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A photo of a Chinese mother in a hospital bed next to a foetus has shocked web users. A preliminary investigation in China found the woman had been forced to abort seven months into her pregnancy.
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Just heartbreaking. Despicable governance and against every human right any woman should have anywhere in the World. There needs to be international pressure on this matter if it isn't an isolated event. The more nagging China receives, the more it's people pick up on and the bigger the chance of China taking a long, hard look at itself.
Amanviya kritya China ke liye naye nahin hain.
Absolutely Rosko, spread the word.  Get loud.
People are reacting as though this is some big surprise. The Chinese officials have been doing this for decades. They also kill full-term babies as they are being born, against the will of the mother.

Women who go into hiding, if found, are forced to abort.

Meanwhile, anti-abortion groups in the West are largely silent on this, preferring to hound women who choose to abort.
+Anneke Dubash I'm sorry to say it is a surprise; so it's a big tip of the cap to the people who publicised the picture. Sometimes people need a shock like this to bring something to the fore. I knew there was a one child policy, but presumed a large fine was in place if you had another child, I wasn't aware women were being forced to abort.
Warning: controversial opinion.

Sure, it is heartbreaking to see that photo, but we, the Western armchair warriors, should stop lecturing China on their population control. None of us has the first idea what it takes to govern a country that has 1.5 Billion people.  Only the Chinese know that. That policy has been put in place for good reasons, not because somebody made a hobby out of it. 

It's time to stop thinking that we know everything and that we are always right, and other people are always wrong.
I'm glad this is trending. More about China needs to be brought to light. 
Only the Chinese can decide that,
See, that's a preconception. No, I am not. Far from it. I don't even live in a place where things are seen that way.
Where is this photo? I haven't seen zilch 
i find your complacency over government forced abortion disturbing. 
This is really a sorry sight, and it is made worse by the fact that the dead foetus is placed beside the mother. No matter the policy in place in China, there should not be victimization of women. This has got to stop and I pray that the Chinese people should rise against this injustice and fight for their cause.
Kenny K
It is reckless and dangerous to believe that only a sovereign country's government can decide if it wants to honor human rights within its own borders.
Women are also forced to give their second child up to orphanages if the child was not aborted in time.

The policy is not just to limit births but also, in my estimation, to limit family ties and increase filial attachment to the state. If you realize that in a generation or two, there will be no such thing as brothers and sisters, aunts and uncles, cousins, nieces and nephews. Cutting the ties to families is advantageous to the state.
+George Kozi  Which is of course is a very valid point. But this isn't "policy;" this is borderline murder. When a policy crosses a line, it sparks international interest and ultimately pressure and then something that may well have been going on idly for years gets re-evaluated.
especially considering the chinese government is the reason for the overpopulation. now george thinks it's ok to take a woman by force and force her to have an abortion because she doesn't have enough money. of course she doesn't have enough money because of the chinese government. 
In fact, Western couples adopting from China are unwitting pawns in the one-child policy because many of the children who are adopted by them were forcibly removed from their birth families.
+Alice Idems I wonder if it was an act of courage to raise awareness - having the photo taken. I shouldn't imagine the hospitals are in the business of putting the bodies of the aborted next to the sobbing mother and taking photos. At least I hope not! I wonder if it was a sickened Mother trying to get a disturbing message out.
Forced sterilization, as was policy in India, was at least better than forcing abortion on women who want their child.
+Anneke Dubash ... There we go. There's your far more humane (if still very archaic) solution.
As a Chinese, I totally understand the necessity of population control. The terrible birth rates in rural areas of China in the past somewhat resembles the situation in Africa. But THIS has certainly crossed a line. This case has already been admitted by the provincial government to be illegal under Chinese laws.
All I'm saying is that things always go both ways... If I'm not mistaking, there is a new forced ultrasound law in some US states. That is degrading and humiliating for women.... and yet, it has been voted into law. The population has tacitly agreed.

