into their 90s due to moderate diet and exercise. Vegetarians survive on suppliments sorry you're outta the healthy race before you start.
I currently live with and provide in-home care for my 92 yr old grandmother. She has eaten red meat all her life with no problems. I think we'll be just fine thank you.
Pesticides present on fruits, vegetables, and grain have been linked to increased incidents of Alzheimer's, ADHD, autism, cancer, lupus, Parkinson's disease, rheumatoid arthritis, and many other diseases. So if you stop eating meat, and you stop eat fruits and vegetables, you won't get cancer, and will live to a nice long age of about 2 months.
Incorrect, check your research those who age get happier, for as long as they have a mind that is clear and works, some people call it learning to be happy, other simply call it wisdom.
I'd be interested in more details; after all, I thought my risk of death was already at 100%
Nope. Apparently people who don't eat meat stand a chance of living forever.
the article supposes a) that you don't eat enough fibre (cancer risk invariably rises from red meat being harder to digest) and b) that you are not doing any strenuous physical exercise, where sports scientists have now found that some of these fats are essential to rebuilding strength after exercise.
Moreover, the article also fails to take into account that some of the longest living, the Spanish for example, eat an incredible amount of red meat... finally the article interchanges the concept of red meat and processed meat, which are not the same thing; it does not focus on quality for a start! was this sponsored by a poultry provider by any chance :)
We are all living waiting to die anyways. Tomorrow is not guaranteed so we have it today. Too many people take for granted that idealism. Live for today not tomorrow. If today you You want to eat red meat Because it's good An that's what makes you happy. Then by all means to eat. We all seem to be livin for the future which isnt here nor guanteed. Yesterday is history tomorrow's a mystery today is a gift that's why they call it the present. Enjoy today every n dismiss media hype
lets go green and avoid self inflicted deaths
+Edwin Okongo Truly green foods can't support the current population of the Earth, so for the planet to go green, billions would have to die.
Peter D
...and research shows that research works. Next theory please. We know what we know until we know something different.
Out of everyone who's lived over 100, how many of them ate red meat, and how many of them were vegans? Even if this is all true, it's those nursing home, adult diaper, dementia years. Who wants that anyway?
Kevin, that statement is purely speculative. Check your facts and use your imagination.
People need to take a step back and stop trying to figure out what's "good" and "bad" and start looking to what's natural. Our ancestors ate anything they could to stay alive, they had no care for cholesterol and early onset diabetes. These are problems we have thinking that we know better than nature what our bodies need. We take supplements for nutrients that are found in foods in the next isle over in the supermarket, but we've developed an aversion to eating things that have "a funny texture" or seem "gross." The plain fact is that if it was there and it was edible, our ancestors ate it. This has been ingrained into our bodies as a species and now we are depriving ourselves of things we need like animal brains, organ meat, and bone marrow. In addition to this, we are eating things that aren't food by any stretch of the imagination. Show me where our ancestors gathered Cheetos in nature. We pack our stomachs with stuff that has the nutritional content of sand but spikes our blood sugar more than sugar itself and wonder why our children are hyper-active and why we are plagued with diseases of civilization and mental disorders.
Science needs to stop looking forward to the next pill that fixes X problem and start looking to the past when that problem didn't exist at all. However, overpopulation has made it impossible to for all humans to live naturally which explains the increased reliance on science to create our "food" for us.

Studies like this BBC report are dangerous since correlative evidence can be drawn between any two things, especially if the outcome of the trials benefit the people paying for the study. On this same correlative vein, I submit that having children cause diabetes. Well, if overpopulation causes us to create high-sugar, unnatural foods to support a larger population, we then become dependent on these foods causing frequent blood-sugar spikes and insulin resistance, which then causes diabetes. See, the 6 degrees of Kevin Bacon works everywhere and that's how "scientists" make their grant money.

