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David Cameron and his wife, Samantha, left their eight-year-old daughter, Nancy, in a pub after having Sunday lunch, Downing Street has confirmed.
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I'll dispute that it could happen to anyone, I've never left my children anywhere! (Though I have been tempted on more than one occasion!)
I think the only reason this has never happened to me is that we always confirm who has who...  But this could happen to anyone...
Yeah it gives us all a new license to be a little more careless.
How useful are bodyguards, if they can't keep track of children?
Let's face it though, he forgets about 60 million Brits on a daily basis so why should his child be any different?
I have the sneaking suspicion they were shitfaced.
Rule Britannia.
Considering he left in one car with his bodyguards and his wife left in another with the other kids; it's bad but at least understandable how they both assumed Nancy was in the other car.

Very embarrassing for the PM though.
Sources tell me Cameron has just made yet another U-Turn.. He was planning on announcing a new Education initiative called 'No Child Left Behind.' 
No problems. He's good at u-turns
Top story Cameron leaves his child in a pub... what a great news story... maybe a few more financial cuts would actually give the bbc sonething of interest to write about.
Not one parent can say they haven't left their child somewhere or another!!>>
15 min isn't really a big deal. Especially if they had time to go home and pick her up. She probably could have walked. 
That's what happens when you marry a horse.
+Greg Loechel I can, I'm a parent and have never left my children anywhere, see my earlier post. I do accept it can happen though given that both parents where present plus the PM bodyguards you've got to ask how did this happen?
+Michael Ireland its newsworthy when a man who "leads" <<cough cough>> a country and who easily judges others as 'lacking' is found lacking them self. I have never 'forgotten' my child. Beyond my comprehension that anyone could. Poor girl.
15 mins ain't big deal,... know someone who did the same and even worse. It could happen to anyone. Better focus on other more serious issues.
Personally, I blame the bodyguards. I mean... don't they do a headcount at any point?
EDIT: On the other hand, it's nice that you CAN accidentally leave a child at a pub for 15 minutes and not have anything terrible happen to it.
david camron my ass he is not a good mp or a govornour cutting things down
The numbers have it, count the beans, they will play with that  for the whole~no~new~week. I will count News24s time the front wanker says it over 3hours in the morning. Can't wait Gee I gota go to bed early!!>>
What about the security details personnel? Certainly they did see that his 8-year-old was not following papa and mama?
Security lapse. I wonder if any heads rolled.
The interesting question in this is how he characterises what he did as 'perfectly understandable' which I confess it is in a way. Yet we hear over and over again about how poor and unemployed 'shirkers' need to take responsibility for their own lives which, by implication, are messed up through their own fault. Will this little mishap prompt Cameron to take a more forgiving attitude towards those not born into the aristocracy? (Hint: I doubt it).
If this was anyone else it would be a police job.
well it's not like they didn't come back for her
To me the most amusing part of the whole thing was watching @LouiseMensch spin it on Twitter: she actually suggested it was a positive thing as many families would be able to identify with it.
LOL (which once again doesn't mean Lots of Love)
Das his bisnez....y shud dis be here anyway?
Moral of the story: don't go to pubs or any place you can ingest alcohol. Makes your brain fuzzy and gets you to forget the people you never should: your own flesh and blood.
It has happened to me. It is very easy to do when there are two cars involved. My brother and I were left behind at a grocery store when my mother thought we were with our father and he thought we were with her. Fortunately, we were old enough to find a phone and call the house to let them know they they forgot something (someones) at the store.
On a serious note though, what makes this way more  shocking is that the Camerons' lost a child, Ivan who passed away suddenly aged 6 only a few years ago. Personally I would have thought that after such a tragedy that they would be more vigilant of their other offspring.

Whilst I'm off on one I'd suggest this was no different to the Madeleine Mcann case, thankfully without the same ramifications. Had the McCann's been raised on a council estate rather than in some posh 'shire' they would have immediately had any other children taken into care & the book thrown at them with the proverbial keys thrown away for neglect. Leaving any child alone while the parents get pi%$ed up in a restaurant / pub is a disgrace. But as the unwritten law of the land dictates - they are posh thus must only receive sympathy and well wishes from the nation. #justsaying   
Check whether she is there daughter or not ????
How do you forget your freaking kid! You forget your keys, not ur kid....smh
probably did not have the money to pay there bill left kids as security
no excuse for leaving your children ever
why didn't he leave the wallet, instead ?
i donna know.... i'm not british.... but i believe you ....they always are...if not... they will in a short period of time... that's what happens here all the time ....