So... Should the Chinese government and the Chinese population demonstrate and hold actions against that? What would be the reaction in the US?
+George Kozi People around the world protest all sorts of American ideals - and so they should. I think the States get it from all sides. If China made a noise about a human rights issue in America, people would be delighted quite frankly! Well, at least the liberally minded would.
Y doesn't she just sell it on the black market? 
+Anneke Dubash  As for the concern that the one-child policy might "limit family ties and increase filial attachment to the state", so far this has not happened. I am the only child in my family and so are most of the people (more than 90%) I know who were born after the 90's. When you don't have brothers or sisters, your cousins become your actual "siblings". You get much closer relationship among your uncles and aunts and cousins. When I was little, I never figured out the difference between "brother" and "cousin", because we call each other "brother" or "sister" instead of "cousin", we never had a true "brother" and we treated each other like our siblings. The biggest difference is only that we don't live together and we see each other every week rather than every day.
+George Kozi I'm not sure where you get the idea that the population in any way agrees with the voting in of the some 2000 laws which are designed to prevent women from accessing appropriate prenatal medical care (by denying them the right to know if they have medical conditions which might cause them to choose abortion but might kill them), preventing them from accessing brith control, force them to endure lectures from a doctor about what stage their pregnancy is at, forcing women who have miscarried (50% of pregnancies end in miscarriage) to prove that they did nothing to cause the miscarriage and face possible jail sentences if some bureaucrat doesn't think her explanation is good enough even if she engaged in any normal activity that indirectly cause an accidental death if her foetus, or, as you mentioned, having an invasive internal ultrasound.

There has been a great deal of opposition to these laws which have been enacted by (mostly male) politicians without the involvement of the public at all. In fact, as in the case of Texas, by legislator fraudulently voting as many as 8 times by voting not only for themselves but for other Members who are not in the Legislature.

This is absolutely without the approval of the public.
I am so humiliate it. Some animals do not worth to named human!
China, where we care less about you than anyone else.  The next person that tells me that the Chinese are so advanced needs to be slapped.
China's one party government is EVIL. Stop trading with them!
Everyone makes it sound like babies just happen. If someone is aware of their goverment's laws for population control, shouldn't it be up to them to take the responsibility to NOT have more children than their goverment allows? I would think so. If someone has accepted to have sex, the NEED to take responsibility for the consequences of such. It is very horrible that it has come to abortion, but how stupid can some of these people be to get pregnant, knowing that their child will be killed?! If you can't afford something and take on personal responsibility, then you have no business having kids. No government can get rid of stupid...
Funny, too, how it's not okay to force a woman to have an abortion, but it is okay to force her NOT to. Let the stupid people be stupid and we'll have less of them in this world.
+Nicole Streets  I think you have this backward.  We force people all the time to not commit murder.  What we are trying to make people see is that abortion is just that MURDER.  "A person is a person no matter how small." Dr. Seuss
+George Kozi Yours is a 51% is democracy argument. A recall or non-recall of legislation is no gauge of public support for policy. Next you'll be saying the Greeks wanted their economy to fold, that's what they voted for. China is a Communist country. Not a lot of freedom or choice. They knew best how to deal with Tiananmen, correct? Wrong. +Anneke Dubash Forced sterilisation for the poor but not for the rich in India. Just like every country out there, there's two laws for the haves and have-nots. The people protested. The politician who masterminded it all died in a pretty suspect plane crash.people's lives were destroyed. In the US, the rich will fly out to Europe for abortion or whatever the hell else they want. The poor will struggle. I'm wondering when Prohibition comes into effect.I hope the angry mob guts the politicians therejust like I'm hoping it happens out here.
really wanna see what your western government gon do if your country reaches 1.3 billion population. it's a policy, simply obey it. it's law, why breach?
I will be praying for this lady and her family.  I suggest anyone else who believes do the same.
Wow @Nicole Streets that's incrediably nieve. Perhaps her husband gave her
no choice about having sex? Perhaps she couldn't afford birth control
(since she can't afford the fine, that should be an indicator that she is

Just because the government mandates something doesn't make it right.
So +Nicole Streets these women are "stupid". How offensive. We have the luxury of having as many or as few (well, not according to many American who would prevent women from using birth control) as we choose. These women have no choice. In order to legally have a child they must get a permit. If they accidentally get pregnant, even if they do not have a child, they will be forced to have an abortion.

Interesting how those with the luxury of The ability to choose in a great many things would simply turn their backs on others who have no choice... And call them stupid.