+1 for the "everything in moderation" people.
+Christian Bradley It's not speculative. Farmers don't add pesticides to food because they're bored. They add it to foods because if they don't there's a real risk that crops will get wiped out. Ever heard of the great famines in Ireland? Nearly half of Ireland died during the first one, and a million died 100 years later in the second. That's just in Ireland. The population has boomed since then, and pesticides have been necessary to sustain the crops to support it. Since the loss of crops has diminished, the growth of crops has centralized to mega farms. If we stop using pesticides to go green, it's only a matter of time before a crop is wiped out. If a crop is wiped out on a mega farm, the Irish famines will look like a hunger strike.
I read the study and it lumped all red meat together regardless if it were a hamburger or a grass fed steak. I'm not sure how they can use such a broad brush then say "here are the results". It would seem to me that they need to narrow that focus down even more to truly be meaningful.
I laugh at the face of death, while eating my tasty, tasty steak.
Prop.. propa... PROPAGANDA!
More junk science. They didn't control for carbohydrate intake. That makes their results useless. They got the result they designed the study to produce.

I wonder how much of their funding comes from the people whose business is feeding us starches and sugar.
Key phrase: The British Heart Foundation said red meat could still be eaten as part of a balanced diet.

I think this kind of says it all - a balanced diet. Think on those three simple words before you get all agitated over it.
that is because they are feeding the animals with genetic food. Cows,goats,lambs feeds on NATURALLY grown plants,not genetic food. Our ancestors were eating red meat and they lived longer than us today.we most eat NATURAL food not genetic food in order to be healthy.
I do wonder how primitive cavemen managed...
HEY WORLD.... Everything kills you....
To much sugar can kill you.
To much water can kill you.
To much sunlight can kill you.
To much loneliness can kill you.
Red Meat isn't all that scary.
Human brain structure requires a component of meat. Without it, we loose brain mass. However other than for protein, there really is no other good reason to consume red meat other than, ego. Steak people are best friends with their egos. But really, they could stand to eat a few less steaks and suffer a chicken dinner with peas and stuffing!
The great minds at Harvard came up with that??? Geez! I wonder if I'm in the 13% of the population that will have a shortened life expectancy. I wonder if they can tell me when I am going to die? <snicker>

I love all these ambiguous research results. They are too eager to tell us what "could", "can", "might", "may", or what "researchers think" might happen. Really? Many things could happen to people under certain conditions if they do this, that, and the other thing. If we don't inhale, we could die, too. Women who smoke while pregnant could do their fetus harm. Walking through a doorway "seems to" make your brain go wonky. LOL!
And here I am trying to be a vegetarian....
+Dale Stanton I personally think its just a fear mongering scam to get us to buy "healthy processed" foods which actually do more harm than good with Natural foods. Not to mention they up the price for some cheap spray on chemical like $.50 more or something. I dont know, i think its a bunch of BS. That's why i want to own a farm and eat my own cattle. :D
damn it!!! how am i supposed to maintain my dominion over the lesser animals if i do not have an extra portion of their flesh?
Hey I love my red meat... Medium rare If where not meant to eat meat then we would not have caniane teeth. That being said I still love me some chicken and vegtables and seafood
Cavemen mostly died from what ate them, not what they ate...
I only eat meat blessed by the great Pastafarian.
yeah but I could also get hit by a bus walking out my front door but I ain't going to stop doing that.....
Eh, the risk of death is 100%, if I am not mistaken ;)
Amen - Coby - I lost more weight on a meat and veggie diet than I did on veggie alone. At the time when humans were strict vegetarians we had a lifespan of about 40 years.
Processed foods are the true killers of modern humans, that and war!
Any honest meat-eaters out there who can say: "Yeah, I know eating meat is a truly awful practice for my health, society as a whole, and the environment with no real redeeming features whatsoever, but I do it because it tastes good and I can't or don't choose to control my behavior regardless." Truly, you know there is no good argument for the practice.
Yeah, they did a survey (not a study) by asking bunch of Americans to recall what they ate during the last decade and concluded that eating the equivalent of Big Mac per day (4oz) for 10 years may cause some health problems. No shit!