I believe that this kind of action means the Camerons should be tossed out of government supported housing - if I understand Tory policy on family irresponsibility
I don't know many people who haven't forgotten a child at some point of being a parent - usually funny in retrospect, so not a biggie in the great scheme of things.
i don't have children ...only 2 she dogs and 7 cats ...and never forgot not only one !
I simply don't take childeren to a BAR!

That solves most of the problem of remembering where the kids are at....
that's it said it all...children at a bar ?????
+Chris Lang I like cultures which accept the "family pub" - I grew up knowing about responsible alcohol use and hearing adult debate - but I despise politicians who have different rules for the rich and the poor
I think they left her to pay the bill. Children under 21 in the US are not allowed in Pubs because they ruin all the fun.
If they lived on a housing estate in any major city in the UK, and did the same thing, they would have had a visit from Social Services by now and the Child Protection Agency. As it is they just get a little criticism from ther press and all is well. Talk about double standards.
The problem with being famous. You cannot even leave your children at a pub without someone making a noise and forcing them to take them back with you. I pity them.
Leaving them in a forest might have been more successful.
How come it is Mr Cameron who left the child and not Mrs? They were both there weren't they? However, it's a stupid piece of news, you would have thought the media would have something better to do. But seeing this is news worthy I would like to hear about all the times the little Johnny's and Sally's from all politicians, reporters, VIP's have fallen over and hurt their knees or knocked a cup of hot tea over themselves.
the pub is a family establishment. do u know what ur even talking about! 
Its terrifying how many people just dismiss this as "everyone does now and then". I never have, nor have any of my friends who I've spoken to since reading this.
Worst of all are the people who voice concern only for his PR stance and not for his daughter...
don't they have body guards to do that kind of stuff? ...they should have, .... poor ones !
Uh, I am a father and I have never left my child in a pub, at a store, in a mall.  It is called being a responsible parent.
Without any money? Was that the problem? Was she already drunk? You never leave your kid in a bar without cab fare. That's horrible.
please folks get a life obviously did not even read the story... the wonderful thing is that the eight year old was found helping the staff in the pub... she was not distraught nor stressed out because she knew that her parents love her and that they will be back for her .. and a pub in England is a respectable family place not a place for hooligans to hang out.. 
He has abandoned his country to the EU as well
Maybe it was nap time and they didn't want to wake her?
The girl that left her kid on top of the care is a great advertisment for the legalization of pot?
Some of us Americans may be horrified by the thought of parents inadvertently leaving a child behind in a pub. Some of that reaction may be due to our view of a "pub" as being akin to taverns we have, which in some jurisdictions prohibit all minors from entering. An English pub very often is a neighborhood gathering place, grown-ups chatting, kids playing about with their own games or watching the telly. Many patrons would be watching out for all the kids as a matter of course. Too bad we can't look at our 'watering holes' similarly.
My mom left me a Macy's when I was a kid. Maybe she was trying to tell me something. 
No biggie! It does and could happen to anyone. He's just human at the end of the day. Aren't we all?
First of all the 8 year old shouldn't b on a pub.
thats good parenting lol they are at the club saying this is what you do sweetie
Bad parenting. Let have the parents attend a class on how to care for kids first. not take the kid and place them in a strange environment. Parent are the guilty ones.
So this news tells us British PM is careless....hmmm
+Peter Langevin This government spends a lot of time telling us all how dysfunctional families need to take responsibility for themselves and poor people need to stop soaking up benefits and so on. Never once do they acknowledge that any of these people might not be to blame for their situations. Why should Cameron be given the benefit of the doubt when he refuses to give it to anyone else?
Two educated parents and their eight-year-old daughter walk into a bar... stop me if you've heard this one before...
It's not like they abandoned her.  They were coming back; they just left her there while she was finishing her pint.
The kid was probably unsupervised and running amok as some kids are allowed to do in pubs and restaurants.  If she had been where she was supposed to be, she would have left with her parents.
Like Peter said we are all human everyone makes mistakes why does it have to be so big
How stupid can u be to leave your child alone in a pub he should stand down as PM now 
Mon pire cauchemard... Ayant déja fait le coup à ma mère et ma blonde je suis à risque...
They learn from their pet dog that being adult, Nancy need to leave them. Don't worry Nancy, when they becom old you will not do the same to them. That will be pure revenge.
For a second there I thought the last name was McCaan ...
