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Can you build a human body? Take a look at our interactive guide to some of the latest developments in bionic body parts
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I'll go with Paul on this one, and the process is fairly simple!
WOW... not just because we a finding ways to overcome ailments and bodily breakdowns, but also the interactiveness of this article. This is an early concept on how we should build learning collateral.
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nooooooo no way!! i can't even see the brain, then who can we make it???
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I saw a program that was about Parkinson's ...this man had the electrode put in his brain. I was amazed to see that when he turned it on the tremors stopped straight away....amazing
Augmentation Upgrades are on their way, Deus Ex style. :D
Surely it a arms race between how fast electrical and machanical engineers can replicate the body using machines and how fast scientist can figure out how to grow replacement parts in the lab.
And the singularity draws ever closer. H+
It's going to be crazy when humans are manufactured on an assembly instead of being birthed from the old fashioned way. We're not that far from when super humans are just made in a laboratory and put together in an assembly plant. Think we might be outdated now? You just wait...
+junior preece I do not think God let people into heaven who use such vile language and I would not want to live in a place that allow such vile language for eternity either.
Yeah!!! in fact a lot of "inconveniences" would it be "OUT" for all. Not only would it be the construction of the FAMILY but "Re-construction" as well would be done away with. Enjoyment ... with hassel free.
Of course we can and it will only take six million dollars.
that some question but I agree with David Knowles
+David Knowles, I know the religious types have a view on this, but I've never seen one so offensive! I've flagged most of his comments as inappropriate in the hope they'll disappear.
Amen David!!

Religious right nut jobs are everywhere like cockroaches...
another person who allows for others to have a viewpoint they dont believe and NOT call names.....
David knowles, God lets anyone into heaven who believes in his son as their savior. You don't get into heaven by works or deeds. It's not up to you who should or shouldn't get to heaven and being judgmental of fellow Christians is not Christain of you. Pray for God to deal with his language as it destroys his walk, but it does not jeopardize his salvation.
It's people & comments like these that make me want to leave +Google+ but I suppose they're going to be everywhere eventually.
Please just try to be considerate to others' views +junior preece and try being polite. That's all we really ask.
People like +junior preece are the reason why Christianity gets a bum rap. Hypocrites who preach one thing, yet defy the very words they spout. Why does Science and technology have to be at odds with God, that is really just a poor understanding in my humble opinion. Innovation comes from our ability to use the brains and bodies God created us with.
In that comes the difference. You believe God created you because you don't have an answer for it. I believe Science will find that answer why/how we were created.
just block and report/flag the trolls... they'll soon go away; or at least you'll never see them again :)

back to the original article; fab... it's the next step of evolution folks... whether we like it or not... i'm sure apes were a bit grumpy about becoming australopithecus at first :)
Oh, I'm not refuting that at all. For every answer Science comes up with, those of a more faith based belief system will be able to ask "Well, what created that?" We likely won't ever have an ultimate answer, and we certainly will not in our lifetime. But if that is your way of thinking, that there is one god...what came before Him?
+John Wilson +Trevor Ludwig - this theory is why i class myself as an agnostic-atheist... i.e. i don't believe in a god [or a need for one] , but i know i won't be able to adequately disprove of such a thing's existence. ... after all, a lot of it boils down to how really, the word "god" is pretty undefined... it could just mean " a bit blobby ball of inert matter " - and the rest of religion based on that could be metaphor :) [ it is, to me, certainly ]
+Trevor Ludwig the problem is that science can't prove the creation of the universe. They can only come up with theories. They THINK they know it all, but in the end it's just a logical GUESS that happens to fit some criteria they came up with. Even Einstein and newton believed that God was the only logical answer for the unanswerable questions. Sure we probably could BUILD a human, but could we give it a soul? I don't think so. If by some chance a soul was given to the body we made, I don't think it's something we did. If we could give souls then why can't we wake up coma patients or "brain dead" people in hospitals and give them new life? We can only keep that which was made alive in the sense of chemicals and compounds. We do not choose when those chemicals and compounds are given a soul.
Science is very useful. But please Mr Scientist... Plz take the raw materials and make a living, breathing rabbit..that shouldn't be too hard...right
+Ingie Þingie, and much in the same way that I can not prove to you that there is a God unequivocally. I do believe however that there will be a day when you will need God (even if you feel you don't now.) I respect you opinion and understand where you are coming from, because as I said there is no way to prove God. Some people do throw that word around and still others live as slaves to religion (which was a man made invention), when God wants them to live in relationship.