Meat is awesome and good for you. Carnivores unite! :)
I am also a meat lover. Meat is good for you. Just depends on how much you eat
Another epidemiological study quoted by the mainstream media that is meaningless. Simply looking at a population and making simple correlations does not a good scientific conclusion make. Eat grass fed beef people. It is packed with nutrients and gives you plenty of omega-3, CLA, vitamin E, vitamin K2 and healthy cholesterol. I eat grass fed beef every day and I am super healthy. Processed foods, vegetable oils, starchy foods and refined sugars are killing us, not meat.
At a fiver a burger.u spent £18.250 Over 10 years
I think its a bunch of crap. How many people did they test it on? What other disease or problems do these people have?
Sometimes, a shorter life is worth it.
What if I put that red meat in my smoker for 5 hours, adding all those additional delicious carcinogens? I'm available for that study if any scientists out there want to do a followup.
meat is not good for health for human
What were the controls in this study? Were the people leading an active life style or were they largely sedentary? What were the effects of an "increased" portion of red meat on active vs sedentary? The article does a great job of saying "red meat might be bad" but didn't convey any other factor in the study that could have contributed to the results...
+Kumar Suraj .. Glad you covered that blanket statement .. What are you basing that opinion on? Biased studies in a vegan magazine that helps you justify your subjective life style or are a scientist with extensive clinical research on the effects of meat on health? Im sorry .. I see now that making biased proclamations are fun!!!
Beef today is most likely worst for you than the beef of old, when cows were allowed to graze and eat grass in open spaces. Today cows are raised in small lots and force fed corn, something they were never evolved to eat. Sickness ensues from a strict corn diet and then the cows are fed all kinds of antibiotics. Im sure modern raising practices of cows have something to do with the decrease in nutrition and increase in more harmful substances in beef. Beef gets an underserved bad rap.
Last I checked the leading cause of death was birth... if you weren't born you can't die. That said, I'm not changing my diet because some researchers said it would increase my odds of death; the odds are already 100%.

+Pursuit Happitarian I think the word you wanted was euthanize, if they ever figure out how to "youthinize the old" the mankind will have to revert to cannibalism to control the population.
Yes, or else we'd eat everything and start feeding on each other...
I just don't believe it. This must be paid by a loby of carbohidrate sellers. Meat is great. Of course if you only eat meat and don't exercise and weight a lot is very probable that you have problems.

I think this is a tendentious study that wants to influence consumption of something else.
Any vegetarians on here? I'll support you, Maddox style. For every piece of meat you turn down, I will consume three. That way it doesn't just even it out, it makes it worse. Hence you shouldn't be a vegetarian because it's killing all our animals faster! (From me)
Nothing like the clean protein in red meat, not even protein shakes can beat this wholesomeness!
If meat kills people early, that's great news, because meat production is also highly unsustainable with the very large human population that modernity had brought us. So this is just the old people woo refuse to adapt making room for the young who must adapt.
Red Meat protein still the best,even for Bodybuilders
Yes it is good, but its important to watch your intake and besides its very fattening. Stick to fish and chicken and throw in some red meat every once in awhile and you will be good to go!!!
That's an incredibly delicious 13% cow revenge risk. :)
You eat them,they will come back to haunt you....
+Skip Stein I think you'll find humans do have canines. What bearing this has on our diet in reference to the GI tract is immaterial. The teeth known as canines exist, despite our omnivorous diet.
The less people eat animals, the less animals will be raised by humans. I guess you could argue that farm existence is worse than not existing at all, but I think it's unsafe to flat-out assume.
Dude by that logic we should all be getting pregnant as often as possible
Last time I checked, the risk of death was 100% no matter what you eat.
Eric D.
So enjoying red meat will shorten the time i spend in adult diapers, drooling on myself? Somebody get me a T-bone stat!
+Glenn Dufresne It's not that well done, because it's asking people to tell them how many servings of red meat they've consumed over the past year. Take a moment to estimate how much whole grain you consumed over the last year, and then ask yourself if that information is accurate enough to conduct a valid study on the affects of whole grain.
I like that every defensive meat eater on here dismisses this study as being "biased" without providing any evidence of their own.

Eating no meat, red or otherwise, is perfectly fine. If you also give up eggs and milk you need to find other ways to get some types of omega-3 and in certain situations where you should be paying attention to your diet anyway, you should still do so as a vegan, but all in all, it's fine.

I know, who am I? How about Mayo clinic:

Yup, looks like it's fine.