I was never just forgotten and left somewhere as a child! Nor has it happened with any of mine. What was the security up to? Worse yet, if she was in one car "with the other children" why would just one kid be riding with dad? Egomaniacal politicians don't bother with their children unless cameras are around; And it should be reflex for the mother to account for every one. She doesn't have a phone to check on her daughters whereabouts?
Sorry, but this is inexcusable!
Been there and done that ! Easier than you think. 
In the states, isn't this the type of thing that the police and child protective services would investigate and act on to determine what action, if any, should be taken against the parents?
I used to get lost in the grocery and department stores almost every time we went shopping when I was a child. I was very independent and would wander off to look at toys or candy and then realize my parents were nowhere around and then ask a store clerk to help me find them. I once turned over an entire clothes rack of ladies dresses while shopping with my mother. It was nobody's fault I was just an active child.
Perhaps the kid had a Taxi called and wanted to finish it's drink?
It's not like they went home in the family car together. I could see this happening due to the nature of their situation.  Embarrassing, for sure.
+Arthur Dibden "a pub in England is a respectable family place... "

Yes, my local pub offers sex education (strippers) during the day and the children love the maths games.. Here's £10 son, I want 4 x 3 shots for £1 deals. How much change should I get etc? After 4 of those I totally depend on the children to help the staff out and get me the required quantity of drugs and kebab meat (with chipped potatoes and a garlic puree, of course) before we all enjoy a good family punch up with the ever friendly door staff. I love family days out in Newcastle....
It's usually laptops with all the nations' secrets they leave in pubs, taxis, trains,…
Yes, obviously they're bad parents and the State needs to punish them by taking away their children - that system is such a good one here in the US - NOT!
You couldn't do That in America unless it has restaurant attach to it. If you have straight PUB or BAR no one allowed under 21
Everywhere is home, for the PM and the little lady should feel at home
its not comepare to father and president........
what a stupid parents that bring their 8 years old daughter to a pub,and to make it worse they even left her in there!!!!!!!
N Smith
LOL. Bad parenting skills!
Must be slow news day, I am sure there are other better things to report on other than this. C'mon...
A call to Social Services is in order.
Proof positive, he's just as irresponsible with our money,freedom, and our lives
Well if he cant look after his own daughter why is he PM 
The queen should have been watching the kid. She has nothing to do.
It was only a accident he didn't mean to leave his daughter, he is only human it could happen to you!
OMG , I don't believe that it's could happen to the leader like David Cameron. Too busy too care anything.
so he tells us to watch his parenting videos.. and then he goes and leaves his kid in a pub.. great one
Besides it's no news, happens everyday to many people. No point of mixing politics with personal family social.
if our goverment officals were at least this human. i wouldn't be so worried about us, in america. COMMON MAN needs to be in office. not the over educated, they have gotten us to where we are at now.
Sooo... How does this affect the economy... Whatever!
Let's not forget we, the public voted him into this position of power in the 1st place.... 

Oh hang on, apparently we didn't...
I'm no expert on Politics but I believe this is what happened.. 

Once upon a time, David Ca moron lost a General Election. He was sad... He cried and then lied to another loser of said Election, Mr Clegg Clogg or something by telling him he would be allowed to do all kinds of important Governmenty type stuff if they could be bestest friends. An ancient law, scrawled by quill on sacred parchment must somewhere state if two losers make happy love they are the winner and can ruin rule ruin the Country.

And the Nation all lived in poverty, unemployment and cutbacks happily inflation after. 
Mike D
+tony wise lol "over educated?" is there such a thing?  And what is a COMMON MAN?  If he is the antithesis to the over educated, I am guessing he is the under educated?  Yeah, that is exactly what we need, more mentally incompetent people in charge.

The simple fact that you view educated people as a threat and a problem is frightening.
Perhaps if the COMMON MAN would educate himself rather than sitting on the couch watching TV all day, the playing field would be more level. It's because of uneducated people like yourself is where we are in the situation we are today. "Idiocracy" isn't just a movie, it's a prophetic warning against the anti-intellectuals would would rather drag society down with them rather than make the effort to elevate themselves. Shame on you.
My mom left me at a wal-mart when I was younger, stuff happens.
I don't think it's that big a deal because parents accidentally leave children behind at places. 
pity cameron didnt take himself off and get lost
How long did it take them to go back and get her?????
Don't just apply American culture to everywhere else.  This pub may have been like an American bar.  But many British pubs are intimate, home-like environments where every one knows each other.  (Cue in theme song from Cheers) 
+Archie Wilson Im a father, yes it is a big deal and no we generally do not leave our children behind :)
It's okay.  The child was being looked after by the confidence fairy.