The time may well come in the US when women have no choices at all about when or if they choose to become pregnant. I wonder how many will call them stupid for having no choice.
Go to China and do something about it, then. See how easy it is to stop people from having sex, stupidly. See how easy it is, do it. Don't sit from your couch and damn the government, instead of realizing that it is human nature to procreate and it WAS an instinct for people to choose the proper mates who can provide and be responsible for their own. All of these babies that people are keeping, but not assuming the responsibility for. Why don't you adopt them? Why don't you dedicate your life's earnings and the money you use to provide for YOUR family, to the stupid women who get pregnant and can't take responsibility for them? I don't have kids, because I don't want them. I have sex, but have taken the responsibility to use contraception, while still accepting the fact that sex makes babies and sometimes babies happen anyway. Still, I am struggling to pay for my family due to the people who chose to have families and cannot provide for them. People in the U.S. get MORE money for having kids because other people who don't have kids pay for them, through taxes. Also, MY medical costs have gone up for the same reason. In the U.S., taking person responsibility means that you are damned to Hell for the rest of your life. I do not blame my goverenment, I blame stupid people.
+Arvind Jayaram you are right. India's one child policy meant sterilization for the poor and not the rich and often led to the deaths or maiming of many women.

I suppose what I meant was that sterilization was the lesser of two evils in the case of forced and often full-term abortion. But I don't believe in lesser evils and retract that.
I never said the government or any of it "was right." Putting words in where they don't belong.
Apparently, thinking of it fron both sides is niave, whereas, blaming only the government is what?
+Nicole Streets I would suggest that you need to read up on the issue rather than making blanket statements about the policy and the women who are forced to endure these abortions. But then that would mean having to be open-minded and that is obviously a strain on you.
And obviously you are not aware of the fact that State government's across the US are making it more and more difficult for women to prevent pregnancy in the first place and preventing young people from getting appropriate sex education which would make it possible to protect themselves. A luxury you claim to have had. 
+John Lawson it's a biological decision - not a morality or religious decision.  Biologically a fetus is human in it's DNA from the moment the egg is fertilized.  That is scientific fact, not fiction. So in an abortion, you are terminating the life of a human being.
The blanket statements are based on research. I realize that it is an emotional thing for these women, and that some of them MAY have been forced into having sex. I reallyp pay attention to what I research, though, and do NOT only read things that back up the way I FEEL about the issue. All of these people are human, no matter what government they are under. I realize that certain governments a very forceful. I would rather die than be forced into anything, but, according to most, killing yourself is murder, too.
Matt V
China is right. They have too many people, the world has too many people. It's selfish of people to have more & more kids. The world can only support so many people. This woman shouldn't have gotten pregnant & when she did she should have had an abortion. She knew chinas policy, her fault for not having it aborted earlier on. And no I'm not a republican. I can just see where this planet is headed. The world needs population control. It makes me sad reading all these dumb comments on how it's so sad. Wake up people. 
+George Kozi have you actually read a newspaper or watched tv in the last year? You cannot be so woefully oblivious as to have not heard what has been going on across the US.

Try Googling "war on women".

This is not a case if the people having a day in the matter and, as I said, in the case of the Texas Legislature, members have been breaking the house rules with impunity in order to pass their repressive laws.
+Anneke Dubash are you aware that the ONLY manner of "safe" sex is to abstain?  The pill won't stop disease and that the condom does not stop all disease?
+Nicole Streets please provide us with the "research" which states that "women are stupid for getting pregnant" when they know the law.

I am sure we would all be enlightened by this "research".

But I suspect that it is simply your "opinion".
I am very aware of the fact that it is getting harder to get such education in the U.S., but that is because of the religious people who want to deny funding to places like planned parenthood, because of abortions. What most don't realize is that, by taking away funding to that for one issue, another more serious issue starts coming into play. More stupid, uneducated people who have babies they cannot afford and/or back alley abortions and other crazy stuff. You say that I have the luxury of contraceptives. I worked my ass off and saved money so that my husband and I could afford for him to get a vasectomy. We didn't have sex until afterwards. That's hard to do and I would hardly consider it a luxury. Common sense is more of a luxury if you ask me.
+Bill Wehnert I aware of that. That has absolutely no bearing on when a cluster if cells becomes a human being.

And as "effective" as abstinence may be, it is not the solution for people in loving relationships who have every right to have sexual relations without getting pregnant.

It is also a fact that in the states where abstinence only is taught in schools, the teen pregnancy rate is higher than in those where proper sex education is taught.