I am sure we could go back and forth and all give our sides of the story until we are blue in the face and none of us will budge. But I can tell you that God has made a difference in my life, and I am glad that I have a relationship with Him.
+Tyler Walton You're getting into reanimation there, and science has not yet found a way to do that. And again, this will come down to a definition. You say Soul, I say necessary electrical impulse. However, when that electrical impulse is no longer in a human heart, we can create that, and keep a human alive. We can, reattach body parts, make a dead heart beat again, and grow an ear on the back of a mouse. My argument isn't that there is no god, it's that I don't believe science has come up with the answer that you give god credit for...yet.

Don't get me wrong, I honestly believe that either way you lean on this one, you're correct in your belief. I just have more faith in science to come up with answers to questions than I do a Bible.
+Kevin Curtin We've taken relatively raw materials and created a human life outside of the womb.
Give it time, Maybe we will be able to take raw materials and create a rabbit...and maybe we won't.
The great part about atheists..if what they believe is true I have nothing to fear from death. On the other hand if our beliefs are true they have eternity to fear.
+Diana Dueck what you say that we couldn't be alive if not for him is a statement that can be falsified. How do you know this... state the logic behind it.
+John Wilson - agreed :) and likewise... atheism is important to my life also... else it's all meaningless [to me] - which may seem ironic... but it's not - to me, to be serving a "greater power" is futile - but to serve life itself, is wonderful :) [and that's not to undermine your own sentiment, just to elucidate my own]
+Kevin Curtin - the same is for the atheists... if what theists think is true, is true... then there's a million and one different possibilities - all of which excite me with curiosity - but until then, i'm easy without such fantasies :)
+Kevin Curtin That may not be entirely true. I fear death in the fact that when it comes for me, everything is ended. I no longer will get to experience, grow, learn, influence others, teach...
I'm not afraid of eternal pain, or seek eternal pleasure, but I do fear the loss of what I have.
+Ingie Þingie, do you worry that serving life itself becomes a bit self-serving (I am not criticizing, but purely asking)? And what about when life ends?
It amazes me how many times I see people thrown off track of an issue by dropping the G-bomb or J-bomb. So really folks, what is the issue at hand...God, Jesus or Bionics?
+Trevor Ludwig, I think it would be tough for me to look at this life as the ultimate goal. Maybe it is just me, but I do not see a world that is getting better, or a world that is improving, but a world that is not always a fun place to live. Certainly I have joyous things in my life, and life can be awesome, but I couldn't imagine living with this as the end all be all. I would have a hard time without the hope and expectancy of an existence without sorrow or pain or loss. Maybe I am just showing my own inadequacies, but if this life is all I have, I certainly would have a hard time maintaining hope.
+Trevor Ludwig I meant chemical raw material. Making sperm or an egg is a relatively simple achievement that science can't do and if they do someday they would merely be copying a design that existed before science
+Anthony Cavalo It's that the discussion of trans-humanism is so reality-defining, that it forces our regular notions into a new light that exposes it's imperfections. Like Newton's Theory of Gravity. It works well... until you start dealing with light (which has no mass), yet still seems affected by gravity. Before we were able to detect that, Newton's Theory of Gravity seemed like a done deal. Now we accept Special and General Relativity as the "truth" - and even that is showing it's imperfections in the quantum field.