In their defense, their daughter wasn't finished with her pint and she couldn't take it to go... ;) j/k
and why did they decide to do a stupid act like that??
Can't remember his kid how can he rule a super-power efficiently hahahahahaha
I'm a father of a baby girl, If i could I would smack that guy in the head.
And they say he's not in touch with the common man...
I don't get the people who say it could happen to anyone... My kids are my world if I'd gone out for lunch with them it's because I'm WITH them not dragged them with me and therefore couldn't forget them even if I tried
What is Child Protecting Agency is doing?  Its time to act.
David Cameron says he left with his bodyguards in his armour plated limo and left his wife to follow on with the children, and that's how the error occurred. Two questions. Firstly what is an 8 year old doing in a pub? Little babies I wouldn't mind so much, they don't understand what's going on, but an 8 year old can see adults taking a powerful drug and behaving oddly. Not a good example. Secondly, why doesn't Mrs. Cameron and the children get the bodyguard  treatment? Aren't they just as much of a terrorist target?
Conservatives are always 'looking out for number 1.'
what is an 8 year old girl doing in a pub ????
Looks like Cameron doesn't have a "No child left behind" policy 
CRUCIFY THEM!!! For being slightly less than perfect parents. Can you detect my sarcasm? Can I roll my eyes any louder?
You idiots that say take the kid and place in care facility should know that's more traumatic than being left. She will forget next week she was left in a pub but will never forget being in a facility. Morons. 
strange parents... they were more busy in food rather than their own daughter...
 all i see are name calling here by you both. it is just to bad that you think' that your common neighbor or friend is not smart enough to be elected to office. the common man is smarter than you think, ask him. but do it before we fix something for you. ok
Poor child, tries to make a break for freedom and dam ...... Foiled....!!!!!
It was just a mistake. My parents left my brother at a gas station once when were young. He was in the bathroom. They went back to get him of course. We're all human.
What is this world coming to? Children smoking and doing drugs, fathers and mothers leaving them in random places, people ripping other people's faces off, etc.
And this mans running the country, god help us!
Oh hell, I wandered off from my parents so much as a child the police got to know me on a first name basis. I would wander off, get lost, scream bloody murder, and Officer John would take me to his car and drive me home (or to where my mother was frantically waiting on me.
Poor nancy very frightened girl I should imagine
Of course he is not a common man! rich people have maids and servants to take cake of what ya going to expect here?? hahaha
davids a wanker
he is not good at any sports except water puller with his wife haha
+Johnny Pan - an abbreviation for "public house". A British cultural thing. And not only for drinking, many pubs also offer food.
Being left in a pub for 15min is nothing compared to what some a$$holes have done to their children by leaving them in a car for an hour or so just to go to a strip club here in the states. With a very horrific outcome other then what happend to these people and their child.
Still, I've never forgotten about my kids and how many I came with.
God I knew you were bad at running the country, but i never knew you were a bad dad!
As our prime minster in waiting in Australia would say shit happens:)
thats not a bad dad i should know.
No. God doesn't run the country and he isn't a bad dad. Bad things are not God's fault. If people need help from God they have to ask. Not just "hope" he helps.
And if they really want Him to help then they have to have Faith in God.
They probably forgot that they hadn't left her with the nanny this time. That would just make it even sadder though. Lol
Our illustrious leader up to no good?
they should have  the money to get someone to look after their child
First off, why the hell was the daughter in the pub?
Why was she there? Maybe because having lunch with their children is something parents do.
this is the man running the country and he can't even look after his own family... you're all doomed!!
you know, I shouldn't laugh but when I heard this story I thought 'serves the over privileged twit right' the guy is a total idiot, the sooner Brittan gets rid of this comical government duo the better.
This is one of the true opportunities to say "there but for the grace of God go I."
what kind of parents are these to not only leave there kid but also left them in a PUB!!!! poor kid! I would never forgive my parents. the things she saw....SMH!!!
It's part of a weird spin thing where he's trying to act human and make mistakes .. Don't be fooled !
hou can they do this  ???????????? didn't they fill sorry
Only human, I suppose!....
well tony blare left england in arack
The good news about this is that Nancy is still alive and with her parents. Hopefully we all can learn from ppl mistakes.
Mark Fairclough-- What's up with the pic of Che?
What's a kid doing in a pub anyways?
And he is supposed to be running the government? Can't even keep his eyes on his daughter .  
its david camron probably geting drunk
It's Madeline McCann all over again....