+Matt V There are not too many people.  That's ridiculous. There is more than enough space and more than enough food to be had for everyone.  The problem comes to distribution and governments that would rather let their people starve than take food from an external source (China for exmaple)
+Anneke Dubash 

Will a condom guarantee I won't get a sexually transmitted disease?
No. There's no absolute guarantee even when you use a condom. But most experts believe that the risk of getting HIV/AIDS and other sexually transmitted diseases can be greatly reduced if a condom is used properly.

In other words, sex with condoms isn't totally "safe sex," but it is "less risky" sex.
That is not justice.. murdering babies... Sad
It is my opionion, based off of the research that I've done from every angle possible. I actually felt really strongly pro-life until I did my research and the truth freaking hurts, but it's there. You've gotta do what you've got to do for appropriate survival. China is overpopulated and those babies grow into adults, you know, more people...That will not be able to survive very long anyway. It's a sad, sorry truth and I hate it, but...besides damning government, what can WE do? Really, what?
+Nicole Streets Please quote the source of this research.  China has more land mass that most other countries and much of that is land that food can be grown on.  There have been times when droughts or other such disasters have caused famine in that country, but ONLY in that country and they allowed their people to starve rather than to get help from elsewhere.  This does NOT mean that they are overpopulated.  There has always been plenty of food and land to grow food for the entire world.  It's getting that food to them that causes the famines.
The world is spacious there's not need to take innocent life... i don't care what research says food for one is enough for two, food for two is enough for three.... are we not human anymore!!! Humanity at all costs.. there's enough for everyone 
+Nicole Streets you said that based on your "research" that "you've gotta do what you got to do for appropriate survival" and yet you also said that you would rather die than be forced into doing something you didn't want to do.  I'm confused.  According to your stance from research, you should willingly be led to an abortion (provided you were Chinese - living in China) and be grateful for it because it's "what you gotta do for survival".  The two statements do not seem to match up.
+John Lawson you can fit the entire population of the world in Texas.  JUST Texas - that leaves a whole heck of a lot of earth left for growing.
If one can quote things that they have looked up, then they are not researching, they are memorizing someone else's words. I don't just google an issue and express my opionion after a few articles that I can quote. Most articles are completely biased and I avoid those like the plauge. I base my opionions off of facts, facts that I can research and independently verify. I agree that there is plently of land to grow food and whatnot, but famine is not the only issue of survival. China, like similar countries, refuses to accept food that has been genetically modified for the conditions in that area. Live in China and see what it takes to survive there. Hell, we could start wars with China so they will stop abortion and we will be killing the people who have survived possible abortions.
Nicole Streets should marry the writer and have a kid.
Nina Brosh is half Chinese and half Russian and the most beautiful supermodel I've ever seen!
By the way, I'm Chinese. Does that piss you off??!?
Bill, you have completely read between the lines on that one. So much so, that I can't figure out how you deduced such things.
I have read some comments here about how parents are being forced to leave their babies for adoption because the one-child policy, or are forced to abort them, but what about parents who let their daughters up for adoption or abort them because they want a son?, they are not forced... this is becoming a big problem there, because there are not enough women, so some of them are being kidnapped, raped, sold, etc.. Even the government has tried to create a policy to prevent the parents know the sex of their baby during the ultrasound, to avoid abortions and abandonment if they find out they are expecting a daughter. And it does not end here the Western is supporting these practices by paying thousands to people who run these orphanages to get a child, so is a huge bussiness.

And sadly, China isn't the only country with Sex-selective abortion
My full Chinese aunt has naturally bright green eyes. Just sayin'
I'm married and do not want children. And the Chinese don't piss me off simply because of their race and/or where they live. That would be silly. Humans, in general, are stupid, and yeah...that kind of pisses me off. But, nothing can fix stupid.
Why'd you cut her head off in the photo? Did some white guy write this? Dude.
You silly Christian conservative terrorist, all your prayers and all of the other leftward votes will change nothing.