When we get to the point that we can transfer (copy?) a human consciousness directly into a computer, we will be forced to re-examine what it means to have a soul. Whether for good or ill, it will likely radically change the most commonly held belief structures.
Bottom line...What does it mean to be human?
+Trevor Ludwig thing is that I know God exists. I had a conversation with him just this morning... The point here is that this whole article is about creating a human. We can create a body, brain and blood, but if we are to give it the electrical impulse as you put it that creates "life" as you define it, we cannot. To me life is far more complicated than random electrical impulses. There's got to be some kind of pattern that was defined to make these electrical impulses fire the way they do to create life. If we shock someone back to life we literally got lucky. God is the only one that can define how those patterns are formed. They say that DNA is the schematic. Can science create DNA patterns too or explain how it's formed? Since each DNA pattern is unique how can we? Why should we try to explain how life is formed or created? It's the thirst for knowledge that Adam had in the garden of Eden that got him and Eve thrown out. I think when we stop trying to explain everything and try to figure everything out is when God will reveal himself to us. Until we have the faith in him why should he bother to tell us anything or give us the answers we long to have? As a parent when my kids think they know it all, I let them try to figure it out. Sometimes they make the mistakes and eventually they either fail and ask me for the answer in which case I give them it, or they figure it out on their own. I think that God as the ultimate parent does the same with us. 
thank you!!!! finally someone who understands me
+Tyler Walton I was fine with what you were saying, until you said "Why should we try to explain...". That is a cardinal sin in my book. If we did not try to explain, you would not be here conversing with us. Whether because of the internet, electricity, medical knowledge, societal impacts, or simple sunscreen.

God (assuming there is one) gave us souls for the purpose of making decisions. But to make a decision that we can be held accountable for, we must have knowledge of the consequences of our actions. To have this knowledge, we must be curious. If God wanted mindless worshipping machines, he would have created machines - not free thinking souls.

Therefore, we MUST try to answer the questions of the universe! We must explore and develop and become more than what we are. To do otherwise would be an afront to god, as we would waste his most precious gift - the gift of freedom.
+Tyler Walton Until you can replicate your conversation with God in front of me, so I hear both sides of it, it proves nothing to me, unfortunately.
You're right, we can't create DNA...yet. That doesn't mean we won't. We couldn't make a heart at one point, but we did it. We thought the very idea of flight was absurd. The next time you get sick and need antibiotics, remember that you believe we should "stop trying to explain everything and try to figure everything out"... Because as humans, our curiosity and thirst for knowledge has created medicine and cured diseases. A lot of it in the name of mapping the genetic sequence.

I'm not telling you that believing in a god is wrong. You will always be able to ask me "what created that?" and as long as science continues to advance, I will be able to provide you with answers, but it will never end, on either side.
Mankind can only try to copy God (yes, God does exist) but Mankind will never get it right. 
certainly i can not but' SOMEBODY UP THERE ' do it it always !!!
+John Wilson My belief on an afterlife was a tough realization for me to come to myself. Especially when losing loved ones. No part of me wanted to let go of that, but I found that it was just a way of me trying to make myself feel better about the situation.
I, again, want to stress that I don't think what you believe is wrong by any means, just different than what I do.
Good chatting with someone that's accepting and with an open mind for a change. Have a good day, man.
+John Wilson "do you worry that serving life itself becomes a bit self-serving " - absolutely not... [ but i understand why you would ask ] well, it's no different than serving a personification of life... when life ends? well, as a "scientist" [in a layman sense] i believe that my mind is a function of my body, and that my body is a function of the atoms within the universe... to say that i ever "die" is to take a quantisation of life and death to a level which i personally don't believe in... so, i'm happy about the thought... damned curious to be honest :) ... i fear "pain" in this current form yes - or a painful death , but not "the beyond" at all.
+Trevor Ludwig, no problem. I think one of the reasons people are so resistant to God and those who claim to follow him is close-mindedness and judgmental attitudes. I appreciate your beliefs and opinions and thank you for the respectful conversation.
Wow sorry with all the bitching and moaning I thought I was on Facebook for a second lol
+Trevor Ludwig I can no more replicate my conversation with you than you can prove there is love or wind or a billion trillion stars in the sky. Just like when a scientist comes to you and says "there's a billion stars in the sky" because you have faith in his knowledge you take that information at face value and believe it to be true. My recent surgery I had proved to me that man should never hold a knife to the inside of anyone's body because they truly have no idea what they're doing in there. When things go right, they got lucky. My point being here is that because you don't have faith that my information is accurate you therefore do not believe what I have to say yet you believe a man who thinks he knows what he knows hen clearly all he knows is that his guess might be right. When I ask God for clarity there is no doubt about it. When your scientist says this medication will heal x disease you hope he's right. I've seen plenty of medications that do not work due to various reasons. Some people are immune to their effects and some people have a different disease. The fact to medication is that they fix MOST issues with certain medications and the rest they write off as "side effects" or "abnormalities" where when God heals you, it's permanent and has no side effects. The reason for that is that he made us so therefore he knows how to fix us properly. Just like if you built a machine, you know about all the parts and what they do you can fix it just as easily as he can.
Dear Micheal...Bitch and Moan all you want...Opinion is KEY...i don't just want to...Hang-out...on a Faceless-Book..typing...OMG or LOL or Wow or Amazing..or other mundane krap...good for you Micheal..RANT all you Want..!!!!! doris
It is important to note that universal design practices are in fact universal. Almost without exception, features or flexibility added to a product to accommodate individuals with termporarily or permanently reduced abilities in some area have proven to be beneficial to users in gen eral. In many cases, more people without a disability will find features useful than the number of people in the original target audience. In fact, universal design cannot be practiced well unless the needs and abilities of everyone (including those with exception abilities on both ends of the spectrum) are taken into account.