+Jordan Clark Awesome. I turn down every piece of meat within walking distance priced at under $10 every day (you could make an argument that I don't turn down the ones that cost more because it would impact me economically). Most days, given the offerings, that's well over 1000 servings of meat.

Unless you just suggest you will eat 3 meat only (no seasonings right, that would be cheating unless the seasoning is also made from pure animal product) meals for every meatless meal I eat. Then you'll have 9 meat-only meals a day, plus lets add one more for snacks. Oh, and no juice unless it's broth. Do this for one week and we'll talk, if you're not in the hospital. This was your idea though, so don't blame me if you feel terrible.

Unless you mean that you'll throw out two pieces and eat one equivalent meat product for each piece I eat. That won't make me feel too bad, as this is what most restaurants in English speaking countries do anyway, so I've pretty well come to terms with it. I'm sure your small contribution won't make much difference, and after you run out of money and good health I'll still be asking for the tastier (vegetarian) option. After all, I'm not the one eating cannibal mutated cow parts. Bon Apatite.
Crap.. only just seen this and as it happens I'm doing a roast beef joint.
Eating no red meat is not good. Eating too much is not good. Who would have thought that moderation was a good thing. facepalm
If we are living in a world that is effected by Global Warming and Climate Change; should we not be eating animal protien so that we leave the plants alone to consume Carbon from the air and produce more Oxygen for the planet?
By the way, who funded the research for this study?
+Robert Hall Not to mention cows are responsible for 18% of the world's greenhouse gases. It is my duty to combat global warming by slaughtering these cows and consuming them!
really? Harvard Medical School was paid off to come up with this analogy. Try its what ppl in America are forced to eat, like high fructose corn syrup and other bs things. I always thought it was funny when i would go to the store and see "Organic" on things. I would think to my self, isn't "organic" suppose to be the way things are grown? Why are we eating things any other way? oh well, maybe its just me, but i don't think we should be eating what the "gov't" thinks is ok for us...
This is just ridiculous... Good God, make the supposed health risks all just go away.
sounds like the vegan nazis are at it again
I'm pretty sure we all have a 100% risk of death, no matter what we do. Ridiculous headline.
I thought everyone knows that already that read meat is not good for your health.
Why is it still bad for you if it thoroughly cooked?
100% chance of death if you do or do not eat red meat.
OHHh so what... I'm going to buy some red meat now. Guess that makes me SUicidal.
i know these people dont know what they are talking about right
The data is crap. It was all health "professionals" surveyed. And when you ask them, they are more likley to lie. It all means nothing.
This just in: Breathing air increases the chances that you'll die someday by 100%.
13% more likely to die! Haha what? Who are these people not dieing?
That goodness I don't eat this. 
My diet is about 60-80% meat depending on the time of year, i disagree highly. I have a 100% chance of death, if i eat meat i now have 113% percent chance of death?
"We found that a higher intake of red meat was associated with a significantly elevated risk of total, cardiovascular disease, and cancer mortality." Total mortality? Doesn't that imply that partial mortality is an option?
The key word is unprocessed: It's the processed meat that's gonna kill us ! Connie
82.7% of all statistics are made up on the spot ;)
Let's see..... 100% + 13% = ..... Wonderful! Now we have a 113% chance of death. Thanks a lot! <snicker>
The sheer level of misinformation, the ignorance, the propaganda... this could easily be a war time political posting here. I think we take every one responding so far, tour them of a couple national farms, disclose the injections, tour them all of a meat processing facility and storage lockers, then have every one medically examined, All results should be anon identified only as beef, veg, omni. Then we tour a few labs, where actual science data is collected and analyzed, and actual doctors and technicians can answer questions about the tests, the results and what they mean. But should the results should be very interesting to see how opinions change after the education, and how people react to their health statistics. I would also be very interested to see how the psychological profiles compare. When sorted against the other data.