What happened to the security services we tax payers, pay to keep him and his family safe...
It's okay The Big Society will look after her..
How could u possibly forget about your child. I guess the liquor was more important than your child. That's wrong.
I will never leave my child anywhere like that. There are way to many pedophiles, etc out there just waiting for a kid to be left alone. Those parents need to get kicked in the face.
+Phillip Burns yeah so they can slum it the rest of their lives without there parents who love them.
He needs to take note of the Parenting advice the government have been handing out. What a Joke !
Lucky I didn't miss this story, most important news of the day, thanks
Did the buddy system break down?
They have a million security officials to take care of their family
hey Brits dont mind me, just another yank here. Ya'll can take 8 year olds in pubs over there across the pond? it can happen to some people but it should never happen to the PM. i think we all can agree with that. if you cant keep your own house in order how do you expect to keep England on top? my two cents from your neighbor across the pond
This kind of thing probably happens a thousand times a day - and people (especially parents) know how easy it is to do. The only difference here is that the media don't go in to moral outrage mode when a builder from Surrey misplaces a kid for 10 minutes...
Did they leave her with enough money for a couple pints and lunch though?
Frank M
I bet they have a tab.
+Ezekiel Hopkins There are pubs you can take kids in to, and pubs you can't... or wouldn't. Country pubs that serve food are usually pretty family friendly.
Why are pple so blase about these parents forgetting their kid? No wonder so many kids get snatched by child molesters and predators, if ppl think its common place to forget ur kids and its no big deal...this is one of the ways strangers pick up your kids and u never see them again. Fortunately this story ended well....some dont
Didn't have any change for a tip, so what the Hell.
Probably thinking how to make the bankers richer and got sidetracked
Give him a break already. He forgot his daughter, Why? Because he thought she was in the other car with his wife.
Didn't happen something like that to McCanns?
If he can't look after his own own children how can he look after the country?
You Libs are all nutty. They forgot her because David Cameron thought she was in the other car with his wife and his wife thought she was in the car with him. Give it a break, you nutty fresh out of brain cells Liberals.
Hopefully they learned something from this our kids depend on us , so when out with the kids they should be only thing on our mind & focus that makes it easy not to forget them !
Is this really news? Word has it they didn't put the kid in a booster seat on the way home!
an 8 year old kid misplaced ):
My dads worse he once forgot me in the house and locked me in
He's left most of the country behind so what's 1 kid 
Can't believe the amount of people that just say 'it happens'. If you can't remember how many kids you've come out with, and take the same amount home, then you've got too many to handle. Let's not forget either that in this case, left behind child could have also equal major security snowball. The security team shouldn't get any flack for this, David & Samantha Cameron are the parents, buck stops with them.
I took down 35 zerglings with 159 APM.
What a disgrace, anyone else would have everyone would be in deep trouble for that neglect :0/
That's fucked how in the hell do u do that to any child that's some dumb ass shit who in the hell do this unless they are not in their right dam mind. This is really sad and some bullshit y'all don't need no kids at all they should of have taken the baby away from them this is tip I'm responding to this because they're bad parents
we r all human n make mistakes nobody is perfect.
I suspect anywhere he goes is such a mob scene that things are harder
Somebody call social services.
These UK BRUTES ban #WBC from the land so we will not tell them #UHateYourKids! #TellUKToLiftWBCBan!
Here in the USA kids can stay at home after school for 3 hours until parent's get home from work..i live in I'm sure they was eating at a more up scaled eatery. And their daughter was more then safe
Alex St.John really sucks no excuse !
oh dear, lord forbid somebody of status made a mistake. this is a waste of media resources.
wow, i think they lost their nuts.. haha
Mark I'm with you.. I've never forgotten that I have children.
I guess they and the bodyguards had a few too many pints.  lol
Oh...I thought they left Nick Clegg in the pub as the paper this morning stated it was a "Little Girl". Ambiguous headline indeed! 
there are parents whom care more about themselves then their kids...
the world is falling apart and this is the hot topic? fml
Tj John
Maybe they'll get a visit from social services.
All we need to remember is that if it was a normal family the pub would have called the police but as she was the daughter of the PM special treatment that is bullshit U NEVER LEAVE UR CHILD ALONE stupid is as stupid does 
Poor guy. He doesn't get any respect from his fellow citizens.
No sorry it does not matter who u r u never ever leave ur kids behind no matter what 
I'm 43 and I remember how traumatised I was about being left on a train by my dad at eight years old... ....If you're out there dad, I forgive you, but please come and get me soon :)
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