Curbcuts are a good example of all of these points. First, they were instigated for people in wheelchairs. However, they are used much more often by people with bicycles, baby carriages, grocery carts, wheeled luggage, or delivery carts than by people in wheelchairs. Early curbcuts, however, were designed with only wheelchair users in mind, and had to be redesigned later to accommodate the needs of individuals who were blind, a nd to ensure that they were safe in cold and icy environments, environments with heavy rainfall, etc. Thus, good universal design benefits everyone, but to do this, it needs to take the needs of everyone into account.

A second example of universal design is the building of closed-caption decoders into television sets. This was done for people who are hard of hearing or deaf, but their use of the decoders has been dwarfed by the use of the feature by people for whom English is a second language, by children learning to read, and by adults using it as a highly motivational and easy mechanism to develop their literacy skills. It is also used by couples to keep peace in the bedroom (when one wants to roll over to sleep and the other wants to continue w atching a program), and by people who want to continue watching the television program while they answer the phone (many TVs actually turn the captions on automatically when the volume is muted).
+Tyler Walton when a scientist says "there are a billion stars in the sky" he says that from a scientific perspective, not one of "faith" - but one of extrapolation of observed data... one can go "oooh" at that if one wants, but that's not the point... he's not just saying it and asking you to believe him [or her] - it's observable... testable with current methodology... and a scientist [and actual scientist rather than a pseudo scientist] would never claim it as "a solid number" they would just show how it's impossible for it to be less than that number...

to say science has no knowledge of the human body's systems is no doubt a reflection upon your bad experience, not on science... and that's not to undermine anything you've experienced... but try not to extrapolate that out side of your knowledge... i'm a life-student of biology, physics.. et al... i have chronic ailments, and i know exactly why they can't and won't be cured... because the systems involved are too sensitive to touch without imbalance to other systems... that's not due to scientific ignorance, that's just due to a doctor not being the size of a molecule :)