Really, I want to see how many people can be enlightened out of their ignorant stupor, of Carpe Diem. You can choose to listen and be enlightened. Or you can choose to ignore reality and be the fool. -There is a reason why the majority of people are refered to as sheeple, and it's not becuase you wear wool.
I never thought of meat giveing me heart failer you would haft to eat lots of meat for a long time before it became a big deal. but i thought your research is interestin
Would you want to live longer eating vegetables or live shorter on red meat? I would still go for the latter.
An overload of preservatives and nitrates in our foods. Anything to lengthen shelf life. Cooking oils alerted to last longer that are bodies can't process. Over indulgence in food and drink and little or no exercise. On our butts playing video games, surfing the Web, endless TV shows. This is what is taking time off our lives.
Lean protein is the way to being healthy, not byproducts and fat.
Being born absolutely increases your risk of death by 100%.
bbc? damn i thought that stood for something else...........
Really, there's absolutely nothing questionable about a study drawing broad generalizations from data based on voluntary responses to a daily questionnaire on diet, because people never lie about what they eat.
100% of people who drink water die. I'll take my burger medium well.
Like someone used to tell me...the food you eat now is slowly poisoning you without you knowing.
Breathing our polluted air causes cancer to. So I think I'll cook up a nice Big Steak!
Everything we eat ~ drink ~ rouch ~ is full of pollutans. Do you know what you ARE eating and drinking...with so many additives ~ pesticides ~ perservatives `? So I will eat me a steak as well and say...Dang that was good!!!
+M Edward Borasky If you understand why red meat and saturated fats lead to heart disease, apply for your Nobel prize because no one else has cracked the science on that. All we have is poorly controlled statistics that indicate a statistical association between a high-fat, high-carb diet and heart disease. The association vaporizes when you control for carb intake. On the other hand, the science that explains how metabolized carbs do significant biological damage is plentiful and easily accessed.

One of my favourite bone-dry statements is "The lower limit of dietary carbohydrate compatible with life apparently is zero, provided that adequate amounts of protein and fat are consumed." Dietary Reference Intakes for Energy, Carbohydrate, Fiber, Fat, Fatty Acids, Cholesterol, Protein, and Amino Acids (Macronutrients) (2005) National Academies Press P. 275
I don't believe these scientists first they say its better and then declare harmful.........WTF
You idiots could at least read the actual article instead of arguing about the headlines.

"They said adding an extra portion of unprocessed red meat to someone's daily diet would increase the risk of death by 13%, of fatal cardiovascular disease by 18% and of cancer mortality by 10%. The figures for processed meat were higher, 20% for overall mortality, 21% for death from heart problems and 16% for cancer mortality."

Causation is worked out in the statistical analysis. Really, the next time any of you critique the work done by people who have over 8 years of education and experience in their field, ask yourself, "Do I really know what I'm talking about, or am I just parroting some stupid blog I read?"
i eat chicken and fish ...tell me whther its red or white ? tell me advantages and disadvantages.... :)
Thanks Greg, I ignored the article and read the report instead. I'm still unimpressed.
Marc Tyler Gibbons needs to calm down a little. Nap-time i think Tyler... nighty night, little man!
the fear of death makes all of us comment,pro or con.
Angst, Angst
Mmm meat is good. Life without enjoyment is worse than death. Think I'll go out and get some burgers lol.
+Greg Smith this is a correlation not causation...and this means that there is a trend for the factors to go together, but not for one to cause the other. They might as easily have said that people prone to early death seem to need more meat (I know, it sounds stupid). The problem is that if you're trying to make a point, you might want to imply cause when you only have a relationship between the factors. 
Oh wow. This sounds massively misleading
Not eating increases the chance of dying by 100%.
I'll take my chances.
(Moderation is the key)
+Tess McEnulty my favorite line was 'we all have a 100% chance of dying, how can you increase that by 13%?' 
number cause for balding and grey hair!
I think a good holiday, fresh air and some fruit and veg, could balance
it out!
...Increase the risk of death... REALLY? News flash risk of death is 100% at any given time.
Did you know that 124% of all statistics are made up?! Ingredients include 30% media hype, 40% of Chinese whispers, the rest is a combination of stupidity and BS!
Death have a lot of diffrent reasons but death is death what ever the cause.
be happy and count your plessing that we all stell a live and talking about food.
Exactly in general people who do not eat red meat (or no meat at all) are also health conscious, exercise regularly etc.
so the studies should divide people into more groups:
A) vegetarians B) not eating red meat C) mixed red, white and fish D) mostly red meat
then each group should be divided into activity groups:
1) not active 2) moderately 3) highly active
Then the results would be much more convincing.