Who are you to confide?
If it is the government's responsibilty to take care of those who cannot take care of themselves or their offspring, the should it not also be the government's responsibility to realize that their population and their resources do not add up and do something about it? The reality of the issue is overwhelming. Abortion at late stages is cruel and it should be done a lot sooner if it is needed at all. For the women who try to evade their government's laws for something that they feel the need to fight for, more power to them and I rejoice in their success, but refuse to pity them in their failures...espescially failures in a chance that they chose to take.
I'm female and Chinese. My parents didn't shove me down the toilet. I want read about something positive about China... Or just seeing responses in Chinese.. Some random white American took my photo in colege at a party and I just look Russian. China is pretty close to Russia.. proximity.. I look quite a lot like Natalia Vodianova..
The nation of China is huge. You're picking on some backwoods Chinese hick. It's like if I said all of America is like Black Snake Moan, but ugly. I want to move to Britain and learn REAL English.
Some chinese people look mongolian. Like a blonde korean. Others viet. I just look russian. Bordering nations... Go to a port area where the British and Germans went.. You'll see the difference. It looks just like Austria! That's Chinese too.
If I am in Paris, I dont need a family tree. What is white inside of you will live on in the child. In her face. Sorry to be blunt. That is white also. Theres no point in saying im non-white, and i should be asian, esp if korea is the asian look now and mena suvari is a racist white girl. Look at grand odalique by ingres, that is the asian look. Oriental. I quite like her face. A lot.
I dont get your brown issues theres no point in telling me them if youre mexican, indian subcontinent, etc, i dont get them. I want to marry a young edward furlong.
This is just wrong. At seven months this is just the murder of an innocent child that would have survived if it had been born. Governments around the world should condemn such practices by the Chinese Government.
We cannot change anything. It will continue to happen everyday. There is nothing you can do about it.
The violation against ourselves continue! Forced Murder!
The wording "corpse" can be questiond in this article, dead foetus or dead baby would sound better imho...

But to the content:
This ia horryfing... It us a bit extream to do forced abortion.
Shocking, nearly to the point of incredulity; but sadly not.
I'm sorry but if its so problematic to have a second child why even have the fine in place if the point is to not have a greater population
So what happened to the farther?
Is he around, because they only mentioned that she couldn't afford the fine.
The father should be named and shamed for not taking precautions.
Why a fine?
Is this that the rich can have large families. Do the Chinese politicians have 1 child to, I don't think so.
It's shameful.
Forced abortions are exact opposite of AZ. Jan Brewer wants forced births. Both are monstrous, IMO #waronwomen
I do not care what anyone says, abortion is murder - that is how I feel about it. But I do feel for women that have had to have one, and understand that what is right for me, might not be right for them. But for any government to MURDER an unborn or even born child is a crime against humanity.
The world should not kill yourself.
Wow. We're all doomed if this planet is stuffed with heartless, cold souls like some of you quite frankly and the silent "plus oners". Perhaps put yourself in the shoes of the girl who is lying next to her dead child because she has been forced by her Government to go through a horrific and painful ordeal. Let's say hypothetically it wasn't some "irresponsible Asian hick" as some of you so pleasantly imply, but it was YOU or your Daughter or Grand Daughter who had found themselves in this predicament and David Cameron forced you into a hospital and vaginally intruded you killing your little girl who was close to birth. Have a word with yourselves.
I now wonder, how many babies were dead when I was born and survived. 
It's up to us, living, will the world be better tomorrow.
We ARE killing. We fall pity when we see a human killed. What about all the rest beings? Our lament for once lived and never born could be eternal already now.

All is up to us. Us, who lives.
What? No, I have large eyes. Im Chinese.
There's no point in commenting on this if you're not Chinese.
It just comes off as entirely racist. And rapist...
Esp to the earliest responses by what seems like young white males. I was young and kind once too, but now im totally traumatized to the point of feeling like my life is totally ruined, and my soul murdered by the verbal and visual attacks by random 'white' people. Who are racist as hell and attack me because they hate the way i look, and hate it that people confuse me with them. People think asians only look like that really chinky, squinty kind of brown, white washed asian but thats only 1 look. Or youre like, racist disgusting insane fetish. Many are really white european looking. Still, you cant just talk to me and patronize me like im one of you, i have an entirely different perspective. Im so totally jaded and cynical and i should be protected and loved but i just get attacked for what i look like. I can go for a young edward furlong. Im out of his league anyway. What do you mean, lower your standards? Somebody is attacking me like i want to date a 6 year old, fucking pedo. Im already a babyface as it is. And so traumatized and attacked. Dont come onto me, i hate that.
That is absolute outrageous & there is absolutely no other classifaction for this except murder of an innocent child. 
Damn...I had no idea that, that's how they do things in China!!! 
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