oh, and if a christian god exists, they created evil, not mankind.... just sayin' - it's in the bible - so, god is ultimately a sadist, if i believe in him, which i don't thankfully - else i would fear for humanity :)
never or it will have no soul
I feel sorry for the prototypes suffering from erectile dysfunction. its either going to be that or we will have developed the greatest mass murdering machine built by man and be the downfall of human civilization as predicted by the Mayans. I hope for the first
Remember iRobot...just sayin'
Did the Mayan's predict that Skynet goes live in 2012?
Religious types always cry when science replaces religious dogma. Science strives to broaden human knowledge, not restrict it. The problem with god is the infinite regress. Who created god, then who created the god that created the god etc... I embrace the day when science solves for the human condition.
Thank you
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{وَرَبُّكَ يَخْلُقُ مَا يَشَاء وَيَخْتَارُ مَا كَانَ لَهُمُ الْخِيَرَةُ سُبْحَانَ اللَّهِ وَتَعَالَى عَمَّا يُشْرِكُونَ} (68) سورة القصص
+Mary L Kunze Time will be a major factor in solving for the human condition. Should we survive our intellectual infancy and overcome this rampant religious mind virus, I think the human race will have a fighting chance. Every single day the collective knowledge base is added to. Sure creating a human body is very lofty goal, but saying its impossible is just intellectual laziness. Synthetic life has already been created and that was once doubtful/impossible. Craig Venter unveils "synthetic life"
Do you work on Sunday, Ed?
I'm not a hater, but if you're going to bring the bible into this, and you've picked up sticks on a sunday, we should probably lob some rocks at you 'till you're dead. Might want to repent for shaving those sideburns too...
Gonna hate, +Edward Woods. Prophecy is a poor lens for understanding the world. Even if accurate, it is only reviewable and understandable in hind-sight. To attempt to use foresight gleemed from prophecy is to invite disaster. Just ask the guy that predicted the end of the world using numbers (and failed three times thus far, twice in the same year), and people who have tragically taken their own lives because someone used prophecy to convince them that it was time to do so.

Even if you say that these are "false prophets", we only know that for sure because of hindsight. I sure hope you rethink using your bible for such purposes, because doing so can leads - not salvation..

EDIT: If you do so, wouldn't you, yourself, be a false prophet?
+Edward Woods, I appreciate that we can have this discussion without appearing like haters. My goal is not to increase understanding, but the Socratic process of "question everything". It generally leads you to "well we can't answer that", but is good practise nonetheless.

Thank God Jesus is not about religion! Very well said there! Jesus is about love, and that needs to be numero uno on people's lists. However, the items you have described have happened across the world on numerous occassions. We have always dealt with natural disasters, and some people have always been gay (and Jesus would be fine with that, because he's about love).

As for Israel, what qualifies as a nation of the chosen people? Is it all the people of Israel? What about those that have emmigrated elsewhere? What about their sons and daughters and grandchildren and great-grandchildren? What of those who are Israeli, but not Jewish? If we take the opposite side that being of the nation of Israel means being Jewish, then the same problems arise, but reversed. What of the previously failed attempts at creating a zionist nation – only so-called failed for their brief life? If it is the land under their feet, then what of the rival nations that continue to trade places with them? Defining a nation is a lot more difficult.

Finally, we have human error. This one’s big when you think about it. First, is your bible written in hebrew? If it was, do you read hebrew to directly translate it? What language was your english bible translated from (likely latin)? Do you read that language? Have you ever seen a latin bible and read that and compared differences? Have you discussed these differences with bible edittors who make these decisions? Have you ever seen a bible source an “original” bible? Have you ever seen an “original” bible? Did you read and translate and compare that? Which bible (remember, we have only seen a few of the many, many other scriptures as written by others)? Have you ever asked one of these edittors or even read any explanations by them as to why they chose to keep some passages and not others? Have you compared the differences between the four main gospels and been able to account for their discrepancies despite the bible being a literal truth? Have you ever met anyone who wrote the bible (doubtful, unless you have a DeLorean) to discuss the differences between their work and what you have? Finally, even assuming you have done all of these, have you asked these writers how God divinely inspired them, and how they were able to translate from the language of god directly into written speech despite being mortal, flawed, and sinful?

The bible is not a work to be taken literally. To do so makes you a false prophet.
Thanks for taking the time to read this!
The bible is not a work to be taken seriously*. Sorry, noticed a small typo and a chance to summarize your post for readers who are short on time to enjoy.
+Edward Woods like I said, I teach the Socratic method. I'm very happy to see that you have investigated those questions to the best of your ability yourself. Like I said, I usually end up at "I only know that I don't know", and I am happy to say the same here today!
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No, Human being will not be able to make another human. That's the job of Allah or creature of human.
i think you can make a human body. it may not be alive or have a soul but you could probably make the body of a human
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