But the results would be TOO COMPLICATED to understand for majority of population == media.
Media want simplified info ... you eat meat you will die (but if you do not eat meat you will die as well ha ha ha)
another good idea would be to use BMI or something to group people instead of activity level
+Kevin Burger Actually, if we maintained genetic diversity in crops, we would not have to worry about mass die off. Pesticides won't, ultimately, prevent mass die off any more than anti-bacterial compounds can prevent infections like MRSA. Factory farms make it cheep to use monoculture, so they put us at higher risk of famine and food shortage.

+Steve Pulfrey the US is indeed wasteful. Should I then say that ONLY people in the US should be less wasteful, less ignorant, and that the other 5 billion people in the world should just jolly well not care?

I did mention at some point that English speaking countries are by-and-large to blame for the spread of high meat diets. certainly most non-English based food is both healthier and better tasting than the Milk and Meat diet of the old North Roman Empire, and except for the ubiquity of fish sauce in Thai food, I can find vegan food pretty easily in any "non-English" culture. So feel free to point out that the USA is worst than most, but when you look down your nose from the UK, keep in mind that you aren't looking very far.

If you live somewhere that makes it reasonable to use your cow for several years of grain and milk production before turning it into meat - somewhere where the cow is eating grass that could not otherwise be converted to food - then I don't begrudge you meat. Actually, I don't think a steak once a month, or a occasional turkey or venison that you hunted yourself pr share with a friend, or some fresh caught fish several times a year does much harm. I don't particularly care if the fish had feelings any more than I would cry about a murder in France - but bacon for breakfast, cut meat for lunch and meatloaf for dinner? The only reason for that is ignorance or lack of creativity, and like war in Afghanistan, it affects me personally. Even eating meat an average of once a day is an unreasonable amount, and if you have the resources to eat that much meat, you have the money to make better choices, and frankly eat healthier, tastier, and more interesting food while you are at it.
here is some info from the study:
"Men and women with higher intake of red meat were less likely to be physically active and were more likely to be current smokers, to drink alcohol, and to have a higher body mass index. In addition, a higher red meat intake was associated with a higher intake of total energy but lower intakes of whole grains, fruits, and vegetables."
but: "no significant interaction was detected between red meat intake and body mass index or physical activity level (P > .10 for both tests)"
+Charles Bosse People will continue to eat meat purely so they don't end up a holier-than-thou vegan like you... even by accident. Your attitude and complete lack of knowledge make you unbelievable and an unreliable source of information. You discount meat completely because of modern contrived beliefs when in reality humans were and are supposed to eat meat. Put yourself in a starvation situation and tell me you wouldn't hunt, kill, and eat any available animal "within walking distance." That's how our ancestors evolved and that's how we should be living today.
How about the Inuits... they've been eating mainly meat for far longer than a week and I don't see an entire race of people in the hospital.
I could go on and on attacking your posts, but extremists, like you, attack themselves with their unbending opinions and lack of ability to see anything outside their own belief structure. Meat is, and should be, part of our diet. To exclude completely it is to go against nature. This is not my opinion, it's human history.
Are there any carnivores out there who can point to any non-meat-industry-sponsored studies that suggest a meat-based diet is better/healthier or more environmentally/socially responsible? I guess it is clear why, in the face of overwhelming information to the contrary, the last refuge becomes name-calling and silly claims of "knowing."
"Knowing" the conditions under which we evolved, "knowing" what's healthier, etc. The comfort zone must be maintained at all costs, even when that cost is a sicker and shorter life. And nit-picking/fault-finding a single study, outside its scope of questioning, rather than looking at 40+ years of consistent research has always been a reliable means of coming to the truth.
Nature is the only study we should need. Why do people think they are so much smarter than nature that they feel the need to mess with it? Sometimes you have to use common sense instead of scientific trials.
Why does everything that tastes nice kill me?
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