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Americans reclaim the top spot from the Japanese in the battle to develop the world's fastest supercomputer. IBM's Sequoia displaces Fujitsu's K Computer and is 1.55 times faster than its next nearest rival.
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Why does the UK no longer try and compete in things like this.  We need to increase science spending.  If we'd put money into science / R&D instead of bailing out banks, many jobs would be created, and maybe even some new industries.  Instead we've made it possible for banks to go on with the same unsustainable practices.
And... Lose the space race... Too bad... At least they have IBM, with a fast thinking Robot.
Great work. A good competition.
I bet that once the Antivirus starts loading it'll still take five minutes to get on the internet
And when will Skynet become self aware?
Might be you talking of super virus and its super anti virus of it?
I started interning with IBM for the summer about a week ago. Although  I did nothing for this accomplishment, it is very cool to say that I work there!! :D
Good for you and much luck.
- The US wins using IBM computers, not FUJITSU.

- US wins with 1.5 Million CPU, Japan uses LESS THAN HALF of the CPU.

- BOTH uses CPU "DESIGNED" by US company (IBM & ORACLE corp).

- Even at MUCH MORE CPU, US computer uses HALF of the energy from Japan system.

- Both of this system can STILL be UPGRADED with MORE CPU's.

- Programming this MASSIVE computer technically is a challenge for ANYBODY to make it reach it's maximum efficiency.
It isn't about the number of CPUs or even (so much) the overall processing grunt... the key performance metric to look at here is performance per watt. That's what makes this so impressive. At this point in time, heat dissipation is the biggest engineering challenge in building ever-larger supercomputers.
Ask it the meaning of life. In fact don't bother its already been done its 42.
look on the bottom. there is a sticker there saying "made in china"
Proud to be American!
now they need to start selling it'
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